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Even prior to the release of the Snyder Cut Warner Media preemptively stated that they had no intention of continuing the Snyder verse and in the process they label those who wanted it in the first place as reprehensible, albeit in a roundabout way. We’ve previously covered how the flash will be the final send-off for Ben Affleck‘s Batman and with the flash now filming that appears to be all she wrote for the Snyder verse, but is it really though and what do warner plan on replacing it with we just might have the answer to that as new information has come to light about the plans going forward and how JJ Abrams production company bad robot fits in with them. In this video we will begin by briefly repeating the factions involved in deciding the future of DC on film and what. Future will look like if the powers that be at Warner Media get their way the cold Civil war Behind the scenes at Lucasfilm may be bad but behind the scenes at DC on film there is mayhem behind that Mayhem are two primary factions which we choose to call the Snyder verse faction and the establishment faction.

The Establishment Faction Are Just That

the members of the Hollywood elite who happen to be working for Warner Media. One notable example here is CeO Ann Sarnoff, a member of the proverbial Hollywood royalty who, by way of marriage is associated with David the general Sarnoff, the original founder of both NBc and RKo Radio Pictures. Among the establishment factions ranks are a number of otherwise highly skilled film producers, yet not a single one of them understands comics comic book movies or their audience. They have plenty of comic book. professionals to turn to Jeff John’s being a notable example, but as it turned out neither he nor anyone else.

Theyve Turned To Have Successfully Managed

to apply their comic book knowledge to the big screen. Take note of this apparent lack of understanding of the DC source material as it will be important. Later on the establishment faction. Then are the very same ones who told Snyder what to do enabled his more questionable decisions, but then turned on him and over-corrected. When the audience disapproved of the direction taken a direction.

They Were Ultimately Themselves Responsible For Beyond Snyder.

The executives in the establishment faction were reportedly the ones who fought actively against Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker until the budget was cut by so much that there was no way it could lose money. They are the ones who mandated robber patents and be batman even. Director Matt Reeves is rumored to have preferred Nicholas Holt and they are the ones who intended to bury the Snyder cut forever for the simple reason that it exposed their own mismanagement and having made the whedon cut in the first place from what we have been told the people in the establishment faction are against the continued Snyder verse in no small part because of ego their view is allegedly that it is their job to create whatever content they deem fit and it is the audience’s job to get excited for and consume that content. Examples of their content include birds of prey and Wonder Woman 1984.

Following From That It Is Reportedly

also their view that the audience do not get to demand what kind of content Hollywood should be making. From this perspective the audience having the audacity to demand a continued Snyder verse is. in and of its own reason enough to end it opposing them is the Schneiderverse faction, which first and foremost consists of high-ranking members of Warner Media’s corporate owner at t. It should however, be emphasized that they have no vested interest in the Snyder verse beyond there being a proven extent audience who are eager to pay for more of it. By contrast, there is no proven audience for what the establishment faction is planning on doing only the assumption that one will spring into existence responding to the audience demand for the Snyder cut.

It Was The Snyder Vs Faction Who

mandated the Snyder cut be finished and released in the first place not as a favorite to the fans, but as a means to make the built-in Snyder cut audience become paying subscribers of HBo Max from our good friend and journalist Mikey Sutton of Gegacity magazine. heard that att head Honcho Jason Keller reportedly is very happy about how the Snyder cut has performed especially in light of it already being profitable due to international pre-sales. However, we have also been told that they don’t want to rock the boat any more than they already have done and so they are letting the establishment faction have their way. For now let us explore what that means by looking into what may be the establishment faction’s vision for the future of DC on film. The first one to hint at what the establishment faction wanted for DC going forward was warner media’s Ann Sarnoff herself, who spoke out in a March 22nd commission piece in variety as we go through what she said remember the rule of thumb in decoding official statements everything before the but is spin everything after is reflective of actual intent.

Were Always Going To Listen To Our Fans,

but we are in service of the broadest fan base and we owe them an integrated holistic strategy. We are the shepherds of the franchise and hopefully when the fans see what we’ve got in store, they’ll know that DC is in good hands across many different platforms with many different creators. In other words, Sarnoff states that they are firmly in charge and you will come to appreciate what they are doing about the fans. Sarnoff said we want DC to be a phantom that feels safe and inclusive. We want people to be able to speak up for things they love, but we don’t want it to be a culture of cancelling things that any small faction isn’t happy with we are not about that we are about positivity and celebration unless of course, fans are positive towards a continued Snyder.

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Verse Or Seeing The Error Cut

of suicide squad, both of which were promptly cancelled in this very same article, Variety then asked the question looking at the DC slate. There seems to be an emphasis on creating opportunities for diverse creators and characters. You’ve got a Latino superhero movie with Blue Beetle. Sasha Collier, becoming the first Latinx actress to portray Supergirl and Tanahisi Coats writing a superman movie. Is there a concerted effort to take the brand in a more inclusive direction to which Sarnoff replied.

Its Super Important To Me And Its

in line with what we want to do we want to branch out and let creators interpret parts of the universe in unique and special ways. Tanahishi working on Superman is incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. In a March 26 scoop, Mikey Sutton of Geekosity magazine added a bit more detail to what Sarnoff hinted at saying they want to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks the thought process seems to be. If you don’t like our man, you might enjoy JJ Abram’s, Superman, Reboot or Blue Beetle remember what we said before about the establishment faction not understanding comic books, comic book movies or their audience.

This Is Where That Becomes Relevant

The Gegacity scoop continued by doing it. This way, water executives won’t need prior knowledge of the comic books. They will simply look at each project individually and make a decision regarding their commercial potential. Simply based on that sources said that their desire is to offer diverse product that’s not always quite true to their comic book roots. The comics will simply provide ideas that they can turn into.

Something Different Tweak It To Reflect The Times

in a more recent April 21st scoop small screen’s Edward Louder was able to provide an additional perspective answering the question why the higher-ups at Warner media are so desperately trying to move away from the Snyder verse and Zack Snyder. The article said well the answer is two-fold. It has to do with money and wanting to adopt a new formula when it comes to their DC comics movies The fact of the matter is Warner Brothers Pictures is struggling financially. The pandemic hit the studio harder than the rest and Warner Brothers is now looking at Walter Hamada, the president of DC films to help them make movies for less money that end up bringing more cash in this is why he was hired in the first place. Hamada made a name for himself for being able to make films.

Tight Budget That Ended Up Making

a lot of money. He was at New Line cinema before taking the DC films gig and while he was there, he was responsible for their very profitable horror films, The conjuring Annabelle, The conjuring 2 Lights out Annabelle Creation The Nun. These were all films. He executive produced and they made new line cinema a lot of money and cost them pretty little. A pretty well placed source revealed to louder that Walter’s plan for DC films is to keep money tight and to get bad robot to do most of the work.

Small Screen Source Then Added That Walter And

bad robot’s plan is to follow the marvel formula for future DC movies, in other words, make them more connected with movies, which will then spin off into Tv shows on HBo Max. The Source then went a step further by mentioning. Some of the properties that Hamada and Bad Robot are thinking of making these include Zatanna Blackhawk, The Spectre the question Mr. Miracle and Midnighter, the really big one for Bad Robot and Hamada though is Justice League Dark The one starring John Constantine Reimagined as a Riz Ahmed type. This series would connect with Tanahisi Coates Reimagined Black Superman and that’s where the Marvel formula comes in small screen Source then Reiterated that Hamada‘s aim was to keep the cost for all these movies and Tv shows to a minimum as money is a huge issue for Warner Brothers pictures at the moment this was said to factor into Warner media’s decision to end the Snyder verse as Zack Snyder movies are not cheap to make.

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While This Is Not In Small

screen’s article we at midnight’s edge would like to interject that if Hamada and his peers at. Warner Media think that Bad Robot productions are any cheaper to make than Snyder productions they might be in for a rude awakening while cost cutting may be part of the story. There is more to it as Snyder level amounts will be spent on select movies going forward even without Snyder at the helm. What is in the article though is that att can take things in a different direction at any time att are taking a hands-off approach, but only to a point.

There Have Been Rumors Of An

HBo Max Batman series starring Ben Affleck and if they decide to move forward with that there is nothing Warner media can do to stop it. This is true for any Snyder-verse continuation. Another power player behind the scenes is the Rock himself. Dwayne Johnson in his corner is his agent and ex-wife Danny Garcia and the Rock’s friend.

Other Client, Henry Cavill Dwayne Johnsons

Black Atom will be a big deal in theatrical DC films going forward, which is the purview of the establishment faction. However, the Rock wants to square off against Superman and not just any Superman, but Henry Cavill, Superman of the Snyderverse. This then will make team.


Warner Media has been heavily involved in deciding the future of DC on film . The Snyder verse faction and the establishment faction are just that the members of the Hollywood elite who happen to be working for Warner Media . The establishment faction is a number of otherwise highly skilled film producers, yet not a single one of them understands comics comic book movies or their audience . This video is sponsored by SquareSpace.com . We’ve previously covered how the flash will be the final send-off for Ben Affleck’s Batman and with the flash now filming that appears to be all she wrote for the Snyder verse, but is it really though and what do warner plan on replacing it with we just might have the answer to that we just may have to that as new information has come to light about the plans going forward and how JJ Abrams production company bad robot fits in with them . We will begin by briefly repeating the factions involved in this video we will begin to discuss how the future will look like if the powers that be…. Click here to read more and watch the full video