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On Friday Today On The News And Why

it matters Joe Biden He had an oopsie. Another firearm incident at Walmart and Hollywood is making an adorable movie. Few guys about liberals hunting deplorable Hey all coming up next on the news and why it matters welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sara Gonzales joined today by stupor gear Mr. .

Pat Gray And Jason Howerton Thank You

guys for being here. Let’s start with Joe Biden who I realize is getting up there in age mm-hmm, but he takes like having some really racist remarks. Haha racist UK slightly racist feet racist Ish Ha ha and the latest one let’s you know let’s go ahead and watch and then we’ll get into discussion and the other thing we should do is you should challenge these students we should challenge students in these schools they have Advanced. programs in these schools, we have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it poor kids are just as bright and just as Talyn’s white kids. Oh He covered it really well with the OScar Mayer commercial Fat Kid Skinny Kid can’t to climb on rocks kids with chickenpox just as talented as flake kids, so there was it was a very awkward pause.

You Could Its Like You Could Feel

it in his throat. You knew he did it. You knew it did I guess something right. I mean it’s better than not knowing that you did it yeah that was not a good moment. He did try to cover it awkwardly immediately after I loved the one person in the audience are like real big applause.

Its Really Excited When He Says It And

the other thing we should do is you should challenge these. Students we should challenge students in these schools They have Advanced Placement programs in these schools. We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as Talyn’s white kids black kids UK not what you’re supposed to do in that moment yeah. You know it was not a good moment look you know I think there’s an issue here with Joe and I don’t.

I Dont Think Honestly That That

proves that he’s a racist. It just proves that he his brain is moving at some different like like two people to cars in two different lanes and the mouth and the brain are going at two different paces. They can’t like lie. They don’t line up at all. I’m just really glad that they’re giving him the benefit of white supremacism if Donald Trump says it well.

Pat But He Does Have Kind Of

a history of making yeah pretty racist remarks Yeah, do you African-american This first sort of clean attractive the African American that’s well-spoken. It’s a storybook man not to mention the you can’t go into a 7-eleven in Delaware without some kind of Indian accent. I mean it’s not the first time it’s really not the first time for Joe Buddy He gets a pass cuz. It’s just Joe being Joe oddly the one thing they really use against him When in the Democratic primary for his racism is his support of the crime bill which actually I don’t think it all proves his racism. It actually was a a lot of good things.

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It Wasnt A Perfect Bill But

it did actually a lot of good things and it’s a thing of course. He’s getting criticized most for as a Democratic primary. is typical I don’t know I mean like I just feel like the the the thing to be that’s important about Biden is not any of his views. It is not any of his slip-ups. Like this there’s one thing to watch with Joe.

Biden As Far As Politics Goes Which

is the only reason he’s winning right now is because people think he can beat Donald Trump and if he has more of these moments where he looks like he’s slipping or it looks like he’s not all together where he looks like he might gaffe himself into a loss against Trump. The Democrats will bail on him. I think they’d like someone with more socialist policies than Biden, but if he can beat Trump they’re fine with it the he is giving them reason to believe he can’t and if he gives them enough of those reasons these. will start snowballing and he that’s how he loses this all. I know how bad Trump would smack him around In a debate yeah, it’s just from him.

Its Like Just Mentally Like Its Just Hes

not all there anymore part of life well I’ll be there soon enough he you know Jason you mentioned how Trump would be treated in the media if he had made that comment but it’s we live in this backwards world where like you said Joe Biden gets a pass for actually saying something like that Trump denounces the UK you know like it’s very clear on everything has never to my knowledge made any of those comments and he’s already oh wait supremacist. He literally said the words we have to condemn and defeat white supremacy and Joe Biden goes the next day and says he hasn’t condemned white supremacy it’s like it. Doesn’t it’s a different world we’re living in and then somebody like Joe. He can say something like that Trump can lower flags to half-mast and he’s going to Neo-nazis because it’s 8/8. It’s like it’s just a different planet that the two sides get treated.

Its Really Embarrassing And It Comes To One

central thing. I think that goes on with a media all the time is wishes they consider themselves the arbiter of what people really mean right so Joe Joe Biden can say something that sounds pretty Darn racist, but he doesn’t mean it they’ve just old. He’s old. He makes mistakes it’s just Joe being Joe. You know the same thing with what camera which squad member it was the Ringo of the squad that one when she said he throws it Presley or it was Presley her to leave.

I Cant Remem In Harrison Not.

Was Harrison or Ringo and she said she said I think it was I think it was pressed because she said We don’t need any more Brown faces without brown voices and it’s like well. Any you know Trump came out said we don’t need any more white faces that aren’t white voices. I mean he would be impeached the next day, but they are assigning a positive motive essentially to Presley where they don’t assign it to Donald Trump and the same thing I think happens you know with Biden right now you’re seeing this with what all the Trump accusations of racism. Anything that can further the the idea that he’s a racist is used because they already know he’s a racist and there minds and their minds.

They Know Theyve Already Assigned Him The Racist

intent so everything proves what they already know with Joe they know. He’s a little slow at he makes mistakes so everything proves that it’s nothing to worry about being able to assign that intent is an immense power. It’s an immense it’s a power to shape the entire election because if you just say well we know what he means every time it’s a way to excuse and accelerate the criticism of other candidates. It’s it really is an amazing so it’s like Doug UK and Mitch right she determined boys will be boys is what he meant yeah like she interpreted herself in told America what he actually meant even though it’s not what he said well and that was I think largely in part to the daily beast wasn’t at the daily daily. Be said Mitch Mcconnell’s but you essentially said boys happy boy essentially I have a strap there’s the media doing it there’s UK doing it that’s.

The Reality That We Live In

now They get to determine what what is in your heart right right Pat tell us about the. There was another firearm incident at a Walmart in where was it This one in the nurseries in Missouri Yes Springfield Missouri. A guy went in with ar-15 and and fully loaded. He had body armor on. He was wearing fatigues and he had a hundred rounds of ammo and then he just got a shopping cart started tooling around Walmart.

This Is What Four Or Five Days After

the shooting. I don’t know it looks like he’s just trying to prove a point that I can open carry in a public place If I want to what a what an asinine thing to do so quickly after 22 people lost their lives in El Paso. This is not the time for your point to be. This is not the time to take your own life and others and put it on the line see he could have been shot in the head by a security guard, an off-duty police officer. I mean the guy is this fortunate.

Theyre Still Alive.

It was an off-duty firefighter Right was armed and who held him at gunpoint. He could have easily been killed yeah he could have and he was recording it with his camera so clearly will we see this footage on UK at some point hoping to go viral or whatever else I’m not gonna watch it. I implore other people not to watch it that’s not the kind of attention seeking behavior. We want to reward but everything looks to me like.

This Is An Open Carry Stunt Trying

to exploit the the moment in time where this is a hot-button issue and I think. And this is why I think open carry is just a bad idea. I don’t want to ban it. I don’t want government to tell people they can’t open carry, but if you are serious about your gun rights and you’re serious about defending yourself your family can steal carry you Don’t want anybody knowing you have a gun on you whether it’s an attacker or or if somebody who would want to do you harm Who knows you have a gun on your head grabbing it off your hip who knows like what could happen if people can see you openly carrying there not to mention it’s just it gets people on edge. It makes you the center of attention right like if you want to be ready and prepared you don’t want everybody looking at you knowing what you have and what what you could possibly do is.

Just I Think Its Just Dumb

just because you can doesn’t mean you should always yeah and it’s a tough one to like it like let’s just say this This played out a little bit differently. Let’s say the off–duty firefighter sees this guy walking down. This sees it and thinks it’s going on and just shoots the guy in the head and kills him like what what’s the outcome of that it in real terms like constitutionally as we stand here by the rules. He didn’t do anything wrong and and you know shooting someone in the in the middle of a Walmart because they’re carrying a gun is not cool like that’s not okay but I mean I think you when you’re-oh Yeah I heard loss-clear for everyone but I mean. I think honestly the average American would look at that and just be.

Like Well, I Would Have Done The

same thing right like I you know he’s Lucky he didn’t get his head think about it. Like this. The manager pulled the fire alarm right so there’s a just as.

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Sara Gonzales joined by stupor gear Mr.& Pat Gray and Jason Howerton on Friday today on the news and why it matters . We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it poor kids are just as bright and just as Talyn’s white kids black kids UK not what you’re supposed to do in that moment yeah. We should challenge students in these schools they have Advanced Placement programs in . these schools. The other thing we should do is you should challenge these students. The latest one let’s you know let’s go ahead and watch and then we’ll get into discussion . The next episode will be about liberals about liberals hunting deplorable and the latest one will be on CNN.com/Sara Gonzales on Friday at 10 p.m. ET . The new episode will air at 10pm ET on the 11pm ET and the next week at 9pm ET. The next week will be the next episode of iReport.com…. Click here to read more and watch the full video