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with a face for radio and a voice for print The other video. I put out today is about Tom Brady being married being perfect being the one of the greatest sports stars to all dark handsome all the things and his wife’s still leaving him after 45 years. If you haven’t seen that video make sure to check that one out as well because it’s literally the opposite of Leonardo Dicaprio. They’re about the same age. I think Leo’s a couple years older.

Hes 47 48 Something Like That Hes Not

exceptionally tall. He’s kind of dumpy. But he is a Hollywood star and he’s very rich so that’s what he’s got going on for him because honestly the difference between Leonardo Dicaprio and me is the money and hair and fame and acting ability, but I mean that if. You were to look at him like compared to me. I don’t think he’s a lot more attractive, but he certainly has a different lifestyle than I do so that’s why I always say to chase the the money and the fame and and not women but Leonardo Dicaprio’s beating women at their own stupid game.

Since 1999.

and what do I mean by this you know women have been coming out saying oh you know what I’m just gonna you know who cares if he’s a hard-working blue-collar guy okay. I want successful powerful tall dark handsome men and I’m gonna use them until you know. I hit the wall and it’s too late for me and then I’m gonna circle back around with my two kids from two different baby daddy and come looking for a good man that wants to support me and take care of me. me because it’s time to get serious and settle down before we get too far into it Remember stick around if you’re on locals if you’re on Youtube join me over on locals.

Im Going To Do This Story At The

end of this millionaire award-winning pop star I’m oppressed how Lizzo this I want it’s worth 12 million dollars and drives and rolls Royces and flies around on private jet and and was on stage receiving an award wants to tell everybody that they’re oppressed. I’m going to be doing that as a locals exclusive and of course, I’m going to do a dating profile of the day over. There is exclusive so make sure to join me on betterbachelor. locals. com and I appreciate your support if not just like down below that’s worth something all right so um of course, the memes have come out and I I purposely.

A Screenshot To Show You! This Has Point

six thousand or one point six thousand up votes so sixteen hundred votes to sixty-six down so this is up voted way way more, so there’s a lot of guys that are kind of like yeah. This is I I see where you’re coming from Leo. I get you man and this is a woman in a stroller or a walker that says I just turned 25 years old and he’s like sure grandma let’s get you to bed as he helps her I’m just gonna rattle through these real quick Leona. This is the toy story scene where woody’s getting thrown in the trash. Leonardo Dicaprio when his girlfriend’s turned 25.

He Says I Dont Want To

play with you anymore. Another Another one Leo the car, I’ve only got a couple more of these. Leonardo Dicaprio to his girlfriend when they turn 25. We can’t keep doing this forever. Kiddo that’s a movie shot from a movie.

I Think I Dont Know What Movie

that is and then lastly um from the sarcastic Jericho says girlfriend where’s my 21st-25th birthday gift Leonardo Dicaprio and it’s a dude giving a girl a sarcastic look and kicking her out of the car. So so Leonardo Dicaprio you know a lot of course Hollywood wants to give him a hard time of course women want to give him a hard time, but does he have the game right does he know that he’s going to play the game because these women are playing the game. You know he sees these guys like Tom brady and that hey you can have it all and. They’re still going to bounce on you fellas They’re still going to try to take half so why am I going to get emotionally invested. I just want to.

I Just Want To Have Fun Casual,

keep them fresh keep them young keep it non-serious keep it non-committed and that’s what I want in life and of course he’s. He’s looked at as the bad guy. I mean except for young guys making memes but for the uppity ups on on Twitter and everybody else and of course. These are overweight women in their late 40s that are calling him a jerk but who’s who’s got the game down. I think I think Leo understands the game if you’re going to play the game, especially if you got his money.

This Has All Been Fired Up

because Leo Dicaprio, Leonardo Dicaprio and girlfriend Camila Marone break up after four years. and she hit her 25th birthday. The ship has sailed for Leonardo Dicaprio and Camille Morone. ‘s relationship the Titanic Star 47 and the Model 25 have split after more than four years of dating sources close to the couple Tell e News they’ve reached out to raps No one’s responded. They were first seen linked in December 2012 or 2017, when the Don’t look up actor was spotted leaving her home in Los Angeles.

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Hes Playing A Little Bit Of The In

and out little brown chicken Brown cow. That same month the pair spent the holidays together in Colorado with Dicaprio’s longtime Pal toby McGuire and his two kids. Though Dicaprio typically kept their romance low profile. The two kicked up a the PDa a notch when attending Coachella at the time the actress at the time, photo showed the actress resting her head on his lap and grabbing. the back of his neck, so she’s the one that’s showing you know the public displays of affection and and showing her intent in him.

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That November A Source Told Eve That The

romance between the once. Upon a a time in Hollywood actor and Marone was getting more serious. Adding they’ve been inseparable for the last year and are crazy about one another. They’ve got to know each other’s families and love being together. Later that year.

Marone Addressed Backlash Surrounding Her And Dicaprios

age gap telling Los Angeles times in December 2019. There’s so many relationships in Hollywood and and in the history of the world where people have large age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date who who excuse me who they want to date yeah exactly and and so she’s okay with it obviously they grilled her about it she’s like look. I don’t care I mean look at him. He’s mildly attractive and with a sexy dad bot, but also he’s worth millions of dollars and very popular and I get the news my photo taken a lot more which may ultimately help my career and what’s interesting.

What Is Interesting About This And

maybe you guys can answer down below which one you think it is. I should put up a poll or something but do you think she’s into Leonardo Dicaprio because let me pull up these photos here again is she into him because of his looks is she into him because of his career his power his money, what what he what he can buy her and and give to her Because you know some of these actresses do have quite a bit of money or is she into him maybe because he can get her name. in the news more and get her to be a little bit more well-known or is she hoping? She’s the guy that gets to land him and she gets to become part of his life and she’s the one. All the other girls didn’t have a chance but I’m gonna get him or maybe are they thinking baby trap. I’ll be interested to know what you guys think because the women keep lining up for him even though they know the sand is in the hourglass.

However, And Dicaprio Did Not Let

the criticism deter their love They were in the oscars together and then at the U.s opened in 2021 and they were out enjoying fourth of July festivities. I wonder what her birthday is. I wonder if it’s like ding happy birthday to you as he’s escorting her out the door handing her the cake happy birthday okay. out the candles click click you know what I’m saying she’s standing there on the front of the of the house at the driveway.

Candles Still Burning 25 Of Them On

a birthday cake and he’s like bye. I’d be it’s. I wonder how close that’s going to that and this is a graph. I know it’s kind of blurry for you guys so I’m just going to read it, but you know this is Leon de Leonardo’s dating history starting back in 99 and the ages of his girlfriend and he dates a girl. It goes up and then he starts over and it goes up and it starts over and it’s now.

Some Of These Are Only Some

of these are four or five years. He starts when they’re 20 and they go until they’re 25. when one started at 18 and went to 25 the next 20. to 25 and then he had a one year with a 23-year old, one year with a 22-year-old, two years 20 and 21 and then a 25 one year with a 25-year-old, 24 25 and then four or five years with a 21-to 25 years old.

So Four Years And And I Went And

and but here’s and here so here’s his age and here’s the age range he dates it’s not changing for him so you can say well you know but guys like younger women and at 47 let’s be honest. He could be with a 25-year-old or 35-year old, and she’s still considerably younger than him, but he knows his value. He knows the game and he’s beating the women at their own games because they they want to chase the money and the power and whatever he’s. Like I want it fresh and fit man Leo’s ladies Leonardo Dicaprio girlfriend list I just wanted to go down through this to show you these girls so this is him starting out at the age of 1996 with model girlfriend Kristen Zhang.

So He Started Off With A

model and then he went to a Gisele Bundchen so now if you watch remember now remember the other story. I’m doing today, which is Tom Brady and Giselle Bunchen getting divorced well guess who slide slid in her DMs and her panties. Long before Tom Brady did so he Leonardo Dicaprio got to have the same fun that Tom Brady did but without the hassle in the home and her getting yelling at him and trapping him and then eventually leaving him and all the other drama. He just got the fun of Gisele Bunchen and then he’s like here.

You Go Tom Brady Good Luck

to you man see ya and he moved on and he he was with her at You know the young young age when she was wait for it. She dated Leo for six years until she was 25. so Leo wore.


Joker: Leonardo Dicaprio’s beating women at their own stupid game . Joker says he wants successful powerful powerful tall dark handsome men and I’m gonna use them until you know.& I hit the wall and it’s too late for me and then I’ll circle back around with my two kids from two different baby daddy and come looking for a good man that wants to support me and take care of me. Remember stick around if you’re on locals. Join me over on Youtube. I’m going to do this story. At the end of this millionaire award-winning pop star I’m oppressed how Lizzo this I want it’s worth 12 million dollars and drives and rolls Royces and flies around on private jet and and and was on stage receiving an award wants to tell ev I was on a private jet. I want to tell the story. It’s time to get serious and settle down before we get too far into it. remember stick around. Remember Stick around…. Click here to read more and watch the full video