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I Want To Discuss The Cultural Phenomena Surrounding The

Wap or whap video, but what I’m especially interested in is the emergent polemic around the use of sexual imagery and female potency. A Guardian article said the video is unapologetic in celebrating the sensuality and sexuality of women. It isn’t shy of Koi. It’s about the loud articulation of female desire for sex as they want in it centers them as active participants with agency well that’s absolutely bloody terrific. The backlash was immediate scores of people took to the internet to defame women for celebrating their genitalia and coital desires nothing wrong with that in a manner not reserved for male rappers or singers.

I Would Strongly Contest That Hip-Hop

music from its origins has always been subject to a critique from the mainstream media and even as hip-hop has become the new dominant mainstream their values of hip-hop. Constant criticism for its over-sexualization of women. It’s overt celebration of male archetypes associated with chauvinism and violence, so I think that is an unfair and inaccurate analysis. My key point I would like to make is do we achieve equality by aspiring to the values established by the forces or authors of the hierarchy and system itself. I.

E Do Women Achieve Equality By Aspiring To And

replicating the values that have been established by males. Let’s take this one simple example because that’s what this video is about if male hip hop tropes are about the potency of male sexuality, which we sort of think well. These are reductive. It’s not a celebration of traditional conventional male values, such as duty service, loyalty, bravery courage. All traits of course that can exist across genders and sexes, but I’m talking about traditional values and and then the a female video.

A Sort Of A Celebration Of

sexual potency or let’s just take the description that the the Guardian offered sexuality sensuality isn’t Shy Coy loud articulation of female desire. Essentially it’s an emulation of a template that already exists and was established by mouse is it a quality. If the template has already been established by the former dominator. The answer is no it’s an argument. I suppose is easy to make by a lot less bloody sexy when considering the leadership of Margaret Thatcher was Margaret Thatcher, a feminist icon no because the values that she extolled, espoused and conveyed were male values.

She Was A Woman Man.

She was a very very very powerful person. A brilliant politician, but it that her premiership did not lead to more opportunity for women more successful women. Conventional female values such as nurture careness equality now it’s a very interesting place. to have a debate isn’t it because if you’re saying that you know we’re celebrating women like this Guardian article says you are saying women are different from men, so you get into an interesting vortex around this point because there are of course a lot of complex arguments around identity that are happening at the moment.

Lets Have A Look At What Some

commentators online and in mainstream media have said about this video and how it is a vessel for some of the complex arguments that happen at the moment and what are the real values that we should be aspiring to myself with my own. My attitudes towards sex and sexuality have altered as I’ve gotten older and as I well. I’ve just changed. I wouldn’t want to place a value on it. But I must say that you know I’m aware of the power of female.

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Sensuality And Sexuality And When I

watched that video I was spellbound by its potency and power from a political perspective. I’m I don’t know that that demonstrates progress because gender and sex. Aside what are the values that we’re collectively aspiring to objectification of the other objectification of the self is objectification something that we’re aspiring to sexuality and sensuality as commodity. See this is one of the things that interests me most most I suppose about the cultural war is that regardless of where you land on this apparently wide spectrum of left versus right. The fact is is that the the the end point is some a product a commercial product.

You Cant Unravel The This System

or challenge this system using the means of a commodity a beautiful blob of product. If you can be sponsored by Nike or coca-cola or any brand that or if. can be if you can be housed in a mainstream record label, then by definition, the content is not radical that’s not a critique that’s just a fact radical means it’s outside of the mainstream. It’s a threat to the mainstream. It’s a challenge to the mainstream and the mainstream.

I Would Argue Is Not About The Sort

of wallpaper of the culture war colors gender sexes. Whilst these are important issues. It’s about these steep structures themselves who has power who can influence who can control who dominates and I would say whether it’s left versus right and politically or some or many of the other I would argue if not false dichotomies. I would say narrow dichotomies we’re not actually altering the ability of ordinary men and women and people who identify in different ways to live lives that are free from oppression and truthful expressions of who. They really are what we want as individuals is self-actualization watching our video of Cardi B and Megan the stallion, you know indeed, there is no doubt an essential potency and organic power to female sexuality.

Nobody Would Ever Question That But Thats

a product what we’re looking at. There is a product. Let’s talk about Cardi B. Megane stallion in their new song and music video wow This has become a whole thing actually several whole things They released this video friday as of this morning. It has over 59 million views just on Youtube and along with a massive success of this song.

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There Have Also Been People Angry For

a number of reasons. I think that in a sense we’re not ambitious enough about what we’re aspiring to culturally. I wouldn’t be so reductive and simplistic to say that women celebrate in their bodies using an aesthetic. conventionally been associated with the male gaze means it’s impossible that these tools could be used as a vehicle for liberation, but I’m saying that in a sense it’s still the same metric it’s still the same aesthetic it’s still the same values. It’s still the same ideals.

Its Still Ultimately A Sort Of Capitalist

objectification and commodification of. In this case, the female I’m not suggesting that they aren’t powerful authors and powerful creators. I’m saying that we ought be aspiring to an entirely different set of values not who has the power within an established set of values. Deanna Lorraine, another Republican and former congressional candidate from California, making similar remarks, saying the women set the entire female gender back by 100 years with their disgusting and vile songs. I think it’s disgusting violence sort of amazing, but you know what what I felt was like you know.

This Is Powerful And Attractive And You

know me I don’t feel like it’s helpful for me to watch stuff not that I would judge any creator for making the content. They want whether it’s Mick Jagger Gyrating around or justin Bieber being sexy or any contemporary male hip-hop artist or cardi B and megan. The stallion what I felt on a personal level is Oh my God. These women are so beautiful and I the feeling I felt wasn’t particularly distinct from what I would get from watching more conventional erotic content, so if that’s the if the result is the same, then how distinct is the process I wonder. Although this is of course a very subjective appraisal, what else could it be in all honesty, so I suppose what I’m saying is I’m interested in its impact on culture.

Im Interested In Now How It

is now. Feminist trope of female empowerment for women to take control of an aesthetic that is indistinguishable from what preceded it. The sort of scenes where the unless it’s sort of somehow parody or pastiche the scenes where there are numerous women dancing are no different from like hip-hop videos from 20 years ago right some mix a lot or like other male hip-hop artists you know there’s some scores of examples the the end product Ain’t any different as i’m not squeamish about female sexuality. I love female sexuality. It’s a very very sort of potent powerful force, but the commodification of male sexuality or female sexuality.

Whether Its Males Commodifying Female Or Vice

versa, or you know that particular sex celebrating or commodifying depending on how you regard it their own sex. What is the what is it all my aim? What is it that we’re really looking for. Saying is equality within the cube of capitalism isn’t a quality at all because it’s happening within pre–established parameters. It’s the parameters themselves that need to change. Some people have to go search out the things that they say they hate and then make themselves look absolutely ridiculous by commenting about it and we have perhaps the funniest example of that ever and that is Ben Shapiro breaking down literally the lyrics sort of a little bit censored of this song take a look.

Here Are Some Of The Lyrics You Ready

bleep in this house. There are some bleep in this house. There’s some bleep in this house. There’s some bleep in this house must say I enjoy Ben Shapiro very much.

I Think He Is An Excellent

commentator whilst of course politically, I would find myself in a different position. His ability to communicate. I think is excellent. Him recite the lyrics from Bleep in the this house is a real treat.

I Said Certified Freak Seven Days A

week wet ass p word make that pull out game weak yeah you effin with some wet ass p word p word is female genitalia bring a bucket and a mop for this wet ass p word give me everything you got for this wet ass P word beat it up edward catch a charge extra large and extra hard put this p word right in your face swipe your nose like a credit card. I think ben shapiro’s gradually being hypnotized as when we put his finger there. I think at the point of the nose being swiped like a credit card. I ain’t squeamish about sex.

There Is No Reason To Be

squeamish about sex and I don’t think there is any problem with um people of. Any gender or sex using celebratory and graphic language, but I think it is interesting for us to contemplate and consider whether what we’re trying to achieve is harmony and equality or a kind of what is the appetite behind it the content itself is what it is? It’s another hip-hop video with talented hip-hop performers who are extraordinarily attractive presenting an array of visual image imagery and as of a variety of their talents. The commentary around it is an indicator of where we stand as a culture people, sort of eagerly taking sides and waving flags for pre-existing ideologies without I think recognizing that none of the positions within their polemic represent genuine real change and no reason for Cardi B and Megan Lee stallion to be um trying to bring about global revolution Is there it’s enough for them to make a really good pop song They.


I want to discuss the cultural phenomena surrounding the Wap or whap video, but what I’m especially interested in is the emergent polemic around the use of sexual imagery and female potency . I would strongly contest that hip-hop music from its origins has always been subject to a critique from the mainstream media . The backlash was immediate scores of people took to the internet to defame women for celebrating their genitalia and coital desires nothing wrong with that in a manner not reserved for male rappers or singers . Essentia: Do we achieve equality by aspiring to the values established by the forces or authors of the hierarchy and system itself? We achieve equality. Do women achieve equality . Do we aim to achieve equality? Do we aspire to and replicating the values that have been established by males? Do women aim to and replicate the values of males? We aim for equality. We aim to be honest. We hope to be truthful. We don’t want to be false. We want to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video