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Tom Conducted A Live Interview With Writer

and producer Cameron Pascha, known from, among other things, the television series Nikita Sleeper Cell and 2007’s Bionic Woman spurred on by the hypocrisy of shutting down all of society and film production while cheering on the so-called peaceful demonstrations. The conversation soon turned to how the woke agenda first engulfed Hollywood and how the industry has now got to get out of it. I got into trouble. I posted you know on Facebook. I questioned the protest.

I Said The Same People On

my facebook. A lot of Hollywood people were saying You know oh my god we’ve got to go to our purchase and these are the same people that were saying you can’t go out to the beach. You can’t go out and protest the the lockdown again but you can protest this right and I said guys you know. This is a consistent. We should all just stay home right or we should all be out in public make a choice and I got really attacked and people said well.

You Know Youre Being Really Insensitive And You

know I got a lot of DMs for people saying that’s really inappropriate. You can’t question black lives matter. I’m like hey man you see this color. You know I can I have something to say as a minority in this town as a Muslim guy and I have something to say about being a minority and and so it is what it is The hypocrisy is a real thing. It’s because it’s an echo chamber and I don’t care about it anymore because as you see I have talk on these things right and I hate to bring it up, but it is such a big deal.

Its Its Gotten.

So and like I in my years growing up, I don’t ever remember this being such a a big deal. I mean yeah the oscars and other places you’ve had actors and stuff go up there and say this and say that and protest this and protest that but I just don’t remember a point where the crazy had gotten so bad that we’ve gotten to this point where we are we’re at right now where even like to the detriment of their own business. It feels like at this point, Hollywood’s just like nope we’re going to stand by this this is the hill we’re going to die on you know and the hypocrisy and the irony of it all yeah it’s just hilarious well. I mean I’ve said this I’m not afraid to talk about politics.

My Politics Are Are Neither Left Nor Right

as anyone has heard. me speak before I’m pretty libertarian So I have very unique views, but you know this path We’re on was set in emotion The moment. Trump was elected right and many of the choices that were made and the choices in star wars that were made were as a result of people in Hollywood seeing the election of Trump as you know they literally saw it as the rise of Hitler and I have my critiques of Trump, but he isn’t that and so and they saw it that way and they suddenly went to this mode of we’ve got to take control of all messaging and put out as much anti what what they consider to be anti-trump messaging which became extreme left messaging which I don’t think the audience wants either right and that’s what it’s been for the last two or three years and even though they. believe any of the stuff that they’re saying they’re like we gotta do this because we gotta we’re gonna stop this force of history. I’m like man you’re by going to an extreme leftist position where now people like you know and capitalism right and the nuclear family that nobody wants this crap and if you’re beating this crap into into entertainment people are gonna stop watching this you don’t believe any of this you’re just saying because you think that’s what’s gonna beat Trump I’m like that’s what’s gonna get the right side of history.

Yeah Thats Another Term Im Sick Of

hearing the right side of history. It’s like how do you know you know I’ve had this argument recently with a friend of mine who’s a very successful screenwriter who said you know trump will be out and I believe history is you know history He’s like. Very marxist like history will move forward to a progressive thing. I was like it’s pretty progressive history’s a cycle, what are you talking about everything’s happening now is happening before it’s gonna happen again. What are you talking about especially if we keep ignoring the past definitely.

If You Dont Destroy The Past

you’re just going to repeat the same crap over again well. You know and I’ve like said I’ve been doing this 19 years what I’ve watched is this phrase subverting expectations again. It all started after trump. I never heard this phrase before 2017. I never even heard it right suddenly I hear it all the time now.

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I Heard It Two Days Ago When I

was talking I was pitching a show to an executive who I respected but but she was immediately like and we got to make sure we subverted expectations like-h. Because you know I, I find the term really offensive you know as I got into filmmaking. I got into into storytelling because I’m an audience member and I want to be entertained as much as I want to create and the idea of subverting the audience’s expectation is so deeply offensive to me. I mean you should surprise people I’ve said this before as a good writer you should surprise people you know it shouldn’t end the way. The person thinks it’s going to end, but it should fill them emotionally with us with an ending that they didn’t see exactly coming that way, but it satisfied them emotionally.

The Idea Of Subverting Expectations Is

actually aimed at subverting emotional satisfaction. You know in order to get some kind of message across and that to me is deeply offensive as a storyteller and it’s also unproductive because if you don’t fulfill your audience’s emotional expectation. Even if it’s not plot expectation, then they’re gonna walk away, which is what happened with with with Disney Star Wars, which is what happened with all these things you know with the ghostbusters. You know reboot and this weird thing that they try to do with the with terminator and all the stuff you know you kill John Connor in the first minute Yeah that’s subverting expectations, but I don’t care about the rest of the movie now I mean you just kill John Connor so you just undid Terminator 2. Right Absolutely Yeah! Terminator 2 is an incredible movie It’s still an equal well yeah and not only that that’s where I brought up the the irony of they Don’t even understand their own message because they made Sarah Connor one of the greatest mothers in cinema history an absolute failure at that point well it’s because there’s an anti–family agenda They preach this to other people all these people.

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I See Preaching Weve Got A Deconstruct Of

the the nuclear family. All have like you know very attractive spouses and nice children going to private schools. Right we gotta end capitalism from rich people that are never gonna end capitalism. So it’s like what do you why are you guys saying this crap you don’t believe it yeah and then the whole deconstructing thing. I think we see in a lot of it even though you know in recent.

Its Gotten A Cult Following With Kind

of like Batman and Superman Yeah It’s still this common trope and especially seems to just affect mainly white male characters. It is a conscious not even unconsciously dead. It’s a conscious agenda. The funny thing is it’s largely white males who are writing these stories in some ways. It’s a little bit of like get the spotlight off of me and I’ll talk you know I don’t and I’m just gonna be the champion of this stuff.

I Mean Like And As Ive Said

in other podcasts. Some of the most racist people have come across in this town are people that are loud-mouthed progressive liberals who are the very caricature that they’re talking about right and they’re the ones. Writing a lot of these stories you know you’ll see and that’s why you see you know what happened in star wars. You look at characters that had a lot of potential like Finn ultimately become this racist character by people who are proclaiming diversity and look We got this Asian woman there and I was like why’d you give this Asian woman this bad character right how do you see the situation with funding After all this? You think these woke projects are still going to get funding or are investors weary now it’s a great question because they were already weary a year ago. You know I knew that that birds of prey was gonna fail because I knew they had figured out that you know all of those woke projects that that we saw last year.

You Know Whether It Was Charlies Angels Or

terminator dark fate or whatever they’d all been greenlit during the early excitement of we got to get trump out we got to make it. Strong women and and fight for Latinos and all this right and whatever so they all did all that and they put them takes a few years to get a movie made. So there was a whole cycle of these woke movies that were put into production. You know started with ghostbusters reboot and then they all came out in the last couple years.

They Were All Terrible And They

all did badly and and so people and the star wars and all i did badly and people began to realize. This is the wrong thing that we set in motion a few years ago. We got to get off this track and onto a track that’s actually going to make us money and so they got into that place and they and birds of prey. I knew was going to fail because the industry had already gotten to it.

Done With This World Craft.

They threw this out there and they’re like Hail Mary let’s see if it works it didn’t until they were done. They were finished and then the even more than the pandemic and the lockdown right is then all the rioting and the social issues that erupted this summer exploded and the industry’s like Oh my God now everyone is going you know suddenly the official narrative has gone backwards to extreme left right you know it’s gone backwards and now we gotta now everyone’s already figured out the economic model of this extreme leftist you know social progressivism whatever stuff is not what the audience wants. They figured that out that’s not a profitable model but now they’re trapped because now they’ve got to go back to something they know doesn’t work and is and they know they’re just cow towing to an enraged.

Mob Right To A Twitter Mob

that’s why you you you see things like you know it’s it’s it’s embarrassing a great actress like Zoe Saldana. If you saw she came out just publicly shaming herself and apologizing for being involved. You know in a movie where she where she played a black woman, a great singer Adina who’s you know who’s just of a darker shade than she is right as a black woman and she it was like she had to apologize for not being.


Cameron Pascha is a writer and producer known for Nikita Sleeper Cell and 2007’s Bionic Woman . Pascha says the woke agenda first engulfed Hollywood and how the industry has now got to get out of it . The hypocrisy of shutting down society and film production while cheering on the so-called peaceful demonstrations. Pascha: “The hypocrisy is a real thing.& It’s because it’s an echo chamber and I don’t care about it anymore because as you see I have talk on these things right and I hate to bring it up, but it is such a big deal.& I’m like hey man you see this color.& You know I have something to say as a minority in this town as a Muslim guy and I have a thing to say about being a minority and and so it is what it is The hypocrisy is the real thing.” Tom conducted a live interview with Pascha, who says he doesn’t remember a point where the crazy had gotten so bad ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video