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Guys Welcome To Better Bachelor! I Am Joker And

you are not tonight. We’re going to talk about a young lady who has streamed a video and she’s explaining why we know they’re bad boys. We know they’ve got other girls. We know we’re not they’re we’re not important to them. We know that they’re not good guys, but we can’t help it.

We Must Chase Them But Please

nice guys please nice. Guys wait for us until we’re done with all the bad boys and our hearts been broken a bunch of times and we’ve had a lot of pipe run through us and we can no longer pair bond but then please wait for us until we’re done with that now she doesn’t get into that portion of it, but she does explain how they know they’re bad for them, but they can’t help it and also please. wait for us until we’re done something I found interesting is that you know what when guys talk about the the game and being a kind of a pickup type atmosphere where guys go and take sometimes seminars sometimes read books. Some guys naturally kind of figure this out if they’ve been on dates a lot, which is I think kind of how I came across. This is that whenever I would date one woman and I really cared about her.

I Would Pour Emotion Into Her And I

would let her know I cared and I was there for her and then she would be blowing me off but anytime that I really didn’t care if I had a relationship and um anybody. I dated. I told him it was casual and I would sometimes date multiple women and if I didn’t hear back from her like I didn’t. really care because I had a lot going on in my life. I’ve come to find out women like that They like the chase and women can say well that’s crap and and you’re full of it well.

This Womans Gonna.

This young lady is gonna explain this as well, and I I think it’s because if a woman can get a guy easily. She feels he must not have a lot of quality because she was able to get him easily. Where a guy of high quality and who has a lot to offer will be very selective about just settling down with one woman. Thus he’s very reluctant or hesitant to settle with a woman.

Thus The Perception Is That Hes

of higher quality. This is again what the kind of the dating strategy stuff is about um so let’s get started. I’ll get recording on this and. Then we’re kind of going to talk about more about this as we go, but I I I just find it really interesting to hear it coming from a woman even out of her own mouth and and this is different than the articles because I believe like she’s she’s. I don’t know 18-19 20 somewhere right around there.

So This Will Resonate A Lot With

you younger guys that are saying what is going on hey guys So today. I’m gonna be talking about good guys versus dicks and the way chicks brains work since I am a chick hopefully you’re not guys. I’m a chick um. This is how we think and I’m gonna give you a little inside um information about how we think about boys so you know girls always like you know we we want the nice guy we always get the dicks we. always get the articles? We really just want a nice guy.

They Are Lying You Know One

thing that um one thing that I think a lot of women. Don’t realize is that nice guy is code for boring guy it’s code for he doesn’t have a lot of other things going on in his life. It also may mean shy guy um a lot of times. You know from an outside view. I would probably be considered like a shy Nice quiet guy um why because I keep to myself.

I Do My Own Thing Most Of

the time, but the guys that are very um that are very confident and that are very in some cases, narcissistic not always but in some cases the guys that are just going out there and I forget I forget if it was a buddy of mine in college or the military. I think it was the military where he said you know I’ll go up and ask 20 30 girls. I’ll go up and chat 20 or 30 girls up, trying to get one of them to go home with me from the club at the end of the night, and he said I usually succeed or if I chat one up and maybe she’s a six. He said after that and I know we’re good to go. I’ll say I’m gonna go hang out with friends and then he would go chat with sevens and eights and he would go home with the best one.

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He Could Get For The Night.

But he talked to a lot of women that was his game. How important were those women to him. Zero now you take a guy that’s kind of quiet kind of shy kind of reserved, and he doesn’t talk. to women very often and he meets a girl that’s attractive and fun and interesting.

All Of A Sudden Hes In Hes Like

wow. This is my chance and it’s very important to him. So he doesn’t want to mess it up so I think that’s where um the nice guy boring guy comes in the guys that Don’t have time for women or don’t put a lot of effort into her. They’re considered bad boys and really the truth of it is they’re just guys that they’re not necessarily bad they just don’t care about you. I think that’s the difference they are lying the odds are they probably do have a nice guy going for them and like wanting to be with them, but no they will choose the bleep who’s already got like three other chicks on his tail who like speaks to you like this hey.

Baby Cakes Lets Bleep Sorry Thats A Message

chicks don’t think they don’t think with their brain well They do but the brain is wired in such a way that we want what we can’t have They want what they can’t have and they know that this guy’s chasing three other women and so it’s the challenge of it. But it’s it’s the competition of it as well so to give you a good example um if what’s a good way. I could how valuable is a pebble it’s not it’s not valuable at all because they’re all over the place they’re easily acquired they’re not hard to get how valuable is a diamond, especially one that’s been cut and polished and finished they’re very expensive because it’s hard to find them. It’s hard to mine them and it’s hard to polish them and then they sell them and of course we won’t even get into the false inflation from De Beers and all the other stuff in the jewelry industry. But my point being is that a diamond is very hard to find.

What These Women See When They See

a guy that’s got two three four other women that he’s messaging and they’re all chasing after him. She sees a guy or the the perception is the guy is hard to get. He’s hard to catch because he’s valuable. It’s not even necessarily that he’s really valuable because again you might have the guy that’s you know average looking he does okay but he keeps to himself but in his bank. He’s got good savings.

Hes Got A Nice House.

He’s got a nice car, but the bad boy that can like basically sleep on friends couches and probably goes out and spends too much of his work money drinking, and he’s a party boy and all this other stuff. He will have women chasing him because he chases women it’s actually part of his his game. It’s part of his hobbies is he will chase women and when he does that these women will interact with him. So when women see that he’s messaging other women and he may be talking to two five three whatever and if one falls off.

If Hes Talking To Five And And One

falls away. He will go out and get another one even though he’s already got four Why because the women may fade off or he may get tired of them or me. He may have been slept with one or been intimate with one and decided well that’s all I really wanted from her anyway and he ghosts her and and it’s a cycle. I can’t say it’s a healthy cycle in my opinion but hey for some guys. They enjoy this and they like doing this well to this woman instead of the quiet guy that sits at home and may have all his things together.

No Ones Chasing After Him, So

no one wants him. He’s not desirable. You see he’s an easy catch or even if he’s not an easy catch. No one else is after him, but to the guy that’s being chased by all the other women. well they see that he is has social acceptance that society embraces him and he’s being chased by other women.

That Means She Wants Him Too, But She

wants to be the best one that he stays with and he chooses now. Ironically if he chooses her and he decides to stay with her. He’s no longer interacting with these other women and she has them all to himself. The value starts to drop because he’s not in demand anymore. So the irony out of all of this with the quote Bad boys is the truth is the minute.

She Gets A Bad Boy All

to him herself. He’s not a bad boy anymore. He’s not being chased by other women. He’s not chasing other women. She’s caught him there’s no more challenge left.

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We Will Always Go For The Guys Who

already have like those jocks that have all. The chicks already hitting on them and they’re hitting on like a thousand other chicks. We see it as a challenge. We see it as oh. I want to fix him.

I Want To Make Him Someone Who Can

love me or something see so as she says jocks the athletic types and they were always popular in high school and in college, but when you when you take this guy and she says I want we want to fix him and we want him to love us. The moment he does that he is no longer the bad boy. He’s the good guy. He’s the nice guy because he’s been caught there’s no challenge left.

She Has Him And What What

happens when you have him you get bored of him. You want the you want to have the guy that everybody wants, but if he says I love. you and I want to be with you and I want to stay with you. He’s not the bad boy anymore.

Hes The Nice Guy, So The Irony

is thank and I did this in another video. I talked about this a little bit the other day the minute a bad boy says I love you and I’m all yours to a girl. He’s now the nice guy and they get bored of him and so what do they want They end up breaking up with him and going back after the bad boy because they want the popular guy the guy that’s chased after and it’s this endless.


A young lady has streamed a video explaining why we know they’re bad boys, but we can’t help it . Some guys naturally figure this out if they’ve been on dates a lot, which is I think kind of how I came across. I’ve come to find out women like that They like the chase and women can say well that’s crap and and you’re full of it well.& This woman’s gonna explain this as well, and I I think it’s because if a woman can get a guy easily, and she feels he must not have a lot of quality because she was able to get him easily. A guy of high quality and who has a lot to offer will be very selective about just set up, and a guy of . high quality will be more selective about what he has to offer . I am joker and you are not tonight. Guys welcome to better bachelor! I am a joke and you will not be tonight. I’m joker. I am…. Click here to read more and watch the full video