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White Gay Privilege So Theres An Article That Came

out today for LGBtQ plus people of color Racism also impacts how they are perceived. It is a sad reality that being part of a marginalized societal group exposes you to hate discrimination and an unequal treatment. It’s a fact well known by people in the LGBt clue plus community who experience this kind of hostility based on their gender and or sexuality. However, for people whose identities intersect multiple marginalized groups. There are more things to consider for people of color Racism also impacts how they are perceived and treated by wider society.

So People From The Lgbtq Plus

community who do not have to worry about racism as well possess white gay privilege. I think I knew white gay privilege was a thing before we had a name for it. Lady Phil, one of the founders of Uk black. Pride tells Metro code at Uk and this is just the beginning of intersectionality eating its own. I think the fact that as soon as you have intersecting hierarchies of grievance and privilege it’s no longer enough to just be gay.

You Know Douglas Murray Was Sat In That

very seat where you’re sat and he said that because he’s gay and conservative he’s basically straight now he’s an honorary straight and this I mean if no one can see that. This is the beginning of a circular firing squad where the purity spiral just continues to shave off people on the outside that are no longer sufficiently oppressed. So hang on. Oh you’re white and gay. I’m afraid that that kind of means you’re not that gay anymore friend you don’t get to have the same oppression Olympics that we do yeah no I I I’ve heard a few.

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Gay Men, White Gay Men Before

speak of things in this direction that didn’t have a term yet but and to the point of of like the the again It’s like the world of the world of bloggers, blogging at other bloggers about what they should blog about and there and and it’s it’s like a roberto snake eating it’s it’s own tail kind of thing where i’m so disconnected from that world. It’s not the world of like how to say like I I feel we’ve we’ve got so much um it’s it’s interesting like existential fear is so high in terms of like it’s so hard to make money or to get to a level. We’re comparing ourselves to people who are further and further and further away from where we are now right. We’ve got all of this chatter this noise that we’re that we’ve got to. deal with and yet we’re so not everybody but we’re so safe there’s I think of I got to go on Safari in Africa.

For Example, And With My Friend

who who like guided us literally on the ground on foot lions and tigers and bears Oh my like you’re on the ground. There’s a riot. We were tracking a rhino for a long time and then we got to this place where it was like Oh bleep it’s right on the other side of that bush. We could hear it breathing and it smelled us and it could tell something was up and you can hear it getting a little like irritated like what’s going on and when a rhino just starts running and it could easily just run in this direction and just you know he literally just has a horn. They call a group of rhinos a.

Crash Of Rhinos Because They Can Run

like 60 miles an hour and see eight feet in front of them right they’re like a group. The group of Rhinos is called a crash of rhinos. I love the names of like a flamboyance of flamingos and you know but in that space first of all your nervous system goes Oh. I remember this bleep because we’re talking millions and millions of years that’s what we’re shaped by Oh. I remember this that was clarifying it felt grounding in a strange way um teeth and horns and claws nature red and tooth and claw were so far from that not saying that like Louis Ck has this amazing bit it’s like we should let one lion loose in New York just one just one so any time you’re walking anywhere it’s like a little bit more just donating it’s a bit.

More Exciting Just Like Yeah! I Made It

this time but the the distance that we have from from what it takes to make civilization work is. I think one reason why we’re able to circle jerk as intensely as we can around who who is living in injustice Which type of gay person is the one that’s got the most oppression Yeah well. I mean the problem that you have is that only in a world that’s this convenient would you be able to lap with so many different games that you’re playing. I heard this quote the other day which is so perfect and it said the demand for racism outstrips the supply UK at the moment that’s a fascinating idea Yeah and what you think about is that the Ibrahmax candies of the world and the anti-racism trainers of the world and the people who take the social status from it Not even the people that make money you know just the people that are able to tweet about it. The people who rely on racism to give them their sense of self and position and power in the world need racism to continue so what do they do.

They Continue To Expand The Definition Of Racism

to encompass more and more and more things. I just re I just spent um some good time with a native American teacher. He’s a comanche and he’s a descendant of Quanah Parker, who is the the last chief of of the Comanches and and I like in experiences with him like I get to learn so much about like a land literally taken from people and and I connect. I I just I love learning more about that even though is actually really visceral like to learn about like the the fact that we’re really on like we really are privy or or accomplice in some way to this to like these people live with this and they keep they’re they’re still here They keep living and quantum was actually a really interesting bridge between those worlds, um between his world and and the world that that he like was coaching is people like hey man This is coming. We have to do something about this and he’s he’s like you can take.

Our Land But You Cant Take Our

medicine? You can’t take our way of life. I I definitely connect to that story. I connect to the I mean I had this coffee book When I was young of Martin Luther King and I remember in high school just learning about the civil rights and just going like like just what the hell this is and it just defined me. The this struggle this like the the that that people and that people hey that people were treated that way and then and then it just kept getting more intense the layers of it. Just the realization of how pervasive this activity of of owning people putting them to work.

The Differing Levels Of Of Who Gets Treated

in what way different classifications of people different. I still feel very strongly that we live in like a caste system. There are. different sort of casts just it just feels like I’m in the stage that I’m in we all have. I think I believe in the opportunities for upward mobility and I believe in and this might sound like a shitty bleep bearded white thing to say.

But This Theres A Kind Of A

value in accepting where I am as like this is my. This is my level. This is where I’m at in life because then because then I can like I can feed my family. I can I can do these things. I can feel the richness of it and not continually strive.

I Mean Thats Thats Yeah Thats

an interesting way to look at it that’s an inner citadel that you can retreat to as well right or a cop I’ve got to come to terms with it right, but the reason that it’s so satisfying and. So reassuring and comforting to get to is that it stops the drive It stops at least a little bit of the drive for more Yeah I’m looking for excuses to feel satisfied Yeah precisely, but again the ancient Greek word for work used to be not at leisure. Yeah like it shouldn’t be the case that you feel like your primary source of value to the world as a father of like lots of children and a husband and a creator and all of this stuff. The primary source of value to the world is whether or not you can double your income over the next five years. Yeah that’s not supposed to be the way that we’re supposed to value each other, but in a world, which is bereft of community and connection and sense of um belonging to the wider mythos of the the nation that you’re.

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In What Have You Got Yeah Well Ive

got my bank account. I’ve got my social media followers and I’ve got my watch time on Youtube. An endless possibility. Yeah and I’ve got my ability to accuse other people in my group of not being as oppressed as me Yeah and it’s just different all of that is just like I lived in Portland for 15 years and I was really sort of kind of by default in in a world somewhat like that and I’ve since just gotten so far away from it. It just does not feel like the real world at all it’s no longer a part of any conversations that I’m a part of not because my friend group is super homogeneous or anything like that just because the people that I’m with this is not what defines our our interests and our curiosities Day by.

Day Like Were Were Not Were Not Personally

motivated by it like that and and so it’s just like it’s just lost so much of its teeth. The whole culture war thing like you were saying about the vaccination stuff where it’s like all right. I kind of Don’t care a lot about what the CdC’s recommendations are like maybe forever it’s like the bayou cried Wolf isn’t it yeah if everything’s racism, then nothing’s racism if if everything is a health risk, then nothing’s a health risk yeah and after a while people only get so many chances at singing and dancing and shouting about stuff before you just start to switch off and I want stuff that’s going to be useful for our like. I literally have to make the future. I literally have to put food on the table for my kids and and my fam and.

I Literally Have People Around Me

who I care if there’s things going really bad for them like I I want them to go better so I’m looking for meaningful information and insights about where the world is going about what what opportunity is worth investing in so that 13 years from now you didn’t just double down on something that’s totally bleep evaporated intellectual laughing horseshit about yeah privilege and intersectionality. There’s this really cool thing. I learned about the other day called fire hosing with with so many competing narratives in the digital age disinformation agents.


Being part of a marginalized societal group exposes you to hate discrimination and unequal treatment . White gay privilege so there’s an article that came out today for LGBtQ plus people of color Racism also impacts how they are perceived and treated by wider society . People of color have more things to consider for people of race and gender to consider . The author says intersectionality eating its own is like a roberto snake eating it’s it’s own tail kind of of the way the world of bloggers, blogging at other bloggers about what they should blog about and there and and and it’s like the the the again . Douglas Murray was sat in that very seat where you’re sat and he said that because he’s gay and conservative he’s basically straight he’s essentially straight now he’s ‘an honorary straight’ Now it’s no longer enough to just be gay. Douglas Murray is sitting in that seat where he’s sat. He said that Douglas Murray sat in the very seat and he was sat ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video