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Today On The News And Why It

matters the House passes a war powers resolution condemning military action in Iran We will get President Trump’s response to that from his rally last night also UK UK is really really angry at UK you will not want to miss why We’ve got a lot coming up on this Friday and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am at Sara Gonzales today here with an all-star cast We’ve got Pat Gray who has you’ve only done like five hours of radio today yes so but okay so you are ready. Pat is ready to and ready to go. We’re not gonna be able to shut him up. We’ve got JOsh hammer at our large from The Daily wire thanks for being here. JOsh Lazar and We’ve got John Rue do Social media coordinator here at the blaze Your maiden voyage come from the bowels of Twitter which we thank you that you do that so that we don’t have to it’s my penance it’s nasty out there we got a lot to get into first we want to thank our sponsor a relief factor so I was in a car accident in 2013 and messed up a bunch of disks in my back.

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com seriously it’s worked for B it’s worked for Glenn. It’s worked for so many people in the building and so many of you out there who have written in to us telling us your stories so relief factor. com so the House has voted to pass the war powers resolution condemning Trump’s military action against Iran Now. I do want to open it up to the table for discussion, but JOsh I want to go to you first because you actually wrote an op-ed at the Daily wire that it was yesterday yes.

We Have That Mark Levin Our

very own Mark Levin actually read word for word on air Yesterday evening. It was a wonderful surprise. So Josh tell us you so you say that this whole entire thing is unconstitutional correct and this was formally not a particularly controversial opinion by the War Powers. was passed in 1973 over a presidential veto from Richard Nixon. It was overridden by a two-thirds majority in both the house in the Senate, but presidents ever since Nixon have essentially ignored it every single President Barack Obama did not actually ignore it, but he expanded it to the extent that I was essentially ignoring it in his Libyan crew Say in 2011 so let’s talk about what the War Powers Resolution actually does okay within 48 hours of engaging hostilities abroad.

The President Is Required To Notify Congress And

then he has to withdraw troops within 60 days. Unless Congress provides an affirmative authorization for the use of military force. This may or may not be good policy. My argument is that it is precluded by the Constitution under the Article 2 as commander-in-chief clause and there’s one particularly compelling argument and involves a declare war Clause of Article 1. Section 8.

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In My Opinion, One Of The

most grossly misconstrued provisions in the entire Constitution. Everyone thinks Congress can only declare war you can’t start bombing or doing anything overseas. Unless Congress speaks first again may or may not be good policy, but the the founding era history of the Constitutional Convention Just in my view does not support that argument. In fact they actually first considered to say Congress can make war and then they actually took that term out and put in the phrase declare war because James Madison explained to Elbridge Gerry that the executive quote must have the empower to repeal sudden attacks, and also an Article 1 Section 10 of trying to be good text. For trying to interpret Constitution the way it’s most supposed to interpreted they actually use the phrase engage war in the context of a state repelling an attack from either the north the South.

So The Framers Were Aware Of Multiple Verbs

here make and engage to give the meaning that people really cross a spectrum think it means, but in reality, what declare war meant it’s kind of a term of art. In the 18th century, it meant that Congress would formally declare that the state of hostilities between the UK and a foreign nation amounted to a state of war and that would trigger all sorts of various obligations under both international law and domestic law. So he actually was a much lesser power than that and to be clear. I am not apologizing for a lawless executive branch here Congress had a ton of tools as disposal. already to push back against it what it views as a war monger President and obviously the the primary thing is the power of the purse.

You Can Defund The War Effort In Its

entirety, but the War Powers Resolution. I believe is unconstitutional yes okay Wow I don’t have any idea Frankly I’ve been more focused on the UK is it the the authorization from from military force which we’ve been given to understand for the last twenty years that a president can respond to certain actions by terrorists or enemy players and why else make him the commander-in-chief right right and and and you have to have that kind of power if you’re going to act quickly in some circumstance, you can’t go to Congress every time. Beg and plead have the have all the information leaked have it out in the news and then continue. To do an operation, we need to be able to strike and strike quickly on occasion and so I think I think that’s what this was and I I think he’s been fully within his right to do that and Obama did it. I mean Obama conducted a war in Libya, with which it was interesting because if you go back there is video of Nancy Pelosi, who said Yeah, Obama had the absolute authority to do that in Libya and now all of a sudden and now all of a sudden Yeah, and she she was asked point-blank on that and she said so you’re saying Barack Obama has the power to do this yes what yes Yeah yeah it wasn’t one of those where she rambles on and you know start not being able to tell what she’s actually saying it was very very clear resounding yes John.

Your Take! It Was Also Interesting

that the vote wasn’t between strict party lines either. There was three Republicans that voted for the resolution and eight Democrats that voted against it and Matt Gaetz, who is one of Tom’s Trump’s like Top Yeah allies also voted for it and it was because he was part of that anti–war kind of constituent of the right and that kind of shows that like it’s not it wasn’t just like a strict like we don’t like Trump vote. It was right complexity to it well Yeah I mean to that point you know Mike Lee has said that he would vote in favor of a similar resolution. If it was I mean I don’t know that it’s going to come in to anything in the Senate, but that’s what it’s so shocking to me Josh because Mike Lee I mean constitutionalist Mike Lee. He get that so I know certainly personally full disclosure.

I Actually Worked For Hey My First Year

of law school summer as essentially Sheree Committee law clerk. So I think the world of Mike on a personal level he has always in my view had erroneous opinions on article two. War Powers takes a probably more expansive view of the Fourth Amendment than I would, but it the main area where I find myself disagreement aim is article two and again I think Mike his policy sympathies are not wrong. America should not be engaging in reckless adventurism interventionism. This bipartisan neoliberal new Conservative consensus.

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I Think Thats Bad Policy But As Far

they in an originalist interpretation matter I just respectfully disagree with Mike Lee on this one representative Pramila Jeyapaul said that President Trump assassinated Soleimani based on you know there was no imminent attack he had. No evidence to show that let’s listen to a little bit of what she had to say. This is the result of reckless actions by President Trump of military brinksmanship President Trump recklessly assassinated Qasem Soleimani. He had no evidence of an imminent threat or attack, and we say that coming from a class briefing where again there was no raw evidence presented that there was an imminent threat. Hmm seems to me what reckless is making that statement but representative Rutherford responded to her on Twitter.

I Know That He If We Could Pull

that up. He said he was basically telling her that hey. I don’t same evidence that you did I like we were both in the same room we saw the same evidence. It’s crazy that you could ever say that that this was not some sort of imminent attack. No that’s not the right one.

That We Have On Screen Right Now

that’s coming up there We go I was in the same briefing as you and this is absolutely false. You and your squad of Ayatollah. Sympathizers are spreading propaganda that divides our nation and strengthens our enter our enemies. Pretty powerful statement from John brotherhood and of course UK had to get involved because we know she just she likes to get involved wherever she can bring attention to the squad so UK responded to representative Rutherford. She said I find it highly amusing that my co-worker is angrily yell stuff like this and then clutch their pearls and cry when they are called out for their racism, which then caused Rutherford to respond to a UK with it’s honestly pretty simple.

Donald Trump Eliminated A Dangerous Terrorist

if you don’t want to be called an Ayatollah sympathizer. Don’t sympathize with the Ayatollah. What I love that I mean it’s not racist No not at all it’s it’s not racist and what race are these people. What race was because some soleimani. I don’t know he’d look pretty white to me.

I I Mean I Know Hes Not

technically white, but he’s not black or Hispanic either What is he. I I don’t know what are Egyptians. I I don’t know I I don’t think anybody cares what race they are. We care about them killing American citizens and Iki was responsible for at least 600 deaths.


Today on the news and why it matters the House passes a war powers resolution condemning military action in Iran . We will get President Trump’s response to that from his rally last night also UK UK is really really angry at UK . We’ve got a lot coming up on this Friday and it starts right now welcome to Sara Gonzales today here with an all-star cast . We are not gonna be able to shut him up.& JOsh Lazar and John Rue do Social media coordinator here at the blaze. We thank you that you do that so that we don’t have to it’s my penance it’s nasty out there.& Pat is ready to and ready to go.& We’ve also got JOsh hammer at our large from The Daily wire thanks for being here. We are happy to be here again and we’re happy to welcome our sponsor a relief factor. We’re not ready to be happy to talk to Pat Gray. We’ll get a lot of the people who buy…. Click here to read more and watch the full video