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Cnns Don Lemon Has Called For A

kind of vaccine apartheid, saying people that Ain’t had vaccines yet they should be left behind. They’re clattering up hospital beds. Those hospital beds are for people who’ve already had vaccines, but who is it really that haven’t had vaccines and what are their reasons is this as simple as Don Lemon seems to think it is and so I think we have to stop coddling people when it comes to this and the vaccine saying Oh you can’t shame them you can’t call them stupid you can’t call them silicon yes they are shaming is always a good technique to get people to do things. If we’ve learned one thing from the protests and demonstrations of the last few years it’s the power of shame to get people to do what you want earlier this month. Lemon called out and vaccinate people.

For Taking Up The Space In Hospitals

from vaccinated people who are playing by the rules that’s an interesting bit of authoritarianism. If you ask me, It’s kind of devoid of compassion and is a very reductive type of argument because we haven’t yet looked at what kind of people are not vaccinated and what the reasons might be for not being vaccinated. It doesn’t seem to me that it’s something that should be simplistically assessed in that manner that’s why when I’m always talking about it. I’m always keen to point out that I myself. Don’t have a strong opinion on what your personal private medical procedures and solutions or B I’m interested in a global perspective on a significant issue and how government big business big pharma media all interact to create stories that then become truths and lead to edict such as this where public figures like Don Lemon sort of fist on table leave them behind shut them vaccine apart.

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That Kind Of Language Has Its Own Kind

of quality and it should never be applied in any issue. You should never say this group of people about yeah, but it’s a choice. It’s a choice well let me tell you there’s other issues around choice that people like that used to in a sense play out in different spheres of the political space. You know like bodily autonomy and choice and segregation and inequality. It’s very peculiar the way that certain.

Rules Are Being Discarded In Order

to facilitate the advancement of this narrative. Let’s look a little more deeply into who is getting vaccine shots and who isn’t From the New York times, people who are eligible for shots, but have chosen not to get them is not a single set of Americans, but in many ways too in one group of those who say they are adamant in their refusal of the coronavirus vaccines. They include a mix of people, but tend to be disproportionately white, rural Christian and politically conservative. I suppose that comes from the perspective of personal liberty and libertarianism and I suppose if you’re saying Christian and rural, they’re not not metropolitan and if they are defining themselves as Christian. Their primary authority is a religious rather than government authority that they take their moral and ethical guidance from a spiritual or at least dogmatic.

Depending On Your View Christianity Perspective Rather Than

from Oh we’re down with what the government wants in the other group are those who say they’re open to getting a shot, but i’ve put it off or want to wait to see before making a decision. They’re a broad range of people, but tend to be a more diverse and urban group, including many younger people, black and Latino Americans and democrats. This poll from the Kaiser family Foundation says unvaccinated adults cite a variety of reasons why they have not gotten a covid19 vaccine with half citing worries about side effects and the newness of the vaccine as a major reason. Other major reasons include just not trusting the government who trust the government who trusts the government who some people just think they don’t need the vaccine that’s 38 not believing the Covid 19 vaccines are safe that’s. 37 and not trusting vaccines in general that’s 26 so that in a sense is a broad range of wherever you stand.

I Would Say Theyre Not Ridiculous Reasons

that’s not like there’s not a percentage of people that are like they’re gonna put a robot in your blood. You know it’s not that is it it’s all sort of like reasonable questions and inquiries, particularly in the climate and context that we’re currently in with most of us, feeling some degree of mistrust towards the institutions that are primarily behind the vaccines, whether or not you believe they’re safe and whether or not they are safe. Many concerns about coping 19 vaccination are expressed at higher rates by people of color compared to why adults, more than half 55 percent of unvaccinated black adults and almost three quarters 64 of hispanic adults are concerned about having to miss work. due to vaccine side effects compared to 4 in 10 white adults larger shares of black and Hispanic adults compared to white adults. Also expressed concern about not being able to get the vaccine from a place they trust having to pay an out of pocket costs to get vaccinated and having difficulty traveling to a vaccination site.

Another One Very Practical This Is What

you know when it’s like an issue like climate change and like protest around climate change tends to be sort of direct action, which is sort of like you know something I’d be totally down with but there’s a disjunct between people talking about climate change and being able to impact ordinary working people because ordinary working people are concerned with dealing with their actual life and I think that’s no coincidence if your life is about survival, economic survival putting off penury coping with. the challenges of life a situation that I lived in for a while and it seems like a long while ago now then you’re not thinking as much about Oh no climate change. You’re on climate change, I’m bleep starving it doesn’t seem so relevant many hispanic adults report being asked for certain types of information or documentation when they signed up for or received vaccine that may pose barriers to getting the vaccine for some among all hispanic adults who made or attempted to make an appointment to receive a vaccine about a third 32 percent report being asked to provide health insurance information when making an appointment so there’s another strong social and economic reason and obviously that is connected to micro to migration issues as well, particularly I suppose in America four in 10 42 say they were asked to provide a government issued id and 40. Say they were asked to provide a social security number, so I guess it’s a layered and complex issue so returning to Don Lemon’s comments when you say Bannon from beds, you’re talking about poor people. You’re talking about people that are dealing with economic realities that someone in my position and I would imagine.

Don Lemons Position.

Don’t have to concern themselves with and under no other auspices would you consider particularly being on the sort of what calls itself the center left would you be so disregarding or dismissive of that category of people, But in this context suddenly it becomes permissible. It’s surprising and it makes me question the true values of people in that political class. If they can be so dismissive of people and groups that elsewhere they claim to be supportive of because when you put it into those terms, you could say that. Don Lemon is saying it’s time to Shun black Hispanic poor young people now You would never say that but you are saying that that is what’s being said that’s the danger of reductive simplistic propaganda-driven news reporting continuing with the statistics about half of those are in the wait and see group ah we’re the old wait and see gang they say they’d be more likely to get vaccinated If one of the vaccines currently authorized for emergency use were to receive full approval from the FDa.

Well Point You Towards A Video

about the FDa and how transphobia those guys are At the end of this one 21 of people say they’d get it if their employer gave them paid time off to get vaccinated and recover from any side effects. Phobes had said if they were provided with free child care while they go to get vaccinated. recover from any side effects? What it points to is a series of vectors of economic and social factors that are not being considered and ought to be dismissed. The reductiveness of Don Lemon’s argument and other people advancing sort of apartheid type rhetoric around the vaccine is not including the complexity of the issue. This shows you that there is no room for bombast.

In This Argument.

There’s no room for hyperbole condemnation. Those idiots we should leave them behind I’m not doing this. You know like wherever you stand on the vaccine issue. You’re a human being like me one day you’re going to die.

Im Going To Die.

We’re all going to die. Let’s be kind to one another and rational and understanding because otherwise what you’re doing is you’re venting anger from elsewhere in your character it’s just like I don’t like life. I don’t like. people being able to do that like become aware of that otherwise the vaccine issue will be resolved.

Either A Vaccine Will Come Around That

people feel really really confident in a government will come around that people really really trust and that stuff won’t go because it’s not resolved it’s unresolved anger unresolved hysteria for me. These statistics make plain that it is impossible to make don lemon style condemnations of people because imagine if you had child care considerations. Health concerns were worried about the impact of a vaccine and your inability to deal with the side effects and cope with children. How can you be dismissive and so lacking in compassion. When there is such evident complexity around many people’s lives when it comes to an issue as significant as this one you can’t afford to just wipe people away and shun people when you don’t understand.

The Circumstances Of Their Lives This Shows Me

the futility of bipolar competitive social discourse Instead We should be inclusive compassionate considerate, which political party claims to be representative of those values again. Oh you can’t shame them you can’t call them stupid You can’t call themselves yes they are yep. There are those single moms that can’t get child care that are concerned about the side effects give them a good shaming. The people who ate and embedded trump are stupid because they believed his big lie the people who are not getting vaccines who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science. It’s time to start shaming them what else or leave them behind shame and leave them behind.

Those Are The Solutions.

I would say there’s a certain line that you can’t cross particularly if your whole political party is resourced by sort of inclusivity. diversity compassion you can’t say well with this issue. This is the one issue you know, but and may I say that if you look at the science, it seems that there is room for conversation.

In Many Of The Areas That These Statistics

suggest are cause for concern it’s like you know do you trust your government. Do you have concerns about side effects. These are not things that you can just go no like with the with a swipe of a broad sword across a population of people that includes it seems a great many vulnerable people.

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CNN‘s Don Lemon has called for a kind of vaccine apartheid, saying people that Ain’t had vaccines yet they should be left behind . Lemon called out and vaccinate people earlier this month . CNN’s Lemon said that shaming is always a good technique to get people to do what you want . He said that we have to stop coddling people when it comes to this and the vaccine saying Oh you can’t shame them you . can’t call them stupid or call them silicon yes they are shaming, he said . Don Lemon: It’s kind of devoid of compassion and is a very reductive type of argument because we haven’t yet looked at what kind of people are not vaccinated and what the reasons might be for not being vaccinated . He added that it doesn’t seem to me that it’s something that should be simplifiedistically assessed in that manner that’s why when I’m always keen to point out that I myself. I’m interested in a global perspective on a significant issue ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video