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Erik Bosse in Watchmen is the new series onNK], a continuation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons groundbreaking 1986 graphic novel not a sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaptation. Though this is UK Dr. Manhattan can totally expose himself again and again if he wants to let us break down and analyze this watchman pilot episode to explain what this series is how it connects to the timeline both fictional history and shockingly real history the deeper themes and symbols and yes hidden Easter eggs because this is a damon Lindelof joint they’re all over the place. After this you’re gonna be the most informed nerd and your Watchmen watch party even if you like me watch The Watchmen alone let us get started. The pilot opens on a silent film featuring bass Reeves the Black Marshall of Oklahoma Bass Reeves.

Reeves Was A Real Guy First Black Deputynk]

Marshal west of the Mississippi. Born into slavery, emancipated into a free man, a farmer and then chosen to be a marshal. He served from 1875 to 1907. Major Badass arrested like 3,000 people, including his own son at one point the silent film immortalized as him in a way. Most silent films would never do from that era.

In Fact, There Were More Famous For Demonizing

black people as we saw inNK] Griffith’s Birth of a Nation super racist film. The imagery here is a reversal of the black hat white hat trope in Westerns. The good guy here is in black sheriff wears the white hat, but he’s a corrupt lawman who steals cattle actually foreshadows the mystery at the end of the episode about Jud Crawford the white hat sheriff it was probably not what he seems. He seems his apparent murderer is the boy watching here will Reeves Maybe even related to Bass Reeves like his grandson his father,’s name is Obie Maybe be his middle name Bass after his father. This is set in Tulsa in 1921, the day of the infamous firebombing of Black Wall Street, a prosperous black community that was destroyed by a white mob that suspected a black shoe-shiner for a raping a white woman.

This Is True History Folks.

It was the single worst incident of racial violence in American history not enough people know about it and now that people were told about it in their a bush classes in high school. So The silent film that he was watching is called trust in the law in its propaganda supported by the then reality in Tulsa was the city run by black cops, black firefighters, black business owners, but during the massacre residents are being attacked by white Klansmen and white looters and again not revisionist history Black Wall Street was run by black people as were many southern communities in the Reconstruction era until the Union abandoned Southern blacks and dealed to win the white house in 1876, allowing Jim Crow laws to take effect from the Klan to wipe out blacks from any political influence often via murder Will’s parents send him away with friends in a truck, but fire bombs caused it to crash leaving only will in the driver’s orphan baby in this note from Wills father watch over this boy or watch over this boy. It’s on the. back of this colored soldier of the state paperwork with Wills father probably hoping to Oh bear some significance to whomever will ends up with and will After seeing that boy earlier holding the dead baby in the city street.

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He Lifts This Baby And Wraps It

in an American flag blanket Could this be an origin story of some kind probably I’ll explain what my theory is later let’s move on to the modern era of the Year 2019. The fictional universe after the events of Watchmen in 1986 so let’s explain this alternate history so we’re on the same page in the Watchmen graphic novel Richard Nixon stayed president through 1986. There was no Watergate. He had used the early era Watchmen, who were then called the Minutemen to win the Vietnam War and in Ex Vietnam as a 51st state that’s why the flags of this universe. had that new circular design of those Minuteman, the most powerful and only true superhuman of them was Dr.

Manhattan, Who Was A God Like Superman Figure

who became the ultimate nuclear deterrent, but then later on in 1986, a former Minuteman, the comedian got murdered. It was part of a broader conspiracy by Adrian Veit Ozymandias to stage an attack by what people thought was a transdimensional squid monster on New York. It killed a million people really it was a giant artificial thing created by a team controlled by Bates We’re all killed off as part of a conspiracy. It was all about tricking the UK and the Soviet Union to end the Cold War and join forces against an external threat and it worked he won during this plot. The 80s Watchmen were the Gentoo Vigilante team headed up by Niteowl Daniel Dreiberg carrying the mantle from.

The Original Niteowl Hollis Mason Theyre

Nerdy engineers all about tech driver and piloted a batwing style owl ship that we see in this episode. Also part of that team was Silk Spectre Lorry carrying on the mantle from her mother. The original Silk Spectre Sadly Jupiter in this show and older Laurie is played by Jean Smart. She changed her last name to Blake after her father Edward Blake, the comedian, who actually tried to rape her mother sadly so obviously there’s some weird dark story going on here stop being that attack of the time was another Minuteman Hooded Justice, who is now the subject of a Ryan Murphy Cirie’s American hero story so Ozymandias squid false flag attack was kept a secret for the greater good, but the vigilante. Rorschach uncovered the conspiracy and before his death mailed his journals to a newspaper, which is how the Watchmen graphic novel ends so now in the show.

33 Years Later.

Rorschach’s anarchist legacy has inspired a white supremacist cult called the set of cavalry spelled with a K the racist letter. The 7th Cavalry with a c’ from our history dates back to the army unit of General Custer in a Battle of Little Bighorn, which is now a codeword perhaps to some of cavalry sees Rorschach as their Custer esque martyred hero. This terrorist group hates President Robert Redford H actually in the final page of The Watchmen Comic hinted that he would be running in 88 to replace Nixon. Now Robert Redford has issued reparations to revitalize black communities like Tulsa and these reparations are nicknamed by racist as Redford Asians.

The Goal Of These Reparations Is

to restore Black Wall Street to what it was and it appears like they’re doing that years earlier. The 7th Cavalry staged an attack called the White Knight targeted a bunch of known police officers in their home so now cops conceal their identity under masks so everyone cops terrorists superheroes everyone. is now anonymous I’ll explain later how those blurring of lines may have led to something very dark to happen so there’s this police officer Sutton pulls over someone who he suspects Is part of the seventh Cavalry. He has to get approval for remote release of his firearm by Panda that Tulsa UK Rulemeister. It looks like, but it’s too late notice that right after he gets shot the lights flash to create this rhythmic shaking just like in the graphic novel.

The Motif Of Ticking Clocks Is All Over

this series. It sounds like that ticking sound effect. It’s meant to signal a character in mortal danger just as it does for Judd later moving on to the all-black production of Oklahoma. How Charming so just like Tulsa is now back to its black Wall Street days notice how the Church in the Oklahoma production set matches the one in the silent film Also later We’ll see on the marquee that this is directed by Tessa Hurston, perhaps a descendant of known black authors or Neale Hurston. So the title of this episode is it’s summer and we’re running out of ice.

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Its A Lyric From This Musical The Song

Oh Jodi’s dead Judd was the villain of Oklahoma. He dies. He gets a ballad earlier than play where he moans how everyone hates them so much that if he Cove himself, they wouldn’t bother keeping his body on ice for a funeral, they would bury him immediately to keep him from rotting in the summer heat. This Jud later explains how he once played the hero curly in Oklahoma fact that his. name is Jud plus the title.

The Episode Should Signal To All The

musical theater Geeks watching this that his death is imminent and that he might not be the good guy of this story. So judge checks on Sutton and he meets with the detective Wade aka Looking Glass. He explains that the shooting was over lettuce judge jokes were any croutons and then he says star war Oh God Damn laughs Wade This attitude plus the fact that Judd refused to call in Angela or red are definitely clues pointing to Judd not taking this that seriously or at least wanting this investigation to be a bit off the books, so as Dredd meets with Sutton‘s wife the UK shows Dr. Manhattan on Mars. He’s demolishing the structure now in the graphic novel in Manhattan left for Mars after the events sequestering himself from the complex of man.

Since His Godlike Powers Have Kind Of

left him a pathetic, so then Angela aka Sister Knight teaches her recipes to her son’s school class. The Egg Yolks form a smiley face reflecting the smiley face imagery of Watchmen, but also the overhead shot of the red placemats kind of reflects the face in a cowl of night Owl. There is some speculation that either Angela or Judd could be kind of carrying on the legacy of night owl based on the Owl imagery that surrounds them both glue Dean Hollis Mason’s biography under the hood on Judge desk and an owl mug and how that hoots in the final shot. Angela tells the kids about separating the yolks from the whites. Perhaps reflect in her jaded perspective that the white Supremacist will never get along with people of color, and she explains to the kids how she’s to be.

A Cop She Got Shot On

White Night, but notice how her kids don’t look at all like her or her husband Cow. Maybe it’s colorblind casting or maybe their kids were adopted from other dead detective friends of theirs who died during the White night. I’m Topher gives her an no mean look when she discusses why she retired notice in the background of the classroom. There’s a poster showing President Nixon and President Redford. There’s also this world map.

It Looks Different Than A Normal World Map

that’s because this map is called the Peters projection map, and more accurately reflects the proportions of the continents to correct the UK and European biased maps of history. Another example of the social progressivism of the Redford administration. There’s also a poster showing the anatomy of a squid now why is this there well Apparently as we see in the next scene. It means tiny squids from time to time they are preceded by an UK horn. The same sound effect used for the Tulsa bombings.

In The Opening Scene.

Now these squids must be connected to Ozymandias squid monster attack from 86 remember that was a hoax. Of course, so someone must be continuing to make it raining squids in order to maintain that conspiracy so that it wouldn’t have been an isolated event. This could be Ozymandias it could be dr. Manhattan could be the government notice that these squids dissolve almost immediately a sign that they are probably made out of some artificial substance.

Angela Gets A Message On Her

beeper. Everyone here uses old-school technology because they associate digital communications with the squid attack. New York as Angela heads to her bakery to gear up there’s a protester holding a sign with a phrase the future is bright. It’s an upside-down Statue of Liberty. It’s a call back to the workshop sign in the comics that said the end is Nigh.

Also The Tulsa Sun Newspaper Headline Says Uk

Vandalism forces the Statue of Liberty closure and that’s next to the top headline Bait officially declared dead, suggesting that the bait we see in the episode is living in secret. Why is he claiming that’s the blumin him in a second, but also there’s a headline. Boise Squid shower destroys homeless camp kills too so either these rainy and squid are deadly or those homeless people saw something they shouldn’t. Angela also passes a mural for the restored Williams Dream Land, which we saw bombed in the opening sequence. Another Another effect of Redford’s reparations now reading a newspaper is an adult’s Will Reeves, who asks 200 he’s foreshadowing his Haines of Judd.

At The End Of This Episode

I kind of clocked you at 200 bucks. So Angela’s alter ego is sister Knight, which is inspired by Catholic nun iconography she its crucifix Dagger. She also carries this beaded weapon. Now this is a Vietnamese weapon called a mala combined with everything else she’s got going on it resembles a rosary bead. Her hood reflects a nun’s habit white Supremacist live in a trailer park called Nixon.


Angela drags that culprit from there for interrogation without Judd knowing the fact that she did that kind of pisses Judd off as if he didn’t want her to take initiative Judd. It shows the other police an anonymous style video by the seventh Cavalry and approves the use of firearms. And he says foreshadowing Lee it’s my funeral Cui’s Custodiet Ipsos Custodes that is a Latin phrase from the original Watchman translate into who watches the Watchmen. Their response translates to we watch lookingglass interrogate see some cavalry member that sister night brought in now inside the pod imagery flashes on the surfaces.

During This Lie Detector Test Milk The

perfect family beverage is a nod to milk kind of becoming the white nationalist dog Whistle is also an image of Mount Rushmore with Nixon on it. There’s images of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of theNK] Harriet Tubman and various Rorschach inkblots. Notice that looking-glass begins by wiping his Mirrormask. He wants a suspect to be able to see the reflections of these images behind him as well and noticed that when they released the suspect from the pod Judd lowers his hat over face, even though he’s. The only cop not to wear a mask he covers his face here so if he doesn’t want to any look at familiarity between him and the seventh Cavalry member maybe now the info that Angela Pete’s out of him leads to this cattle farm where the 7th Cavalry members are popping lithium batteries out of watches.

They Also Distribute Cyanide Pills Similar

to the pills that were swallowed by the assassins of Adrian Bait, though he was actually behind those assassins, suggesting that someone might actually behind these assassins as well. Through the firefight. They tried to escape in a plane, but Judd intentionally takes the owl ship too far to burn up the getaway plane before they can escape. This is if he’s trying to cover up something now his pilot is Pirate Jenny inspired by the in universe Black Freighter comics Inside their trailer is an old. Bank poster featuring dollar Bill one of the original Minutemen and a racist depiction throwing a black man out of a bank moving on to the estate of Adrian Bates.

Not Dead As A Newspaper Reported So Why

is he living in secret well clearly bait is up to something his servants seemed bit off. They make a clearly inedible cake, and they think that a horseshoe is a knife like Janet with her cacti. Perhaps they’re androids that he built with anti weapon protocols. They can’t carry knives. They gift him with this pocket watch invade to tell them that he has written a play watchmakers so h well in The Watchmen comics Dr.

Manhattan John Ostrom Annes Father Was A Watchmaker.

He is literally the watchmakers son so my theory is that Veit could be in a similar role as Ford from Westworld, an eccentric genius tinkering with. ##NK] to play God with a new narrative in Mass Clock maker and this watchmakers son could be a new road Oh Dr. Manhattan that he wants to generate as kind of a bizarro deterrent to Manhattan Superman, whom he wants to kill at the end of this five act Tragedy leads mansion also looks pretty similar to the architecture of Manhattan’s March structure that he demolished so there may be a connection between these two at dinner. Judd things that’s curly from Oklahoma, but as he does the sound of a ticking clock comes in it, persists over an overhead shot of the table that looks like a clock and through Judd saying goodbye with the words and then the opening credits of the American Hero story program shows each of the Minutemen and the judge dresses up as if for his own funeral with a framed picture of.

Him With Presumably His Father Maybe A

former sheriff and they look kind of mean I’m sure that will become significant and on the ride to the hospital. The radio host talks about Senator Kean, the son of the original Senator Kean, the Watchman comics, who sponsor the Keene act in made masked superheroes illegal and now Keene seems to be running for president to replace Robert Redford, but Judd hits a spike strip. He gets hit by the splashing light and then later Anjali gets a call to come find him strung up by a noose, but the elderly Will Reid’s nearby a drop of Judds blood. It’s the badge just like the drop of the comedian’s Blood on his smiley face pin in the opening of The Watchmen and from the musical Oklahoma. All Judd is dead plays also if you listen closely you can hear the hooting.

Of An Owl So What Happened Here

well? Obviously, Judd is not the white hat good guy. He seems to be he appears to obstruct justice He’s got secrets will stringing him up mirrors. The opening silent film of his maybe grandfather tying up a crooked sheriff also involved in cattle conspiracies. I believe Judd could be connected to the Seventh Cavalry. In fact he might even be the masked leader in that video notice there I color is similar and they both chant Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Since Both Cops And Terrorists Are All Masks

no one other than Judd wouldn’t know anyone spaces maybe there’s even more overlap among cops and members of the Seventh Cavalry. Just death being so similar. The comedians might suggest as death was part of a similar cover-up Maybe connected to whatever faked is planning or the ongoing of squid rain. Some of you even suggested will could be the original Hooded Justice, which would explain his superhero extreme and his experience with rope look folks. This is only the pilot.

Many Of These Theories Could Just Be

blumin we’ll see I can’t guarantee. We will break down every watchman episode of the season, but one way that you can help us afford to spend more time on finish content like this is by becoming a patron of UK just check the link in the description for details follow me on Twitter and Instagram add a vas thank you for joining me and who watches the Watchmen seriously will someone watch it with me. I’m real only.


The pilot opens on a silent film featuring bass Reeves the Black Marshall of Oklahoma Bass Reeves . Reeves was a real guy first black deputyNK] Marshal west of the Mississippi . The imagery here is a reversal of the black hat white hat trope in Westerns. The good guy here is in black sheriff wears the white hat, but he’s a corrupt lawman who steals cattle . This is set in Tulsa in 1921, the day of the infamous firebombing of Black Wall Street, a prosperous black community that was destroyed by a ¬†firebombing . The pilot is a continuation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons groundbreaking 1986 graphic novel not a sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaptation. The Watchmen is the new series onNK]. The pilot ends on October 31 . The series is set on October 28. The pilot airs at 8.30pm ET on Blu- Blu-Ray and 9.30am ET on Monday, October 31, October 28, October 29, October 30, October 1,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video