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This Is One Of The Worst Answers

and this is something He’s had months to prepare for yeah And this is the best you could do is. Maybe it was. Maybe it was I don’t know Of course it could be. I went I would I went into a swimming pool the other day. It was filled with my laptops.

I Was Just A Giant Swimming

pool of old laptops. I don’t know how they got there I have so many Russian hacking a Russian act could be Russian hack It could be people from Zarkon. Maybe Sarkodians We don’t know we don’t know I mean we’re Canadians could have done this. I don’t know I don’t know man all I know is I go through eight to ten laptops a day and I don’t know where they go. They just all disappear and go into various various I.

T Peoples.

hands person I just leave it there could it be mine Yes I don’t know I don’t know they could fix laptops. I was just turning them over. I thought it was like a hazardous a toxic substance The geek squad just ate them that’s what I thought they did that’s what I thought I thought I thought Jeff Fisher worked there and he just ate him when they came in they’re so crunchy. I mean who could resist I mean partners.

I Do Appreciate The Fact That The

question was asked and I should say with that yeah. However, I will say I I I argued this during the campaign. I can understand why you would be skeptical, especially if you’re in the media of like Rudy Giuliani coming out with a found laptop a week before an election. I can understand why there’d be skepticism on a story. Like that in fact the storyline of how it got to the i.

T Person That Was Left There And Then

it like it All seemed very questionable, all of that being said no one ever asked Hunter Biden whether it was his his laptop Before the election. They didn’t even say like look okay. I can understand you’re not going to confirm or deny every salacious detail here but can you tell us did you did you drop off a laptop at this place. I mean that’s a totally legitimate question that if he says no to it at least you’d say okay well. He’s denying it completely.

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They Didnt Even Get Him On The

record with a denial yeah they did all they said was we can’t believe these tactics they keep going back to that same well. All these tactics they’re just trying to make a scandal right. Before the election yeah Okay, But did you drop it off with this guy at this address Were you ever the one that just happens to be a couple miles from the train station. You’d be getting off all the time the one with all of your emails in it right like they keep quoting your emails. How how do they How do they do that? How do they get the video of Russians doing things Canadians deep fake well.

I Think The Canadians Were Working With

the Russians and the Mexicans and they went after my laptop and put a whole bunch of fake emails in there hacked them right into it. I mean I it’s inexplicable and there’s no I mean the follow-up of like could it be yours well. How about you know look they say you dropped off a laptop forget whether this is your laptop. Not did you drop one off at this place at this address with this phone number and this business name might have been a good question like can we get yeah and obviously of course the real reason he’s not answering it is because he did and it was his laptop and the fact that they actually were banning the new York Post’s twitter account over a story that obviously when you watch this interview, what’s true. I mean we thought it was true before but obviously this was his laptop.

These Things Were On His Laptop, And They

just decided to ignore it so that at the end of the day Donald Trump would not be president anymore. I I I’m not a person who always says that but like it’s clear they saw a narrative from 2016. and I you know I read enough it’s my job to. read the left-wing media so you don’t have to and I read enough left-wing media to see they had constant complaints for the four years of the Donald Trump presidency that they believed again this is insane, but I’m gonna lay it out for you they believe they were too tough on Hillary Clinton in the in the campaign. They believe they gave too much oxygen to various scandals like the email scandal and they believe the reason Hillary Clinton lost was kind of their fault because they they decided to be in their view honest and cover these emerging scandals that were being talked about and that were out there like the email scandal and so they believe this time we can’t let that happen again and you some of them talked about it outwardly that like when the when the when the right comes up with their scandal.

We Need To Ignore It Because Last

time we did it and look what happened that is the way they viewed 2016. so in 2020 when this came up for him. They did exactly what they said they were going to do for four years completely ignore it and not even try to vet whether it was a real scandal or not and now here. We are a year after or six months after the election, and they are now admitting that they should have been asking those questions why are they asking them now why are they bothering with it now now that the guy’s already president of the United States. Now you’re going to ask the question about the laptop They were so invested in removing Donald Trump with any means necessary that they just intentionally ignored this they did they they talked about it they admitted it.

And They Executed That Way Of

doing business without shame without shame And here you see the obviously the ramifications of that is they worked Donald Trump isn’t president anymore, so you know that that’s going to be their plan every time. Now you got to believe it they’re just going to ignore any scandal that is coming from the left. They just won’t pay any attention to it they won’t give it any oxygen it did work. This time it’s hard to argue with that they didn’t talk about they didn’t talk about Hunter biden at all. In fact they made it a conspiracy theory if you believed anything was wrong with him that he did anything wrong in Ukraine or China, or this laptop thing.

If You Believe Any Of It It

was just a big conspiracy theory well now all of a sudden they’re starting to look. into some of it, and they’re finding out that the guy is a bald-faced liar and a drug addict who maybe he doesn’t remember because he was so drug-addled. Maybe maybe he doesn’t know because he was so wiped out on drugs. He he admitted that he relapsed as as late as during the campaign last year during the campaign and this sucks man. I mean this is a tough thing for anybody to deal with and and I’m sure it is you know okay.

Im Sure Its Hard For Joe

biden to deal with his shirt. It’s a disaster yeah his son is a disaster and that’s not easy to deal with, but it is it is easy for the media to deal with something like this. I mean. This is a guy who is returning rental cars with lines of drugs still on the dashboard on it and. drugs when you rent a car do all the drive or two for for the nice rental company.

People Like A Tip Yeah Like

a tip. I love you snort whatever’s on the desk lines of coke there so enjoy that won’t you. He’s had a really tough time. He’s been impregnating strippers all around the nation. Exactly he’s been on like the impregnated stripper tour he’s been involved with his you know with his brother’s widow Oh my gosh.

It Really Is Brothers Widows Sister And

then the stripper in Arkansas with the baby look family unbelievable family stuff can be really difficult and and you know they’ve had a kid die. There really is a a rough road here for the for the biden family over the years. I mean this has been a a really rough bumpy ugly road and it’s not about even though at times. We may mock hunter biden? It’s really not about that it’s about the media holding them responsible for their criminal actions Did they occur. We don’t know because no one asks the questions.

You Know You Could Go Through

Peter Schweizer’s book and see a lot of things that I would call criminal and they’re all documented a bunch of things. Yeah I mean and not just with hunter but like the whole family. The whole family his brother is another big one in that his brother his daughter Yeah. It’s all over the place in that family. There’s lots of corruption they’ve been using power in ways that I don’t feel comfortable with for a very long time.

But That Is The Me The

media’s job is to ask those questions and not wait till April you don’t ask the question in ape. I mean it’s better than not. Asking it at all, I suppose you.


Rudy Giuliani says he doesn’t know how his laptop was found in a pool filled with laptops . Rudy Giuliani: “I go through eight to ten laptops a day and I don’t know where they go. They just all disappear and go into various various various I.&t people’s. hands person I just leave it there could it be mine.& I was just a giant swimming pool of old laptops.& Maybe Sarkodians could have done this. I have so many Russian hacking a Russian act could be Russian hack It could be people from Zarkon.& But no one ever asked Hunter Biden whether it was his his laptop Before the election.& They didn’t even say like look okay.& The geek squad just ate them that’s what I thought they did. I thought Jeff Fisher worked there and he just ate him when they came in they’re so crunchy. When they came into it they just came in and I thought it was like a hazardous a toxic substance…. Click here to read more and watch the full video