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There Was A Military Theorist John Boyd And He

said something like great fighter pilots use their superior judgment to make sure they never have to get into situations to use their superior force and I think the same is true for understanding medic theory. It doesn’t give you the ability to just snap your fingers and not be social creatures, but it does give you the foresight to see bad situations coming and potentially avoid it. Jonathan B welcome to the show thanks for having me Chris excited to be on so the first time that we met was through David Perrell actually and we went out for dinner. Now. David is a man who has two modes of culinary experience, and he either goes chick-fil-a or fighting hobos outside of a food truck, or he goes the most expensive steak restaurant in town.

Ive Noticed This Since Spending.

him he’s got He’s very sort of bar belly when it comes to what he wants to do with food, but thankfully. We went to the we went to the next nice steak restaurant Yeah, Although I wouldn’t mind fine fighting for a taco next time with you when I’m in Austin, So David David’s oddly experienced at that which is right concerned but Yeah he’s incredible given how small and scrawny. He is got a new girlfriend that’s like training him up or something making him eat like a surplus of calories. He once took me for lunch at some french place on congress and I was in flip-flops and a pair of shorts and it was just wags and like little tiny model dogs but anyway anyway enough about David Perrell um are you trained in Renee Girard The philosopher have you got some sort of like Gerardian.

Perhaps I Have The Most Girardian

of accreditations which is you know being self–taught . Gerard himself was trained in history in Indiana University and before that he was an archivist in France, but you know he neither made any contributions to you know our arc being a librarian or history and the avenues that he did make significant contributions to in you know in anthropology and theology and psychology. He was all self–taught. So I suppose the answer that’s a nice way of saying no followed in his footsteps did it the right way. Yes I I I was trained in Continental philosophy.

And However, Gerard Is Not Read

at all in the in the academy unless in literary criticism. and so I I was sort of introduced to Gerard as a sophomore and I had to read the Gerardian canon so to speak myself with. Of course that’s what always makes the journey fun? Who is he and what’s the core insight of his work Yeah? So he recently passed away in 2015. But his life is probably not as interesting as as his key insights are and I would say that his most fundamental insight is. We don’t often desire things for the things themselves, but for what the things say about us and the way he makes this argument is to delineate two types of desire, physical desire which he which is directed at the object and metaphysical desire, which is directed at what the object says about me.

Let Me Give You Some Quick

examples. You know take any activity really and we can see both strands of desire at work in different circumstances. If I desire to have sex. For example, it could be for pleasure, it could be for intimacy. experiences in the moment and that would be for physical desire a desire for experience, but I can also desire to have sex for what having sex with a certain type of person says about me right and this is how as you know from you know being in nightlife, how a lot of people do live their lives right.

Theyre Not Really In It For The Pleasure.

They’re in it because they want to be someone and that’s the psychology of the Casanova or the or the Don Juan or the Coquette, and this this sort of insight expands across all of our decisions right. We could you know take on a job because of what the job says about us, but we could also take on the job because we actually like the activity in and of itself and so that is Gerard’s core insight that there’s two. different strands of desire and a dominant strand. Metaphysical desire is actually not aimed at the object itself, but what the object says about me.

Its A Desire To Be Rather

than a desire to experience Is this different to signaling or how does this relate to signaling yeah? It’s interesting because it’s almost signaling to oneself in some sense right because it’s you know the person who’s motivated by metaphysical desire. Even if no one sees you you know having sex with a really beautiful woman, you are still rewarded by that, whereas when we commonly think about signaling the reward is always external now just let me elaborate a bit more on this concept of metaphysical desire because because I think we need to draw that implications a bit more when we ask Gerard when we poke him really hard and say well what do we really want. to be right? What is this desire to be really aimed at Gerard thinks we all desire to exist in great measure so perhaps not unlike Nietzsche‘s will to power. Gerard identifies a key human motivational force as this unrelenting drive to establish ourselves to be greater than life. Even in seemingly non-prideful and ordinary individuals.

Gerard Thinks We Want To Establish

our being to be the most real like a social reality social reality like being being seen and being recognized to be long-lasting and permanent right. The denial of death and wanting to leave a legacy and also the last one is to exert power in our social world. Now Gerard thinks that this type of being is terribly elusive, and we can never achieve it. So he’s very pessimistic on the human condition that we’re just pushed by this drive that we can never fully satisfy and. For him this is what it means to be to live in original sin.

Now The Last Point That Ill Make

I know I’ve been rambling on for a long time Is how do we satisfy this drive and that’s where mimesis comes into play? We satisfy this drive. This desire to be to exist in great measure by obtaining objects associated with models who we already conceive of as existing in great measure be it a celebrity be it a slightly more established co-worker be it attractive man or woman. We look for models around the world to tell us what we should want what is the core of our identity and I think this is no in no other place is this better established than in celebrity advertisement and the one line that I think that always gives it away for me is Jordan’s sneakers taglines be like. The advertisements of Basketball sneakers tell you nothing about the physical qualities of the basketball sneakers, the bounce, the lightness, the grip or even the price, but it’s promising you something you want all the more being be like mike and so that is Gerard’s sort of core psychological system from which all of his social anthropology, anthropological and eschatological insights eventually flow from Gerard should have been a nightclub promoter. He would have crushed it in the nightlife game.

So Heres An Interesting Example That I Like

to use you decide not to go on a night out with a bunch of your friends. Your friends go on the night out they wake up the next morning they’re hungover but a little bit later on once they’ve got their pizza order out of the way you give someone a ring or you give them a text and you say. Hey man, how was last night so many times the first thing that someone will reply with will be dude. It was awesome there was so many girls there last night you go hang on. I asked how the night was.

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I Didnt Ask Who The Other

consumers of the thing that you were consuming were so right people that buy an iphone mostly Don’t buy an iphone because David Beckham also has an iphone. They buy an iphone for the core competence that the product gives them. It’s got a camera and it can make calls and it’s got good battery life and stuff like that right. Somebody so sure about that I mean think about all the cases of people selling their livers for an iphone. I imagine they’re not doing a rational analysis saying, Oh my liver is worth for you know the the camera the all.

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This Stuff I Do Think The Iphone Is

actually a great example of or actually you and I might purchase it for physical desire right, but I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I think for a lot of people. It is a sort of status symbol. It is a sort of metaphor. I would agree as a status symbol you’re probably right there but certainly when you compare it to a night a nightclub event totally the the the core feature of the product that is going on a night out is the other consumers of the product. You can go on a night out to the same event week on week.

The Dj Could Play The Same

set the sound and the lights could be exactly the same. The drinks prices could be the same. The service could be the same, but if you change the other people that go and consume that product because they are such a big influence on your night and it’s not just some sort of woo ephemerals like status signally thing they actually impact your night in a physical way. Like if there’s loads of guys that are aggressive and dancing like that actually changes your experience, so it’s not totally totally woo but it is the most important thing about nightlife Are the other people that consume that product and it’s so interesting to see that because you go well hang on what does this mean from a product design perspective. It means that actually what i need to do is create a product not that’s the best, but that attracts people that other people want to be around so for a lot of nightclubs that means getting.

Girls In If You Bring Girls In Girls

Don’t have a problem with more girls, but both girls and guys have a problem with more guys. Yeah Yeah totally well first thing, I’ll say is I think we should be extremely comfortable. Thinking about the context of Gerard within romance and dating because it’s romance and dating where he goes to his canonical examples as well and I think perhaps a reason he he goes there is that we traditionally think that in romance and dating that’s where our physical urges are the strongest right will could be motivated with sex, but even in this domain Gerard shows if you’ll excuse upon that our desires are helplessly penetrated by the desires of others right. Even in such a domain that’s dominated by a physical strong desire.

We Can Be Hopelessly Mediated By Other

people just think about our other sort. of less strongly physical domains, political intuitions, philosophical opinions and all the rest. The other thing.


Jonathan B is a self-taught historian and author . Jonathan B has a new girlfriend training him up or something making him eat like a surplus of calories . He once took me for lunch at some french place on congress and I was in flip-flops and a pair of shorts and it was just wags and like little tiny model dogs but anyway enough about David Perrell. He’s incredibly experienced at that which is right concerned but Yeah he’s incredible given how small and scrawny. He is got the most expensive steak restaurant in town. I wouldn’t mind fine fine fighting for a taco next time with you when I’m in Austin, Although I wouldn’t mind fine fighting to a taco in Austin. I’m glad you’ve got some of the best steak restaurant. It’s a great place to go to the next nice steak restaurant, but I’m not sure if you want to go for it. You’re going to it….. Click here to read more and watch the full video