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Good Old Nato, We Need Nato To Protect Us

from the Soviet Union, The Soviet Union’s collapsed Oh so what are Nato doing now? Surely they’re not just brokering arms deals. They must be protecting us from something mustn’t they hello there you 5. 7 million awakening wonders thank you for joining me on this great march towards the truth together unified in spite of differences is the only way we can proceed with tolerance with the willingness to listen to the opposing views of people that we disagree with we can combine and confront the only power that matters centralized economic and financial power using the state as its machine in order to control ordinary people. No matter how they look no matter how they worship no matter how they feel we are those people we are the people, and this is the time for us to combine. I chatted.

To Aaron Mate, The Journalist, He Explained To

me how Nato the North Atlantic trade organization or whatever it is they’re called actually since the collapse of the Soviet Union have had to find new ways to pass their time now that there’s not the old cold war to contend with and guess what they’ve been doing surely. It’s not something as cynical as brokering arms deals for various European or former Eastern Bloc nations. It couldn’t be that could it could it well have a look and stay to the end of the video. This is one of them videos that you’re going to be more intelligent at the end of than you are now. Even though I know you’re clever already I’m not putting it down.

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the notification bell right now so that you know every day when we release these. videos just in case the algorithm turns against us stay to the end of this chat you’re going to love it. Of course, you don’t like to generalize because you are a diligent and insidious journalist, and it’s clear that you have a pretty meticulous work ethic, but when I listen to people that have done the graft that you have done. I do find myself sort of pursuing an internal circuit that leads back to my the position that I’ve held it at about 16 that the function of the Us government, the Uk globalist um and he’s like the waf who imf etc. While it might explicitly be about representing people or regulatory bodies that create opportunity for safety or create opportunity for trade.

It Always Seems Like This Is

at the service of global corporations and big business, and they’ll essentially do whatever is necessary including war. creating humanitarian crises, ignoring obvious solutions denigrating the interests of their domestic population like it don’t matter it’s essentially just true you could start with something that would be commonly regarded as a sort of inverted commas a conspiracy theory and then you know if you’re willing to do the work, such as you have done. You can just you can show the sources at the strategy and the historic and current reality of those beliefs listen. I totally agree and you can take any issue and see plenty of evidence for what you’re talking about i mean take Nato expansion Nato was created to counter the Soviet Union Soviet Union ceased to exist at the start of the 1990s. Why does Nato still exist? And why is Nato still expanding well a good hint for why is if you look at when Nato was heavily expanded at the end of the 1990s, when the U.

S Senate Was To Vote On The

ratification of expanding Nato, The U.s weapons industry poured in tens of millions of dollars in lobbying money. It was on the most expensive if not the most expensive lobbying frenzies ever why does the arms industry care so much about expanding Nato it’s not about they don’t you know Russia. The Soviet Union no longer exists so what is this about it’s a market for them having all these new states. In Nato means that all these states are obligated to be up to Nato standards which means buying the weapons of Nato manufacturers predominantly the U.

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S And Those Are The Interests Behind

all this even if. It accelerates our race to destruction, even if it heightens the risk of nuclear war between the world’s top nuclear powers. These are all subordinate to the higher goals of profit and hegemony. If you look at what the Us has been doing under Trump things got so crazy that while Democrats were constantly hyperventilating that he was controlled by Vladimir Putin and being blackmailed with p-tapes Trump’s. Actual policies because Trump appointed a bunch of Neocons including Mike Pompeo and John Bolton was to ratchet up tensions with Russia and he did that by killing really vital nuclear arms control treaties that were reached during the Cold war that limited the nuclear weapons stockpiles of both countries, predominantly the InF or especially the the Inf Treaty, which is reached in the 1980s between Reagan and Gorbachev.

It Eliminated An Entire Category Of Nuclear

weapons Trump killed that treaty if. Look at the U. s media it was barely reported because the media was more interested in encouraging trump to be more confrontational with Russia because that could then dispute claims that he was Vladimir Putin’s puppet so we live in a sociopathic society and unfortunately that those sociopaths are running our world. The idea that Nato could be perceived not as a body to create peace and to organize treaties between potentially competing nations and to stabilize a previously unstable region, but essentially a brokerage for arms sales sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it also sounds like it’s true. It sounds like that’s what you’ve just described is closer to the ideology that dominates global politics and global finance systems, and they’re there to help everyone which I don’t sort of see like you know too much too much evidence of you talked about like I know you got.

Yourself Into A Bit Of A Jam

around Russia Gate I suppose by honestly reporting and dissenting against the dominant view, but like what do you? What do you feel about that now? The the way that the the way that trump’s allegiance with Putin was presumed to be true the way that if you you know the way they were supported by social media and mainstream media. What does that tell us about the relationship between corporate media, blue chip media legacy media whether you want to blue church media call it we will and our current um power structures, What does it tell us Aaron well to me. Russiagate was a scam and it was a scam that worked beautifully for pretty much everybody in power politics, media and the national security state, and it hurt everybody else, including I think helping to fuel the current crisis. that we’re in with Ukraine. It started with the Clinton campaign, who generated these fake allegations of a sprawling trump-russia conspiracy p tapes using being used to blackmail Trump by Putin secret meetings with Russian hackers and prague between Trump associates.

All That Was Complete Fiction Concocted By A

British former intelligence officer named Christopher Steele and when they lost the election and this is documented. They immediately met in their Brooklyn headquarters and decided that instead of just you know acknowledging that Hillary Clinton was a unlikable candidate for many people had a terrible record that they were going to blame Russia and they were going to center. This conspiracy theory that there was something going on between Vladimir Putin and Trump. So they had a motive there that instead of doing honest reflection about the terrible Neoliberal legacy not just of the Clintons, but Barack Obama as well. Why so many people in the swing states decided to vote for this clown Donald Trump, who was pretending to be a working-class champion.

Instead Of Doing Some On A Self–Reflection.

They decided to blame Russia and blame a fantasy. They had about a trump-russia conspiracy that converged with elements of the National security state, who also didn’t like Trump not because they cared that Trump is a racist or a sexist, but because he’s a he’s an embarrassment. He was a not a suitable steward of the U. s Empire.

He Said The Wrong Things He Blurted Out

the truth. Sometimes he talked about the us being killers when he ordered Us troops to stay in Syria. After he initially tried to pull them out he said we’re there to take the oil. You’re not supposed to say that when you’re the U. s president you’re supposed to say we’re there.

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Democracy Youre Supposed To Say Stuff Like That

you’re supposed to be like Barack Obama come up with fancy words and make people feel as if they’re all progressive and liberal and enlightened while still keeping U.s hegemony running smoothly. They also didn’t like that he was talking on the campaign trail about getting along with Russia and he also was even critical of U. s interventions abroad like in Syria and Libya.

He Was Talking About Instead Of Ruining

other countries. We’re going to take care of our own now. I don’t think trump any actual sincere intent to do that but what scared people inside the FBi and the CiA was that his message had an appeal and so the way to undermine his message is to stigmatize it by basically painting him to be a dupe of Russia and everything he says being the product of Russian disinformation. and Russian influence so that was the interest of the national security state and that converged with the corporate U.

S Media Which Helped Get Trump Elected By

giving him billions of dollars worth of free air time, and they’re owned by the same people who run the country who also saw trump as an embarrassment and wanted someone more efficient like Barack Obama and they stood to gain by blaming Russia for Trump’s victory because to look honestly at why Trump won would mean looking at what a dysfunctional country of the us is and who has a more defunct who has a bigger role in U.s dysfunction. The people who control the country so for them to look honestly at the reasons for Trump’s victory. We would have meant to look at their own economic policies and foreign policies.

They Dont Want To Do That

so everybody had a convergence of interest in blaming Russia and centering on this trump-russia conspiracy theory which by the way completely displaces the population from doing anything about trump’s actual policies because if the answer to trump is simply that Robert Mueller is going to come and save the day, then no one needs to be involved at all in trying to change the country and fighting back against Trump being a real resistance and that’s why I like to point out that during the trump era there were bigger liberal protests to save the job of Jeff Borgard Sessions, who is a racist Republican who was Trump’s attorney general when he was fired by Trump than there were to save Obamacare or to protest Trump’s tax cuts and that’s because when sessions was fired. MsNBc and CnN started freaking out that this. That maybe Robert Mueller would be shut down so the whole thing about standing up to Trump and protecting Democracy was actually completely anti–democratic and really aimed at protecting privilege and that’s why I call Russia Gate essentially a privileged protection record well do you understand the Nato situation a little bit better things that I say that sometimes sound like mad conspiracy theories. I can’t


5.7 million awakening wonders is the only way we can proceed with tolerance with the willingness to listen to the opposing views of people that we disagree with . We can combine and confront the only power that matters centralized economic and financial power using the state as its machine in order to control ordinary people . We need Nato to protect us from the Soviet Union, The Soviet Union‘s collapsed Oh so what are Nato doing now? Surely they’re not just brokering arms deals.& They must be protecting us from something mustn’t they must be . They’ve been doing surely. good old Nato, we need Nato . good old NATO, we needed Nato to . protect ourselves from something . well have a look and stay to the end of the video. You’re going to be more intelligent at the . end of this video. I’m not putting it down. I believe in you hey turn on the notification bell right now so that you know every day when we release these days when we released these…. Click here to read more and watch the full video