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International Soccer Seems To Be Suffering From A Mysterious

heart disease as Barcelona star Sergio Aguero tearfully retires from soccer due to her heart condition after he collapsed on field during a match. Now I’m gonna pronounce a lot of these names incorrectly because I’m not too in tune with international soccer, but I do find it troubling when you have somebody like Aguero who’s 33 years old retiring early and combine that with the idea that you have I believe this is italy‘s League Napoli midfielder Piotr Zalinski at 27 struggling to breathe during a match. You’re having the English leagues Manchester United Victor Lindelof, who now hasn’t has to have a heart monitor after he had heart conditions on the field or breathing conditions on the field and also the French league ones Football player Martin Terrier having breathing problems and collapsing on the field as well. This. is becoming a bigger issue, but I don’t want this to be a thing of it’s just confirmation bias you already kind of believe this thing.

So Obviously Were Going To Blame More Of

it so to cover this story. I’m going to be very careful. So first and foremost. I’m not going to show any videos of any of these things happening because it’s very weird that I’ll bookmark these things on Twitter. I’ll save videos or save posts and they all mysteriously get deleted online.

So Yeah I Could See That

the league’s being upset due to copyright issues, but it’s almost like I can see lots of highlights and replays of other sports and I don’t really see this type of reaction from the leagues as I am with this top topic but then I guess also I want to cover something like international soccer where yeah. Maybe this is just average for the league where people are always always having heart conditions like this and we just don’t know about it because most Americans like myself Don’t really pay attention to international soccer. We don’t really watch the other matches or even watch Fifa even though we have a team local to us in whatever city we’re in it’s just something that now that we’re all zoomed into heart conditions and myocarditis anything we see about it is just going to be confirmation bias which I don’t want that to happen on either side of the political spectrum. You’re on and also I want to look at other sports where I know that football or American football and soccer. They’re going to be very different because football is a lot of sprinting and pushing and then stopping and resting sprinting and pushing and stopping and resting.

But If You Compare Something Like Soccer

basketball cycling, those are going to be more constant cardiovascular activities, so I want to see is are things like the NBa are they having similar issues with heart conditions because that would either break or prove or disprove that narrative and I wanted to look into that and also finally just look at the discussions about it because this is what I really see with the problem with what’s happening in society right now where it’s going to be governments or big tech or whatever it may be they really want to shut down any conversation or dialogue you’re having that could harm the narrative. Even if the discussion would lead people to believe in the narrative they would actually say okay. I was thinking this thing but actually after really looking at it from all different facets and just seeing where the balls fall. They realize that oh. There was nothing to worry about but when you go to something like R slash soccer, where I saw this post a month ago and now it’s been deleted where they’re just trying to have a discussion about it.

I Think Its Having The Streisand Effect Where

the more the big tech companies or the mandates want to shut down dialogue that may be against their narrative or may just cause people to question things. The more they get people to think in those narratives or in those you know tin foil hat theories because I guess first and first and foremost. I want to talk about is just false stories. There’s blatant things that aren’t true because once the internet gets a hold of them, they show a couple slideshows on their twitter or on their instagram. They just believe it even though it’s a big nothing burger because you saw back in September first were a Dallas zoo had planned to vaccinate the animals against Covet 19 and just about a month after that you had the Dallas Zoo facing criticism over the Giraffe death transparency where three Giraffes died a month after they did.

They Said They Were Going To

vaccinate animals against Covert 19. But if you waited just a bit and you didn’t say hey look we have proof it’s bad it’s it’s this negative thing that we all need to not trust if you look at Newsweek later on on just a few days after the whole draft Transparency death was a major issue if. You actually read into the article. They talked about how the Dallas Zoo Zoo euthanized a three-month calf because they they were injured while running. You had a 19-year-old draft that had um liver failure and you had a 14-year-old Giraffe that had signs of illness, but also abnormal liver enzymes and the zoo actually said it planned to vaccinate big cats and apes.

Giraffes Do Not Fall Into Either One Of

those categories, so you mean to say that you had I don’t want to say natural causes because the the younger one just had to be euthanized because it was it got injured, but it’s like you have three Giraffes dying due to nothing related to vaccination. But I kept on seeing the Dallas Fort worth or zoos or the i’m sorry. The Dallas Zoo’s narrative going around there saying Oh the Giraffes all. The Giraffe’s all dying people having signs about and it’s like well you’re only getting half a story and I don’t want anybody to get caught up in something that’s just blatantly false because it harms your argument and it’s one of those things of just because we’re not on the very very left wing side of the narrative. Doesn’t mean that we need to bury ourselves on the other side.

Just To Contrast That Side We

actually just want to be the silent majority that just believes in truth no matter where it falls because that’s what we want right that’s what everybody can get behind the truth. It’s hard to get somebody behind a decoy narrative because obviously at some point in time they’re going to get red pill to the truth and then realize hey does this party have nothing but just falsehoods but reading on you. have something like Sergio Aguero tearfully talking about how he’s got to retire at 33, and I did find earlier that he actually had heart heart issues earlier in his career and that was something that was always there so maybe this was just something that was bound to happen, but right now. People are starting to slam Dunk on him because he was encouraging people in his the campaign to get the jabs where he had a video saying Do it for yourself for responsibility and solidarity for for yours for everyone everyone 12 12 years of age or older. So it’s like everybody’s trying to slam Dunk on this guy saying, Oh, This is what happens when you try to push this thing.

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Its Like I Think Thats Nonsense.

I think that if I was a person that was always promoting like two way rights or something and I was always talking about it and saying hey it’s a it’s a good thing and later on, I unfortunately meet my demise in some sort of a two–way type event or like a robbery or something. I know the people that are against those rights are going to go online and say Oh that’s what he gets that’s what he gets because he was always you know pushing that thing and I think that it’s like no that’s nonsense that doesn’t help us push the narrative that doesn’t help us talk about stuff. It’s just You know mud slinging for the sake of mudslinging because you don’t like the people from that side, and I think that’s what generates more tribalism so regardless of what he’s done in his in the past Right now I just want to make this a thing of let’s just get to the truth of it. Let’s get to see what’s really happening because you’re seeing aguero suffering from it.

The Piotr Zalinski Suffering From It Victor

Lindelof suffering from it. Martin Terrier you also had an ex-parma footballer Giuseppe Perino passing away at 29 you’re having um fabrice. I I can’t pronounce these names I’m sorry he collapses as well. You had a guy named Louis Ojeda age 20 passing away. Emil Emil Paulson collapsing due to cardiac arrest in Norway and then you have this article from the Sun where you had keepers from both teams collapsing during a game which is terrifying and then also I found this article from Punchng.

Com Which I Dont Know What The Website

this is but it was Sergio Aguero but also 16 other popular footballers and they talked about other people that I didn’t even know about and I couldn’t find other than this article where they say This is a Christian Erickson, the Wanku Canoe, Maguelo de la Cuevas, Miguel Angel, Garcia Tabar and it’s like I can keep on listing these people off, but this is pretty alarming of all these people at the same time During the same year. Having these issues and I really wanted to look into just you know Wikipedia might not be the best resource but really. Looking at the history of it because most of us don’t take pay attention to international soccer so looking at all the years and this is just deaths overall. So I wanted to just count people that were fatal, heart attack collapsed or cardiac arrest or something that’s related to what we’re talking about right now because as I look to do this there’s even a death attributed to struck by lightning and i wasn’t going to compare 2018 struck by lightning guy to somebody that suffered a cardiac arrest in 2021. Those things are equivalent so when you’re counting 21 deaths due to heart attacks collapsing cardiac arrest.

You Have One Two Three Four, Five

six seven eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13 14. so you had 14 in 2021 not including December right now so 14 sounds like an alarming number when you compare it to 2020s three. Now we know that in 2020 most of the world was shut down so you really can’t count that year, but compare it to the 14 in 2021 to 2019s one two three four five, six seven eight nine ten. So you have 10 to 14 which isn’t that much of an outlier so you look over to 2018 where you see one two three four five six so six to ten to fourteen.

Youre Trending Up And Youre Wondering

maybe there’s just more people playing soccer so I would say even though it sounds like a big scary number and you’ve seen those 16 people collapse. Maybe we’re just not aware of it because 10 to 14 doesn’t seem to be that big of a jump and if 2022 goes down who knows at this point in time. You don’t want to jump.


Barcelona star Sergio Aguero tearfully retires from soccer due to her heart condition after he collapsed on field during a match . Napoli midfielder Piotr Zalinski at 27 struggling to breathe during match . English leagues Manchester United Victor Lindelof, who now hasn’t has to have a heart monitor after he had heart conditions on the field . French league ones Football player Martin Terrier having breathing problems and collapsing on the pitch as well. English league ones Martin Terriers having breathing issues and . French League Football player PiotR Zalinksi at 27 struggled to breathe in a match. English League League Napoli Midfielder Piot Rzalinski, who is 27 struggling in a game at 27, has breathing problems in the game. French League Midfielders Martin Terner has breathing issues in the past. English Football Player Martin Terries has been struggling in recent weeks. English Premier League midfielder Victor Lindeldof has a heart condition in recent months. English…. Click here to read more and watch the full video