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Joker with a face for radio and a voice for print um I’m going to record this in a way that I can lightly edit it and put it on Youtube, and if you’re watching on locals, it will be unedited. So also if you’re on locals I’m going to swear a lot in this video. If you want to see the clean version go to youtube Big mommy youtube can can you can deal with it over there I’m I’m pissed off and I’m really really pissed off um and and part of it. I I think the big the big reason is is this you know for the last I don’t know four five six years we’ve been told women are strong women are empowering women are brave women are stunning They can do anything okay we can have our. discussion and our arguments about that but instead of just propping women up to an unrealistic elevation.

They Also In The Same Time Have Decided

to say men are stupid young, Especially young men are stupid and they’re part of the patriarchy and they’re part of the problem and this critical race theory where white kids are are are inherently have power and they’re made fun of and they’re put down and the movies today everything it’s on them and when one of these young men snaps and goes out to a public school and decides to pull out armament and open fire on young children. They circle right back around and they say hey we have a angry young male problem today and we we need to look at this and they look and think about it and they talk about it do they are they talking and thinking. and looking at ways to help these young men to find them a way to better their lives to maybe get them out of the problems. No they just want to blame them for being young and angry and doing heinous bad, unthinkable things and then in a week or two. They turn right back around and they’ll release the next movie or the next commercial or the next Tv show saying that men are bad and stupid and everything else and they keep on keeping on they stick their head in the sand and is it any wonder that when you’re telling young men that they’re worthless and they’re part of the problem in their systemic.

This And Theyre Problematic That And Theyre Toxic

if they want to be masculine or strong and then when they decide okay I’ll play your game I’ll decide to be a little bit. Effeminate or maybe they just are a little bit effeminate and they don’t project these strong masculine traits and then they get made fun of in school. Is there any wonder that all of them feel lost confused and angry and one of them snaps does something horrid and and somehow we’re surprised and we’re going to blame them, but we’re not going to help them now for those of you that are overseas not in the United States. Please understand that there was a a a-school incident in which a young man 18 years old decided to take a long distance hole puncher and take out young school kids. A large number of them and it is a tragedy but but the problem is too many people want to talk about okay.

Lets Take The Weapons Away Lets Take

the way that the the method that he used. To do this let’s let’s just ban them and get rid of them that’s not the answer because we also know they can construct devices out of pressure cooking pots like they did in Boston and do a lot of damage. They can take trucks filled with fertilizer pull them up to a building and blow half of it up or they can take a truck or a an suv and drive it through a parade of children and the elderly. It’s not the method of the madness. It’s the fact that the madness happens and you have to go to the root cause, but they don’t want to do that they just want to blame men and all of a sudden.

This Is On All Young Men.

This is on all men. This is on all angry people okay, so I’m gonna try to read this again so I. Because I do want you guys on Youtube to be able to see this, but it. This is a delicate subject that you I have to dance around on Youtube anyway.

In Uvalde, Texas Young Man Entered A

school undisrupted through an unlocked door pulled out a weapon and opened fire. I’m going to read through this and then I’ll move on to my thoughts about it. I’m sure many of you here in the United States already know about it and there’s constantly breaking news so that will change. Texas officials said on thursday afternoon that the school incident was inside Uvalde Elementary school for one hour before taken down by a U. s border patrol tactical team member and is believed to have entered the school unobstructed without confronting a school resource officer as previous statements suggested um to give you a long story short.

This Young Man Was.

being chased by the police, he crashed his train and this is everything I’ve gotten so far. It may change. I’m trying to get this as accurate as I can his truck crashed. He grabbed the weapon.

He Ran In Through One Of

the doors inside the school and the police formed a perimeter and they did not chase in after him because they had been fired upon. This is also going to go to the whole bad times make weak men because when you leave police officers that are scared or afraid to take a risk and to go in and stop somebody that may be actively harming children because they’re worried about their own safety. This is when you need the heroes. This is when you need the strong men and a border patrol tactical team member said screw this I’m gonna go in the more that comes. out about the story, the more you realize that everybody messed up the the police departments did it’s just a mess.

This Victor Escalante Texas Department Of

Public Safety, Regional director for South Texas said Thursday that the head that did this and I don’t read their names because I do not want to give any publicity to these bags that do this the alleged school person that harmed people was inside for one hour before being ended. He allegedly ended the lives of 19 students and two teachers. During the incident on Tuesday Escalant said also said that the officers who first arrived on the scene did not make entry initially because of the fire that they were receiving from him, adding that the U. s border patrol tactical team member arrived one hour later. Approximately an hour later, U.

S Border Patrol Tactical Teams Arrived But From

what I’ve heard. It’s also was just one one member of the team that went in that made entry into the school and ended the person that was ending other people. He entered the school undisrupted without being confronted by a school district police officer after crashing his vehicle and also entered through a door that appears to have been unlocked and the school district police officer confronted him who was making entry that report was not accurate. He walked in Undisrupted so he went from his grandmother’s house where he ended the grandmother entered the school drove away, crashed entered the school without meeting any interruptions and the police set up a perimeter so in the meantime he took fire upon and ended 19 lives in one classroom. Now.

This Is A.

This is a an angry young man problem and i’m going to read through kind of his issues, but it’s. also a failure of the police department. It’s also a failure of the the security that was at the school. It was also the fault of having a non–primary door to the school being unlocked.

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There Were Lots Of Problems Here

and whether you agree or disagree that you should be able to have these kind of armaments here. In the United States it is our second amendment right and out of 340 or 30 or 50. However, many million people there are when somebody goes crazy yes they can do things like this, but just because their mode of hurting or ending other people happens to be this type of a armament doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen in some other way. But the whole point is that this young man got to this point where he was embarrassed. He didn’t have any friends he was teased he was.

And He Got In A Very Bad Place

and my hope is by talking about these subjects with you guys because many of you may not have friends or many of you may not be able to date or you get picked on by women. You can realize that there’s a whole another world out there and a whole other group of people that will appreciate you and love you and care for you in many different ways. Whether it’s friends whether it’s family. This of course, this young man was a a single or only had a single a parent in his life. His mother and she had illicit substance problems and so there’s there’s a lot that that ends credence to this story and I wasn’t going to do a video on this until I saw this article by Maureen callahan our greatest public health crisis the angry.

Young American Male Its Kind Of

funny that we never talk about you know health crisis and young American males until an incident like this happens and then they say Wow We have a young man angry young man problem. We need to correct these young men. We need to get them help, but they talk about this for about a hot minute and then they go right back to saying that men are bad men are toxic that um you know have having no father in the home doesn’t matter and this will stick around for another week and then it’ll be right back to men bad men poison but her take on this of course it happened again. How could it not after every one of these school incidents the latest always seeming more horrific and unthinkable than the last. We vow never again yet we do nothing.

They Say The Weapon Control Is

necessary of course the idea that someone just old enough to vote can legally purchase. This is insane but lawmakers, public health officials and Americans ourselves have a greater more complicated crisis to address which I agree with again. If you’re crazy and you want to hurt people you will find a way just because they chose this particular manner in which to do it doesn’t you can take away the instrument but it doesn’t take away the problem just ask the uk and their knife problem currently or sweden and their things going boom problem. She says we are continuing to create create more than 20 years after the Columbine school incident. Young male problematic men who target school kids only in America.

No Other Country Suffers This Sickness But

us America land of milk and honey Born here. You’re born on third. base yet we are cultivating a cohort young men hellbent on ending our children. Let me pause you there again and saying well we supposedly have a great wonderful country here Why?


Joker: “I’m I’m pissed off and I’m really really pissed off” Joker: We’ve been told women are strong women are empowering women are brave women are stunning. They can do anything okay we can have our.& discussion and our arguments about that but instead of just propping women up to an unrealistic elevation.& They also in the same time have decided to say men are stupid young, Especially young men are . stupid and . part of the patriarchy and they’re part of . the problem . If you’re watching on locals, it will be unedited.& So also if you’re on locals I’m going to swear a lot in this video.& If you want to see the clean version go to youtube, go to . youtube Big mommy youtube can can can you can deal with it over there I’m sorry. Guys welcome to better bachelor. I’m not sure what you are going to do to him. He’s not sure if he’s going to get it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video