Walkouts Begin as 10000s Police Firefighters Nurses Teachers Quit Over Mandates


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The Vaccine Walkout Campaign Begins As Were

starting to see more and more videos and images of people quitting their jobs. Whether it’s nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers, armed service members or even an NBa star, saying they would rather exercise their right for medical freedom than to maintain their career. The thing that they’ve been working their entire lives for they’d rather walk out and potentially lose everything and sacrifice their lives over bending the need tyranny so when you’re looking at stuff like this where you’re having an image of a it’s a um a high school in Crystal Lake, Illinois, where they put down their shoes and left a note underneath saying why they’re resigning their job as opposed to actually bending the knee to the vaccine mandates. You’re seeing this video over here from Katie Davis court posted by any know where they have the the firefighters walking up the steps to turn in their boots to say that they were going to be they’d rather be terminated than comply with the state’s Covet Vaccine where it’s sad to say that the people that are making these rules. They’re not going to be the ones that are going to be facing any of these consequences and oftentimes are exempt from these mandates, but the idea that they’re not going to go out with emergencies.

Theyre Not Going To Go Without

emergency services or access to a firefighter. It’s going to be the peasants. The peons, the average person that lives in the streets that’s going to have to actually live a life without firefighters we’re seeing these videos across the country where you’re having these are police. Officers resigning and the audio levels are going to jump up and down, so I’ll do a bit of narrating of what’s happening as well. This is my final sign off after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of Washington being asked to leave because I am dirty and so you have a Washington cop resigning where you have seattle Washington.

These People Are Walking Away From The

job too so it’s like these states that have the mandates rolling out first Washington, New York and California we’re going to see how this is going to turn out Is it going to turn out to be like the purge or just crime rates are going to skyrocket because other places like Texas and Florida Aren’t doing it and actually outlawing these mandates being put in place numerous fatalities injuries. I’ve worked sick I’ve played sick. We’ve buried lots of friends over these years. I’d like to thank you guys I’d like to thank the citizens of Yakima County as well as my fellow officers within the Valley, so I’m not trying to cut them off. I’ll put this video on my Twitter.

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If You Want To See The Entire

thing over at DeCoypost on Twitter again. Don’t recommend Twitter but if you want to see the whole video because there’s a lot of footage like this. I want to cover today due to my personal choice to take a moral stand against who it is personal standings freedom for medical freedom choice. I will be signing out of service for the last time today, signing out for the last time today and then moving on I’ll have this video posted on my Twitter as well. But you also have firefighters joining in on this.

As Well, Where He Actually Has, He

describes what’s going on I’ve cared for Covet patients followed all the protocols and mandates and to my knowledge never once exposed anything to this virus has done everything right today. Myself and thousands of other brave men and women are being forced to either comply with the mandate or face termination for standing in their beliefs. I’m choosing to stand in my belief. I believe in freedom. This is for everyone who’s standing up for this and for everyone else who felt forced to comply facts or novacs let us come together and rethink firing thousands of brave men and women and that’s true of whether you have it or you don’t you should be able to come to us.

A General Consensus Of Is This For

our health or is this about compliance because he talks about how he’s been working. The 22 months before before the vaccine was developed and to him hadn’t really exposed anybody to his knowledge and now they’re saying okay well now you have to be walking you can’t work this job anymore. Even though the transmission rate from the firefighters to civilians was very low and I’ll go into another video that describes that but also the idea that these people are walking away from six figure income jobs and you know I don’t want to make a knee-jerk reaction. I’m looking at this guy, but I imagine a lot of his upbringing or a lot of the work he did for his career brought him to this and then what does he do that replaces that like if you’re a firefighter it’s not like hey I worked at Chase bank now I’ll go work for for Bank of America. It’s like there’s no other.

To Work At What Is He Gonna Do

and if they must really really passionately believe in this if they’re willing to walk away from the job because police officers 100k over 100k if he’s been in the in law enforcement for a long time. The firefighting work it looks like it’s something that he’s. He’s passionate about and they’re all walking away from it because you’re seeing stuff like this where you have military members walking away from the job as well, which it’s not the equivalency because people oftentimes join the military as a a stepping stone to civilian life but listening to him. Due to the new order of the Kova 19 vaccine. I will potentially face separation from the United States Army and I am currently pending a religious exemption and it may or may not be held up, but if you look at this.


Isn’t the only video on this compilation because you have my name another person from the Navy saying the same thing and if you scroll down you’re looking at this video where this person is a certainly an air traffic controller in North Carolina kind of a position we need right now right we aren’t we having a shortage of air traffic controllers and there’s a potential that I will be getting discharged for denying the Cobit 19 vaccine. I’m Courtney to tell us and now an airman from the air force, so it’s just this massive walk away campaign because they just don’t believe in it and it’s very scary because you’re going to end up with only the few people that remain in our armed services that may be deployed to take over civilian jobs as well as a as national guardsmen. Now we’re just expelling everybody that’s. not a part of their hive mind and you’re seeing this from cave Katie Davis court showing that the the Seattle PD making the statement on the last day with the no step on snack gags and flag being flown on several different cop cars as they’re officially going to resign from their position and also you’re seeing this from the Chicago police department.

The Paperwork They Actually They Actually Had To

fill out to turn in their their badge and their weapon because they had failure to comply with the Coc vaccination policy so when you look at this posted by Marina Medvin. The Daily Mails article about fifty percent of police force could go on unpaid leave, ignoring the vaccine mandate. I often times see these articles and it’s like it’s not fifty percent that’s just an exaggeration, but if you actually dig open the daily mail article. It says unpopular Chicago mayor Lloyd Lightfoot mandate required 13 000 offers to report their vaccination status by Friday October 15th or face that unpaid leave and now they say the police union boss Jos John Cadenzera hinted at a strike and said that up to 6 500 Chicago cops could be left without a job and that’s exactly the 50 of the 13 000 cops. You mean to say that one of the most dangerous places in the world in Chicago with all the gun violence had already suppressed people from wanting to join the police force had already attacked them in the media every single angle and already had a mayor that says here’s the mandates for you.

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But Im Gonna Go Ahead And Not

even follow any of myself lowered morale to an all-time low and recruiting to an all-time low and I think Chicago is one. city, the cities that also defunded the police so took money away from his will and now you mean to say that skyrocketing crime record amounts of homicides. We’re gonna turn around and say actually 50 of what you had last year because we have some rule we need to enforce and it’s very very sad that there is a reason behind the mandates and I understand where they’re coming from but this what’s going to kill more Chicago citizens This disease because you should be having your your vaccine from it or having less cops on the street 50 of the cops on the street right now because defunding the police and drawing back even a small percentage of the police force worked so well in these very liberal cities looking over here where San Francisco police talks about they’re losing 100 plus officers and you’re looking at CBs. KPix 5 over there now with fewer officers on the job. The police officers Association says there may be some calls that will be left unanswered and that’s already happening without the officers walking on the job.

I Live In Los Angeles.

I have to call lapd if I need assistance oftentimes. You can call into the non–emergency line. If you don’t need you know this isn’t a 911 emergency.

Youll Be On Hold For 45

minutes to an hour, which is ridiculous then on top of that. Your lapd response time can be upwards or actually above two and a half hours where oftentimes people just give up like you know what I’m I needed this service, but I guess I just have to leave because I have a life to live and it sucks that you just have to take the essentially the L on something but it’s. of yeah you police officers just don’t respond to a lot of calls right now because they’re so overburdened it’s not because they’re lazy they’re hanging out and dunking donuts when wondering where the donut’s going to come back in stock it’s because there’s not enough officers and if you’re going to cut those police forces by 50 it’s going to do this very very miraculous thing of the crime rates are going to go down not because there’s less crime. It’s because there’s less officers to report it so it seems that there’s not actually anything happening so they’re going to sit there and say the city council and the taxpayer is looking at him like wow cutting our police force by 50.

It Actually Didnt Impact Us At All Like

the things that don’t go away like like homicides that still floated around the same amount, but you. know car burglaries, home, burglaries resident or I’m sorry commercial crimes Just more of the penny crimes on the scale of things those all disappeared so you know what it actually worked. Crime rate went down and it’s actually the people suffer more and yet people just keep on saying hey, This is a good thing because over in Seattle.


The vaccine walkout campaign begins as we’re starting to see more and more videos and images of people quitting their jobs . Whether it’s nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers, armed service members or even an NBa star, saying they would rather exercise their right for medical freedom than to maintain their career . We’re seeing these videos across the country where you’re having these are police.& Officers resigning and the audio levels are going to jump up and down, so I’ll do a bit of narrating of what’s happening as well.& The peons, the average person that lives in the streets that’s going to have to actually live a life without firefighters. They’re not going to be facing any of these consequences, but the idea that they are exempt from these mandates, but they oftentimes are exempt.& It’s the peasants.& They’re going to go without emergency services or access to a firefighter. The Peons are not to go out with emergency services…. Click here to read more and watch the full video