US Embassy Opens in Jerusalem as Israeli Nationalism Triumphs


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All Right There Everyone The United States Embassy

officially opens in Jerusalem is right-wing nationalism triumphs in Israel that’s we’ll be talking about on today’s video I’m sure most have you been following the historic opening the relocation of United_States” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The opening was set deliberately for the state. May 14th to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary as a sovereign nation established back in 1948 was on this day May 14th that President Truman recognized Israel as a sovereign nation. There of course have been 24/7 celebrations throughout the streets of Jerusalem. Even even the soccer team there was renamed after Trump, but it’s not just celebrations of course have been several protests as well.

Some Have Turned Deadly, Particularly Those

in the Gaza Strip, but regardless of the protests and social unrest. It Does appear that Israel has become at last a sovereign nation over many contested territories, including East Jerusalem, which now appears to belong solely to Israel. More on that in a moment first I think we need to see how this moved by President Trump to relocate the American Embassy to Jerusalem stands in stark contrast to the way in which the Obama administration approached Israel if recall it’s about a month before Trump took office. There was a radically controversial resolution passed by theNK] Security Council against Israeli settlements that as it turns out was actually facilitated by the outgoing Obama administration. What theNK] Security Council did is that redefined the internationally recognized boundaries of the nation of Israel to pre-1967 borders.

Basically What Happened Is That The Secretary Of

State John Kerry. He was all Huffy and Puffy about the two-state solution dividing up Jerusalem into. a Jewish half and a Palestinian half and handing over land that was that Israel annexed back in 1967 back to the Palestinians that is going nowhere and it was going nowhere because Benjamin Netanyahu had helped to solidify a thoroughly nationalist populist coalition that wasn’t going to relinquish one square inch land and so what Kerry basically orchestra was a UK coup d’etat that in effect redefined the boundaries of Israel in terms of a formal international recognition. NK] recognition and in so doing completely sponged away any leverage that Israel would have had in their negotiations with the Palestinians. Now many argued that the Obama administration had done this because Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel was David Friedman, who of course has since become ambassador and Friedman is a proponent of the one state solution to the Israeli-palestinian crisis.

The One-State Solution Affects Is That Israel

Taine’s. The land that in an ex-post 1967 and the palace students will be consigned to basically a province within Israel, something like Quebec in relation to Canada or Catalonia in relation to Spain. This one state solution is Israel retains its national sovereignty over the land and Palestine is simply a significant population within a sovereign. Israel and that’s and that’s that well. The one state solution was simply not an option for the Obama administration or theNK] for that matter.

So What The Obama Administration Tried To Do

is basically mandate a UK defined two-state solution by making the boundaries of one-state solution null and void In terms of UK International recognition. The resolution basically declared Israel to be an unlawful occupy over a third of its land so they thought they had killed the one state solution once and for all and then Trump came in. Trump comes in and says Sorry folks we’re going with the one state solution I don’t care what the UK says what theNK] says I’m moving our embassy to Jerusalem, which is now a permanent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. You have to understand the significance of this move by moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem. It basically kills the whole notion of Jerusalem as a corpus Sefirot Oom which it’s been since Israel’s founding in 1948.

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A Corpus Of Bharatham Is A

relatively autonomous city-state independent of a larger nation-state and administered by the UK. So the UK does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Jerusalem is a Corpus Sefirot Oom that operates under a UK sanction international regime. Was it today that’s basically over Trump in effect is saying that the United States officially and formally recognizes Jerusalem to belong to Israel and in so doing. taken away the notion of a shared capital, which in turn is taken away any impetus for a two-state solution, which means that Israel no longer has any rationale to give up the annexed lands after the six-day War in 1967 so I’d be rather confident that a one state solution has just been officially and quite possibly irrevocably established as of today now How did we get here? How did the UK dream of dividing up the land to accommodate a Palestinian nation just fall apart, which seems irreparable at this point well.

There Are A Lot Of Reasons,

but I would argue that the primary reason is you guessed it the triumph of nationalist populism in Israel we of course have been analyzing the rise of nationalism, populism and traditionalism all over the world, but in many respects. It is The nation of Israel that stands at the forefront of this worldwide right-wing nationalist populist movement Over the course of nearly two decades. Israel’s form what some scholars believe to be the single most solid and stable nationalist populist right-wing government in the world today and in many respects. This opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem and the recognition of Israel’s annexed territories is that government’s crowning achievement it took a little while to get here of course for several years so-called far ride radical ride or populist right sentiments. They belong solely to the domain a small peripheral political parties such as the Bush Mo neem, the Bloc of the Faithful, but over the course of the last couple of decades, far-right concerns have largely been adopted and simulator din to the policies of the more mainstream centre-right coalition led by the Laocoon Party in the likes of.

And The Key Issue Thats Galvanized The

Israeli population towards the nationalist right is what scholars called territorial Nativism. Some would call I think I prefer more territorial nationalism What’s at issue today Of course are the territories seized in 1967 during the so-called six-day war where Israel took over the West Bank, the Golan Heights Sinai, Peninsula, the Gaza Strip and the Jewel East Jerusalem and up to a couple of decades ago. Really the ultra-orthodox and the peripheral fry parties they’re the ones who are saying you know there’s no way we’ll ever get the give up these territories they belong forever and eternally to Israel, but the key to the paradigm shift here is that while in the early days it was mainly marginal nationalist groups that were promoters of this territorial Nativism or nationalism. The absolute commitment to X ng those territories to a wider Israel.


commitment ended up spreading even into left-wing parties they’ve become increasingly hospitable to that idea. Even the left-wing in Israel’s become territorial Nativist. It’s not a stretch to say. At this point I believe that you have a virtually a United Israel who sees the perpetual occupation of these territories is essential to Israel’s security and prosperity.

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Territorial Nationalism Or Nativism Has Become In A

sense pre-political and that is the primary indicator of a paradigm shift always look at what members of both parties begin to consider normal as the pre-political and there’s your paradigm shift. Now you see this paradigm paradigm shift, particularly with the increase in the number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank settlements have been steadily increasing since about nineteen eighty-three increasing by about a hundred thousand settlers per decade, and what’s so interesting here is that the increased continued regardless of who was in political power. So for example, between 1996 and 1999 the Center-left were empowered, but the settlements continued to increase by tens of thousands and even the current leader the center-left Labour Party Itzik Hertzog. He’s basically admitted the two-state solution is impossible it’s dead. The two-state solution involving returning the annexed lands to sovereign Palestine not gonna happen so territorial nationalism is influenced Israeli sensibilities to the point that even the political left is saying that there’s no real way around it.

Israel Simply Isnt Living East Jerusalem Theyre Not

leaving the Golan Heights or the Gaza Strip it just ain’t. Seeing that this mass shift in nationalist sentiment, particularly with regard to territorial nativism they see this overwhelming shift is coming primarily from a mass populist wave that swept Israel over the last couple of decades, it became increasingly plausible since the late 1990s. For Israelis to see the secular liberal left is basically selling out Israel to larger multinational interests. They have no loyalty to land or people, religion or their customs and culture, and they’re seeking rather their own personal gain are perfectly willing to sell out the interests of the nation. Does this sound familiar by the way right.

This Is Israels Version Of Drain

the swamp and in its place. There’s this overwhelming sense that anyone advocating that the land annexed since 1967 be returned to the Palestinians just selling out their nation they want a far more hawkish Security Policy protection of their borders they. Want their Jewish religious traditions and identity celebrated and protected and so as a result of this rise in nationalist populism you’ve seen the rise of a mass Nationals populist media. You know Israel‘s own version of bright bright but there is actually a Breitbart Jerusalem Right since Breitbart stands for all things Nationals populism there’s been the rise of conservative radio networks conservative newspapers many respects.

You Know Theyre The Majority Now

they have UK networks that are thoroughly nationalist populist so the whole media culture is transforming more and more into a thoroughly nationalist populist networked society keep in mind too that demographic changes have turned Israel to the nationalist right. For example, conservative her Ettie Jewish school children have gone from comprising just a few percent of the school population to nearly a third of all Jewish pupils in a matter of five decades. Demographers actually see. Her ready Jews is poised to represent the majority of the JEwish population by 2050, and they’re fueling the ultra-orthodox political parties which are aligned with the center-right Laocoon.

Indeed, The The Right Has Just Dominated

Israeli politics now for nearly two decades and there’s no signs that such dominance is even coming close to an end. Moreover, the threats of terrorism have pushed the Israeli electorate to the right as well. There have been studies done on the Israeli electorate that have found that elections held within a few months of a terrorist attack or violence caused an increase of support for the political right even within left-leaning localities and another study found that repeated exposure the rocket threats shifted Israeli voter support to right-wing nationalists throughout the 2003 to 2009 elections and so these mass protests and violence going on right now in the Gaza Strip they only. Nationalist sentiments and so it here’s a combination of a populist surge.

A Mass Demographic Shift Towards The Ultra-Orthodox

and the threats of violence and terrorism have turned Israel solidly to the political and nationalist right and in many respects. President Trump’s decision to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. Just crowned that massive shift and perhaps even helped to solidify it for generations to come as always please like comment and subscribe click on our Patreon link below and become a monthly support of this channel and help us to continue to analyze.


The United States Embassy officially opens in Jerusalem is right-wing nationalism triumphs in Israel that’s we’ll be talking about on today’s video . The opening was set deliberately for the state. May 14th to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary as a sovereign nation established back in 1948 . President Truman recognized Israel as a . sovereign nation. on this day . President Obama administration facilitated the move by President Trump to relocate the American Embassy to Jerusalem. It stands in stark contrast to the way in which the Obama administration approached Israel. It’s about a month before Trump took office. The two-state solution dividing up Jerusalem into. a Jewish half and a Palestinian half and . handing over land that was that Israel annexed back in 1967 back to the Palestinians that is going nowhere. That is not going nowhere and it was going nowhere because Benjamin Ne Ne Ne. was going to be going nowhere, according to the outgoing Obama administration. We’ll be able to see how this moved by President Obama‚Äôs…. Click here to read more and watch the full video