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You Know As I Sift Through The

endless river of sludge that passes for modern entertainment. I’ll occasionally come across an unexpected gem, glistening in the murky depths like June, for example, which proved to be a thoughtful slow-paced and philosophical adaptation of some pretty challenging source material but one thing that left out of me while I was watching it was holy bleep isn’t it nice when characters act like smart mature adults who make sensible decisions control their emotions and actually take the time to consider their situation instead of ridiculous hyperactive teenagers driven by hormones and emotions that have somehow inherited the bodies of grown adults. It seems like some kind of crazy luxury from a bygone era now, but it brought me to a pretty interesting conclusion about why modern movies suck harder than Tatiana after two lines of cocaine. They’re written by children four children. Rather people with the intelligence attention, span and emotional maturity of children and this fundamental limitation filters through into everything they produce which is fine if your idea of entertainment is eating play-doh and farting in the bathtub, but for anyone looking for something just a bit smarter and more subtle.

Its A Bit Like Going To A

burlesque show except the dancers all look like Elizabeth Warren and they want to spend the evening talking to you about federal tax reform anyway allow me to illuminate you for the purposes of this video. I’m going to lift some examples from Star trek. Over the years. It’s a franchise that’s been around longer than most of us have been alive. So it’s probably a good reflection of how writing and character development have changed over the years First up let’s take a look at the wrath of Khan from 1982.

Is Generally Regarded As The Best Star Trek

movie ever made. The basic story is that an aging Admiral Kirk is given command of the enterprise again when an old enemy hijacks a federation starship and uses it to get his hands on a Doomsday weapon that can destroy entire planets along the way. He also intends to dish out a bit of good old-fashioned payback on Kirk as revenge for leaving him stranded on a barren planet Decades earlier. There’s a lot going on here in terms of character development, but the central story arc for Kirk is his struggle with getting older. The movie opens up on his 50th birthday and it’s clear he’s not exactly thrilled about that fact.

Hes Very Much A Middle-Aged Man

now stuck in an unrewarding desk job and facing up to the realization that his best days may be behind him Mccoy. him a pair of reading glasses as a birthday gift because he’s too proud to admit that his eyesight isn’t what it used to be overall. It’s a pretty universal concept that most people can relate to and empathize with I mean how many of us are trapped in some boring office job. We don’t enjoy wishing we could live a life of adventure and endless possibilities, how many of us are getting older and realizing we can’t do the things we used to do and the other younger people are slowly coming up to replace us deep down. We all know it’s going to happen sooner or later, even if we’d rather not think about it now consider a similar scene that star trek beyond from 2016 Rips off I mean pays tribute to it’s the same basic setup of Kirk and his friend Mccoy celebrating his birthday over.

A Quiet Drink And A Subdued

Kirk reflecting unhappily on where he’s at in life. The difference here though is that this version of Kirk is 36 years old, and he’s in command of a starship out exploring the galaxy. He’s literally in the prime of his life doing the things he enjoys most he should be loving every single minute of it, but because the movie wants to set him up as a reluctant hero who’s thinking about moving on to new things the best it can come up with is to project the middle-aged angst of Wrath of Khan onto a character who’s at a completely different stage in life. It doesn’t ring true in the slightest because it’s trying to force a situation that can’t happen organically now consider the ending for Wrath of Khan with his ship Crippled and most of his crew dead Khan triggers. Doomsday device in a last-ditch attempt to take his enemy down with him.

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The Desperate Situation Forces Spock To Sacrifice Himself

to repair the enterprise’s Warp core, allowing them to escape the blast. At the cost of his own life. Kirk’s forced to watch his best friend die in front of his eyes. Unable to help him and it’s interesting to watch his reaction as the realization sinks in he doesn’t scream or cry out or lose control. He just kind of slumps to the ground, devastated and shocked as the camera slowly pans away and when it’s time to lay his friend to rest.

He Delivers The Eulogy With Stiff

but stoic composure only wavering once at the very ends of all the souls I have encountered in my travels. Yes was the most human why because he’s a grown-ass man and he’s the captain of a starship He’s. lead by example, and hold himself together whatever his personal feelings because that’s how professional officers conduct themselves and that little moment when his composure slips becomes all the more poignant because you know how hard he’s trying to hide it. Now let’s consider how this same scene plays out in Star Trek into darkness Yeah, I think you begin to see the difference here Not only does Kirk’s death happen in the midst of a ridiculous action scene with starships crashing into cities buildings getting flattened and people dying by the tens of thousands, Thus giving the audience no time to process it before it’s swiftly undone with a bit of cheap Deus ex trifica. But it’s also very clear that the characters in whatever passes for modern star Trek very much wear their hearts on their sleeves running around like frantic Lunatics and emergencies openly discussing personal relationships.

In Front Of Superior Officers And Responding With

big emotional outbursts in high stress situations, it’s quite a contrast from the more mature and restrained characterizations from the earlier movies as another example, let’s consider how characters handle interpersonal conflict like in this scene from Star Trek the undiscovered country where it’s revealed that due to a major industrial disaster, the Klingon Empire is on the verge of collapse and is now making peace overtures towards the Federation. Naturally. This causes quite the difference of opinion about how to handle the situation with the more hardline officers seeing this as a chance to eliminate their most dangerous enemies once and for all the more forward-thinking elements. On the other hand, want to negotiate an honorable peace rather than push their opponents into a corner and risk a destructive military conflict. Both perspectives have merit and the script is smart enough.

Let Them Have Their Say Before Revealing That

Kirk had been personally chosen by Spock to lead the diplomatic initiative. Naturally, he’s not happy about being railroaded into a mission like this partly because of his professional mistrust of the Klingons, partly because he’s an agent commander who fears the rapidly changing world around him, but also because he has a very personal reason to hate them. David David is dead. All of these elements combined together to create a strong and very understandable emotional reaction. You can see how bleep angry he is with his friend.

The Way He Stands At The

opposite end of the table, keeping a safe distance between them. At first it starts with cold accusations, but when Spock tries to argue his case rationally the real emotions start to come through. Don’t believe them don’t trust them until at last it all becomes too. much and Kirk finally shows his true colors they’re dying let them die. It’s a smart well-written scene that demonstrates the changing dynamics between the two friends and actually paints Kirk in a pretty unflattering light without completely destroying him as a character.

Hes An Old Bigoted Reactionary Officer From A

different era. Afraid of change, still licking old wounds and unable to see past his own prejudices and yet you absolutely understand why it feels this way just like the debate during the briefing earlier. Neither side is portrayed as strictly right or wrong. They’re just different perspectives born from different experiences and both are definitely worth listening to but what’s most important to note here is how the two men actually conduct themselves they’re controlled rational and measured arguing their points effectively and not simply shouting over each other. Yeah Kirk’s definitely got an emotional stake in this.

Quickly Comes Through As Spock Presses Him,

but even then he manages to keep himself mostly under control why because that’s how grown bleep men deal with things real men Don’t fly off the handle at the slightest provocation or start fighting and yelling at each other when they disagree because losing control. Like that isn’t a sign of strength. It’s a sign of deep weakness and insecurity, weakness of character, weakness of self–control and weakness of self–discipline. Now let’s consider how Kirk and Spock resolve their differences in the new version of Star Trek for bleep sake the last example. I want to give you is how the chain of command operates in different eras of Star Trek.

In The Episode Gambit From Star Trek.

The next generation, the Captain and first officer of the Enterprise are both out of action, leaving data to take command of the ship. As his first officer, it’s a change of role for both men and unfortunately, Wharf doesn’t take too well to this openly questioning his decisions in front of the bridge crew. Finally, this prompts data to summon him to his ready room for a good old-fashioned ass kick-in like my previous examples the great thing about this scene is how restrained and understated. These two characters are they don’t yell at each other or come to blows because they don’t need to date a calmly, but firmly explains that worf was wrong to question him in front of the crew.

You Continually Question My Orders In Front Of

the crew. I do not believe this is appropriate behavior. Wharf offers the justification for his behavior is it not my duty to offer you alternatives and data lets them know that bleep isn’t gonna fly with him, but once I have. decision, it is your job to carry it out regardless of how you may personally feel and guess what Morph recognizes that he was in the wrong apologizes for it, and the two men go back to work with no hard feelings. If you will overlook this incident.

I Would Like To Continue To Consider You

my friend. I would like that as well Holy Bleep imagine two people dealing with interpersonal conflict like calm adult professionals whoever wrote the dialogue for this scene deserves a bleep medal. It’s an absolute masterclass in the subtle enforcement of command and authority mixed in with the conflict between two friends having to adjust to a sudden change of roles, without even having to raise his voice or resort to personal attacks. Data is able to perfectly explain the mutually supportive relationship between a captain and his first officer and make it clear.


Modern movies suck harder than Tatiana after two lines of cocaine . Modern movies are written by children four children. They’re written by people with the intelligence attention, span and emotional maturity of children. This limitation filters through into everything they produce. It’s fine if your idea of entertainment is eating play-doh and farting in the bathtub, but for anyone looking for something just a bit smarter and more subtle, it’s a bit like going to a burlesque show except the dancers all look like Elizabeth Warren and they want to spend the evening talking to you about federal tax reform . The latest Star Trek movie is a look at the wrath of Khan from 1982. The movie is generally regarded as the best star trek movie ever made. The new movie is expected to be released on Blu-Ray in theaters on Friday, October 26, at 8pm ET and 9pm ET on December 28, 2015. Click here for all the latest from the latest Star trek update . Read this article ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video