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Today Turns Out President Trump Didnt Clear Out

the DC protesters just for a photo op and Ilan Omar gets called out by her own party. We’ve got a lot coming up today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez today is a very special day all right because we have turning points young women’s leadership summit in town today which means I get to be joined by two women and might I say two very strong women today so today. I am joined by Morgan Zieger. She is the founder and CeO of Young Americans against socialism.

Also A Turning Point Contributor Also Aaron

Elmore who I I we met at a turning point. We did it it’s our anniversary. It was two years ago here in downtown happy anniversary. I’m so happy that that happened yes turning point. Contributor and also town hall columnist.

I Just Have To Say I Am

very excited about all of the estrogen in the room. I think like with all of this estrogen that we have in this room. We almost reach the level of estrogen that is within Brian Stelter at any given point in time yes let’s get into the headlines of the day, so the U. s Department of Interior’s Office of the Inspector general has released its findings of a probe into law enforcement actions on June 1st of last year. Now you guys I’m sure you remember this because it was all over the news.

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At That Point Police Removed Protesters

from Lafayette Square in Dc ahead of President Trump’s walk over to St John’s Church, which was damaged after um it’s cute because this card right here says after protesters set it on fire, but I don’t. think you can call yourself a protester if you’re setting things on fire you’re an arsonist I’m gonna go ahead and say criminal arsonist rioters, but you recall you guys you recall all of the all of the outrage how this was covered on the mainstream media. We have here how Trump’s idea. This is the New York Times How Trump’s idea for a photo op led to havoc in a park and of course the picture we’ve got Npr tweeting out police in Washington Dc used tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters to clear them away from St. John’s Church, which suffered a small fire Sunday night.

President Trump Then Walked To The

church for a photo cute. It’s just suffered a small fire that’s weird how it just spontaneously combusted and then Joe Biden‘s tweet Joe Biden himself, who of course was then running for president. He’s using the American military against the American people. He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets for a photo for our children For the very soul of our country. We must defeat him, but I mean it when I say this we can only do it together ladies.

I Want To Get Your Thoughts

on this but let me ju just for the icing on the cake May I present to you a conversation that Anderson Cooper had on CnN with I believe this was a bishop who was there yes Bishop Episcopal Diocese of Washington. Here is what she had to say just listen to the the high drama coming from these people How awful President Trump was what a monster shooting tear gas rubber bullets listen to this many Americans crying out in the streets for law and order law and order that is applied equally. All of us regardless of of color, regardless of economic status. I want to thank you for letting me be on this be part of this conversation. Let me be clear.

The President Just Used A Bible,

the most sacred text of the Judeo–christian tradition and one of the churches of my diocese without permission as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our churches stand for and to do so as you just said. He sanctioned the use of tear gas by police officers in riot gear to clear the church guard. I am outraged Oh man I am outraged and so now we find out of course. After the fact after the election that the watchdogs review found that authorities made the decision to clear out the park in order to install fencing amid ongoing rioting and not for the purpose. The president, a photo op and you know it there’s there’s proof of that all in secret service documentation but um you know that’s after the fact and no apologies I’m just wondering Morgan, I’ll start with you here to my left.

Im Just Wondering When Do We Get

the investigation when do we get the impeachment proceedings for all of this collusion with it seems the Democrat party and the mainstream media who it really looks like colluded in all of their reporting in pushing these false narratives just to oust trump. I don’t think that’s gonna happen and I’m really sorry first of all. I was really surprised to see this headline that the investigation came up with this result because I just Don’t trust the bureaucracy. I’m sorry. I just Don’t trust them at all to have the American people’s best interest at heart and I.

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Would Say Unless We Took Back The

House Senate and presidency and came back with a fire in our hearts. It’s not going to happen. I will say though this story I’m happy that this came to this conclusion Because I went to American university in DC and I used to go to this church and I loved the history of DC. I loved the history of the country and I think so many people on the left Don’t but every president since James Madison has gone to service at that church, and it was just such a great example of the disrespect and the ignorance towards American history that the left has and and to see this conclusion is really happy. I love it Yeah Aaron it’s actually a breath of fresh air in a broken system.

Yeah We Often Dont See The Truth

come out when people ask. Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on this? I said Don’t expect to get the truth from the mainstream media. A friend of Mine that Leans Conservative sent me an article from Yahoo! News and I said Unfortunately, you have to wonder what the motivation behind this is everything we read these days you have to ask yourself. Why are they writing this what is their endgame what is their goal. There are no facts on the left anymore.

There Are No Statistics.

There is no data it’s just them banging their fists for the leftist mob incessantly and all we hear about is January 6, over and over and over but what about in my hometown of Philadelphia. The not mostly peaceful protests. A city destroyed businesses, often African-american and minority businesses destroyed permanently closed Minneapolis Chicago, New York. The list goes on and on and on and.

Never Hear Anything About Those Lives Lost

and the destruction to those places and instead, Republicans are called white supremacists and that’s the biggest threat to America. We really do often feel that we’re living in bizarre and crazy times and I really hope that the narrative is shifting and that crazy pendulum is shifting more our way yeah. I mean you know you go back and look at all of the things that you know. President Trump and I’m sure all of us here at the table you look at what we were called when you know Trump talked about hydroxychloroquine and he was a he’s a crazy person. He should be you know prosecuted for trying to give medical advice because he’s not a doctor and you had states actually going and banning the drug.

Theyre Not Allowing The Doctors To

use it to treat copin 19 I. Mean you talk about all these things and then it’s like Oh wait. There was a couple studies that dropped that showed that hydroxychloroquine actually did help Whoops? I mean it’s like just a constant barrage of all of these things now that are coming up in the news sort of as you know afterthoughts like well we’ll just bury this just a little bit um that show that you know I guess President Trump wasn’t the crazy person that they portrayed him to be um and it’s just it’s so frustrating for me because you know I mean we were we were doing our best to get the to get the truth out here at Blaze Tv and you know I know that there are a couple other networks that do that in alternative media, but how many people were listening to Anderson Cooper on CnN talk to this. woman about how it was just horrible what he did and how many people were listening to CnN when they talked about the insurrection and you know how Oh Well President Trump it’s his fault and he told these people to do this and he egged them on and um how many people are listening to this and then going to the ballot box and casting their vote. Based on this assessment which then we find out later is literally there’s no fact there’s absolutely no fact to it.

I Just Are The People Ever

going to wake up. Do you think yeah? I mean? I I mean because well we’re in it right like we’re in there we need this every day, but the average American doesn’t so I mean are they do Are they going to read this and go Oh crap I guess I should I guess I should think about it next time. The news tells me something like this. I have a hard time gauging what people that don’t live eat sleep and breathe. This are thinking but I do sense a shift because if you look at what’s going on in most of the major metropolitan cities and what’s going on in the suburbs with the parents who thought wait a minute.

The Police Are Going To Protect Me

and wait a minute. My kid needs to go to school. Yeah, Yeah and I know Virginia is a big state where the school. boards are falling apart and the parents are factioning. You know you have the people that are really focused on critical race and the people that think I want my kid to learn math right so i’m starting to sense that people are realizing that they’ve given the life too much power they’ve given the mainstream media too much power they’ve given twitter Facebook instagram too much power.

I Hope And Sense That The Pendulum

is swinging in some places, but to go back to my paradigm of Philadelphia. There’s the first George Soros district attorney. His name is Larry Krasner. He destroyed Philly um you know criminals are running the streets and all in the name of social justice. I thought his re-election campaign in the Democrat primary would be a referendum on what he had done.

He Just Won The Primary So That In

a Democrat city he’s. reelected, so he won by huge margin like 65 percent so to me that city major cities like that want this so I’ve talked to actually Rob Smith, who is also in the interim world, and he and i he was in New York City for a million years and I’ve been in Philadelphia for a million years. We’ve got to let go of these major cities yeah. This is the things changed after 9 11.


Sarah Gonzalez: Today turns out President Trump didn’t clear out the DC protesters just for a photo op and Ilan Omar gets called out by her own party . The Department of Interior’s Office of the Inspector general has released its findings of a probe into law enforcement actions on June 1st of last year . Gonzalez: “I just have to say I am very excited about all of the estrogen in the room.& I think like with all of this estrogen that we have in this room. We almost reach the level of estrogen that is within Brian Stelter at any given point in time yes let’s get into the headlines of the day. The New York Times How Trump’s idea for a . photo op led to havoc in a park and of course the picture w is the picture of the picture is a turning point. I’m so happy that that happened yes turning point” Gonzalez: ‘We did it it’s our anniversary. It was two years ago here in downtown D.C….. Click here to read more and watch the full video