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a breakdown of the walking Dead season 7 episode 14 The other side. This episode shows that the best way for two Frenemies to finally see eye to eye is to go on a suicide mission together. It also left us with this mystery shadow, which is clearly best guys come on Hashtag Goats, Baths and I’ll get to that later but there’s a lot to cover in this episode and let’s get started with these opening images so this episode has one of the more interesting openings that we’ve seen this season a full 5 minutes with no words. Whatsoever just a montage from around the hilltop and the first thing we see is this shot of Maggie as she transitions from a blurry unfocused state to this sharp focus close-up as the people of the Hilltop work around her I. This is meant to convey Maggie’s clear vision as a strong leader as the Hilltop gears up for war.

We See Shots Of The Blacksmith Making

spearhead and Maggie teaching the Hilltop Cannon fodder how to throw a knight and Maggie riding up to do list. So this is what a good wartime leader does she realizes it requires a team effort patience and strategy but remember this episode is called the other side and I think it’s titled that because it shows the duality of one side facing another opposing side, and in this opening montage that other side is Sasha. All of these opening shots contrast what it means to be a true leader. Like Maggie with what it means to be a lone warrior. Like Sasha.

Unlike Maggie, Sasha Is Shown To Be Alone

throughout all this brooding, as she prepares for war in her own way. And the conclusion of these images is that true leaders are rewarded with community and life symbolized by Maggie looking at her ultrasound, where as Lone warriors only find loneliness and death symbolized by Sasha Stacking rocks on Abraham’s grave and during this montage we get this moment with Maggie and Daryl notice how Daryl refuses to look at or talk to her. Now we later learn why Daryl still feels guilt for Glen’s death, but it’s cool how they’re able to communicate this to us non-verbally I also like that we see Maggie regaining her composure before she heads back inside a true leader. We also see the opposite of a true leader with Gregory suspiciously watching them from inside at Maggie and the other Hilltoppers clearly talk bleep about them like rather than doing anything to be part of this war effort. We only ever see Gregory cowering.

His Office Getting Drunk And Trying To Spit

game with the Savior’s Okay moving on after the credits to Maggie and Jesus. Now Jesus reveals some of his backstory here that he grew up in a group home and one other little detail that from the comics, but not yet revealed on the show hard getting close to anyone neighbors friends boyfriend so yeah. This kind of recontextualizes who Jesus was looking at in the episode last season and Jesus talks about how bringing Maggie and Sasha into the community has in turn made him feel more part of the community, and when Sasha hears this, she hangs back now, Why does he do it that’s because unlike Jesus and Maggie, Sasha does not want to feel part of the hilltops because she knows that she’s about to leave it behind and real quick notice how Maggie suggests to Jesus. That they need right here things that we really need right? I think that’s a little callback to Glenn Maggie remembers that right here was the reason. He was able to escape the prison in one piece and then after Jesus catches Sasha taking his bullet Sasha hands off this friendship.

Bracelet That She Made For Maggies

baby to eat it and I was the parallelism between this handmade gift and the other one that we see this episode a necklace made by Rosita initially for Abraham and in both cases these end up being kind of Olive Branch peace offerings between these women like both items were initially intended for someone else, but Sasha and Rosita allowed these things to be carried on by Enid and Sasha as a sign of trust between the women and then with Kyle announces that the Savior’s were coming. Sasha and Rosita stayed. Through this secret tunnel that Sasha dug revealing that the exit strategy on Maggie’s to-do list earlier was actually follow through on Latasha also mentions the title This episode The attack now as I mentioned before the other side doesn’t just refer to the outside of the hilltop walls. It refers to the two sides of opposition meeting and working out their differences and by taping together on this mission. These two opposing forces.

Sasha And Rosita Still Angry With

each other from the Abraham Love Triangle. Last season will finally begin to understand the other side okay moving on to this scene between Gregory and Simon and by the way Simon has been super fun to watch of all the actors to play surrogate for Negan even August been the closest we seem to actually matching Jeopardy. Morgan swagger as Meegan kind of like that mix of hey friend. Lighten up I’m just joking, but also I’m taking your bleep and I’ll kill you if you try to stop me and then note this exchange between them. Gin man right man of shifting specifics tasting transition I’m into Tequila Now now Gregory is referring to episode 5 when Simon took his Scott to mention that he was a Gin man.

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This Is Scotch Well Not Just Hate This

stuff tastes like ashtrays and window cleaner. I’m a Gin man and the fact that Gregory remembers this shows that he’s trying to placate Simon with little personal details about him kind of like those old-school networking notes, people would write on rolodexes, which by the way is the thing that I only really know about from the office Paul and beat anyway. Simon now says that his taste in liquor are constantly shifting for Simon. This is a counter tactic. Doesn’t want details about him to be on anyone’s Rolodex like Meighan, He prides himself and being unpredictable in kind of a mystery that is how he inspired fear and exerts his authority.

We Actually Saw The Joker Use

a similar technique in the dark night remember revising his sack story throughout the movie My father a drinker sticks the blade in my mouth. Let’s put a smile on that face. So I had a wife who gambled one day They part of her face. I Stick a laser in my mouth and do this okay Moving on to Rosita and Sasha trying to hotwire this car and Rosita seen Sasha wearing that necklace that she made for Abraham and at this point, things are still very tense and bitter between the two like notice how the camera is literally placed between the actors in these tight close-ups where they look directly into the camera. It’s kind of awkward to have actors look directly into the lens.

Its Not Common On The Show, But They

do it here to bring the viewer into this awkward tension between the characters and after this moment, Sasha and Rosita Don’t really make eye contact again until the characters make peace later on also notice for Zetas line here and then she sees the next life that remembers Abraham-I think Rosita is implying some double meaning here She. thought Abraham was the one-and now he’s dead Rosita with the wordplay. Then we get another rare shot for the walking dead one long unbroken take running a total of a minute and 10 seconds, including this rather complicated move of Rosita and Sasha taking down Walker’s at the same time, so why did they shoot it this way. I think they wanted naturalism here, allowing the actors to deliver this bitter argument in raw real time and then organically build to them working together to clear an obstacle. These two have come a long way from rivals to friends and this transitional shot is one of the key steps of that transition also notice the exchange between them over whether to shoot Negan from afar or infiltrate the community and get them up close wait-from a distance in midst we don’t get another chain I.

Chain I Wont Miss Even If

you should engrave him he doesn’t die I won’t Miss now I’m not sure if Sasha realizes the stage. He’s throwing at Rashida right here, but I won’t Miss reminds us of episode 8 when Rosita had negan right in her sights point-blank range and missed hitting Lucille instead, which is why Rosita is so determined to go in close this time so that they won’t blow their second shot if it’s too now back at the hilltop in it tries to stall this savior named Roy from going into the basement where Maggie and Daryl are hiding so why is Roy such a grammar Nazi‘ I’ve got fresh veggies enough they’re vegetables use the whole word. We Have time so the shortened word Veggies isn’t even bad grammar, but I think the point of this other than to implies possible backstory being the most annoying English teacher or just one of those weird Internet trolls in a comment section who make big deals on the nothing really this moment is saying you can’t rush this guy. He’s thorough so that sets up the tension when he takes his time in the basement. Later on also why doesn’t eated have to hide from the Savior’s like the rest of her people.

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So Unlike Maggie, Daryl, Sasha And Rosita

Enid wasn’t present for the Big Negan lineup and I don’t think the Savior’s ever saw or noticed her in Alexandria so in a way she’s invisible to them able to hide in plain sight and then small detail here the produce in the basket is cucumbers and cantaloupes it. looks like which aren’t veggies or vegetables, but these are both significant foods from the past hilltop cucumbers for the same ones that were used to make the pickles that Eugene ate at the sanctuary when he seemingly switched sides and Cantaloupes from the Kingdom led to Benjamin Seth last episode and Yeah I feel like there could be a connection here like maybe Enid will help avenge Benjamin the Cantaloupe death by killing Eugene. The cucumber pickle and I am not at all a crazy person just reading into things. This produce metaphor theory is 100% going to happen okay moving on to Simon and Dr. Harlan Carson proving the theory from episode 11 that the other Dr.

Carson That Negan Reference After He Killed Dr.

Emmett Carson was this guy his brother Harlan at the Hilltop, and when Harlan realizes his brother has died his reaction is interesting. Another Piston one off himself killed this kind of implies that Harlan and his brother might not have been on good terms like. In one point the two Dr. brothers parted ways like how in real life, some doctors choose to be pediatricians and small farming communities, while other doctors cash in with a few jobs in psycho fascist cult classic scenario really also.

Simon Reveals What Is In That

crate that saviors have been lugging around tons and tons of aspirin Now This is insulting on more than one level for one. A bunch of painkillers obviously aren’t a fair trade for an actual doctor. Like I don’t think Aspirin tablets are going to deliver Maggie‘s baby, but it’s also kind of insulting for Dr. Carson like you think this is what I’m.


The Walking Dead season 7 episode 14 is a breakdown of the Walking Dead . This episode is called the other side and I think it’s titled that because it shows the duality of one side facing another opposing side, and in this opening montage that other side is Sasha . Unlike Maggie, Sasha is shown to be alone throughout all this brooding, as she prepares for war in her own way . The episode also left us with this mystery shadow, which is clearly best guys come on Hashtag Goats, Baths and I’ll get to that later but there’s a lot to cover in this episode . The other side shows that the best way for two Frenemies to finally see eye to eye is to go on a suicide mission together. The episode is titled ‘The other side. It also leaves us with a mystery shadow’ The Walking Walking Dead is available on AMC.com to watch the latest episode of this week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ on Sunday at 9pm….. Click here to read more and watch the full video