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Welcome Back To New Rockstars I,M, Eric Boss

and Marvel‘s one division trailer broke Records also probably broke a few brains with its channel flipping concept. I did my best to make sense of it and how it’s restructuring the mcu going forward with things like X-men Young Avengers witchcraft with a frame by frame breakdown, but there’s one detail. I pointed out that comes right at the end of the trailer that we must go deeper into spoiler warning if you want to go into Vision” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Wandavision blind because curiosity kills the schrodinger’s cat I feel like that makes sense if you were to go into it. But there’s no time because everyone’s talking about the deeper significance of the various classic sitcom realities that Wanda and Vision are flashing in and out of and Yeah. Those are probably important, but not as important as that little moment The very.

Of The Trailer In Which A Woman In

seventies attire Johanna Paris’s character Monica Rambo, adult version of the girl in Captain Marvel Future Marvel Hero Spectrum most likely blasts out of the neighborhood that Wand and vision have settled in propelled by Wanda’s red chaos Magic out through the Tv screen membrane of this pocket reality landing on the other side of a military perimeter. I explained that this agency is likely sword Sentient world observation and response department a new offshoot of shield. Normally their sights are set on the stars, which is why I think Nick fury was with sword and that far from home post credits scene. But in this case the sentient world they’re observing and responding to is Wanda’s Dream bubble contained somewhere on Earth Truman show style You’re part of this aren’t you but the weirdest thing about this moment that I pointed. out the sword agents themselves if you look closely behind the arm dudes.

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Theres Darcy Lewis Astrophysicists From The

Thor movies Cool but slightly to the left there’s Monika again and yeah we know that she’s a sword agent from some set photos, but there are two Monikas in the scene is this second. Monika a devilish imposter and that’s why these agents are so jumpy well my first instinct and a very likely possibility is this is yet another example of editing trickery in trailers and promos weird continuity errors like this happen all the time as trailer editors restructure shots and dialogue to conceal spoilers and to create new moments to try to sell this premise as we saw with infinity war. Sometimes they manufacture shots that aren’t at all in the movie just for the trailer, but investigating this further here’s what’s weird about this case what. benefit would a trailer editor be hoping to achieve by splicing these two shots together Like I get it? There could be another nighttime exterior perimeter shot with Monica and the Sword agents from a totally different scene, but why go to the trouble of splicing that in like there’s no great reaction to gain from this frame that we don’t already have from the wide overhead shot showing the armed agents in the helicopter spotlight and looking closely at that overhead shot You don’t see that front agent or Darcy or Monica, but they could be in one of those cars or trucks that are in the process of pulling up and in the close-up of Monica’s face when her eyes are opening. You can see those trucks approaching in the distance and that helicopter searchlight so the continuity does match up here aside from that double Monika either.

Yeah! I Could See This All Being Part

of the same scene Really I think Monica’s expression is the most telling piece of evidence. We have her eyes flutter a bit and then they open wide, unconcerned calm. This is not the face of someone who is just suddenly super smashed out of a brady bunch cosplay. Monica looks like she is exactly where she wants to be and that’s why I think there is something to this idea that this version of Monica could be an imposter in disguise as Monica not a scroll shapeshifter well. Maybe actually I should come back to that.

But We Should First Consider That

Monica 2 could actually be a disguise worn by methysto Now yes you might be thinking why does this dude keep bringing up mephisto. There have been literally zero mephisto sightings anywhere in the Swan division footage well in the language of our new favorite House of M Wine Bottle label Au contraire just as the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that Kevin Spacey was a good guy evil incarnate takes many forms My friends Pennywise and it was a shape-shifter. Bible stories and myths have depicted the Devil as a pig a goat Elizabeth Hurley. In this case. I believe Marvel’s Devil Mephisto as he is in the comics that want to vision is probably partly based on is deeply involved in a plot to manipulate Wanda with illusions of her children and he is hiding in plain sight elsewhere in this trailer level before I continue I want to thank our friends Ed Currant for sponsoring this video.

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and the card ships for free get a current black premium card shipped to you for free by clicking on the link in the video description so to understand where Mephisto is hiding. In this one division trailer. We have to first try to understand how Wanda’s pocket universe works in the scarlet witch House of M story another possible comics influence on one division Wanda warps all of reality into else worlds to try to give herself a happy family life. But here Wanda’s reality warping appears to be confined to this small town at least a few acres, maybe a square mile which could be an actual housing subdivision or. A rural clearing in a part of upstate New York that looks a lot like Georgia because that’s where they shoot everything within this pocket universe.

Everyone In It Seems To Be Equally

oblivious to its true nature. In some moments, though in other moments they find themselves awakening from a kind of trance. We see this with Wanda envision when their dinner guests question them about their backgrounds and there’s definitely a confusion with vision as he tries to get a bird’s eye view of the town and when he taps Agatha’s head am I dead no why would you think that because you are Hmm Agatha believed Vision to be dead suggesting that like those kids in midtown high school and far from home. She also comes from a post–in-game world where Vision is dead from outside the pocket reality intruding into it judging from vision’s confusion I. started as an outsider but was brought into this reality.

Agathas Right Vision Is Dead We All Saw

it and we did actually go into a few explanations for how he could have been resurrected in another video. Be sure to check it out it’s a good one but notice the mind stone is back in his head here and that should not be possible. Thanos atomized the infinity Stones at the top of end game where are the stones gone reduced to atoms and the past version of the mine stone that they used to defeat him was return back in time. Pretty much everyone at Marvel has made it clear that they’re done with using the infinity stones as plot points themselves and no matter what hypothetical timelines in the multiverse the mind Stone could have existed in all those timelines either would have ended with thanos getting. The Mind Stone at the cost of Vision’s life or in that one Thanos-less timeline that we’ve talked about before the Mind Stone could have lived on in Vision’s head, but without Thanos, He wouldn’t have died so yes impossible right well assuming vision is an outside body to this pocket reality that has been warped into Wanda’s projected fantasy the same way.

Agatha Has Been Means Some Form Of

vision must have been brought into this reality from the outside the outside where he’s dead. Perhaps Vision’s Android Corpse recovered from Wakanda brought into this pocket universe by Monica and Sword, and then warped by Wanda’s chaos Magic to be reanimated with the projection of the Mind Stone in his head. Once more so I’m thinking that’s a process outside entities intrude into Wanda’s warped bubble where she colors them as part of that illusion Monica Rambo and sword. used vision’s Body in hopes to reign in Wanda’s reality warping to contain it from spreading all over the world, but other intruders like Agatha have a darker agenda to trick Wanda with the promise of having children with vision while hijacking Wanda’s chaos magic to spill that chaos all over the outside world. This is essentially what methisto aims to do in the comics and Agava serves mephisto and I think we see the start of that plot in the trailer, where did you two move from how long have you been married and why don’t you have children yet our story.

I Think What My Wife Means To Say

is that we moved for move from where married when damn it why oh Arthur stop it stop it stop it stop it Red Malamad here is playing arthur Deborah Joe Rupp plays his wife they appear to be. Some neighbor couple joining Wanda in vision for dinner, but they are so damn pushy the way Arthur Badgers Wanda about having kids it’s freaking terrifying satanic Some might say Yeah. I believe Arthur here is really a shape-shifted form of Mephisto intensely pressuring Wanda to have children children that he can use to distract and manipulate her rupp’s character. I believe is an incarnation of Agatha, who is subservient to Mephisto working with him trying to temper his more violent tendencies.

Mephisto Comes From Marvels Underworld And

perhaps it was Agatha encouraging Wanda’s deeper exploration of her inner chaos magic magic that was imbued in her as a baby by an ancient demon that opened this gateway into Wanda’s pocket universe for Mephisto to sneak in through these false forms. I think this evil duo will continue to appear in new forms in each of Wanda’s new warps Agatha. The Kimmy Gibbler to this full house reality maybe Mephisto becomes a dummy with a traffic cone hat until eventually, Mephisto tricks Wanda with a form that she will recognize as Fictitious the sword agent who escorted vision into this pocket reality Monica Rambo in this form, Wanda will expel from this bubble back into the real.


Marvel’s one division trailer broke Records with a frame by frame breakdown . A woman in seventies attire Johanna Paris’s character Monica Rambo, adult version of the girl in Captain Marvel Future Marvel Hero Spectrum most likely blasts out of the neighborhood that Wand and vision have settled in propelled by Wanda’s red chaos Magic out through the Tv screen membrane of this pocket reality landing on the other side of a military perimeter . The weirdest thing about this moment that I pointed. out the sword agents themselves if you look closely behind the arm dudes. There are Darcy Lewis Astrophysicists from the Thor movies. Cool but slightly to the left there’s Monika again and yeah we know that she’s a sword agent from some set photos, but there are set photos of her on set photos. Cool to the right there . The movie is set to be released in theaters on December 26 . The first episode of the new series is scheduled for release on Blu-Ray and Blu-ray ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video