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Hey There Uk All Right Well.

We got 1,000 subscribers just this past week, and I told my teenage daughter that I had hit a thousand subscribers and she responded by saying that her favorite UK personality has over a million now. I know why we have the saying as parents that children are gods sandpaper now while it’s not a million a thousand subscribers is a milestone for youtubers and so what I wanted to do here is make a video commemorating this milestone first by thanking some people involved with the UK channel and secondly by taking the opportunity to reflect on what makes this channel unique and why we’ve been able to attract a thousand subscribers first in terms of thanks I have to give a shout out to my student Ben Schneider. There’s a senior at Oleg’s Classical School will be attending Gordon College in the fall. Then is particularly important because well frankly he inspired me to keep going when it appeared that nobody was watching the channel.

It Really Was Just A Few Months Back

that the channel was under a hundred subscribers and whenever I would start to get frustrated that nobody was watching Ben would come into the classroom. He’d start talking about the latest video that I uploaded and we get into a conversation around it and he would just encourage me to keep going with it. Even though he had been acknowledged that the videos were not attracting the largest viewership and just to give you an idea of the level of encouragement that he brought to the channel. In its early days when he saw that my channel had hit 999 subscribers. He ran to.

His Younger Sister Maggie And After She Had

a gmail account which she did and so through Ben’s influence Dear Maggie became my 1000 subscribers So thank you Maggie I also want to thank some of my most consistent Watchers over the last few months, particularly Timothy, who’s been watching these videos pretty consistently. Over the last several months, he’s always ready to give encouraging comments I’m thinking as well of George and Tom and Shashikala and Rusty Bucket. Many others there’s so many more of you out there. I I know I haven’t thanked everyone by name but suffice it to say that I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you who’ve been tuning in regularly making comments being an integral part of the channel. I assure you as someone who was making videos basically for an audience of 70 just a few months back I.

Thoroughly Recognized The Indispensable Role Of

the viewer and the commenter and the successful UK channel So again I just want take this opportunity a huge thanks to all of you been such a blessing to me in supporting this channel now why this channel hitting this milestone. I think it’s appropriate to ask what we’re doing here that’s garnering the attention of Youtubers and I think the answer to this is pretty straightforward what we’re doing here is very different from what you get on a host of other UK channels, particularly those that focus on world events from a Christian perspective. Those channels tend to see the world from what’s frankly a rather outdated view, but that I by that I mean what was popular in the 70s 80s and 90s was to analyse world events from what’s called a Christian worldview so in this sense Christianity is. basically seen as a set of ideas and beliefs and doctrines that can then in turn analyze various world events. We might encounter report to say increasing divorce rates and then seek to correct such notions with the biblical conception of marriage now.

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This Approach Was Pioneered By The Likes Of

Francis Schaeffer, who drew inspiration from the Westminster Apologist Cornelius van til. It was practice as well by the likes of RJ Rush to need a venerable summit ministries and a host of others, particularly Chuck Colson and this breakpoint radio broadcast. Now This is all fine and dandy, but this worldview approach basically reduces Christiana to a set of ideas an intellectual prism a lens by which to view life and world events and when it appears that the world is basically being swallowed up by secularism. It certainly makes sense to counter the seduction of that secularism. with a different way of thinking, but today we’re living in a world very different from that of the 70s and 80s and 90s.

Our World Is One In Which Historic

Christian civilizations, particularly those of Central and Eastern Europe are actually really we are in fact seeing a resurgence of Christian culture and society throughout the world. Now this was not the case a few decades back say. For example, in the 1980s, then the church was more or less buried by atheistic communism under the Soviet rule through Central and Eastern Europe. The church in Western Europe was basically collapsing under the weight of global Istic secularism and you had Latin and South America toying with Marxism really it was only Reagan led United States and the Vatican and to a certain extent. Saturate Great Britain that represented a vibrant commitment to historic Christian ideals in the global.

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Stage Now Thats All Changed Largely

through globalization globalization destroyed the Soviet Union with its dynamics that disome bad economies away from localized or national control and so globalization has this amazing capacity to thwart to tow latarian projects and regimes and so the Reagan and Bush administration.’s were all for globalization and that they saw the mass transnational economy that it created is the primary way of bringing down worldwide communism, but there was also a price to pay on our end in that globalization also involves D traditional izing processes. Once social life is caught up in a global industrialized economic system. It’s propelled away from traditional national and local practices and beliefs and the shadow of globalized transnational policies. Traditional moral codes and constants just become increasingly implausible to objectively sustain and so what we have seen in all of the world is a response to these.

Deep Traditional Izing Dynamics And Its

this reassertion and reawakening of ancient civilizations and the religious foundations and one of those civilizations that’s real wake Ihnen is Christian civilization, particularly Western and Eastern Europe and so what does this mean well at the very least what this means is that worldview analysis that was so prevalent in the 80s and the 90s. It really no longer cuts it in light of the reawakening of Christian culture. Our task is no longer so much to defend Christian ideals or doctrines or worldviews and lyta their abuse and this mass deluge of secularism. Rather we’re now in a position to defend not Christian ideas, but actually to defend a full-blown global Christian civilization and what this means is that we’re uniquely positioned now to no longer reach out to secularism and provide an alternative worldview with some intellectualist apologetic. Now we’re now.

A Position To Bury Secularism With A

thoroughly Christian cultural artifact and dynamic and this is what we’re seeing all throughout the world, but particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, but also throughout Western, Europe and Sub-sahara African. In many parts of the United States, and so. This is what our channel here is dedicated to to analyzing the dynamics of an emerging Christian civilization throughout the world. So we’re different from a run-of-the-mill worldview analysis and that we’re in fact analyzing the resurgence of Christian culture and society in this body is also what makes this channel so different from the Bennett, which is pretty hot right now in Christian circles, but it commits very much the same mistake as worldview analysis only from the advantage point of distinctively Christian practices. So Rod Dreher in Effect argues that the world is being drowned by delusion.

Secularism And Christians Are Getting Caught Up

in that flood and losing the practices that make us distinctively Christians so what we have to do is to live intentionally communal lives so as to preserve a uniquely Christian vision of the world, but what drer does however, inadvertently is he in this process. He legitimizes a social theory that no sociologist takes seriously anymore, namely the secularization thesis the secularization thesis. It was coined by the likes of Max Weber and Emile Durkheim. They basically argue that as society has become more educationally and technologically advanced, they would become less and less religious and so secularization is the inevitable norm, and there’s really no way around at least at a mass social and cultural level. But the the problem here is is that sociologists and cultural anthropologists recognize frankly the.

Exact Opposite Today The World Is Becoming More

religious not less so much so that scholars are now talking about the less entering into what they call post-secular period one in which the dichotomies of secularism, such as the fact versus faith dichotomy or science versus religion they’re all breaking down everywhere we look secularism is more and more receding from the global stage not growing now Georgia simply overlooks this the way of looking at the world is not through a prism of the mass flood of secularism upon which we need to build arcs, but rather the world needs to be seen more as a great dialectic between secularism on the one hand, and re-traditionalism on the other. More broadly speaking, glow little ization versus nationalism. To the extent that transcultural transnational processes inherent and globalization begin eroding a nation’s cultural distinctives populations tend to resist. those anti-cultural trends by clinging bitterly as Obama would say to their religion, their customs and their traditions so all over the world.

Were Seeing Seeing This Mass Resurgence Of

classical religions and traditions as mechanisms of resistance against the anti-cultural processes of globalization and its secular elitist aristocracy and that’s what we’re analyzing here at early talks we’re analyzing this Masri traditional ization of which I would argue the benedict option is simply apart. We’re in fact seeing a mass revitalization of Christian culture and it really is just the beginning. We We ain’t seen nothing yet so it’s going to be really exciting to continue to analyze and track these developments all over the world as we by the grace of God get to see firsthand a renewed Christian civilization all over the world and so please tune in every week as we examine these worldwide trends as we discover answers to today’s toughest challenges and learn to live in the present and light of even better things to come God bless and thank you so very very much.


A thousand subscribers is a milestone for youtubers and so what I wanted to do here is make a video commemorating this milestone . I have to give a shout out to my student Ben Schneider. He inspired me to keep going when it appeared that nobody was watching the channel. I also want to thank some of my most consistent Watchers over the last few months, particularly Timothy. Timothy, who’s been watching these videos pretty consistently. He’s always ready to give encouraging comments I’m thi. I’m glad to thank Timothy for his consistent support. Timothy is a good example of a good YouTube personality. He is a great YouTube personality and I’m proud to be able to make this channel proud of his channel’s success. I’m proud to have this channel. We’re excited to see how the world is changing. We’re looking forward to the future of the future. We hope to see the world’ve got a lot more people’…. Click here to read more and watch the full video