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Today, Kamala Harris Has Another Intense Exchange On The

border. Jeffrey Toobin is back on CnN and it’s as awkward as you would think it would be and Rashida Talib says freedom of speech doesn’t exist for Muslim women in Congress. It’s a doozy this friday and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters happy Friday. I am Sarah Gonzalez today joined by once again We have got of course the turning point a young women’s leadership summit in town which means I get to be surrounded by my people. So we’ve got Graham Allen and I identify as a woman today you host We also host Dear America Yes the dear America podcast so happy to have you back in town your old stomping grounds.

Also Weve Got Alex Clark, Who

is the host of Poplatix and she you’ve been on the show. It was a couple years one time Yeah! It’s sass yes so it’s really good to have you in studio finally and on her main voyage on the show. We have Isabelle Brown, who is the host of Freedom Seeds No pressure just Don’t screw up Yeah We’ll have some fun very very yes it’s funny. I never invite you again well. I was I yesterday.

I Was Talking To Erin And Morgan And

I said we almost have enough estrogen in the room that we are get close to as much estrogen as in Brian Salter’s body but with graham here today we don’t we don’t come closer Yeah thanks a lot. It’s real really close thanks a lot. I am this is America in 2021 and if I want to be a woman. I can be so you remember that as we go forward with this with this. interview here that’s fair that’s fair and and by the way I want to talk to you about your your congressional run but yeah before we all right so let’s get to the headlines of the day so vice President Kamala Harris We have covered on the show her just just this constant fumbling when it comes to her handling the border.

She Is Of Course The Border Czar,

which you wouldn’t know because I know it’s like everyone can be a Czar. What is that word I want to be a zara. Something can I be bizarre of pink. I mean you want to be the makeup Tsar yeah, but so she is of course the border Czar, but has not actually yet visited the border. I don’t know why she would visit the border there’s just a giant crisis going on right now nor Europe.

Shes Never Been.

to Europe, so she you know she’s been grilled on this over and over and over and here comes another one this time with Univision” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>univision. She was talking to the Univision reporter Calderon and she was asked about the border and when she will visit and it got a little bit testy in their watch. I said I’m going to go to the border and when are you going to the border. Vice President the administration has asked I’m not finished.

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Ive Said Im Going To The

border and also if we are going to deal with the problems at the border. We have to deal with the problems that cause people to go to the border to flee to the border and that is the root causes So my first trip as vice president of the United States was to go in terms of a foreign trip to Guatemala. to be on the ground there to address and to and to be informed of the root causes Why are the people of Guatemala leaving? How is the vice President of the United States of America? So bad at this she she’s the worst. She’s the worst person i’ve ever seen ever in the history negative one time if someone sucked as bad as she does so she’s the vice president of the United States and her first idea to deal with the crisis at the border is to go to another country to figure out what the problems are in another country. Your first priority as the vice president of the United States should be to deal with the crisis of the border that is at our border.

Then You Can Figure Out Why

why people are leaving their crap countries to come here in the first place, but you have to secure it here. This is damage control 100 they are going to another country to plead with them. Please Don’t come here anymore because you’re making us look really really really bad right now and we want to love everyone and take unicorns and kitties and all kinds of stuff but you’re making us look bad because now you’re proving trump right you’re proving all the conservatives right that we can’t continue this route and the irony of the vice president going over our southern border to talk about the southern border. It’s just it is this administration 100 percent very incredible alex what are your thoughts yeah well. I just think you know it’s never been more obvious that she’s literally vice president because she’s.

A Person Of Color And Shes

a woman that is it she clearly has no idea how to do her job and she just needs to say I’m not going guys. I’m not going just just say it like why does she keep playing this game just say you’re not going and explain why yeah she obviously doesn’t they’re terrified of you know showing her amongst all the chaos. They don’t want that image out to the American people, but we know it we know it it’s just what’s sad is that there are so many people that are so unplugged from politics that they just see their nice tweets about saying things. You know their social justice warrior tweets and they just this is the best president and vice president we’ve ever had the best administration and they’re actually doing nothing yeah you know what it is a good. point because you could even say if you’re Kamala, I’m thinking you would say guys it’s 2021.

I Can Get All My Work

done from right here why like I’m working on it. She should zoom the border we’re zooming everywhere else took a camera down to the border, and I saw it from from my office yeah. I mean you would think that she could come up with something better than just excuse me. I’m not finished that totally reminded me of the moment in the presidential debates where she said I’m not done don’t let me don’t interrupt me. I’m not done talking let me finish as if there was some sort of patriarchal toxic masculinity thing happening but what’s crazy is.

In This Interview, She Wasnt Even Being Interrupted

she was almost as if she was gathering her thoughts to continue figuring out how to deceive the. American people and lie to the American people about what her priorities are and why she’s not going and honestly this trip to Guatemala What a slap in the face to every single American who’s being directly affected by this surge in illegal immigration, violent crime has risen in every city across the United States. Kids minors who are unaccompanied at the border are being shipped on commercial flights all over the country to be dropped off in a sanctuary city never to be heard from again. Children are being sex trafficked across the border we’re seeing rape abuse abandonment. None of this is acceptable, particularly from the vice president, but especially from someone who’s supposed to be the czar of everything that’s happening at the border can we also give a bravo to other countries news outlets for actually combating them yeah in the first place they pretty much.

Are Saying Hey You Suck And We

know it why do you suck so bad? Explain to us explain to us how you could possibly be this bad at your job because there’s no way that you’re doing it the right way. It was interesting because when she got to Guatemala. I’m sure you guys saw the signs that were possible get out of here yeah yeah trump won yeah trump won and but when I I was like wait hold on why are they saying this but then it be I was like d. You know I had a light bulb moment well. This is encouraging criminal activity in all of their countries too.

Youve Got All The Coyotes And

like you know you mentioned all the sex trafficking. They also see that because they’re oh. I don’t know they have half a brain um so it’s really interesting. To see you have the the president and the vice president who they did run on not open borders, but pretty darn close to it and they are where they are now. They got elevated to that position, but when it comes down to it all of the talking points that they gave all of the we’re not going to build the wall anymore.

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Oh Wait A Second Actually We Are

going to continue construction in some areas and you know all of this The trump rhetoric rhetoric was xenophobic and now all of a sudden you have Kamala Harris up there saying Don’t come I’m like that sounds very trumpier to me. How do they get away with that hunter biden can say the n word and it’s okay that’s all I know to say like like there it is yeah it’s really scary because reality is being rewritten. Right before our eyes and history is being rewritten How many times were every single conservative in America called a racist or xenophobic or a white supremacist? When we talked about this or they impeached the President of the United States for being such a racist Xenophobe not wanting people to come to our country and now people are being mandatorily. Following this biden administration across all social media platforms all they see are these warm and fuzzy tweets, Oh we never said that actually what we’re saying is don’t come here we can’t accept you we’re gonna try to help you in your own country. That is all a blatant lie right in front of our faces and I think we’re not paying attention enough to the reality that things have flip-flopped so significantly since January 20th in that inauguration that’s the question we need to be asking yeah.

Real Quick On On This Topic Before We

move on Alex I um I keep hearing Kamala and Nancy Pelosi and others talk about the the root. We have to get to the root. Cause of this. We have to get to the root cause of this and they keep citing climate change Yeah and I’m like what well what’s the best who is what’s you know a better thing to blame it on than an imaginary Yeah. They use the climate change.

I Think For Its Climate Change Or

Donald Trump is their excuse for everything the virus anymore right they can’t use the virus anymore. So now they’re back back to climate change right. We’ve got 10 years left now Since Aoc said 12. so now we’ve got 10.

And This Kanye West This Kanye West

let me finish thing that she does you know it’s clearly something. that she’s been coached by her team Hey when you don’t know the answer to something and you need time. It looks weak as a woman to say let me think about that you know.


Jeffrey Toobin is back on CnN and it’s as awkward as you would think it would be . Rashida Talib says freedom of speech doesn’t exist for Muslim women in Congress . Graham Allen and I identify as a woman. We almost have enough estrogen in the room that we are get close to as much estrogen as in Brian Salter’s body but with graham here today we don’t we come closer thanks a lot.& I am this is America in 2021 and if I want to be a woman, I can be so you remember that as we go forward with this with this interview here that’s fair that is fair.& We have Isabelle Brown, who is the host of Freedom Seeds. No pressure just Don’t screw up. We’ll have some fun very very yes it’s funny.& Alex Clark, who you’ve been on the show.& It was a couple years one time Yeah! It’s really good to have you in studio finally and on her…. Click here to read more and watch the full video