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Today, President Trump Signs A Police Reform Executive

order, while Seattle actually bans police use of chokeholds, tear gas and pepper spray and also Joe Biden leaves Trump in Michigan even though he has no idea what he’s saying at any given point in time. We’ve got a lot coming up and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by Grant Stinchfield Newsmax UK host himself in The Flesh Great two beers in studio thanks for being here always and also Amy Robbins UK of Alexa Athletica Thanks for being hello I love the pink thank you. I thought this was a set of good tone for today absolutely you don’t we used to work together at UK UK-yeah small world it really is no I love saying off air. I was like I love it when I. I have two guests who come in first time being on set together and they already know each other so they’re they’re bantering back and forth and reliving old times and it’s been great so buddies should be a great show no pressure guys so today.

President Trump Signed An Executive Order Aimed At

reforming police practices in the country. After obviously I don’t have to tell you guys This a series of high-profile police killings sparked nationwide protests and riots. It’s only what we’ve been talking about for like the past I don’t know two weeks three weeks somebody get me out of this groundhog today. Here is President Trump earlier today commenting at a press conference on the police reform executive order reducing crime and raising standards are not opposite goals. They are not hugely exclusive.

They Work Together.

They all work together that is why today I’m. an executive order encouraging police departments nationwide to adopt the highest professional standards to serve their communities. These standards will be as high and as strong as there is on earth. The vast majority of police officers are selfless and courageous public servants.

They Are Great Men And Women When Others

run away from danger Police run straight into harm’s way often putting their lives at stake to protect someone who they don’t know we’re never even met now. The order is called safe policing for Safe Communities and it acknowledges instances of police abuse and brutality and the negative impact that that has had on community relationships with police. It establishes a national certification and credentialing system for law enforcement agencies creates a federal database to track officers credibly accused of wrongdoing discourages. The use of chokeholds and less an officer’s life is in danger and encourages Congress to pass further police reforms grant order your thoughts on the latest. So at first I was very concerned how do you do this is it with an executive order all right, but he ties everything to the money, so he’s not basically saying you have to do this as a police department.

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If You Want To Get Money From

the federal government. If you do these things, we’ll give you more money right okay so fine President Trump has an election. These that he’s got to worry about and that’s what this is about I’m sure he’s sincere and wanting good police on the streets. But there is not a problem of police brutality in this country. There is not what there is a problem of people who disrespect life who disrespect law enforcement.

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And And George Floyd Aside Everything Else

we’re seeing cops by and large are good people and they’re highly trained and you know what they want to do is train people in sensitivity training and community This and community that if you want to go to Atlanta. You know what those cops need to training in they needed training and how to subdue a suspect. If they would have known how to subdue a suspect that suspect would be alive. I mean so do you think cuz I watch it and I thought they almost gave him too much flexibility. This suspect in you know trying to get him to move his car off to the side and I mean it’s almost like they went the pendulum swung the other way and they wanted to give you know more grace than perhaps they were trained to give because they knew.

That They Were Going To Be Under A

microscope right now? I think and Amy knows a lot of police officers too and I know you do I think that police officers right now are going so above and beyond. They know there’s a target on their backs not just from the criminal but from City Hall the people in City Hall in these liberal literally wanna make criminals out of police work normal good police work they want to criminalize and so did they give him too much leeway. I don’t know I like when I see cops that are polite and they were doing everything they could but as soon as they went to put handcuffs on him that man went hog-wild why because he was a wanted fugitive for domestic violence. This was not a family man and so now We’ve got to have the president signing. orders on police brutality.

Those Two Cops Are Almost Killed

well. I think that’s the thing that scares me about this entire thing is like. Are we putting limitations on cops who feel like their life could be in jeopardy and so where does the fine line come from them being able to defend and protect themselves as well. You know I do think that there’s gonna be we’re gonna see this whole shift. You know and it’s kind of scary seeing what’s going to happen with all this, But you know I look at these states that are calling and the mayors are calling for defunding the police.

Its Very Interesting To Me As A

two-way supporter that those same people that are calling to defund. The cops are the same ones who also are wanting to disarm the citizens. So it’s Alma I almost want to say look. People are voting in these mayors? You’re voting in these governors in these Democratic run, States and areas. Maybe maybe we need to see how this plays out because who are you gonna call they don’t want you to be able to defend yourself.

They Dont Want Anyone Else To

come to your rescue. So I mean it’s gonna be really interesting to see how this plays out yeah and so while this you know is executive order is signed. We have the Seattle City Council, which get me started on all of the crazy things that are going on in Seattle, but the Seattle City Council voted last night to ban the police use of chokehold tear gas and pepper spray even amidst all of these protests. You know the blocks that have been taken over by the the artist formerly known as Chas, but you know I mean. They’ve got some dangerous a dangerous situation going on and the mayor I’m Sorry The police chief Carmon best said that it’s been historically known through the evidence and other research that the use of tear gas can be a less lethal way of dispersing a crowd without having to go hands.

-On Without Using Riot Batons.

You’d think that that would be a good thing yeah you’re like great a less lethal way bring it on she said so it’s been determined to be less dangerous to do that, but it’s been very clear to us that the people are not wanting us to use the UK here that the rioters don’t want you to use tear gas on them well and I mean to be fair. I agree with you but to be fair I do I did read to that. Some residents were complaining that like they were. affected by it as well, but it’s like what else would you have them was walking up through their window yeah, but it’s okay that them burning their buildings, but they’re the tear gas pick the lesser of two evils Here.

I Guess Thats Why We Need To Get

our economy back up and running again because these people need to get back to work. I mean we are sitting here watching the deterioration of our cities and our towns and we’re not being able to do anything about it because I think people have way too much time on their hands. It’s true well in their ad they’re angry Russian being kept in the summer of love right it supposed to go. We hold the sad thing is the Seattle has been so far out of control for so long and then if you legitimately or a common sense. citizen in Seattle that you were born wash into Washington State at no fault of your own your family lived there and you were born there and you stayed there and now you work there is no one there protecting you from these goons that have taken over the streets.

No One To The Point Where That

that guy who owned two auto repair shop he captures a burglary suspect in an Ennis in his place of business and the police do not come and then the mob comes back. I mean when in America are you left on your own for that amount of time that’s like the Alamo there well. But I think it goes to the to show why it’s so important for us to be armed and start we’ve kind of gotten. A lot of people have gotten away from, even thinking that it’s their responsibility. to take care of themselves anyways and so I think if any good if there’s any silver lining in any of this is.

I Hope It Wakes People Up To The

reality that there might not be somebody there to take care of you at some point in time and you’re gonna have to take responsibility for your defense and your protection and so maybe we’ll see this rise of people actually fighting to defend the Second Amendment when people want to take it away from them. Maybe they’ll fight to to be able to practice that and I wonder if we’re gonna see this twofold Amy because you know you’re talking about defunding the police and what that would look like, but I’m seeing it at another level to which is even if we don’t define the police look at how we’re treating them right now I mean I’ve. got another story here? The UK has run out of cash and can’t pay officers overtime so all these officers that have been working forty million dollars in overtime yeah. They’re not actually gonna get paid for that they’re just gonna get comp time instead so it’s like we’re treating our officers like this even if we don’t go so far as to defund them what what kind of what kind of people are we going to attract? What kind of recruits are we going to attract if they see that this is how they get treated for putting their lives on the line to protect us How long are they going to do this Yeah how long are they going to do this and how long are sensible Americans gonna just sit back and continue to be quiet. I think we’re seeing this loud mob just continue to run.

This Country Right Now When I Have

to believe that there are still millions of sensible Americans out there that are just kind of sitting back going. What do we? What do we do? What do we do? How do we combat this. I think people are scared. I think they’re scared to stand up.


Today, President Trump signs a police reform executive order, while Seattle actually bans police use of chokeholds, tear gas and pepper spray . Joe Biden leaves Trump in Michigan even though he has no idea what he’s saying at any given point in time . Grant Stinchfield and Amy Robbins UK of Alexa Athletica join Sarah Gonzalez in The Flesh to talk about the news and why it matters . They’re joined by Newsmax UK host Grant Stincfield and host Amy Robbins, who used to work together at UK UK-yeah small world it really is no I love saying off air. We’ve got a lot coming up and it starts right now welcome to the news. I was like I love it when I. was like to say off air I love to talk when I was just like to talk to you. It’s only what we’ve been talking about for like the past I don’t know two weeks three weeks somebody get me out of this groundhog today. The Flesh….. Click here to read more and watch the full video