Warner Bros Officially CANCELS Amber With Hollywood Blacklisting


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Doom Very Stunning Costume Probably Not The Most

comfortable thing in the world. What do you mean by that that um really aquamarine condom. You know if there was a chance for her to have even been included in the movie. It’s probably now a no-brainer to anyone that her interview would have ruined those chances. However, that interviewer she was obviously under the influence and acted out of pocket isn’t even the reason she just got canceled from the show trust me nothing is going to prepare you for the actual reason.

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Warner Bros Canceled Her So If Youre

interested in finding out all of the details that have just come up about her role in Aquaman stick around till the end of the video to get the whole gist. During the trial between the Aquaman actress and her estranged husband. A lot of details were raised about how. might have been responsible for her role in the film being significantly diminished. However, from the video you saw at the beginning, do you really think it was just a defamation accusation to make her lose it that’s right.

It Seems Pretty Unlikely.

According to reports even before the trial ended and it was established that she did indeed to fame Johnny Warner Bros already pretty much made it clear that they were done with her and the funny part about this whole story is that it happened way before people even started to protest at the production company’s Office advocating for the removal of the actress from the movie. Even though the conclusion of the defamation trial has pretty much blacklisted her in the entertainment industry. Her losing her role in the Aquaman film is actually an effect of her inability to totally get into character with the movie’s. main star Jason Momoa, specifically the head ofNK] Films which produced Aquaman testified that the creative team had concerns about Amber heard’s role in the film’s sequel over a lack of chemistry with co–star Jason Momoa specifically while the case was still being battled in court.

A Recorded Deposition Of Walter Hamada, President Ofnk]

Films, which is a division of Warner. Bros was played for the jury in the defamation trial between heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp Hameda testified that Aquaman was the highest grossing film ever for the company. He said the studio never planned to portray herd as a co-lead in Aquaman 2, and that Hurts role was not reduced in the forthcoming film. The size of the role of the film that she has was determined in the early development of the script, which would have happened in 2018 I would say the character’s. The story was sort of what it was from the beginning.

Hameda Testified In The Deposition From The Early

stages of development of the script. The movie was built around the character of Arthur and the character Orm Arthur being Jason Momoa and Orange being Patrick Wilson. They were always the co-leats of the movie. However, heard testified she believes her role in Aquaman 2 was scaled back and that she had to fight to even be in the movie, which is in post-production and scheduled to debut in 2023. However, during Hameda’s testimony in his deposition.

He Said That After Filming Aquaman, There Was

discussion about herd’s role in a sequel. I think editorially they were able to make that relationship work in the first movie, but there was a concern that it took a lot of effort to get there and would we be better off for casting. who had better more natural chemistry with Jason Momoa and move forward in that way. Hameda testified Hameda testified that the pair appeared to have good chemistry in Aquaman, but that the film relied on the magic of post–production, including editing sound design and music to help fabricate their chemist history. It’s like what makes a movie star a movie star.

You Know It When You See It And

the chemistry wasn’t there. Hameda said in the deposition a good editor and a good filmmaker can pick the right take and pick the right moments and put scenes together against the score. The music and the scene makes a big difference. Hameda also testified that herd’s role in the film and her ability to renegotiate her compensation was not impacted by her involvement in the dispute with Depp or any statements made by representatives of death as bad as all. May seem for Amber things have only gotten worse for the actress since it was officially revealed that she had to fame Johnny and her op-ed.

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In Fact Since The Revelations Became Public People

have been clamoring for her removal from the Aquaman film. It’s gotten to the point where a petition was raised to have her removed from the film and at the moment more than 4. 6 million people have already signed it and Don’t let me even get started on the number of people that have expressly stated that they will be boycotting the film if the actress is kept on till its release. Now there’s no Express statement or confirmation that she has been blacklisted from Hollywood as a whole but the fact that something she did has gotten. This much outrage can only imply that she’s Radioactive in the industry.

This Means That Shell Probably Not.

able to get a job for a pretty long time, something that she probably doesn’t want right now because the Judgment against her didn’t only establish that she did indeed to fame him. According to the details of the case heard was also slapped with damages, so she basically owes debt money at the moment. Specifically the jury that found Amber guilty of defaming Depp has ordered her to pay 15 million dollars in Damages posing major Financial risks for the 36-year-old actress. According to experts, although Herd‘s wealth is unclear, she is during Millions for her work in UK and films such as Aquaman and Aquaman 2.


She previously received a 7 million dollar settlement from DEb after their 2016 divorce, which she pledged to donate to Charities including the American Civil Liberties Union. During the trial, she said she hadn’t yet fulfilled The Pledge because of. Depp’s lawsuit but testimony during the trial suggested that Herd’s career had stalled due to the legal battle with Depp. According to Newsweek that may raise questions about whether Herds pockets are deep enough to cover the damages, which included 10 million dollars in compensatory damages and 5 million dollars in punitive damages.

Although The Latter Was Reduced To Virginias

cap of 350 000 on such Awards. You would think all of this would Mark the end of Amber‘s problems, but things have actually taken a worse turn for her since the verdict was read the day after the verdict. Her lawyer Elaine Redenhoff said her plan to appeal and that she can absolutely not afford to pay the damages amount. The same day New York Marine and General Insurance co-filed a lawsuit seeking to not be forced to cover herd’s legal defense fees and expenses for the multi-million dollar. any subsequent appeal due to the jury finding that herd committed willful misconduct in her defamation of depth.

The Insurance Company Believes Theyre Not

responsible for the 1 million dollars liability policy. She took out to protect her from defamation claims heard slammed the alleged breach of contract, stating that New York Marine promised to pay her defense costs and judgments against her up to a million dollars, noting a deal is a deal in the docks. A recent filing stated that herd’s lawyers Don’t want the case to proceed while she’s appealing the 10 million dollars verdict that the jury ordered her to pay okay Deb adding the continued prosecution of these actions is prejudicial to her defense. New York Marine Isn’t the only insurance company that has filed a lawsuit against the actress as Travelers. Insurance has also filed a suit against her according to reports Travelers initially.

Filed A Lawsuit Against New York

Marine in July of last year in an effort to be reimbursed for the cost of Defending. A client who turned out to be heard heard had a homeowner’s policy with Travelers that covered libel to a point of around 500 000, and she also had a general liability coverage from New York Marine for one million dollars. Travelers believed that Hurd had the right to select her own attorneys. In contrast to New York Marines assertion that the issue was pretty basic proved to be the turning point.

In The Lawsuit.

A judge granted New York Marines request to hire less expensive local attorneys. All of these details have led to a lot of people talking about Amber’s appearance in the movie, and while most people have wholeheartedly voted that she’d be removed from the film. A couple of other people have some.

Interesting Thoughts As In The Case

of this user who wrote, even though it’s been reported that she has limited screen time I would imagine her seen it might be critical to make the story make sense just leave her in it and recast for the third one. Although no one is actually sure what the studio is going to do, but from the looks of things it just might be more effective to cut her from the film anyway. We’ll find out pretty soon that’s it for this video goodbye.


Warner Bros canceled her role in the movie after the defamation trial ended and it was established that she did indeed to fame . The head ofNK] Films which produced Aquaman testified that the creative team had concerns about the actress’s role in . the film’s sequel over a lack of chemistry with co–star Jason Momoa specifically while the case was still being battled in court . Her losing her role is actually an effect of her inability to totally get into character with the movie’s. Doom very stunning costume probably not the most comfortable thing in the world. Her loss of her part in the film is actually a result of her . inability to get into . character with co-star Jason . Momoa’s . co-stars . She was accused of being under the influence and acting out of pocket. She acted out of . pocket and acted out . of pocket, she was obviously out of character. She was obviously trying to get to character. It’s not the best way to do that….. Click here to read more and watch the full video