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Welcome To The Show Robert Barnes, How

are you good good so excited to have you here? Apparently you’re coming to us fresh off an Alex Jones appearance, Yeah Yeah Yeah the both today and on Thursday so was discussing all the and Yeah. I mean it’s in a unique time to be alive from a legal and political perspective. Now what got you like if we could dial it way way back like what made you first want to start working with and representing alex because I think he is someone that a lot of people would want to avoid and would be scared of and would be worried that you know being near him would be I guess bad for their reputation. I don’t feel that way personally. I think he’s he’s pretty ballsy and he’s almost an oracle of sorts, especially in this day and age.

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predicted a lot of things that have come true um but if you want to go into a little bit of depth. You know background on how you started working with him. Sure yeah, so i mean I’ve known him for many years. He ran into a i mean basically he’s someone who had experienced very little litigation outside of you know the divorce context his entire career until 2017.

So He Went From Being Basically

never sued for a quarter century to facing 20 or more lawsuits all across the nation within 12 months and to me that was political targeting in the sign of political targeting they didn’t he didn’t suddenly you know stop complying with different laws. They decided that that they were going to launch a law fire against him, which was becoming increasingly common in the modern age. Politicized legal weaponry against people usually that. are underdogs at least in the court of law and so that was the context in which the he talked to me about coming in giving him some strategic advice and that was the original goal, and then he needed me to step in occasionally to formally represent him in court. It is the case now I’ve represented clients all across the political and ideological spectrum.

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So To Me It Was A No-Brainer No

I mean I found the first amendment issues greatly implicated by what they were trying to do. They are basically trying to make it a quasi-crime to have a conspiracy theory at a key time in which a lot of conspiracy theories seem to be more like predictions than theories as we’ve seen just this past week and so in that I thought very important to defend him precisely because a lot of key people. not defend him now I’m personal friends with him so that added to the equation but the but no doubt I knew that as soon as I represented them there’d be a group of clients out. There was a lawyer who worked for me who quit immediately. There were you know other people who were like no way now what’s fascinating is all the people who hate Alex Jones.

Almost All Of Them Have Actually

never really listened to Alex Jones. They have no idea who he is they don’t know him as a human being. They’ve they’ve seen little snippets out of context like the I mean they brought a smart case. From a political perspective you couldn’t find more sympathetic people than the parents and people connected to the tragedy and trauma of Sandy hook um but what a lot of people did not know is that Alex. Jones had never talked about any of those individuals by name for the most part ever.

Almost Everyone Suing Him Had Never

complained a single time to him before filing suit. So these suits weren’t quite what was the press was making them out to be and so I knew that the factual reality was different than what the press and the public thought I knew that the person was different than the stereotype and character caricatures that had been attached to him and the constitutional issues were significant and meaningful and i’ve never allowed the political controversy. A politically controversial character of my client to turn my representation. So I’ve represented I mean literally Green Party peace and Freedom Party Libertarian Party Tea Party Constitution Party taxpayers Party Ralph Nader Wesley Snipes Joe Francis. All those people on the left and not only Alex Jones, but the Covington kids.

And Donald Trump During The Elections, The And

the right you know the all those parties that you can name on the right so it’s never been a deterrent for me but yeah as a lawyer you face negative consequences. I mean Alex couldn’t get tons of people who’d known him forever to represent him. Even people who knew he was innocent knew he was not what knew the accusations against him were not true. They were scared of what their other law legal people in the legal community would think of them and and that that says something very frightening about the nature of our legal profession Today.

Yeah You Would Think That They Would Be

above sort of like social pressure, peer pressure, sort of like bullying like it’s like you said most people they just don’t like the idea of Alex Jones they don’t like his reputation. They haven’t actually listened to him or met him in person and I admire you for that you know I that’s one of the biggest reasons why I started this podcast. I was like I really feel like I need to talk to and shine a light on folks who have been censored who have been de-platformed who have been you know kicked off of social media because I’m like well they don’t tend to kick people off social media who are are just like wild like if. If that were the case all flat earthers would be would would not have a platform but it’s.

I I Realized Early On.

I was like okay. These people probably have a at least a couple of nuggets of truth, and it makes them a little bit dangerous.


Robert Barnes is a lawyer who represents Alex Jones . He says Jones is someone that a lot of people would want to avoid and would be scared of him . Barnes has represented clients all across the political and ideological spectrum. He says Alex Jones is almost an oracle of sorts, especially in this day and age. I think he’s he’s pretty ballsy. He’s predicted many things that have come true. I don’t feel that way personally. It’s in a unique time to be alive from a legal and political perspective. It is the case now I’ve represented clients … I represent Alex Jones. I represent Jones. He is a great lawyer. He has a great reputation for his work. I’m not afraid to be afraid of him. I want to know that he’s not afraid of Alex. I have a great respect for the people that he is a good lawyer. I’m not scared to be scared. He’s not scared of Alex Jones’…. Click here to read more and watch the full video