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There is a lot to talk about this Tom Hardy Inc Hulk Symbiote Cannibal Buddy comedy, but let’s start with the real reason. We see these movies keeping the theater usher is late by obsessing over the post–credits scenes. Then I’m had two scenes to play it after the movie and in this video, I’m gonna break down both of them and explain some interesting details that you might have overlooked in case you haven’t seen venom yet huge spoiler warning go watch this movie okay Let’s start with the first post-credits scene. Eddie Brock continues with his life as America’s only growing journalist Don’t let vice news fool you journalists or nerds, but now Eddie has a buddy joining him on his quest to win the Pulitzer for sexiest man alive. I guess Venom Symbiote and he rolls up to.

Telling Venom This Is A Me Thing Not

a we thing and the prison guard says that the inmate Eddie’s visiting requested Eddie to interview him and Eddie says the UK probably just wanted to send mate to help identify bodies, and then we meet this prisoner, who’s in deep lockup whom the guard calls Red Yes. This is Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson. Cassidy becomes the carnage symbiote an offspring of the Venom Symbiote in the comics. Eddie Brock shares a prison cell with Cassidy, a man who is already a sadistic serial killer. At this point in his life he kills its grandmother.

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He Burned Down His Orphanage.

He tortured a dog with a drill Yeah I’m done with this guy. Eddie’s Symbiote passes on to Cassidy, who upon getting out of prison. Takes on the offspring of carnage and he goes on a savage killing spree. That makes Venom look like a Boy Scout or just a typical nerdy journalist.

We Already See Glimpses Of That Violence Here

where Cassidy has smeared what looks like blood on the cell walls right in welcome Eddie Woody wearing the same curly red hair that Cassidy does in the comics asks to forego the typical serial killer quotes. For example, the Dadaist patterns of Arterial spray mocking the way some pop culture serial killers see blood spatter as art looking at you Dexter and clearly not wanting to hit the nail too on the head. Cletus Kasady promises that when he gets out of prison there’s gonna be carnage Yeah part of me was hoping he was gonna say yeah get out of here. There’s gonna be dr. often clearly Sony is using this post credit scene to set up a sequel which the Venom symbiote fights the carnage.

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Symbiote, Which To Do Justice Will Probably Need

to be r-rated and honestly it’s really the kind of story I wanted this been a movie to be, but the question is is this the moment in which Cassidy acquires the symbiote offspring from Eddie Brock does some of Cassidy’s blood drip off that nice welcome sign-on to Eddie. It’s a noun fused with his symbiote and then split off into carnage. Maybe this encounter between Brock and Cassidy is just the first of a series of interview sessions, one of which will later feature the famous fluid swap. It’s also interesting-Cassidy requested Brock specifically so I think we can assume he knows about Eddie’s Symbiote and he has some plan to get his own inner inked Hulk. The revealed carnage was the big moment Venom fans were hoping to see but interestingly.

I Think The Second Post-Credit Scene.

more excited for the future of this Sony Spider-verse, an exclusive clip from the upcoming animated movie Spider-man into the Spider verse Okay so my breakdown of that in just a second but first I want to tell you about how this channel is expanding to a new platform where you can watch us do our thing in the best possible format. It’s called scenery for the first time ever you’ll be able to watch something with new rock stars while we break it down senior it’s a chrome extension when you stream content on your computer it lets you open up real-time video commentary so we can point out all the interesting details that you missed as they come up in the movie or UK show that you’re watching that way we’re watching along with you and scene are something that you can participate in to senior lets you. On the show’s movies You love to watch by synching your reaction videos alongside what you’re watching in the same browser with scenery, you can create share and watch video commentary synchronized with streaming shows, movies and clips from Netflix, Hulu andNK] Just go to see Nerdcon Slash new rock stars on your desktop computer to watch with us actually on our new rockstars channel. You can watch my commentaries on Black Panther and Doctor Strange and there’s lots of other stuff there to see her It’s time to make a scene check it out okay let’s take a look at that second post-credit scene the exclusive clip for Spider-man into the Spider verse.

This Is An Animated Movie Coming Out In

December following Miles Morales, a kid from Brooklyn who takes over the Spider-man name in the Ultimate Comics just in case you aren’t familiar There are multiple. Spider-man throughout the Marvel Comics, It’s a broad universe called the Spider-Verse. Actually. This movie just released a big trailer so go check out my breakdown of all the Easter eggs in that, but this clip is new. It opens with the words.

Meanwhile, In Another Universe And We

see Spider–man Miles Morales voiced by Shameik Moore, running from a villain called the Prowler, who is actually his uncle Aaron Aaron Davis, Donald Glover played Aaron Davis in the Marvel, Cinematic Universe and Spider-man Homecoming here. He’s voiced by Maher Shula. Aly Myles barely escapes any visits a Snowy Cemetery and he looks over the grave of Peter Parker, so here’s the deal in these comics. Myles takes over Spider–man after Peter Parker dies. Myles says I’m Sorry Mr.


Parker I wanted to do what you asked I really do, but I can’t do this without you perhaps referring. from Peter Parker for miles to take over this legacy, but then Peter Parker actually shows up beside miles very confused well that’s kind of what this movies all about Marvel Bad guy Wilson Fisk Kingpin used as a Hadron Collider to open up some kind of wormhole that causes several Spider-man universes to merge. So this is a Peter Parker from his normal universe where he hasn’t died and apparently he becomes homeless by the way. This movie will also feature Spider Guin where Gwen Stacy becomes a Spider Woman in a reality where Peter Parker becomes the lizard.


‘s also a Spider Man, More Boys by Nic Cage where a Spider Man is a darker and more style vigilante. Penny Parker and anime Spider spin-off who pilots Espy Sauce–Dr Mick robot and Spider-ham voiced by John Mulaney, a spider that was bitten by a radioactive pig. Pig with Spider-man powers look I know it’s silly that’s kind of the point anyway. In miles is shocked.

He Accidentally Knocks Out Peter And He

gets spotted by guards, but he gets Webb to Peter, so he has a hoist and unconscious. Peter over his shoulder. You know looking like a kid moving a body in a graveyard look. This leads to an awesome animated chase sequence with Miles and Sleepy Pete getting stuck to a speeding train and smacking against the hoods of cars in traffic. We hear a police dispatcher over the radio describing a child dressed like Spider-man dragging a homeless corpse behind a train.

Really This Clip Is Showing Off

into the spider versus unique animation style described by the creative team as a living painting like walking into a comic book with visible action line to action words comic book framing even printer ink. movie is being produced by Lord and Miller. The same guys behind the Lego movie So I think we can expect a similar meta-tangible animation adventure which Sony verse movie are you more looking forward to into the Spider verse or a Venom and Carnage sequel comment down below with your thoughts or follow me on Twitter and instagram at a box subscribe to this channel for these kind of in-depth breakdowns of all the stuff you love and explanations of that which scares and confuses you and apologies to David Farenthold of the Washington Post for serving as our go-to nerdy journalists we need your nerd skills now more than ever Sir Don’t feel too bad because one of these days it’s gonna be UK.


Tom Hardy Inc Hulk Symbiote Cannibal Buddy comedy . Eddie Brock shares a prison cell with Cassidy, a man who is already a sadistic serial killer . Cassidy becomes the carnage symbiote an offspring of the Venom Symboote in the comics . Woody Harrelson plays a prisoner, who’s in deep lockup whom the guard calls Red Yes. Eddie Brock continues with his life as America‘s only growing journalist. Don’t let vice news fool you journalists or nerds, but now Eddie has a buddy joining him on his quest to win the Pulitzer for sexiest man alive. The movie is a comedy about a journalist and a cannibal who goes on a savage killing spree. The film is due to be released on Blu-Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray in theaters on July 28, 2015. It is released on July 25, 2015 . The film was released on October 31, 2015, at cinemas in theaters nationwide and on December 28, 2014. The following day, October 28,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video