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Today, A Judge Orders The Doj To

prepare a redacted version of the Mar-a-lago affidavit record numbers of fentanyl pouring across our southern border and New York Fashion week of course celebrates a 10-year-old trans model. Oh my God I’m so excited we’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters happy friday. I am Sarah Gonzalez joined by of course Blaze Tv contributor Alex Stein also host of the conspiracy. I have to say something I have to say something I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life last week. I want to say this to everybody out there.

I Said That I Said That Hillary Was

better redheads more than big booty Latinas and I feel so guilty and I just want to apologize and I got you a dozen. So you know that you are my favorite big Buddha Tina and I love you more than Hillary more than everybody and that I don’t feel. I feel incredibly guilty and so I just wanted to apologize okay anytime you get a woman flowers they have to forgive you that’s the law there you go do you heard it here first that’s a contract sign that clip that yeah okay okay well that’s very sweet Alex Sarah. This is a big honor. Okay you’re competing here.

I Know If Aoc If Youre Watching

this turn it off turn off the channel right now Oh wait have you learned nothing okay Yeah more power Savannah hernandez. Of course you see here joining us on the program. I would tell you to follow her, but she’s banned basically everywhere but not instagram Yeah Youtube Yes yeah yeah um but doing tremendous work. Since she has sadly left us as an independent investigative journalist which I’m very excited to talk to you about all of the stuff that you have been uncovering at the southern border. It’s insane so we’ll get into that Later on in the program I want to talk about so yesterday a judge.

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We Knew That This Was Coming.

They had a hearing that was for whether or not they were going to release the Mar-a-lago search Affidavit. Of course, they released the some documents that pertained to that but not the affidavit which Trump was constantly like release the affidavit release The affidavit the American people need to see it and so. The Justice Department has now been ordered since this hearing yesterday to redact the affidavit used to obtain the warrant to search Mar-a-lago in such a way as to not jeopardize the investigation in. week that the document can be unsealed so this is judge Bruce Reinhardt, which I’m sure you guys know has connections to.

Of Course Jeffrey Epstein, Which Is Always Really

fun to hear about it’s like it’s like um it’s like Kevin Bacon, but worse it’s like from Jeffrey Epstein. He likes his ice cream and whiskey. You know that picture of him of Reinhardt with his ice cream and whiskey. It’s just very cringe and then they made an edited meme where it looked like Elaine Maxwell was massaging judge Reinhardt’s feet and then they put it on Fox News because Fox News didn’t know that it was a fake photo Yeah Yeah you didn’t feel that no. It was a viral story, but it was an obvious I love.

When The Mainstream Media Does Not Understand Memes,

and they think that it’s real did you guys see we’re. getting totally off track already, but it’s friday so deal with it The the picture of trump that they took from the golf course where like they clearly very much aged him, and he I mean he looked like a completely different person and then there had to be a usa today fact check that no actually that wasn’t a real picture of trump. He didn’t look like he was you know his skin was falling off that wasn’t real as it turns out you know I do that to liberals on my thumbnails whenever I make them for Youtube. It’s like clarity a hundred percent opacity all the way up make sure we can see every single pore. I want you to look as ugly as possible.

You Know Why They Do It To

you you know they did that well. They did it to trump they always made. them look more orange Yes that’s what I’m saying yeah like they they don’t hesitate to do it to you. So we’re just fighting fire with fire that’s his natural skin tone though Alex it is orange they have like natural extra orange Cleveland Browns orange yeah um so the order from judge Bruce Reinhardt charted a middle ground between of course the Justice department was their motion was to oppose any unsealing of part of the affidavit and of course calls from as i mentioned earlier, Donald Trump to release the affidavit you know it’s just interesting. I talked about this earlier on in the week.

Its Interesting To Hear This Because

we know what we know in hindsight of Donald Trump going on and saying they were spying on me. They were spying on my campaign. They were you know they had these things tapped they were. They were doing all of these things? The Russia Collusion is a hoax. He’s saying all these things that in the the midst of all of it all of the left all of the you know all of these alphabet agencies in the in the government they say um he’s a conspiracy theorist what we’re spying on Obama can’t.

You Know The Obama Administration Was

spying on him please that wasn’t happening that’s crazy talk and then of course all of a sudden a year. Two years later. You always find out that that was in fact true. They tried to accuse him of russia that ended up being a ton of taxpayer dollars wasted in two years of our lives wasted for them to say just kidding never mind we actually don’t have any information suggesting this so it does like it’s like why would Donald Trump suggest hey. This was wrong release the affidavit release the affidavit if he knew that releasing the affidavit would somehow hurt him, but we’re supposed to believe that he’s crazy and you know there was nothing wrong with what the FBi did they’re just trying to what save democracy.

I Guess Im Not Quite Sure Well.

I think it’s pretty obvious that you know they talk about Q anon, which is crazy, which it is crazy, but I think blue anon this you know liberal anonymous conspiracy Theorist is even crazier because you know you talk about the Russian collusion. It was a coordinated attack to take Donald Trump out that was an actual coup and so what’s happening now With this Mar-a-lago investigation for me it just looks like the third impeachment and I don’t know if it’ll work we will see but just like Roe versus Wade rallied the troops. left to you know get more politically involved. This is just going to rally the right to get people more politically involved.

So I Think Its Going To Be Its

going to backfire So I want to savannah. I want to hear from you, but I want to um. I want to also throw in here. The the the cup basically the cover sheet of the affidavit that was able to be unsealed. If you will they talk about three possible offenses.

One Is Willful Retention Of National Defense

information. One is concealment or removal of government records, and then the third is obstruction of a federal investigation. It’s just interesting because we kept hearing from the left that he had nuclear codes that he was you know he’s trying to like it’s awesome. It’s absolutely ridiculous and you know you’re reading this story to me you’re talking to me. about these fake points that they came up with just like they came up with all of these other investigations.

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You Know Again Russian Collusion I

was even looking into because again there’s so much corrosion in trust for the federal government for the FBi the Cia the doj take your pick with that and you know I’m looking back at all the things that the feds try to pin on trump and it’s so ridiculous because there was actually an ex-fbi lawyer that made up these fake claims to basically investigate Trump via the Russian collusion thing do you think that that ex-fbi lawyer ever saw any prison time No and then we saw the whole Gretchen Whitmer plot that’s back in the news as well, but everybody of course is focused in on Donald Trump getting raided some new again like Alex said third impeachment it’s absolutely ridiculous. be quite honest with you, Sarah It’s like I Don’t even want to keep up with this stuff because it’s all fake and we already know it’s fake and it’s pointless to even focus in on this and again it’s just the political persecution of Donald Trump, so he can’t run in 2024. So obviously it’s a big thing, but it’s just such lies in Bs and I’m just so tired of hearing about it. It’s like why can’t we just have a real normal society again like we really need to take our country back and just stop at this corruption honestly. I don’t want to make 1.

0 Investigation To Bill Clinton Being On The Lolita

Express 26 times with no secret service or hunter biden so come on. There’s a lot of bigger fish to fry, but Donald Trump is their biggest threat. Yeah I mean it is. interesting because you know you talk about um how much they’ve politically persecuted The January 6th. Non-non-violent January 6th political prisoners and I mean a lot of these people.

They Still Theyre Not Getting Their Due Process.

They’re not getting to speak to their attorneys. The way that they should they’re in solitary confinement. I mean these people are being politically persecuted but you know the Fbi is focused more on I guess persecuting people if they’ve ever worn a red hat rather than alex as you pointed out hunter biden. I mean we’ve listen.

Ive Seen Way More Of Hunter Biden Than

I ever wanted to see than I ever. I wanted than I ever imagined that I would see I’ve seen all of it and does he have monkey Pox right now maybe I don’t know we’ll probably see a video later on that he does because. It all right is the most transparent part about Joe Biden’s administration to be quite honest yeah that’s the only transparency we’ve seen out of this administration. I mean it’s like how do you come back from this as savannah, you mentioned the the corrosion.

The Erosion Of The American Peoples Trust In

the I don’t think it’s even just the FBi. I think it’s all of them the Cia the doj all of it but there’s a new poll that just came out yesterday that says 53 percent of voters now agree with the statement. There is a quote group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBi, who are using the FBi as Joe Biden’s personal gestapo. I mean that that’s can we just that language.

There Is Very Thats Very Intentional And Its

very strong Joe Biden’s Gestapo. This is talking about the secret police of. Nazi Germany and 53 of voters are now saying, yep! I agree with that statement that’s huge.


A judge orders the Doj to prepare a redacted version of the Mar-a-lago affidavit . Record numbers of fentanyl pouring across our southern border . New York Fashion week celebrates a 10-year-old trans model . Alex Stein and Savannah Hernandez join us on the program to talk about all of the stuff that you have been uncovering at the southern border. We’ll get into that later on in that Later on in the program I want to talk to you about so yesterday a judge. They had a hearing that was for whether or not they were going to release the Mar.a.ago search Affi.& It’s insane.& I would tell you to follow her, but she’s banned basically everywhere but not instagram. I’m very excited to talk with her. She’s banned from instagram but doing tremendous work. She has sadly left us as an independent investigative journalist which I’m very excited about the fact that she has left us…. Click here to read more and watch the full video