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to the end of dating and perhaps society My name is joker and today we’re going to talk about all the crazy things that can happen on a date because I think they all happened to this one guy now it didn’t involve jail time for him luckily, but he had an absolute nightmare of a date and it can show you a lot of you. Guys say hey you know what I’m I don’t take him to my place and they don’t know my real name and it doesn’t matter. You can you can get in some hot water apparently but let me get recording on this and what I’m going to talk about is This guy got caught up in probably what I consider one of the world’s worst dates but the funny thing. It involves a little bit. of paternity fraud kind of thing? It’s really a weird story.

I Think Youll Like It Very Much Before

we get there first um those of you that are tired of of Youtube censorship those of you that would like my video, but in podcast form that means just the audio and to compressed to a very I actually save it as an Mp3 so a normally a one gigabyte video is actually like 35 megabytes very easy on your data plan. I’m going to be copying all my videos and making podcasts out of my videos and putting it over on betterbachelor. locals. com I’ve got the forums over there there’s 12 000 people that are members you can become a member. You can become a supporter to get access to privately messaging me and getting the podcast.

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subscribers to thank you um. for supporting me and then I’m gonna be doing a couple. I’ve said this many times now I really am going to do a couple of like extra special videos for members over there. I don’t know when guys I’ll be honest with you um. I’m just trying to get stuff done for the family and I’ve got more stuff to do on the bus and blah blah blah okay before we get to the main story quickly um one somebody a gal messaged me on instagram.

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to you someday, but I do reply to anybody that messages me on my my locals account um like within a day usually she said hey patriarchy men bad you know you you seem to hate women. I said I don’t hate women. I just think that nobody gives men a fair shake and and. That it’s yay women and boo men and then she brought up you know a little bit about the the men running the world as far as when it comes to all the jobs and all the positions and I was gonna do a whole video on that but I’m I I didn’t. I looked up a bunch of stats and I said you know something I can look up stats that support my cause and our cause as men where we talk about the wage gap and we and that it’s not real and we talk about how men apply to 20 more jobs and get 20 more interviews.

But Women Get Hired At A 20 Higher

rate. I could go through all that stuff and then someone can make a video that says well here’s my thoughts and they would both be true. It depends on what articles. You pull up and what studies you pull up and so I’m not going to bother with that. I do have this little infographic that I wanted to share from the economist.

Com And This Is Part Of The

pay gap between men and women. I’m going to just go over this a couple seconds, but it’s a really great graphic that I think makes a lot of sense if you take a pay gap for all jobs. The percentage in Britain is 28. France is 17 Germany 15. Those are the stats that they like to say Oh Women only make 78 cents for every dollar that men make they just take and this is they’ve actually said this in the pay gap study that is that is quoted all the time in the pay gap study that’s quoted all the time that’s the number that they say they just.

Took All Men And All Women All

working men all working women and averaged out the incomes. However, if you take the jobs at the same level, it’s down to nine percent, four percent, three percent jobs at the same level and the same company it’s two point six percent versus three point one versus three point one and jobs at the same level and the same company with the same function point eight eight percent In Britain two point seven percent, France and Germany’s three percent and those percentages. They have said men usually make three to five percent more than women given everything equal because they’re more aggressive and asking for more money wage gap blown out at least. According to the study at the economist. com people are now spelling obesity as ob asterisk s-i-t-y so as to not be triggering and i’m about to give up on.

Article Writer Here At Not The

be yes on on on Twitter, which is the Twitter is really the best place to go to see some of the most angriest weirdest people in the universe. I go there to try to find news stories and I find new stories like this and they say here it’s um hi there talk space can you please explain why when signing up you list eating disorders and obesity is an issue one might get help with and you notice they use an asterisk and then going down through the left culture is now saying hey let’s not use the full word because it’s shaming and here’s the last one This a thousand times says mask wearing fascist blocker. Almost every slur in history was popularized by people in positions of authority. Obesity is no exception if you’re using it judgmentally or conversationally. Then.

There Are Very Few Reasons.

I can think of that would stave off my block button and this. I think has been liked many times so if you’re using it judgmentally or conversationally, which is pretty much any time. You’d be talking and using that word and then below that I guess This is what they said if you are a non-fat person who use the o word obesity. I will mute or block you.

A Lot Of People Claim To Care So

much about weight. Stigma are obs obstinately, obstinately clinging to that word please listen to the fat community whose stigmatization you claim to be fighting against okay. So now we society was given the word obese because it sounded better than fat. They didn’t like the word fat, so we said okay if we’re going to talk about overweight people will talk about people that are obese. Now they don’t want us to use that word because it’s a bad word So please listen to the fat community.

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You Can Call It Overweight.

You can call it obese. You can call it fat. You can call it chubbly. You can call it portly.

You Can Call It Baby W Big Beautiful

woman. You can call it curvy. All you want ladies if you’re overweight you’re overweight and the same thing goes for guys if we’re overweight you know you might say he’s a portly gentleman. He’s a teddy bear. He’s a big guy okay same thing though if you’re talking about somebody that’s overweight they’re overweight and that’s not a bad thing listen if you’re overweight I’m not i’m not shaming on you I’m not harshing on you i’m not saying you do you and if you’re okay with it and you’re not too worried about any.

Of The Health Implications That Are Out There

I don’t care but the point is you can’t force people You can’t keep doing magic words and saying this is what we’d like you to use never mind please use this one never mind please. You will play that game as long as you want but you’re still going to be overweight that’s all there is to it um so again. I guess we’re calling them the fat community now again. I don’t know by 2030. This is from CnN business by 2030 45 of working women aged 25 to 44 in the United States will be single the largest share in history.

What I Find Interesting About This Is

why on now if you were to take men and use polled men 25 to 65-year-old men will be working why because men don’t get to retire until they’re. 65 or unless they’re injured and maybe get a disability or something like that? Why would only the ages of 25 to 44 in the 45 percent of working women age 25 to 44? Why would they all be single in the largest share in history? What happens around 44 43 42 41 well. They say I’ve had my fun it is time to settle down no more casual fun. No more bedroom fun time to be serious. You need to be serious man and wife me up and why because they don’t want to work those last 20 years, and they realize that it’s getting much tougher to find a guy that’s my guess, but that’s usually right around the time that women say hey it’s almost too late for kids.

Even Though Its Like Really Late For

kids and I need a husband up, so i guess that’s. why but they’re talking half of people half of women 25 to 44 will be single. That also means that there’s a lot of women that are also depressed and sad and not really happy working a lot more women. I think if they just let go and said you know something I’d like to go back to the old-fashioned way of dating and I got a dating profile that talks about that a little bit man the last story before I get to the main. The main article this is what I talk about when I talk about it’s crazy and dating out there.

This Is An Anonymous Poster Asked To The

the group politics and government under law and ethics in Yahoo! Answers and this was a decade ago but somebody did recently dig this up and I wanted to share it it’s a decade ago, but it’s. Like things have gotten less crazy since then She This poster says Can you make and this is a question for the yahoo community. Can you make a male babysitter play pay child support. I’m a single mom going to college with my sister. We currently rent an apartment together a couple weeks ago.

I Asked A Neighbor.

A trustworthy guy if he could watch the kids for two hours. While I went to class with my and my sister wasn’t home and he agreed if he babysits and doesn’t accept pay. Can I sue him for child support because he took on a fatherly role.

Im Sure I Can Convince A Court That

he accepted a fatherly role. The guy was nice enough to babysit. For this gal. He didn’t need any money and didn’t accept any money and didn’t ask for any money and now she wants him.

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To Pay Child Support To Thank

him for babysitting her and not taking any pay ladies. You keep this up. You keep this up and this is the Cray-cray This.


This guy got caught up in probably what I consider one of the world’s worst dates but the funny thing.& It involves a little bit of paternity fraud kind of thing? It’s really a weird story. I think you’ll like it very much before we get there first . I’m going to make the podcast available for subscribers to thank you um.& for supporting me and then I’m gonna be doing a couple of extra special videos for members of betterbachelor.&locals.com I’ve got the forums over there there’s 12,000 people that are members you can become a member of the forums. You can message me there and I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know when guys I’m just trying to get stuff done for the family and I’ve had more stuff to do on the bus and blah blah blah. I’m not going to get the podcast. It’s gonna make it available to subscribers to the podcast for subscribers. I’ve said this many…. Click here to read more and watch the full video