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Thats Mephisto Its Mephisto Who Is It If They

don’t show it I’m going to be so upset who is it Oh it’s boss said it wasn’t going to be everybody you said Evan Peters wasn’t going to be in it. She recast Pietro okay so that’s how they did it that’s how they did it welcome back to new Rockstars did one division just at Viv Quicksilver. I mean either we just got our first official Xmen crossover in the Mcu or more likely This quicksilver is not Quicksilver WTF or Wanda. This is inside Marvel. It’s our one division after show We’re talking about episode five I’m Eric boss here with Jessica Clements Hi hello hi Hello, hello trying to harmonize like that intro stop it okay let’s get into it.

This Is Insane.

We’re gonna explain all your big questions that you had from this episode starting. Why Evan Peters from the Fox X-men movies not Aaron Terry Johnson from the MCu is playing Wanda’s brother Quicksilver on Wandavision and there are a lot of other things that we’re going to talk about this episode. Tomorrow will be my in-depth shot by shot breakdown of all the Easter eggs you missed in this episode coming up on Youtube So I gotta re-watch it like five times to find all this stuff. It’s a labor love Oh and by the way I am wearing our new latest obsession shirt.

An Unusual Couple Its Awesome Its

got secret augmented reality Easter Eggs in it you can get it at Newrockstarsmerch.com and if you get this shirt you’ll get the opportunity to write in a custom shout out that will appear at the bottom of the screen. In these inside Marvel episodes some of the people who supported us let’s. Very Gonzales, who says I want to give a shout out to my fiance, Austin Drapeau or Dr Paul. This is part of Valentine’s Day gift.

He Is A Big Fan.

Oh. We love it when couples come together as a result of marvel content and we just love seeing the love happen because in the mcu the love is not happening We just love love. We love love Also let’s see Tanya Stargel says mephisto is Ralph it has to be yeah we’ll be talking about that I think we’ll see we’ll see where that theory’s going David s Anderson says what about all the stuff that sword was doing is it possible. They maybe experimented on vision before Wanda got him Yeah Yeah that’s gonna be one of the things we talked about later this episode as well because yeah that’s a big H and yeah we are.

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get this app for free and follow us at stereo.com new Rockstars and if you’re listening to us on stereo right now it looks like we have over a thousand of you listening. This is the first time we’ve broken the thousands because this episode is so insane and every scene. Every cut from the camera is important and I was getting and it’s the longest episode it’s 42 minutes. The other ones are around like 30.

Give Me An Hour And A Half.

The long episode I want Lord of the rings extended cut all deleted scenes included. I I want a four-hour cut of one. I want a director’s cut too I want everything and if you are listening on stereo right now we are going to be doing a special exclusive bonus segment at the end of the show. Where we’re going to be reacting in real time to the voicemails that you send us and if you missed the live broadcast you can catch us next week at 8am Pacific Stereo.

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it’s free Hey Jessica tell us what happened. This episode we have so much to talk about I can’t wait so we’re now in the 80s if you guys haven’t noticed if you haven’t noticed we’re in the 80s we opened to see Wanda envision trying to get Tommy and Billy to go to sleep. They won’t go to sleep because they’re infants and then of course Agnes intrudes and is like I can help Wanda’s like yes please while Vision’s like no maybe not and this is when we see Agnes like get taken out of the the series. Jimmy take that again we get those acting like words. We get those thespian words that I don’t know but once that happens that’s when vision is starting to recognize that there’s something going wrong here.

Wandas Just Trying To Like Overlook It,

but visions like Wanda is noticing something that she’s not telling me. We see Monica going under some tests. She’s explaining what happened to her when she was in the bubble explaining that she was like feeling like she was drowning and that she had a lot of pain and it was all grief which is we will get into in a second um at the briefing later on with Tyler Hey, where Tyler basically says that Wanda’s a terrorist and that she’s doing all of this and it’s bad and that we should destroy her well. Monica is saying that she’s not a terrorist. None of these is premeditated like aggression and that’s when we get.

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Footage From Sword Headquarters That Hayward Somehow Just

got he’s been sitting on this. He’s the acting director and he just got footage of Wanda breaking into that he said something like. He just got permission to share it, but like he’s acting director who’s he gotta check in Yeah who’s the yeah who’s the permission. But you there’s a board of shareholders at sword like let’s not release it. The stock price will dive no oh Yeah the stocks the stocks right and the stock sucks and so he releases the footage which shows Wanda breaking into sword.

No One In The Footage Is

freaking out until she gets into the lab and then she like destroys the glass the scientists like Shudder and we see vision taken apart obviously being dissected and worked on and for some reason. Hayward took that as an act of aggression when i’m. Like what were you doing to him which we will get into we go back inside one division. The family now has a puppy the boys turn from infants to five years old to 10-year-olds and want to begin showing people her powers and she doesn’t care anymore, which strikes vision with this is ridiculous you promised we wouldn’t do this and wanda’s like we shouldn’t have to hide ourselves anymore. What is going on with her she’s going through tears of like vision’s now starting to recognize something is truly happening back at sword Monica Darcy and we were trying to find ways to safely render West view that’s.

When We Realized Monicas Outfit Was

made of the material she entered the bubble in which was her Kevlar Vest Kevlar pants man get me a pair of those no one’s getting shot in the crotch today they. Realize that Wanda’s just re-rewriting that’s what she says rewriting the material that goes in there it’s still the same material it’s absolutely real. It comes back out the way when it or the way like she changed it inside Yeah Jessica Can I just ask can people in the mcu stop just picking up guns and firing them indoors without warning. Peggy Carter did the same in the first cat movie Just tell people in the room with like hey I’m gonna do a quick test here if you want to put on some and it’s also like just tell us what you’re doing like you could be like. I think this is made out of my kevlar and they’re just like shoot rather than just words steal his gun yeah words before shooting so warning before shooting.

I Think Thats Fine So They Realize

it’s made out of. Which is great so they’re like what if we send something in there of that time period. Maybe she won’t change it so they send in an 80s ass Drone a big ass 80s drone and they’re just going to go in there but hayward of course puts missiles on the drone that Monica doesn’t know about and shoots at Wanda, which is like 101. If you’re an acting director that’s truly up to nothing, why would you entice it? Why would you harm what’s starting the art it’s I and why didn’t you tell Monica again These sword agents They have a shoot first policy We’re not gonna tell my partners or the people. I work with that I have live ammo about the fire just talk about it on Twitter.

I Was Like.

He is either the bad guy or severely awful at his job because there was. Like when he did that I was like why would you think that’s a good idea She took like 150 people hostage. You think a missile’s gonna stop her off an 80s drone either way. Wanda takes that bleep seriously and she breaks through the barrier and throws the drone at them and tells them straight up.

Dont Come Back Into My Home.

This is my like this is where I feel safe do not come back. This is your one warning and then makes all the gunmen turn their guns on hayward. So it shows that like I’m this powerful why would you want to mess with me, which is true. Don’t know why Hayward.

This Is Why Hes Just Stupid

either way on the vision ends of things he’s working back at his computer companies hanging out with Norm. He’s setting up the computers and internet and that’s. When they get an email from Sword about Darcy’s information and everyone starts reciting the email around vision like a like a scary horror cult and vision is like there’s something weird takes norm. ‘s mind suppresses it and brings the normal norm who I forget his name back to reality and he’s freaking out because his dad is sick. He’s in a bunch of pain.

He Doesnt Know Where He Is.

He’s freaking out yeah so Jessica do you think that was a continuity error with last episode how we saw that vision awakening written on the notes. Do you think they just like shot that out of sync and they thought that the 80s episode was gonna come before episode four. What oh okay, Oh that is this is the brain.

Hey Okay So Back To The

theory back to my everything no okay so i didn’t even think. about that I didn’t even think about that and time is so crazy here because time and Wanda vision is a lot quicker than time outside it could be like an hour, and it’s like a day there. What if this doesn’t make sense maybe but what if that time when vision awoke him was so long ago in one division, but we just got the information and sword does that make sense is that possible. There’s obviously some time dilation going on.

I Just Dont Think Based Off

of um Geraldine Slash Monica getting ejected at the end of the 70s episode The 80s episode didn’t happen until after she was ejected and that’s where the whole norm awakening thing did for darcy to make those notes. I have a feeling that the the id board was not assembled originally in the outline of the sequence of events until. Later earlier to this episode to give audiences some desperately needed context because they were worried the general viewers might have been like I don’t know what’s.


New Rockstars did one division just at Viv Quicksilver . Tomorrow will be my in-depth shot by shot breakdown of all the Easter eggs you missed in this episode coming up on Youtube so I gotta re-watch it like five times to find all this stuff . Eric boss here with Jessica Clements: “This is inside Marvel. This is insane. That’s Mephisto it’s mephisto who is it if they don’t show it I’m going to be so upset” Eric is wearing our latest obsession shirt. It’s awesome it’s got secret augmented reality Easter Eggs in it you can get it at Newrockstarsmerch.com and if you get this shirt you’ll get the opportunity to write in a custom shout out that will appear at the bottom of the screen.& He is a big fan.& This is part of Valentine’s Day gift to Austin Drapeau or Dr Paul.& Tomorrow will also feature a shot by step-by-step breakdown of the Easter Eggs ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video