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Risk Theres So Much Going On In

the news William Shatner went to space today. He is now officially the oldest man to go into space at 90. I believe 90 years old. It looks wild Yeah. I don’t know if you guys saw the the footage because he went into space like literally this morning just a few hours ago and he was very emotional when he got back from space and they didn’t do like a full circle.

They Just Literally Like Went Up.

This is just like gonna be a celebrity amusement park ride. I feel like that’s what I see for this let’s go up and see everything and then come down Yeah this the Bezos penis ship They’re just gonna go up see the see the flat earth and then come back down. I don’t. I don’t know if they have to sign an Nda.

About Like Like Look If It Looks A

little flat to you up there you know just keep it to yourself so wild We’ll see so here is William Shatner coming back from space very emotional everybody what’s that little ball thing behind them. This is that’s the head of the Penis ship right there why isn’t it on the penis no so how it works wrist is the you know you know how it looks we’ve all seen like the bezos Penis ship Blue origin right there’s the base. There’s the shaft and then the head so it goes up and then when it gets into it like enough space. The shaft part removes itself and then like sort of drones drones back to the ground. It like falls in a controlled way whilst the head I guess like goes up and then it comes down and then it.

Parachutes Down Just The Head Everybodys In The

head, William Shatner Bezos wasn’t in this one and then like I don’t know three of the top amazon customers. I guess got to go. I don’t know how they chose these people that’s so wild Yeah. I don’t know why it separates but hey. I guess it separates because I don’t know I guess I’m sure they have space people on the case here they figured that’s the easiest way because it’s not doing like an orbit.

Its Not Like Going To Another Planet

or anything They’re just literally going up going into space okay and then they come back down because I guess the feeling is is mostly like in the takeoff and the coming back down. I guess once you’re in space. It’s like okay, you pretty much get the gist of it okay. I’m gonna play a little. bit of this there’s the girl.

I Feel Like Its His Piece

really she’s so much younger She’s probably just waiting for him to you know pass on by the way Bezos was not on this space endeavor. He just showed up he showed up in this outfit. I’m convinced he sleeps in this I’m convinced these are his pajamas. He wears these 24 7. that’s out of control.

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I Guess I Can Get It.

I know you’re staring at the black it’s just there is Mother. I’m not gonna feel any type of way about it. He starts crying. Look at this and Bezos is literally going like bleep.

I Am Processing Emotions Coming From Another Human

being and then at one point he takes off his sunglasses and like gives him a hug wait is that girl drinking champagne in the background. They are This is like a. Super Bowl Ass Yeah! They’re spraying champagne on each other Yeah and like the. There was a little bit of it when they’re spraying on each other and shatner like moves away because I don’t think he wanted to get his spacesuit all sticky Oh it’s one thing to see all the sky the thing the thing this is how I would explain space colors is there’s this pillow. There’s this soft blue look at the beauty of that color and it’s so thin.

Hes Talking About The Oxygen Layer.

How thick is it someone’s going to have fun and what you see down. There is light and that’s the difference. This old look at this I’ve done something I mean whatever those other guys are doing but those other space sticks. I see videos of Bezos.

Hes Like Getting Real Close With

other dudes like his brother wow He’s. Crying now okay this is gonna do either one of two things they’re gonna care more about the planet or realize that we’re all just a little bit ants and they’re going to care less. I think the purpose of it’s interesting because Frank had an interesting theory like what if Shatner is like terminally ill and this is on his bucket list. This is his make-a-wish that could be one thing or they’re like oh He’s a celebrity known for space stuff let’s put him into space and we can try to attract more rich people and or celebrities to go into space to do this amusement park ride yeah it’s definitely possible let’s see if he says anything just destroyed I like that they’re testing well they’ve probably already tested it out with non–villains. He feels like he was molested by space it’s so so much larger than.

It Hasnt Got Anything To Do With

the little green planet He was explaining before he’s like you go up it’s it’s black It’s like it’s like such a short amount of time in space from like blue to black and and I don’t know if you caught it on this snippet here, but he talks about like looking down at the earth and it’s like it’s glowing it’s like full of light and I think that’s cool because I think the earth is very special and that is being hidden from the masses and I think how special human beings are is hidden from the masses that’s for real This is this is fascinating yeah I wonder if like I I just like I’m so curious like I’m sure they had to test. You know everyone who’s gonna go up their heart and they have to do all. These simulations and yeah you know like were they up and back like they’re wearing all these suits that they can like Pee and Poop into, but like I feel like they were just up and down like they probably were like well. I don’t I don’t have to pee but I want to Pee because this is a I can Pee in the space suit and it went up and came down all within the past couple hours they went up and came down what frank it was like a maybe they were up there an hour or less he’s playing solitaire. It was quick took a little lunch break ride half hour a half hour so there’s no way you need to go to the bathroom in a half hour.

Yet Theyre All Wearing These Suits

that they can probably do a number one two and three in. If it were me it’d be like look I paid I paid for this I’m taking a in this suit like sorry Yeah, I don’t know but I’m not really good. I can’t really like poop at will Yeah I’d probably be all nervous and I wouldn’t be able to yeah that’s what I want to know too like did anyone throw up like what does it feel like Yeah that’s what I’m sure will he I wonder if he’ll be talking about this like an airplane like a little airplane snack Yeah do you think they have astronaut ice cream because I always have that every time I go to a museum. I have to have it. Even though I’m not a child but it’s good.

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I Know I Like How It Tastes There

are like some drinks. It reminds me of like the first special little treat I. Had as a kid It was like Astronaut. I thought that was the fanciest possible thing you could eat Do you think they have like like a little attendance in there it’s just like them attendance yeah you wonder if it’s like just the people. Just the amazon prime members shatner and like is there a flight attendant up.

There Is There Theres Probably Theres Got To

be like a crew member. You know like of all days for them to go up when they’re in southern California. There’s these wildfires They’re like apparently raging out of control and the smoke is so excessive. They have to like shut off people’s gas lines and stuff to like you know prevent more wildfires. I wonder if that like construed their view well.

They Were Supposed To Take Off

tuesday, but due to the winds they pushed it off to today Wednesday. And they took off from like Western Texas um so I wonder if they could see that or if it’s going just so fast that you can’t really see anything until you’re like above the flat earth. I don’t know it’s funny it’s fun to joke about that I don’t know if it’s true Matthew Hammond for five. I hope Elon sends the entire next generation cast up in one of his rockets. I won a billionaire peeing contest Yeah I wonder if this is gonna start just like a billionaire space war space competition yeah um well, you don’t want to go to space.

It Seems Like Youre Not As Jazzed About

this risk like you’re not impressed well there’s so much further advance than what they’re saying yes for me it’s like oh just a little chauffeur you know this is like the uber of space travel yeah. Yeah like I don’t know yeah I feel like Bezos put that together with amazon prime boxes like the we’re not seeing the full like capabilities of whatever right right like for the past for the past like 50 years we’ve just been like collecting rocks and sediment on like Mars and the moon and stuff so like but there’s like billions of dollars that we’re giving to them for funding it’s like just doesn’t nothing adds up and it’s so obvious you can never take it for face value. You have to go like what is really going on here okay. They’re trying to normalize space travel why and they’re obviously pitching this in a way to try to have it appeal to the very rich and privileged right because William Shatner comes ah, I can’t explain what this felt like who wants to feel that right the people. Who have done everything been everywhere bought everything yeah? It’s like what do you get for the person who has everything a ride in blue origin that I’m gonna.

I Feel Like I Should Trademark

that because that’s I wouldn’t be surprised if if you were seeing like advertising like that, but then after you do that once what’s next you know and like there’s people like Bezos they’ve already done it so you know that they’ve already moved on to the next but they’re just not talking about that like he’s not settling with this and just what are we supposed to just think that he’s planning on this being like the end point for his life. Are you of the mind that there are plans for the elite to like leave Earth like there is a known like space station or like known life on like Mars or somewhere else and people are just planning to like get the hell out before the supposed resources run out. I don’t really feel that way um I don’t know. If they’re?


William Shatner is now officially the oldest man to go into space at 90 . The Bezos penis ship is just like gonna be a celebrity amusement park ride . They’re just gonna go up see the see the flat earth and then come back down.& I don’t know if they have to sign an Nda. risk there’s so much going on in the news that there’s just like like like look if it looks a little flat to you up there you know just keep it to yourself so wild We’ll see so here is that little ball thing behind them.& This is that’s the head of the Penis ship right there why isn’t it on the penis no so how it works wrist is the you know you know how it looks we’ve all seen like the bezos penis ship Blue origin right there’s the base. The shaft part removes itself and then when it gets into it like sort of drones drones back to the ground.& It like falls in a controlled way whilst the head…. Click here to read more and watch the full video