Wendys Employee Sleeps Old Man Eating Frosty Now Facing Murder Charge


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No That Wasnt A Clip From The Patriots

training camp that was an airport employee showcasing NFL caliber footwork to drive past the line and get the tackle not on the quarterback. In this case, it was a disgruntled customer which is problematic, but he’s not going to need that job long anyways because if I’m an NFL agent and I see this he’s at least getting on the practice squad hello everybody welcome back today. I got two brain worms clips for you. The first one we’re gonna watch is a little less kind of hilarious than that one in the intro a little darker in fact, but warranted let’s take a peek. We’re gonna get segged in here by this local news station that reported on it over a week ago.

The Case Has Since Developed But Lets

get you up to speed Tonight. We start with a brutal first-hand look at violence unfolding inside of a Wendy‘s that was happening up in Prescott Valley Police tell us tonight that they say one of those fast food workers actually knocked out a customer out cold after punching him right in the face that’s right a 35-year-old wendy’s employee named Antoine Kendrick came out from behind the counter and cheap shot punched a man 67-year-old man mind you Willie was hunched over licking his frosty allegedly because the man was rude to him over something food-related. Video shows the moment things turned violent inside the store. On July 26th, Prescott police say a customer was complaining about his food order. Seconds last three frosty identified as Antoine Kendrick comes out from behind the counter and punches the man.

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Head Knocking Him Unconscious.

Antoine brings out what looks like a frosty triple play old guy is immediately disgruntled. Maybe he didn’t fill it to the brim who blumin knows old people complain about everything next thing. You know. Antoine’s on the other side of the counter knocking the dude’s daylights out while these balls deep in his frosty doesn’t even know it’s coming 67-year-old Dude Ko’d sent him to a local hospital airlifted critical condition update a week later.

He Died, But Well Get To That

in a second that’s that was a pretty hard hit. That was a Mike Tyson hit all right. Don’t give him that much credit if that was a Mike Tyson hit the man’s head would have come clean off his body all right. Still terrible the man falls to the ground as Kendrick grabs his belongings and walks out. out but the dude just goes to the back grabs the things he’s like all right.

I Know This Is Gonna Probably End

badly and he just walks out of the Wendy’s by the way. I’m censoring the impact because of the eventual outcome and the way Youtube is pretty weird about these types of things it’s terrible. Each person told me they’ve had a good experience at this Wendy’s and were surprised about this violent act. I’ve been living up here for 20 years and never had anything like that You know. I’ve been coming to this Wendy’s for 20 years and I have not gotten knocked out.

Yet I Went Inside The Store To

ask employees what they heard and saw before violence unfolded. They said they are not able to comment yeah so the wendy‘s workers are on a pretty tight Nda It sounds like and now. that the story progressed in this news from a couple days ago the man after a week of being in a coma went on to pass away. Clearly this is gonna be an absolute blumin storm not only for the Wendy’s, but for Antoine as well, who now faces second-degree murder charges instead of aggravated assault over a blumin frosty two lives absolutely ruined. I’ve said it for years here doing the brain worms thing restraint and poise will get you so much farther in your life than letting your emotions make you act irrationally.

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We Only Get One Shot At Life

and you’re gonna throw 20 30 40 years away because you couldn’t control your emotions for just an instant and you accidentally killed a guy. There’s nothing alpha about this blumin defending your pride or throwing hands when someone disrespects you that’s. you that’s all blumin weakness not being able to control your emotions of weakness that led to a man dying. A man losing the rest of his life to a probable jail sentence Anyways. Not a lot of funny in that one but definite brain worms moving on to the one that’s a little more a little more lighthearted.

You Have Lost Your Mind.

Don’t touch me ever in your life coming in right at the heat of battle, As is tradition. We are in the spirit airlines terminal and things are getting heated between what looks like a disgruntled customer and at the moment a more disgruntled spirit Airlines employee now I’ve never flown spirit airlines personally, but I’ve always heard nasty blumin about them on the internet. Like their planes are made out of spare toaster parts and there’s less room than a sardine. A sardine can and as a large man that’s unacceptable.

I Need Room To Breathe.

I got big legs. I’m not sure what happened with this woman, but she was clearly not pleased with something spirit Airlines related and was bitching until this employee had clearly had enough you could clearly see the moment she went from holding it into absolutely seeing red. This is the funny thing about human emotions it’s like you have this breaking point a lot of people where it’s like you’re just simmering you’re simmering you’re simmering and then that one thing and you you want that one thing to eventually push you over the edge because it’s gratifying to lose control in a weird way. It never leads to desirable results.

But There Is A Bit Of Selfishness

that comes along with succumbing to our emotional desires. In this case anger she starts spitting. Out F slurs I think making fun of his titties, I can’t tell she said so up to this point like this is just two people that have too much pride and ego to just let something go right that’s always the case with these types of fight like people that like stand next to each other and scream for like 20 minutes. Like who’s gonna make the first move just walk away Bro like who gives a blumin What do you have to gain out of this situation other than indulging your selfish desires to flip the handle because you were disrespected or whatever just no rational thought ever takes place and these types of cases now things got heated because she came in there with a little pop a little over the top, a little over the top slap in the face. My man’s not pumping.

Pumping Take A Look Chop Them Drop Im

saying dude that move right there would have given an all-star offensive lineman a run for his money look at the foot in the hand work drive the feet drive the feet got him got it got it My high school football d-line coach would have just creamed in his pants if he saw that that is exemplary work unfortunately, this isn’t the best context to showcase those kind of skills but the point remains. This man should have played D1 college football missed opportunity or maybe he did and just did make the NFL and now he’s now he’s gonna find other ways to take he’s got to find other ways to utilize those lost talents. So he follows it up with kind of like an over-the-top just right hook A little bit starts to get people a little heated the whole like guy versus girl Debate obviously goes crazy In this case bunch of men stand up and start standing up first since there was some physicality brought forth like you’re just not gonna win bro like the whole debate of like Oh never put you your hands on a woman You should be able to defend yourself, but you can’t like in this case you’re just not gonna you’re not gonna win like she’s walking away and you’re still going after her there’s just gonna be dudes there they’re gonna put you in your place here She got a little cheap shot on you. You followed it up with the footwork and then tackle in the in the over the top right should have been enough probably too. It’s just getting a little extra and you’re just letting the emotions run rampant and you gotta you gotta reel it in whoever So this old hat’s getting pretty chivalrous here which the guy I mean he’s.

Hes Doing What He Has To Do To

defuse the situation. I guess not really to fuse it, but they’re doing the same thing look at him rubbing tits together just yelling at each other like I I don’t understand it. I really don’t knock me out. You saw what she did. This is the best reply to this tweet by far need this type of effort from our D-line this year UK honestly that looked like an incredible execution of a football drill that’s that’s that’s how it struck me Oh my god.

We Are Aware Of This Altercation Our Vendor

at DFW has suspended the agent Spirit Airlines does not tolerate. of any kind and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter spirit Airlines of course, chiming in on twitter to try and save face. Obviously, you’re gonna get suspended for that regardless of who you think is at fault Valeria not happy about that suspended him for what he was just defending himself stand by and protect your employees. If you don’t tolerate violence. The important takeaway.

Here Is That This Man Should Have

never had this job in the first place. He should have had a multi-million dollar NFL contract, what an absolute miscarriage of justice that he is not on the field somewhere hands hands chop the feet chop the feet you should be tackling cornerbacks not blumin Bro what is wrong with you brainworms please make sure you hip thrust that blumin like button and subscribe for me. I’d. I’d appreciate it great!


Prescott Valley police say a customer was complaining about his food order at a Wendy’s . A 35-year-old employee named Antoine Kendrick came out from behind the counter and punched a man . Police say he knocked out a customer out cold after punching him right in the face . The case has since developed but let’s get you up to speed Tonight. We’re gonna get segged in here by this local news station that reported on it over a week ago. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this case but if I’m an NFL agent and I see this he’s at least getting on the practice squad, but he’s not going to need that job long anyway. He’s not in the job long anyways because he’s in trouble. He was in trouble, but if you want to know what’s going to happen to him. He’ll be in trouble again. He won’t be going back to the job. I’m not in jail again. You’re in jail….. Click here to read more and watch the full video