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Today Biden Test Negative For Kovidz Zolensky Takes A

break for moore to pose for vogue and the view may soon be facing a legal battle for defamation. Oh no that would be horrible We’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters happy hump day. I am Sarah Gonzalez and it is hump day so you know we have Elijah Schaefer host of slightly offensive. No one likes humping more than I do on a day and with nobody else better than the people at this table. We appreciate that Elijah also joined by Jason Buttrell, chief researcher of the Glenn Beck program and also reader of lots of things that we here at Blazev.

Dont Want To Read And We

pass along to Jason that’s why I’m always tired when I get on the show that’s why he combs his hair. It’s just to like just to like hide all the stress long hours right. I so speaking of stress and long hours. Joe Biden, who we’ll get into later on in the program but I am convinced he is in fact a hologram these days. Joe Biden, 79-year-old Joe Biden has ended his isolation period from Covid 19 after testing negative on Tuesday evening and again earlier this morning.

Biden Said He Recovered Without Fear

thanks to good care and readily available medicine. I’m not I’m not sure if he mentioned his um one two three four shots that he received all within the time span of a year and a half before he got covered upon which time he took the the covid pill made by the same Pax love. It made by the same manufacturer of the shots that definitely worked because he didn’t die well that’s what we’re told right he didn’t die this is what I think is so crazy. So I was out last night. I was talking to my dad and I’ll just call her my Nana.

She Sort Of Like Was Like A Grandma

figure to me on my mom’s side I’m like he’s like hey do you know that that Millie just got over kovit for like the second time and she’s completely fine and I go wait a second did how old’s Millie and he goes. Oh-83 and I’m like did really get vaccinated. He’s like no and he’s like actually your grandparents who are 79 also just got over it with mild symptoms at 79 and I was like wait also didn’t my friend Drea her mom in her 70s just also go get over this as well like and I’m trying to think about this. I’m going so his shots saved him and the pax love It saved him. But I have two people right in my family who by the way are at ages where anything could kill them right.

This Is The Age Where They

say we can die, but they got coveted and it wasn’t coveted that took them out it makes you wonder are the vaccines the thing that saved his life. I don’t know I don’t know well let’s listen to Joe Biden, who of course couldn’t couldn’t. go without comparing himself to Donald Trump, He of course is chalking it up to vaccinations and yes. He’s comparing Donald Trump’s stay in Walter Reed with of course his I mean he was fit the whole time he was on the phone he was doing zooms. He was totally fine and it’s all because of that magic Yes he he cleaned his plate Elijah all because of the magic vaccines watch here’s the bottom line when my predecessor got covered he had to get helicoptered to Walter Reed medical center Oh my God he was severely ill thankfully.

He Recovered When I Got Coveted.

I worked from upstairs to the White house and the office is upstairs and for the that five-day period the difference is vaccinations. Of course, but also three new tools free to all and widely available you don’t need to be president to get these. to use for your defense? In fact the same booster shots the same at home test the same treatment that I got is available to you. Oh okay well he I mean Donald Trump so severely ill he acts like he had to be like careflighted to Walter Reed because he was in such dire streets like a neck brace.

They Sent Him There Out Of A

you know precaution. Obviously he was fine the entire time and but joe biden. He cleaned his plate and and I think I heard he took a poopy so he was fine you’re getting too nice to him. I swear like first of all can we just say three things to clarify President’s helicoptering places is not the equivalent of the average citizen like if I got helicopter to a hospital. I’m probably dying he gets healthy McDonald‘s right.

I Mean So This.

is not a big deal. Secondly, we will say this I won’t. I won’t talk crap I’m not going to fat shame trump today, but he thick and so if anything they’re they’re both older guys. I would say the Kovid hitting him a little bit harder.

Even If Thats True Would Simply Be Due

to the weight issue and then we’ve been saying that forever doesn’t matter if a Republican or democrat like well that’s what I’m trying to say to you. It was the original well that was the third point I was going to say. This is also a time when sorry it was a much stronger variant versus this one’s just like an upper you know whatever back of the nose or wherever it’s infecting now you got the lightest one that literally I don’t know anyone that’s died from personally where I did know someone. That died from the previous variant, so it’s like you have all these factors at play. Meanwhile, at least in that video he had sunglasses on the pro pro, so at least we don’t know if he’s blinking or not which we’re gonna get to later the yeah The comparison’s just absolutely ridiculous, but even still as you point out he got the initial strand or strain of the virus, which still the vast majority recovered from was it alpha or Delta.

I Dont Know But It Was

I mean it was one of the more serious ones. It was way back in the day Yeah This one now is probably he probably got the same one that I got like a month ago which I’m not vaccinating well. I got the Johnson I got the ghetto vaccine You know I got the Johnson Johnson right when it was first. available which that that was probably just like syrup or all I know something like that but that was way back in there so I’m not protected from that at all Yeah, I didn’t get any of these Mr Mr. Whatever vaccines, which you know those are the ones that do the creepy crap with you know your your DNa or whatever but I’m feeling this is not going to be on Youtube allegedly um but I mean Yeah it’s it’s just ridiculous for them to compare the two.

But If Joe Biden The Guy That

notoriously bled from his eyeball if he got recovered from this I think we’re okay right now. I think the question’s gonna be okay. I just love those like those little things where it’s like you Don’t even have to like make fun of him be like oh He’s a Nazi or he’s this. It’s like the guy who fell upstairs and bled from his eyes yeah that dude like it’s just like it’s a very sad it’s like it’s just so sad. You know what I mean like you said like the fact that you said he was able to take a poopy on his own.

I Was Like Well Thats At

least one accomplishment of the week like he did something for himself, but this is clear. This is this is this is clearly showing where we’re moving to and my apologies. I have not read the prep for today, but I mean so this might be in it, but they clearly need to find the next great thing Sorry. They clearly find the next great thing if they’re going to force people into mill in balloting, which is very soon for the midterms and then for the next general election. I.

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Wonder What Thats Going To Be

um something having an orgy at the mail-in booth. I think you’re okay like no no. They just said they needed billions of dollars to get ready for this series. Yes thank you James that wasn’t it thank you Jason We’ll get to that in a moment but I do want to on the topic of Joe Biden. I want to play so this is you guys.

Im Sure Youve Seen It On The Internet.

It’s everywhere. This is Joe Biden. There are two videos of him that allegedly are both from yesterday hours apart, but he looks much much I’m sorry. He doesn’t just look much different.

He Sounds Much Different.

He acts much different his tone is different everything about him is different in these two videos, and there’s a montage of them kind of spliced together so that you can see. differences in one of them we played for you yesterday was when we talked about we we mentioned he didn’t blink for like 30 whole seconds on his speech about January 6 and protecting police and all of this he’s very wide-eyed and he’s just looking like this and he’s speaking very weirdly and he’s not blinking for an extremely long time. But here is him just hours before looks like a completely different person watch folks as we fight inflation you can’t be pro-insurrection in pro-cop bringing down gas prices is a big part of the job. You can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-democracy You can’t be pro-insurrection and Pro-american and here’s The good news gas prices have dropped every day this summer that’s more than 40 days in a row.

Donald Trump Lacked The Courage To Act We

now have 40 000 gas stations in the United States where the price of gas is 3.99 or less The brave women and men in blue all across this nation should never forget that UK I’m sorry, I don’t I don’t know what to say Joe Biden is that was I’m sorry. This is how conspiracy theories start tell me that’s not a hologram or a cgi or something. Why did he look so different and why was he hair parted that was hair was part of that direction level like that was that was Stanley Kubrick anyone out there that was trying to you know change the mind and bend your your thought and perspective on reality like that I watched that if you’re watching this you should rewind. This go show this to people in your house show us your husband your kids do whoever and say.

Do You Really Believe That We Are Living

in a simulation? Or is this is this real life because I watched that and I’m like. I feel like I’m being punked yeah, so there are some it does look weird there’s light. There’s a there’s lighting in the way that he’s positioned which I think is also kind of playing tricks on how he’s hair parted a different way, but why does his voice sound different it’s like it’s like this on the side what I will say. Though I mean we did we did a big show.


Joe Biden, 79-year-old Joe Biden has ended his isolation period from Covid 19 after testing negative for Kovidz Zolensky . Biden said he recovered without fear thanks to good care and readily available medicine . Joe Biden is convinced he is in fact a hologram these days. We’ve got all of that and more coming up with the news and more . We’re joined by Jason Buttrell, chief researcher of the Glenn Beck program and also reader of lots of things that we here at Blazev. Don’t want to read and we pass along to Jason that’s why I’m always tired when I get on the show.& No one likes humping more than I do on a day and with nobody else better than the people at this table. We’re told that he didn’t die well that’s what we’re told right he didn’t die well. I’m not sure if he mentioned his um one two two three four shots that he received ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video