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is joker and today we’re going to be talking about um I don’t like to use I don’t like to use click bait thumbnails usually I put a description of what somebody did or somebody said. I put it out there on this thumbnail let me get recording so you can see on this thumbnail. I couldn’t do that why because a man’s wife who was a prison guard who is not unattractive. She doesn’t look like she’s a bottom of the barrel scraper. Although I don’t know what she looks like without her makeup, so maybe she’s just really good at makeup anyway.

She Ends Up Participating In Good Times With

um a a prisoner and sounds like she had a relationship with him and she does it in front of 11 other prisoners, what I’m gonna do for this video and. Probably other videos going forward is I don’t want to record them twice. I want to record them once but for my local subscribers. I am going to post the unedited video where I use all the fun words and instead of using my fun words here. I’m just going to edit them out or instead of using my um my my instead of using my safe words.

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um and then so if you want the full unedited stuff and if you see jump cuts. It’s because I got on a tirade that I can’t talk about here on Youtube because they’ve already dinged me once for this stuff um it’s gonna be over on my on for subscribers over on my local Betterbachelor. locals. com. I’m not trying to punish you guys you’re still gonna get the same content as always right here on.

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the people that are supporting me over on on local So think please think of it that way and for those of you that want to call me a grifter because I’m doing that please look up the term grifter. I think you’ve got it wrong and hey, you know what I do someday want to get off Youtube and so it is what it is I’m not going to mention this before every video. I’m just really pushing my mybetterbachelor. locals. com hard because Youtube is is coming down on me and I don’t know how long I’m going to be here.

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myself all right moving on so what did she do. first let’s do our one single loss of the day loss for the woman good on the man and then we’ll get right into the story and then We’ll talk about our dating profile for the day loss of the day from Sharon Godwin. She says after two months of talking. I told this guy yesterday that I wasn’t ready for a relationship and he responded with it’s been great hope you have a good one and then he blocked me no effort no pressure applied I’m devastated. Now here’s the thing number one after two months of talking dude you’re wasting your breath like it should be if you’re gonna talk back and forth a little bit and go in for a date go for it um you know that’s just chatting away you become her BFf and you’re you’re something to do.

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While Shes Bored For The Day

and that’s how she’s going to use you. She may have just put you in the friend zone so get to it. You pass a couple of messages ask her out if you’re going to ask her out don’t waste your time, but he did the right thing. He said she said I’m not ready for a relationship. He wanted a relationship and he said hey it’s been great and he bailed and then blocked her and no effort No pressure see women want they say I don’t.

Want To Be Pressured.

I don’t want to be pushed. I don’t want men to continue to chase me and so guys are learning and they say okay you don’t want a relationship. I’m out well she’s devastated hey there is no more chasing. There is no more of doing the dance.

Guys Are Just Done With This Stuff And

and that’s that so you get what you deserve sorry to hear that guys um do keep this in mind that I would suggest at least the way everything’s going today. It’s a good idea to be casual. It’s a good idea hey if you want a day even long-term casual. I’m okay with that no cohabitation no marriage that’s going to get you in trouble with somebody. But if you meet a woman that does the easy thing she just wants the hook up culture and you’re looking for.

Real Dont Even Dont Even Mess

with it because that’s the type of girl that says Hey, you know what this guy did this and and i’m gonna report him for that and you get yourself in trouble. So good on this guy for bailing on her and hey ladies you get what you you get what you ask for okay so this is the main story again if you hear lots of audio drop out if you see some some cuts please understand. I have to do so for Youtube. It is what it is who is Tina Gonzalez depraved prison guard who cut the hole in her pants to have sex with an inmate gets jail time now she’s 26 years old. Tina Gonzalez, 26 was arrested last year following an investigation prompted by a tip that she was having intercourse with a male invade inmate and even.

Provided Him With A Cell Phone

a California corrections officer, Why is it always California or Florida or Germany? A lot of these weird teacher and correction officer stories are coming out of very liberal states. Shall we say a California corrections officer who had sex with an inmate has been sentenced to serve 210 days in jail, so not even a year for a a prison guard giving an inmate contraband and other items including her. The sentence was delivered on Tuesday by judge Michael Eidar in Fresno County. Following testimony by the prison guard’s former boss Tina Gonzalez 26, who worked as a corrections officer from 2016 to 2019 was arrested on May first last year after an investigation by the sheriff’s office of Vice unit and the Department‘s Internal Affairs Division. The probe was prompted by a tip in December 2019 that she was having sex.

With One Of The Male Inmates

and also provided him with a cell phone. She cut a hole in her uniform to have sex with the inmate in front of other inmates. Investigators found this the phone During a search of the inmates, Cell and Gonzales quit the sheriff’s office after being interviewed by detectives Gonzalez pleaded no contest to a felony count of activity by a detention facility employee with consenting confined adult a felony count of possession or drugs of alcoholic beverage in a jail facility and a misdemeanor count of possession of cellular device with intent to deliver to an inmate. According to assistant district attorney Steve Wright, okay let’s pause here for a minute, so she had a felony count of sexual activity. She had a felony count of possession of drugs and alcoholic beverage and a misdemeanor count of possession of cellular device which she.

Gave To An Inmate, Two Felonies

and a misdemeanor, and she got less than a year less than a year in the same token, she you’ll you’ll hear a little bit more, but she did this activity in front of 11 or 12 other prisoners. I’m sorry but at this point you basically sound like a dog like a in heat that is just literally sticking your ass up in the air to get to get whatever male. I don’t know insertion that you can and she’s 26 and again you know you can say what you want to say. But if this girl went out to a bar now again. I I don’t know what she looks like without makeup but with makeup.

If You Went Out To A

bar and saw this girl you’d be like yeah, She’s she’s pretty good looking like she’d have no problems hooking. up with anybody but again it’s the bad boy. It’s the forbidden fruit and she just decided to go for it. So she cut a hole in her pants probably along the seam in her crotch, so I guess she could maybe either hook up with a dude quickly or back up to the bars. I I just I just picture her like bending over backing her eyes up against the bars and the prisoner haven’t had it until he gets off because there’s no victims in in prisons.

Its Not Like Shes Now Maybe Shes

on birth control or something but the whole point is this. This prisoner’s going raw dog in her and dropping in in her and and he’s just a prisoner. She’s a guard now here’s the part that it starts getting pretty bad. According to Gonzalez’s, former boss assistant sheriff Steve Mccomas Gonzalez not only. had sex with the inmate and provided him with a cell phone, but also gave him razor Blades, a potential weapon behind bars and warned him about future cell inspections by officers.

Mccomas Added That Gonzales Cut A

hole in her uniform to make it easier to have intercourse with the inmate and her actions were witnessed by 11 other inmates. So here’s the thing she could have really potentially been nabbed and hit with a felony for giving him a a razor, which is also a weapon. I mean how depraved is this and again. This is the bad boy. This is the bad boy she they can’t help themselves.

Sometimes Now Heres Um They Continue On

cutting a hole in your pants to make it easier to have sex with an inmate and having intercourse and full view of 11 other inmates is somehow is something only a depraved mind could come up with Mccoma said that’s why I I feel like she was acting like a in heat just just backing it up and like just pump and dump baby just go for it. Gonzalez’s attorney Martin Tales claimed her marriage was falling apart when she committed the acts. It was never her intention to bring any harm or danger to the employees in the jail or anyone else in the jail says Taliznick for bringing him a cell phone and bringing him drugs and bringing him alcohol and basically him in front of 11 other prisoners and I mean the razor could have been used as a weapon. I’ll just finish reading this and then we’re going to talk about it what you did was terrible stupid and you have ruined your career. Judge Idart told Gonzalez in court, but I also believe that people can redeem themselves and you have the rest of your life to do that she faced a maximum of three years and eight months, and she got basically 16 months.

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She Didnt Even Get That She Got 200

and what I say 40 days 70 days, so she got basically two-thirds of a. For this now number one. All the reasons I just mentioned before why this is a very big problem. Number two.

She Was Married And The The Lawyer For

her used the excuse that she was going through a tough time in a marriage. Now listen a tough time in the marriage still means she was married. This probably also means that I bet her husband was probably trying to work on it with her because we know.


Joker is going to post the unedited video where I use all the fun words and instead of using my fun words here.& I’m just going to edit them out. I’m not trying to punish you guys you’re still gonna get the same content as always right here on.& Youtube.com. Joker: “For those of you that want to call me a grifter because I’m doing that please look up the term grifter. I think you’ve got it wrong and hey, you know what I do someday want to get off Youtube and so it is what it is” Joker says he’s not going to mention this before every video. “I’m just giving a little extra to the people that are supporting me over on on local.& YouTube, I am just really pushing my mybetterbachelor.&locals.& Locals.com.” Joker’s new video will be unedited and the full unedited stuff and if you want the full…. Click here to read more and watch the full video