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Now One Of The Issues In Uk

is to do with what sort of person is if you like allowed or suitable to play what sort of part. For instance, I’m on the tall side. SO in a fantasy system, should I be allowed to play a dwarf And. Another thing that leaks into the same issue is that of skin colour and race. If you like and there are some people who say that if you’re of one race, then you’re not allowed or should be discouraged from playing characters of a different race.

Because What About All The Other

players in the game. They’re going to find it difficult to believe that you are that thing because you don’t look anything like that thing. IF I’m playing tabletop and I say, Oh I’m a Lizardman because it says so on my character sheet, everyone around the table can. Just accept I’m a Lizardman. But when you do it UK if I don’t look anything like a Lizardman It’s very difficult to people to react to me as though I’m a Lizardman.


This is as you can imagine a problem. Now, I’m joined here by Raquel-I hope I got that right Raquel as you can see now Raquel is as has her own UK channel, which UK a quick plug! It’s Raquel Skellington, There you go. And. You may notice that Raquel is wearing contact lenses, and I don’t think that’s your real hair.

No, This Is Not My Real Hair At

all.. Okay, so I had no trouble at all. When I was doing this Downton Abbey UK talking to you and imagining that you were an English Rose. Yes, Oh well technically an Irish Rose.

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Oh, An Irish Rose.

Maybe an Irish potato, whatever. Whatever. Oh, okay well she was a member of the Aristocracy, that’s the thing And–Oh I see there’s fluff. There we go.

, Now I Would Say That I

had no trouble because of two UK One, I could see you’d made an effort. You’d put on the contacts. You’d put on the wig and so out of respect for the fact that you’d put in some effort to look like the character you’re supposed to portray. I felt I should respect that effort by going along with it. .

Yes And I Think That Is Definitely

part of it.. I think when when one puts effort or perhaps, um. . .

Reflects What They Want To Be

in their costume, perhaps maybe in a way almost overcompensating, I think that can help the immersion of other people, but not only for yourself.. I think what’s really important by these kind. of things is that I do all this because I love, I personally love, to do it because I’d love to look in the mirror and know that I’m somebody else. So I think it changes per individual.

Im Sorry, Im Still Fading In And Out

of my British accent. I’m Sorry. I’m American! Go on. Full British, go on. Now.

Go! Oh Full British.

Yes, of course! (posh laughter) Completely convincing, I think you’ll agree. But I think as long as you know, the player. . .

Uk It Can Be Tough To Put

those expectations on a person that they must do what I did is tough because not everybody wants to or can do what I did.-Okay. -But I think if your hearts in the right place and you try your best, everybody deserves the respect to be whatever they want. Okay, and at the other. The other point I was going to say is information.

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I Can See What Youre Supposed

to be, so I can immediately react to it. Visual Cues. I also think that’s also really important. I think when people dress up and do costume design and character design, they don’t maybe think about visual cues that could help people that aren’t going to talk to them or don’t want to talk to them or want to introduce themselves, but wanna kind of get those Cues, who they are. Like if you want to know somebody’s a soldier, right We had all these men that were wearing suits [uniforms] Okay, obviously-Lots They’re soldiers, right You know if they weren’t wearing a suit [uniform], how are you supposed to know So when you wear things that like Elf ears if you’re supposed to be, you know an elf Yeah And making them.

Visible And There Making The Visible But Not

actually being convincing because when someone wears elf ears other people don’t think UK It’s a real elf.” They just think Ah! This character represents an elf. -Yes, and I think that’s also immersing yourself, because my theory on role playing things like that is, if you you buy into it others around you will buy into it. But, there are extremists in this hobby, who would say that you should only be allowed to play characters that you are completely convincing as–That. It’s immediately obvious to all other players that you are that thing, but if you take that too it’s a logical extreme, that would mean that people could only in UK play characters who are almost exactly the same as themselves.


If you can’t do the accent absolutely perfectly, you’re not allowed to be that nationality. nationality, or whatever, so you end up playing someone who’s almost exactly like yourself, which is really rather contrary, I would say to the spirit of UK But. At the other extreme, there is this idea that anyone can play absolutely anything and even if they put in no effort and are completely unconvincing as the thing. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter that everyone else then has a really hard time buying that they are that thing and reacting to them as though they are that thing, so so those are two extremes.

Yes, Those Are The Two Extremes And

they are extremes for a reason. While, on the one end by putting in no effort doing nothing. There are games that want people to not dress up and do those things and I guess in those environments. It’s okay, but I definitely think that if you are. in a game or playing something maybe akin to a Fairweather Manor and you don’t even just just try a tiny bit, I would then say that maybe perhaps you can’t blame people if it’s a little bit difficult to believe that you’re a noble if you didn’t even try just a tiny bit, you know and on the other side saying that you can’t be it unless you look like it.

I Personally, Obviously, I Think Thats

wrong because then I can play the character that I am so I think the happy medium in between is of course trying a little, believing in yourself that you are the thing and then, because of that, showing that to all those around you for them to buy into it too. Okay, so there is there is middle ground. And personally I think both the extremes are I would say quite. definitely wrong. I can’t see how either of them is really sustainable as an argument, but amazingly, there are people having a go at sustaining those arguments.

-Yes I Have Been Told That I Couldnt Be

in elf before because I was I’m a mixed Native American woman. So I have been told that because I am not of-I’m not white-that I couldn’t be an elf and I straight up went UK about absolutely not ” and then I showed up with the best elf costume ever. Okay, of course we all know exactly what Elves are We can go we can go to an encyclopedia can’t we and say UK This is exactly what a real elf looks like. ” , it’s sort of meant to be fantasy, isn’t it guys And we’re trying to create a hobby here which is more the merrier, we’ve had. We’ve had around 200 people something they did in this one Yeah about 200 And I would say that the costume standard was pretty high here.

Pretty High, Yeah.

But there were, you know,. There were a couple of people who I thought (cringe noise) You know, sometimes a visual scene would look just so wonderful because Oh you were just in the period-all these people so well dressed-Oh the ladies in the hats and furs! The hats and furs on these ladies! They were really awesome! Really good. But, I will even say to that that even some of the dresses that I was wowing people in. .


Oh Yeah . . . I bought for $11 off the Internet, so.


. Oh Yeah. Yes, we’re not saying that you have to spend money.

You Dont Need To Spend The Moolah.

You just gotta wear it right. Yup. Okay,.


Okay, so UK make an effort and try and make it immersive for everyone-not just you. Bye everyone! Lindybeige!.


Downton Abbey’s Raquel Skellington takes on the role of Raquel in the UK . Raquel says she had no trouble because of the fact that she’d put in some effort to look like the character you’re supposed to portray . She’s joined by actress Raquel, who has her own UK channel, and says she has no trouble playing characters in UK . She says it’s difficult to people to react to her as though she’s a Lizardman because she doesn’t look anything like a character she’s playing in the game, and that’s a problem in UK because of her height, skin colour and race are also a problem . She is joined by Raquel to discuss the role she plays in the show, which is set to be shown on BBC2’s The Downtonshire Road Road Road to London tonight at 8pm on BBC One.com.com/downton . Back to Mail Online home. Back to the page you came from.uk ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video