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One Of My Friends, William Costello, Evolutionary Psychologist

out here in Austin at UK . He was explaining the fact that there is a greater prejudice against people of the same race with a different accent. Than People of A different race with the same accent and the explanation for this is pretty simple that evolutionarily ancestrally. It would have been very unlikely for us to encounter somebody of A different race, but very likely for us to encounter someone that had a slightly different dialect or a slightly different accent, and what that means is that you have very interesting. Crossing prejudices and counteracting prejudices.

For Instance, If You Were To See

an Arab man that walked into the room but then started speaking like somebody that was from the south end of London, or whatever it might be if you have someone who’s race and accent do. Not line up for instance, I mean everybody can think about this if you were to see somebody walk into the room that deserve a different race to you, but speaks with the same same accent. Yeah. You would immediately think well. There’s we have an awful awful lot in common.

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You You Have To Forget You Forget About

the fact that they’re of A different race, but then you flip that round okay. Let’s have somebody walk into the room who is of the same race as you Yeah, but has an entirely different sort of accent. There is immediately a big distance and I I just thought that that totally blew my mind okay you’re telling me that there is more prejudice against people with different accents than people of different races like just totally it makes perfect sense the way you’ve explained it and William Costello um. Absolutely nailed it right on the head there the thing I would add to that um is I was talking to probably shouldn’t mention who it is I was talking to . One of the UK top Impressionists the other day and interestingly we were talking about impressionism as um as an art form and as a form of humor.

And He Said That Hed Come Across

people actually who had pointed the finger at Impressionists as cultural appropriators, which is a very interesting argument now, whereas I don’t buy it, Whereas you know I think we have an innate Fascination for different voices coming out of the same person. He’s very incongruous it. The incongruity principle is very powerful in in all kinds of things that’s why we’re so fascinated with serial killers, for example, because they appear on the outside to be very. normal, but of course they’ve got these you know horrendous alter egos raging behind the scenes um if you have different voices coming out of the same person, Then there is a real fascination with that so we’re fascinated by him personally there’s an impressionist, but actually recently there’s been recent Lobby saying well. Actually you know if you’re doing different accents or taking people off, then why is that not cultural appropriation let’s not go down that road mate because that’s another two hours we can sit there talking about that one but it’s a good one to throw out there, but interestingly it’s it’s it’s it’s very when you look at when you talk to someone and again.

This Is Something That This Guy.

This impersonated this impressionist who I was talking to delved into and I’m sure you do it I certainly do it if you really like someone sometimes without knowing it you end up talking a little bit like them. When you’re in conversation with someone, you might adopt a little bit of their speech patterns might not be their accent. Sometimes it is in extreme cases, but you might unconsciously mirror the tone or the speed at which or the tempo which they’re speaking. So the voice of somebody is something that we find it very difficult not to empathize with so that’s where William Costello was coming from there that’s one that’s another reason an empathy reason when we look when we hear voices um it’s it’s one of those things that is a marker of how we gain an impression of someone um and we’re very very susceptible.

To To To To Sound Coming

out of people’s of lips and how they sound let me throw some bro signs at you is it the case that accents get locked in and are less likely to change as you grow up, but are more likely to change. If you are younger. Let’s say that you spend the first seven years of your life in Ireland, and then you move to America or whatever you’re going to end up with pretty much just an American accent and if you maybe make the move at sort of 13 or 14, you’re going to end up with sort of an Irish American accent. After maybe 10 years Yeah would that be adaptive in case ancestrally, you ended up merging with another tribe, perhaps being taken over by another tribe and it would be in your interests to align yourself in terms of.

Your Accent With The Accent Of The

new tribe that you have joined because that is going to be one of the key determinants in not making you an outsider yeah. I mean you know what Chris you should I don’t know if you’ve ever studied psychology, maybe you should definitely give it a go. I mean I’d never heard that before never thought of that before I think it’s an absolutely cool Theory and I can see that there’s. I could instantly pull out and they have a lot of evidence to to back that up absolutely the ability and you know I’m going to do a study actually because no one’s really looked at it.

What Makes People Why Are Some Of

us really good at changing our accents and why are some of us not so good What makes great impression is great Impressionists. There’s all kinds of different things There’s the the flexibility of the vocal tract. For example, so there’s all going to be all kinds of individual differences in this, but yeah the ability to change your accent and to blend in would indeed confer um an evolutionary Advantage going forward absolutely what’s happening people if you enjoyed that then press here for a selection of the best clips from the podcast over the last few weeks and Don’t forget to subscribe peace peace.

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There is a greater prejudice against people of the same race with a different accent than people of A different race with the same accent . Evolutionarily ancestrally.& It would have been very unlikely for us to encounter somebody of a different race, but very likely for us . to encounter someone that had a slightly different dialect or a slightly . different accent, and what that means is that you have very interesting.& Crossing prejudices and counteracting prejudices. The reason for this is that evolutionarily ancestorally. we have a very interesting idea of crossing prejudices and countering prejudices. We need to be able to find a way to counteracting our prejudices and find a new way to do that. We have a new idea of how to do this. We want to see how to counter our prejudices. we need to find out what we want to change our minds. We’ve got a new perspective. We don’t want to use it. It’s a new…. Click here to read more and watch the full video