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To Me Youve Got To Understand That Deer

are now is worth more than oil and so they’re gonna put a lot of money into the secure in that and we’re gonna put a lot of money in the defendant Now I’m genuinely proud of living in England and in Britain because we have some of the best security professionals in the world, but you have a lot of threat actors as well So you’ve got China you’ve got Russia You’ve got North Korea You’ve got all the states that wouldn’t necessarily get on with us politically and you have to understand that for the price of one fighter plane you can hire 200 hackers so information warfare is going to be the future of war. I am joined by Tom Johnson, ethical hacker and social engineer extraordinaire Welcome to the show Tom it’s great to have you on it’s. Gonna be an exciting one Today This world of ethical hacking and social engineering is something that I’ve seen a little bit about online, But I don’t really know all that much, But I guess we’re gonna we’re gonna delve into it today right let’s find out how do you define ethical hacking and social engineering and what you do and then and then let’s find about out about the the Genesis story absolutely ok so social engineer a guy called Christopher. Harmony in America is the art of using human psychology or misusing human psychology to get a target to do something or say something they shouldn’t do or say and now these grassroots so if you can talk someone into giving you the passwords or plugging in UK stick into the computer. Then all of this very expensive so the cyber security mitigation is useless because they are.

Literally Giving You The Keys To The Kingdom,

so that is what it is? I understand Yeah I suppose as these technological firewalls and safety measures become more sophisticated the ways around it that Don’t require you to just brute-force try and break through something that’s heavily encrypted. I guess this sort of falls to the the one remaining weak link in the chain, which is always going to be the the several million-year-old brain that sits inside of the person controlling the system right well in my opinion. Humans can be the weakest link, but they can also be the strongest link as well because they think in a different way to how computers process information so if you ever had a good feeling before Christian yeah well. I’m good feeling is your subconscious mind, telling you that there is something not quite right in a pattern. your subconscious mind is constantly processing everything around you and then when you get that good feeling that is your subconscious mind seeing your conscious mind is something not quite right here so that is a really good way to defend against social engineers that good feeling got you okay so let’s start off the genesis story how do you say what happens whereby you are now sat opposite me with a microphone in front of you talking about ethical hacking and social engineering, where does it begin right it begins when I was about 12 years old and I was pulled out of school by an overprotective Mother and I was a very small child in a predominantly council area in Wallsend and and it wasn’t a very good time at school for me and she was very overprotective pulled me out and had nothing to give me workwise.

So She Just Sucked Me In Front

of a computer. So I started playing games what every child tends to do and then I started getting bored a games and I couldn’t afford new games. So I started working out how I could break the system and copy those games. So I could get them for free not because I was a criminal, but because I wanted to play games. The game started getting boring.

So I Wanted To Learn How The

games work. So. I programmed the games and things developed on and on and on and then something amazing happened. This rudimentary thing called the Internet come about and it become my playground and I was spending all of my time online. I had no moral or ethical compass at that point in time I was young.

I Wasnt A Bad Lad But Ive

done things because I was a bit mischievous so I would have random computers on the internet and download through all that look through all the files and then it started getting boring so I started going a bit further. I started college. I got thrown out to college for hacking an internal mail system. I was yeah. It was naughty, but I was sending messages from one lecturer to another seeing that there were in love with each other.

There Are All Sorts Of Different

things body looks. I was great at doing things were terrible often thrown oh dear College So I went back again. I lasted about two weeks and I was thrown out again and I lost the network manager of his computer and he didn’t say funny site. So you’ve got to understand that the same time me. skills were developing and to a point where college wasn’t really teaching me anything so it was a bit bored if that makes sense so it just sort of encouraged me to do more and more risky things silly things when I look back on the white hat Now May I just add that a white hat is somebody who puts ethics over morals over everything solo or Nia within the boundaries of law but in those days anything online was fair game and I was willing to be mothers for envelope because of course it was on dialogue at the time she used to put a little and Kate cord on.

So I Wrote A Little Program

that would go through every single key code and and brute force it and then one day. I heard a knock at the door and sat on. There was two big burly. police officers standing in front of us. The subsequently arrested me took me to the police station locked me up for about 15 hours.

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Threatened To Extradite Me To America Where

and get death by lethal injection and everything and I was absolutely terrified. However, I was about 16-17. Ish hit the bed at a young age to be having such heavy words everything area and 20 years later. I found out it was a social engineer an attack on us. It was actually two of my mother’s friends who were Papa‘s who she put them up to the task of scarily Street.

So It Wasnt The Real Arrest No Good

enough for below, so that was my first taste of social engineering and believe you me was very effective so then I did that’s gay straight. It scared me straight for a very long time. In In fact, I lost me love of computers for a while I took it hoop line and sinker and I was genuinely in fear of my life and I just stayed away from complete as a set of a company. I don’t know all right out of the company and then that went under and I just thought to meself what do I wanna do do I want to earn minimum wage for the rest of my life. So look at the skill set that I had and I thought I want to go back into the cyber security.

Now It Is A Job.

It wasn’t Batman. It was a crime, but now it’s a job, so I had no qualifications to be named so. I blanked me with a site University course. They give me a shot and I’ve received it at first with honors in every module so.

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Far So Ive Done All Right Amazing Thats

fantastic so that’s that’s the journey that you’ve taken yourself on there so how do you go from the online to the offline is it off offline hacking right yeah well it’s more in personally it’s like it’s like the good old-fashioned con that’s exactly what it is but it’s got a cyber element to it okay so if you remember the old con men or con women who would trick you into insulting that is exactly what social engineering can be it’s tricking somebody into doing something saying something you shouldn’t so a set of a little company. I started doing a little bit of work with the police little bits and bobs here and there and then I don’t need to talk outside but that’s you know it’s it’s a north-northeast convention northeast of England and then I was in. talk to do a talk at the local government level. Now the talk that a dorm was based upon a hack that I carried out an ethical hack on the university never studied that So I was a first year student bearing in mind when this took place and that approach the school of computing can I test your security please and they said yes twelve years old. Did they just think that it was some sub student who didn’t really know what he was doing didn’t realize they were coming up against boss level 55 hacking skills.

24 Hours Worked Out How Their Smart Card

system worked and I built a corner that could clone the cards. So I then dressed. There was a security guard and Mrs. the social engineer and side of things put the hive is on can we superman changed.

She Have Me Head Looked.

completely different and then went round and skimmed all of the staffs cards and with those cards. I had access to all areas free parking for six weeks period free food library books. Everything you could ever want was all there free.

I Didnt Tell Teesside University Until Cyberfest,

which was a little bit naughty and then I saw the give away all the secrets and it got a little bit of attention meditate yeah it did but then I’ve got invited to the UK UK. The information communication data in Digital Forensics convention, which is Europe’s largest cause cybersecurity convention for police, law enforcement and military. So I was invited by the National Police Chief’s Council to do a talk there real and the center of this sort of stuff then absolutely absolutely it’s about as big as you can get it was in the night only you know. You couldn’t get through the doors and I still invited So I arrived expected to be shot in a little side room, just doing a little filler talk and I was doing the big company suite and there was a keynote speaker so it was absolutely terrifying.

So I Talk In Front Of

600 of sort of the world’s best professionals on cybersecurity and especially social engineering hit the bed absolute you wanna see what I got is rather got that what’s that that’s a plaque certificate of appreciation that’s so cool that’s from these up from the home office that’s from the home office Yeah there it is drop it This is even cooler. This is an honor cone that I was given believe it or not off the home office. Okay the UK oh that’s an UK and UK what what does what does that mean and what? Is it it’s like a big plastic plastic coin? So this is what you call it on a coin and it’s what I was awarded for doing the talk so that’s the site.


Information warfare is going to be the future of war, says Tom Johnson . Social engineering is the art of using human psychology to get a target to do something or say something they shouldn’t do or say . For the price of one fighter plane you can hire 200 hackers so information warfare is likely to be a major threat to the military . Tom Johnson, ethical hacker and social engineer extraordinaire joins in to discuss the ethics of social engineering and ethical hacking and what you do and then and then let’s find about out about the the Genesis story absolutely ok so so social engineer a guy called Christopher.& Harmony in America is the . art of misusing human . psychology to . misuse human psychology and misusing . human psychology . to get . a target . to . say something that shouldn’t be allowed to say or say what they shouldn’t do or . say and then try and break through something that’s heavily encrypted encrypted . The . social engineering is very expensive so the ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video