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joker and today we’re going to be talking about a mom who has an only fan. She has a 13-year-old son and it’s pretty much ruined his life I wish there was going to be a positive to take out of the story today. I think I wish there was more advice. I could give this young man, but I’ll tell you now that not only I only fans but spicy work is considered real work. We’re gonna see more of this stuff and the problem is that even if the even if the son or daughter is relatively well adjusted to their mom doing this in a household what happens when other people maybe friends in school or other people get wind of this and decide to make fun of you and decide to give you.

A Hard Time About It I

mean we know that the kids getting getting hassled and everything like that is a real problem and this is just one more thing that um that kids can be hassled about but but the callousness that a parent in this case well not a parent a mom. I don’t know too many dads that have only fans the case that a mom would do this without have having the foresight of thinking what it might do to their son I think it’s just I think we’re going to see a lot more of this and I think we’re going to have more mental health issues amongst younger younger people today and men and women alike. Because there isn’t the strong father figure in the family. There isn’t a masculine role There isn’t. I cannot tell you the difference between my parents.

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My Father Is A Very Traditional

male. My mom is a very traditional female and while my mom is oh, everything will be okay and it’s all right. You know what you’re such a good-looking smart, intelligent beautiful baby boy Yes she lied to me all my life. You know that’s how moms support people my dad was a brush it off man up Don’t worry about it things will be all right you know you just got to do the right thing and you know don’t lie and and stand up for your mistakes and and then when you combine the two of those things together, you get somebody that’s pretty well-rounded. But when you’re missing that kind of that strength that pillar of strength in the family kids get all emotional and kind of weird and and they.

Do Very Well In Life And

I think we’re going to see a lot more of that Let’s do a couple of losses before we get to the main story here um first loss oh before I do that um. I just posted a video on censorship on men and the Manosphere. It is not getting nearly as many views as most of my videos do so either it’s not being recommended which wouldn’t surprise me from some of the words. I say inside of it or it maybe it’s just not a traditional topic. You guys kind of check out please check out that video because I talk about not only the censorship against the Manosphere, but the censorship that is coming from our governments and from tech media and how it is going to affect all of us.

I Think Its A Real Important

video. It’s only 30. minutes long, but I would appreciate if you check that out um all right first loss of the day Right in the beginning of the Olympics, the U. s Women’s national soccer team gets humiliated by Sweden to start the Olympics. I’m not going to read the story but they were The American team was on a 44-win streak so they had they’d won 44 games lost zero.

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They Were More Concerned About Getting Equal Pay

to the men. Even though the men bring in several several billions and billions of dollars more ad revenue they were worried about equal pay. They were worried about taking the knee for blm. They were worried about um taking the knee as a anti-cop protest. They were worried about everything but soccer and they showed up and and Sweden and I think this was in the first seed so if if Usa.

Number One Then Sweden Was Probably Lower Or

last ranked in the seating if they do it anything like college basketball anyway either way they got blown out and of course here Miss Rappano yeah go ask for more money. Lebron James bombs at the box office after going woke and simping for China, so if many of you don’t know there was the original space Jams movie back when I was younger and it had Michael Jordan in it it was a it was a really good film like for for younger people and kids and you know I liked it enough as a as a I don’t know a non–teen but um the new one. It bombs at the box office. Among failing domestic sales of space jam a new legacy. The movie and its big star Lebron James are expected to take an even bigger hit.

Has Stated That It Wont Allow

the movie to air in their country. It costs roughly i’ll just skim over this it roughly cost 200 million to make looks like they’ve made about 60 million so far and they’re gonna lose a ton of money On this movie. They’re thinking it may lose upwards of a hundred million dollars or more said it before say it again. You know go woke or get woke go broke. You know a lot of people like myself um or or many of you guys we’re not out there making petitions we’re not out there writing our government we’re not out there writing news articles about how we feel about something we’re not crawling all over Twitter screaming at the universe about the way we want things.

Were Relatively Quiet But The Quiet 10 Percent

are what everybody’s listening to the media the news. the government and everything else and what they don’t understand is the silent majority. We we speak with our dollars and until they get this they’re just going to keep trying to chase that 10 percent of people and they’re going to be losing a whole lot of revenue and I’m okay with that I think it’s great. I still don’t have to speak up. I still don’t have to jump on twitter and let my comments fly.

Im Gonna Im Gonna Do My Videos Here

and I’m gonna speak with my dollars and and I think enough people are voting with their dollars that at some point either companies are gonna learn and they’re gonna go broke completely and they’re just gonna fail and I’m okay with that and the last loss of the day. Senate Democrats propose requiring women to register for military draft you know I love. This story because it’s women mostly I forget what the percentage is, but if the United States was if the the Democrat versus Republican was was voted on by women alone. I think 48 or 49 of the states would be Democrat so women very heavily vote for Democrats well it is now the Democrat saying well you’re going to have to sign up to participate in armed services. I think and this comes from Senate armed service chair Jack Reed.

The Reason Why I Think Thats Important

is because we’ve got a lot of tension going on between Russia with China with Taiwan with Japan with us hey you know what there’s part of me that’s like the Democrats care so little about their constituents. They’re just getting as many as warm bodies as they can get ready for any conflict. They have that way. They can have the women operating the computers and things on the on the on the on the back side on the safe side from the us or from the ships and they can just throw all the men’s warm bodies at into the into the fray as it were. I don’t think that’s good but hey women are going to have to participate in this and they kind of voted for it because the people they voted for put them in all right.

Lets Move On To The Main Story

um this young man. This is a. This is a reddit post and the reason why this reddit post is a big deal is because it actually made it to Twitter. It made it made it to Facebook and it was circulating around. I Don’t think it ever got to trending, but I’ve seen many people posting this story and talking about how sad it is so this just isn’t a problem that’s kind of quietly on reddit.

This Is Straight Up Excuse Me

This is straight up making it on to kind of the main social media site, so it says I’ve been I’ve been depressed and self–de. I want to self-delete because my mom’s only fans. He says I’m 13 and my mom is 33. things at school were never great. I’m sort of short so I get picked on some but it was manageable that was until one of my classmates showed me a.

Mom Naked, I Almost Had A

panic attack and I had to be excused from the classroom. I ended up not showing up for school for a few days faking sick. I was hoping that things would cool off, but they didn’t. As soon as I got to school. Almost everyone in my class was staring and laughing at me.

This Had Been Going On For About A

week. Now. I was wondering how my classmates even got the pictures and apparently my mom advertises her only fans on her personal twitter account and some students from my school follow her so they’re able to see the the naked photos and they’ve been spread everywhere. I don’t even have a twitter so I didn’t know about any of this. I feel so bad for this young young man so at 33 um.

You Know Thats The Age Where Women Still.

feel like hey, I can I’m I can still get a man. I’m still attractive I’m and they can you know I’m not saying a 33-year-old can’t get a guy you know gravity Hasn’t fully taken over yet maybe she takes care of herself. She hasn’t hit the wall. She’s doing okay and but she’s advertising on social media on twitter and she’s managing from her like personal account.

Now I Know As A Teen

I know. There were a couple of Milfs out there that were friends of mine. Their moms were kind of Milfs and was were there social media where those Milfs were posting pictures of themselves at the beach and in bikinis. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have followed them on social media because young men are so full of testosterone, and they they think so much with their little heads. that it’s it’s a it’s a hell of a drug.

Let Me Tell You So Um

so a couple of them. Even one or two that followed her saw the advertising and it’s not that hard to come up with five bucks anymore. Although how they got got a card to pay for it. I don’t know um but they were able to find and maybe they found them leaks or something they were able to find this kid’s mom’s photos there’s the the type of damage that this can do to young people um.


Joker is talking about a mom who has an only fan who has a 13-year-old son and it’s pretty much ruined his life . Joker: We’re gonna see more of this stuff and the problem is that even if the son or daughter is relatively well adjusted to their mom doing this in a household what happens when other people maybe friends in school or other people get wind of this and decide to make fun of you and give you a hard time about it? I think it’s just I think we’re going to see a lot of this, and I think mental health issues amongst younger younger younger people today and men and women alike . There isn’t a masculine role there isn’t.& I cannot tell you the difference between my parents. My father is a very traditional male.& My mom is a . traditional female and while my mom is traditional female, while my . mom is A very traditional female.& While my mom lied to me all my life….. Click here to read more and watch the full video