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That Unprecedented Fbi Search At The Home

of former President Trump at Mar-a-lago in Florida investigation into former President Trump’s handling of classified documents comes the first ex-president to have the FBi execute a search warrant on his home. You may love Donald Trump. You may hate Donald Trump, but in reality this FBi raid has nothing to do with Donald Trump no the raid on his Mar-a-lago home is simply about one thing power see the far left did everything they could to obtain their massive control President United States has claimed the Russia story is a hoax now a stunning indictment says it is not we all know the president’s no collusion no obstruction mantra we know it’s false investigation into hunter biden more investigations on 100. This is a real winner for the Republican Party isn’t it all need to do our part. This is a president.

Is A Danger To The Republic And

they won but now they’re doing everything legal, constitutional or not to keep that power so you may love or hate Donald Trump, but in reality, the Far left is terrified of him and how he could end their reign and you know who else they’re even more afraid of you Tonight. I’ll show you how the far left’s age-old tactics to destroy our former president could next be used against you Tonight a weaponized government. How the Mar-a-lago Raid is an attack on all of us and Hello America and welcome to the program I was talking to a friend right before. I walked into the studio tonight and he said my gosh Glenn all the stuff that you’ve been talking about and been called a freak for you know over the last 20 years it’s all happening right now and. This montage of all these people, saying you know this he’s in bed with Russia and we know it to be true.

How Do Those People Have Any

credibility with your friends Tonight We have to figure out a way to get more people to hear the truth because things are coming down quickly and tonight’s show is I mean I think it’s about something you might have been noticing. The United States government is out of control it was never designed to function like this its entire purpose. It was established by men to protect those rights. It was supposed to protect people like you and me from outside threats to make sure that the rule of law was happening. So we didn’t have to stay home and guard our house with a gun but primarily to protect our rights so we could have everything out of our way.

So We Could Do Our Business

but we’re not doing our business. Now we’re doing their business leave us alone federal government. We have followed this progressive dream for almost well over a hundred years now It’s been one power grab right after the next and despite the occasional Coolidge or Reagan, we’ve displayed to Washington DC that we’re willing to give up our freedom hand power to the federal government and just sit back and watch as that government becomes weaponized back at us tonight. I’m going to show you what the alphabet agencies have been up to quietly. While we’ve all been distracted.

All The Signs Are There And I

I fear that the progressives the Marxists really now feel that this is their time to start flexing the power. They’ve accumulated over the past few years and why wouldn’t they look at those supposed red state governors. That fell right in line over Covid lockdowns and mandates where were they when Mom and pop businesses were being forced out of business while home depot and other big corporations stayed open. You couldn’t go to a small local pharmacy, But you could go to your CVs. You couldn’t go to a small gym, the corner restaurant or your church, but you could go buy alcohol and head on down to a walmart where were all of those politicians that were sworn to protect and defend the constitution and our right.

The Federal Government Exerted Its Power

supposed freedom loving states Bent the knee and power obtained is rarely power given back Darth Sidious in this new documentary called Revenge of the Sith. I don’t know if you’ve seen it tried to warn us quote all who gain power are afraid to lose it now that might be the best way to describe what’s now happening with the Doj Fbi White House and Donald Trump What’s really going on here what is the government so afraid of I love this. He took nuclear secrets he and he was going to sell them that’s why nuclear secret do you know they come with a handcuff. The guy brings it in and you got a sign for it and they’re not leaving it there no nuclear codes. Hey Judy would you look for my nuclear codes.

Theyre Probably In The File Cabinet

I. Don’t know if they’re under n or c it’s probably under C codes comma nuclear now I’m going to ask some serious questions later on in the program, but until the government gives us some real kind of explanation. The raid appears to be an attack on all of us. This is bigger than just one man. It has really nothing to do with President Trump.

It Is About This Weaponized Government.

It is appearing to be saying that their political enemies are now enemies of the state anything that stops them so who do I mean when I say us all all of us who are the new enemies of the state well I want to show you something immediately after the trump raid the FBi and Doj issued a joint memorandum now. This was supposed to stay in house, but it was leaked to Project Veritas the memo. was titled Violent Threats against federal law enforcement courts and government personnel and facilities following court authorized search Now I’m wondering when that memo was written because I don’t think any of those things happen right after the surge and it was leaked not when did they write that anyone that is upset over the trump raid should never turn to violence. None of us that’s what the left does that’s what they want that’s what they need us to do.

Were Not The Weather Underground Antifa

or blm, but the government is now identifying and labeling potential threats. In the wake of the raid look at who they’re labeling quote perceptions of government overreach and election fraud. Oh that makes me dangerous does that mean that every libertarian or constitutional conservative is now an extremist and on some sort of blacklist election fraud Hey have you seen that new. Thing where somebody took all the compilation of all the politicians on the left saying that the election was fraudulent. I mean does that mean al Gore Hillary Clinton Stacy Abrams are now on that FBi list.

Im Just Curious If They Mean

anyone questioning the election or just specifically those who question trump’s election or the behavior from basically every democrat every time they lose check out a few of their other indicators unusual purchase of military style tactical equipment. What is that what does that mean does the atf come to our homes to see if we if we bought a vest sound far-fetched yeah they’re already doing it unusual acquisition of weapons and ammunition could you please define unusual and how does this in any way jive with the second amendment it is our constitutional right to buy guns and ammo doesn’t say how many well that’s. unusual amount I mean John Adams? You should write that in there no unusual amounts increasing or extreme adherence to conspiracy theories. For instance, let me just say I mean let’s say Somebody wrote a wrote a book and everybody in the government said it was a conspiracy. Now two years later it’s cat’s out of the bag would that be somebody who was adhering to a conspiracy theory will any narrative outside the official government response be classified as a conspiracy theory Do you remember the wan lab leak oh that was a wild crazy ex okay now it’s not it used to be but now it’s not it used to be the media’s sole job to question the government questioning the government is not what the media does that’s what you do that’s what i do and it gets you on the list.

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No One Is Calling For.

violence here have you noticed? In fact, Trump himself has warned that the temperature is too high. He offered to help cool things down and he’s exactly right but I’m not so sure the government wants a cooler environment. They want extremists and they haven’t been able. They’ve been trying since the tea party they can’t find people so they’ll create them the people that are questioning the government right now are not inciting violence.

It Is The People That Are

weaponizing the government don’t give them what they want now. I cannot believe that we’re not allowed to question the FBi and the Doj and their motivation going after Trump Oh my gosh that’s our first amendment right I’m going through this a little deeper later on in the program, but I want you to take a look at the people involved just to start let’s say you know. up at the top and then work our way down a bit Joe biden, what would he have to gain well He is you know the number one political opponent is Donald Trump to him or how about Attorney General Garland no that’s right. He did lose that lifetime court appointment when Trump got elected or the FBi director Ray how many of his agents were involved in Russia Gate. I’ll come back to that later and the judge that signed off on the warrant.

He Was Totally Fine Just A

guy that has connections to Jeffrey Epstein and and is a big Obama donor but other than that are we not supposed to at least question it I’ll say it again until the government gives us a good explanation here because they work for us not the other way around I’m going to assume this is about two things. One listen to this on MsNBc Robert Costa. You have been reporting that the 45th president would like to run again and is making some plans to run for president in 2024. how does this impact that this is factoring into his decision In some way? I’m told by people close to him. This weekend that he’s still moving toward an announcement.

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Despite All Of The Legal Challenges He Is

facing potentially isn’t damaging well. We’re not saying it’s not damaging this could be extremely damaging could be extremely damaging. They don’t want him to run again. We all know that and just like they did last time where I think he’s pinging a bank in Russia. They’re doing everything they can to create the appearance of guilt.

They Wont Have Anything Two.

What kind of classified information has trump been interested in that’s what I’d like to know nuclear. secrets Don’t hear that one anymore this entire thing supposedly is all about classified information at Mar-a-lago. Now I’m I’m wondering could could that classified information possibly be information that maybe would reveal some of the things and the connections with the FBi and the Doj and Russiagate might it also be tad embarrassing for Joe Biden and Barack Obama yes I’ll show it to you when we come back.

You Know Our Farmers And Our

ranchers are in trouble. I just did a story today. I talked to amos.


Former President Trump’s Mar-a-lago home is the first ex-president to have the FBi execute a search warrant on his home . The far left did everything they could to obtain their massive control President United States has claimed the Russia story is a hoax now a stunning indictment says it is not . Tonight’s show will show how the far left’s age-old tactics to destroy our former president could next be used against you . Tonight a weaponized government. Will show you how the Far left’s old tactics could be used next to destroy you tonight. Will also reveal how the raid is an attack on all of us and how the Mar-A-lagos Raid is an attempt to get more people to hear the truth. We have to figure out a way to get the truth because things are coming down quickly and tonight’s show is I mean I think it’s about something you might be coming down soon. We need to do our part. It’s all happening right now….. Click here to read more and watch the full video