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So Youre Looking To Buy An Aka And

you’re trying to find one that won’t explode well sit the bleep down, what is up you sexy jutsu mother lovers Today we’re going over something that has probably hit my UK at least one to two times a day. So I figured I’d go over here what to look for in buying an ache a specially your first ache a. There are plenty of resources out there already about what to look for in basic Ache a starter a case stuff like that, but I still get this question probably at least at least multiple times a day and comments in direct messages on pretty much every social social media platform that I have so it’s something I figured it would be good to address in a video that way I have a resource to share with you guys and if you see the video. Then you know maybe hopefully this clear some stuff up for you because there is no shortage of new guys. The a.

K Platform Whether Theyre Uk Guys Coming Over.

There are guys that are just now of a K buying age that are going out looking for their first firearm. There’s a lot of guys out there that are looking for this information and we. Don’t want them to end up with basically If we don’t want them to end up with a really badly built a K or an aka that was built bad parts or fails headspace or something like that So this is more or less a guide on how to avoid Aks and where to buy them Now I’m not gonna be talking about brands. In this video I figure that’s a really great way to attract the attention of certain lawyers at certain companies that really look to litigate as well as I have a conflict of interest.

Obviously You Know We Sell Our Own

a case here. So I don’t want to get into brands which brands are good, which brands are bad. Instead, I’m just gonna go over general concepts and if you fit the bill you fit the bill the one we will be using today is kind of hailed as the king of lower end Aks kind of on the budget end. This is an old-school loss or 10. I just haven’t had one of the shops.

So This Is What Were Going To Be

using when I’m talking about different things and demonstrating a couple of points. So I think I’ve rambled enough let’s get right into the video. The first thing we’re gonna be talking about in today. ‘s video is cast trunnions yes the boogieman of every ache a form they’re cast trunnions. I have a whole video about this that the Lance is going to be putting up in the corner of the screen.

That Was A Video That Was A Lot

of fun but it’s kind. An introduction into what cast Ron Ian’s are This is a trunnion so this is the area of the a. k that holds the barrel to the receiver. It’s riveted in place and it also houses the locking lugs, so it’s going to be this piece of the ek you can barely see it so you open up the action but very important piece because this is the as made famous by the 3d print video that we did this houses the splode UK bits so this contains the explosion of the cartridge. When the bullets flying out the barrel.

Theres A Lot Of Pressure Between The

bolt and the trunnion. Because that is where the lockout happens so if this is made out of poorly cast metal. It’s not so good for the integrity of the firearm or for the safety of your fingers and or other appendages. I don’t. know how you operate guns? A lot of the Us-made Aks have cast Runyon’s.

The Reason For This Is That

it is infinitesimally cheaper. There’s your scrap board for the day infinitesimally cheaper to do it that way, especially compared to the way that the surplus the con black factories used to do it, which was high-quality forgings those are a lot more expensive. It’s not something that we do as much here in the States for the Aks I’m afraid but a lot of the surplus stuff will be forged front trunnions the rear Trinian’s don’t matter nearly as much that’s really just to take the recoil bleep to house the recoil spring and to hold the stock. Those things are all super important, but not quite as important as holding up to the pressure of a 7. 62 39, while it’s going off kind of a big deal that.

Intact So What Youre Really Going To Be

looking for is if the trunnions are cast or are they forged? A lot of the surplus guns are going to be forged. Runyon’s a lot of the newer like the newNK] guns. For example, just an example those are all forged now you’re going to be wanting to look for forged Trunnion that’s not the only thing you should be looking for but that’s pretty damn important and if you are looking for an example of a gun that has gone pretty badly just look up cast trunnion catastrophic failure A que on Google and I go to images and you will find some nice examples of why you should not be buying some of the lower end guns that are being pushed pretty hard in gun stores so like I said not talking about brand name right now but. But the answers are there if you have the will to Google them second thing This one is more about the build quality Ribbit’s Ribbit’s are important. They are these little beady beauties on the side of an ache a hold the whole gun together, so the receivers on a neikei and lower receiver.

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There Is Just The Receiver.

The receiver is a stamped piece of usually one millimeter thick sheet metal that is held to all the important components of the gun like the trigger guard the front running the rear trunnion by rivets six in the front trunnion and anywhere between two long rivets and one long rivet two short rivets in the rear front. So when we’re judging the quality of rivets. We were looking for a nice even press. We are looking for flat rivets that don’t have any air gap between them if you can.

Fit A Fingernail Up Under The

rivet or if you can hold it up and see look daylight under the rivet that is a poorly pressed rivet. You just want to make sure that if you’re buying something even if it’s a surplus kit. Let’s say you’ve identified okay we have a surplus Ak74 with a nodaks bud receiver that could have been a homebuilder that is building his first a. k and doesn’t really know how to rivet super well and slaps the kit together and you see that it’s surplus on a nodaks bud you’re like oh great great it’s a good quality. Okay you might want to double check because if it is one of those the rivets could be cockeyed it could be kind of slanted.

Ive Seen Some Pretty Fucked-Up Rivets In

my time and just go on go on Google Images again Google Images can. Your friend? It also be even worse than me you’re not careful, but this one should be fairly basic just don’t get suckered into a k’ that has some pretty wonky looking rivets because I can for obvious reasons on the front trunnion that’s pretty bad. Considering like said that’s what’s floaty bits are on the rear trunnion it could be a dead giveaway that the gun is horrific Lee over gasped if it’s beating the rear trunnion out and that’s obviously bad for the integrity of the gun and the safety of the shooter long term so that’s something to look out for third. On the third on the list is the canted sight problem that is so common in a lot of complaints about Aks, especially people that were buying a case a long time ago. Early import washers and a couple other things were particularly well known.

For Their Canted Sight Problem Thankfully With

better tooling and things. It’s not so much of an issue these days, but it can still happen so what a candid sight is. It’s where you have three barrel components on the a Kay. You have the rear sight block more or less though the Preston pin. Once you have the rear sight block, you have the gas block and you have the front sight block Now.

These Are Pressed On To The Barrel

if they’re not pressed on a hundred percent straight. You can have a rear sight block that’s sitting this way slightly in a front sight block that is sitting this way or whatever and you know you can correct that to some degree with the front sight block drum the drum sight here that can be pressed. You know left to right and kind of adjusted for but. Some of those got really bad. I mean like they got really bad so that’s a pretty easy one to look for just look down the gun and kind of especially hold it back a bit and you can see I can actually see on this gun the front sight block is canted a little bit to the left.

This Is An Older Wasser So Thats

not ultimately surprising. It is canted very slightly to the left that’s not really a huge deal honestly, especially for a lot of guys They want to run optics on the Ray case. Now they won’t want to run an Alta MAc or an UK regulate on the on the side mount not a huge deal it can be corrected on but if you have especially if you have really bad UK it is something to look out now another tip that’s pretty pertinent. For guys that are especially buying their first a que and want to have a good experience with it For aftermarket parts is knowing how interchangeable things like the stock and hand guards are a lot of the Yugo guns are pushed pretty hard because they’re you know they’re still made in this estaba factory and they’re they’re fairly they’re well-made guns and they’re a pretty low price point for what you get.

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However, A Lot Of Guys Get Bamboozled

by the Yugo pattern stocks with the Yugo stock bolts and the very particular way that they have set up their hand guards. There’s not as much interchangeability with normal a kei aftermarket parts as a risk on pretty much anything else same goes for a lot of milled guns. A Lot of milled guns have that double tang in the rear and people get kind of off put when they’re normal A K-style stock won’t fit on there’s the A K is kind of known for needing a lot of custom fitment. I think that’s probably a reputation that it doesn’t deserve.

I Think A Lot Of People

just buy certain brands of a K and they get really irritated when standard aftermarket parts. Don’t work. This is a problem that’s really easily avoidable if you just know what you’re buying ahead of time and ask the whole be afraid of asking or don’t be afraid of googling what the interchangeability is on the parts so if you want to be able to take I think most standard a case the the a cave you should be buying for your first rifle should be able to take any aftermarket.


This is more or less a guide on how to avoid Aks and where to buy them . The one we will be using today is hailed as the king of lower end Aks kind of on the budget end . This is an old-school loss or 10.& I just haven’t had one of the shops. I’m not gonna be talking about brands. Instead, I’m just gonna go over general concepts and if you fit the bill you fit it the bill . The video is a great way to attract the attention of certain lawyers at certain companies that really look to litigate as well as I have a conflict of interest. I don’t want to get into brands that brands are good, which brands are bad. Instead of getting into brands which brands were good, but instead of getting in with the ones that are good. The one that we will use today is the one we are using is kind of low end A.& This is the ones we are kind of hairdo…. Click here to read more and watch the full video