Why soldiers so often do nothing in battle


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ExpressvPN thanks to them but more of that Later I’m going to be talking about the frustration that the commander might feel when he’s given a perfectly good order, and yet finds that his men just seem to be standing around doing nothing. Why do men just do nothing well. One of the reasons is something that’s like Ologist sometimes call cognitive blink Don’t You imagine that there you are you’re in your garage and you’ve got a pile of paint tins that’s been building up over the years and maybe you should just get rid of some of them. Some of them are stupid, useless old colors. In every news it’s a little bit dried up that’s how they need paint in that one so you gotta go through that’s a rat your world comes to a halt suddenly you’ve completely.

Forgotten About The Task The Paintings And All

that the ceiling you’re unaware of that entire hemisphere of the universe has just sunken into irrelevance because there might be a rat over there somewhere you that you heard a little scuffle and you saw a dark shape and you think out of the corner of your eye and John. You are focused on that and you come to a complete halt for that moment that is the moment of cognitive blink now when an animal in the wild encounters an animal you mentioned you your oh dear and it’s mating season you’re a male and there’s another there’s a stag there and oh you see him and you freeze. He looks at you you look at him is there gonna be a confrontation you’re not sure it’s quite important to really size this guy up because he might charge you. He might be aggressive so you’re gonna have to defend yourself. I probably won’t kill you though because members of one species tend not to kill other members, but it’s still it’s really important because if he backs down, you might get a chance to mate and pass on genes.

So Okay.

This is an important moment so these two animals will freeze and look at each other focused cognitive blink now if a deer does that when the the thing that suddenly pops in division is a wolf, then that might not be such a wise decision might be much better to just just leg. It get out get away because freezing in the presence of a dangerous predator is obviously very dangerous and you’re much more likely to run away, but if you’re a soldier walking along and another soldier pops up what you’re seeing is another member. of your own species? So there is that boo size him up look at him What does he want is he stranger? Is he a friend that’s the thing we naturally do on encountering another person. Unfortunately, if that person has a machine gun and very hostile intent that can be a really bad idea that moment of cognitive blink could cost you your life, but most people experience this when they see a threat they do not immediately leap into decisive action Instead there’s that moment of oh what’s that and they come to a halt.

They Freeze And They Focus On The

threat and now we learn socially as we grow up long before any of us becomes a soldier. We we learn that being passive is actually a very good reaction in an awful lot of potentially dangerous situations, so they are in the in the cafeteria. And you’re going along the line with your tray and someone blatantly just flagrantly, but pushes in front of you and you say excuse me There is actually a cue yes. I’m in a great hurry. Do you want to make something of this Oh okay right yeah so longer wrong side of the bed.

This Morning Youre Probably Likely To To

think to yourself and you will just freeze there and do nothing you don’t back down you don’t run away you just freeze and then they get served and go over to their table and then you can bond with the people serving behind behind the the counter because you’re so much nicer than that guy and you can say Ravioli please in an extra nice way and give them a smile and they’ll give you a big smile back because you know you’ve demonstrated that you’re so. much nicer than that get who pushed in front that social response of just freezing okay right has kept you safe over and over and over again now if you’re watching this you’re almost certainly male and you’re probably an adult so you’ll have memories of having not been at all having been a boy and boys fight don’t they at school. This is absolutely standard so how many people did you very severely injure put in a hospital or kill I’m gonna guess probably none no yet. There are plenty of occasions right at that time. You picked up that UK pencil that have been sharpened to a lethal point and you threatened us to stab Simon in the eye with it yeah, but you didn’t actually stab him did you Simon there’s not you know blind in one eye today at that time when you you even joked.

About Pushing Jonathan Off The Wall, Which Would

be really dangerous didn’t actually do it didn’t go through with it. He didn’t break both his legs, So most of us have this this this experience of of having stayed our hand of having just oh when the bully because even if your nails I don’t do for instance, absolutely nails my goodness what well what a terrifying person you are today. But there was a time when you were six years old and when you’re six all the boys who attend our enormous Lee bigger than you and so there was a time when the ten-year-old bullied you and what did he do did you touch him on the nose. No you just froze and didn’t give him any grief and you are still alive today and everything’s fine so we have this habit that we’ve got into object freezing. doing anything and it has for most of us worked throughout our lives, and this this habit gets ingrained so one of the reasons you might freeze on encountering the enemy in a war is this cognitive blink.

Another One Is The Sort Of

just the habit that you’ve trained yourself into and possibly you’ve been trained in some ways during the war as well, maybe you’ve been involved in school for someone and you’ve gotten to know the sound of a certain weapon being cocked or whatever and you’re every time you’ve heard that tick noise you’ve you’ve frozen and looked around and that’s become your habit so that’s what you do and a danger office is that you can you can stay frozen now if you’re on your own and you you freeze after a while you’re probably gonna think well I better move then but if you’re. In company and everybody freezes There are five of you and everyone freezes Are you gonna be the first one to move well Nobody else is moving so presumably they think we should carry on being still so I’ll go with the committee opinion here and I’ll carry on being still besides if I move the enemy might spot me and that’ll give all of them spot all my mates and I’ll be the one who gave us away so I’m gonna wait for someone else to move so five men freezing can stay frozen for really quite a long time. You can of course freeze by choice and sometimes it’s irrational and good thing to do is to freeze When when you’re in danger maybe the enemy hasn’t seen you or want to see you and you could also freeze because of what sometimes referred to is clearly called. paralysis and even you can go into a catatonic state which I’ve I don’t really know a huge amount but I’ve read There’s some people going into a catatonic state and they they go to stiff as a board and they’re completely unresponsive, or they they just go rag doll limp and are completely unresponsive either way they’re completely useless as soldiers. Once they’ve gone into that state.

But The Trouble Is When You Talk About

going into a catatonic state or clinical paralysis. It sounds like a very definite medical identifiable thing, but actually no one is there no doctors are there measuring the the the body state of someone who’s apparently experiencing clinical paralysis and it’s not that he’s not moving so much st. At that time he can’t move for some reason why can’t he move why is he clinically paralyzed well we don’t know as far. As we know as far as I know there’s no science in this It went so when you read about clinical paralysis. It sounds good.

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It Sounds Like Theres Science Behind

it, but actually it’s just an idea that there is the state of being that some people apparently getting to sometimes where they just can’t move for some reason anyway. I want you to imagine that you’re in a shopping center and you’ve got a list of things to do and does my wife really want me to buy that is huge I’m not carrying that and oh there’s an altercation over there some people are being very loud and shouting at each other but anyway what else you want she hasn’t said what sighs blimey it’s coming to blows now they’re punching each other well that’s part of security will be along in a moment, but there are. Loads of people watching I imagine they must know who they are because I don’t know who they are anyway and you go back to your list and that is how most people behave and there are loads of people who’ll just stand and go up as two people in the shopping centre in full view of maybe hundreds of people start punching each other and doing other extremely dangerous and undesirable things until one maverick looks around. If it is nobody going to intervene and he rushes to intervene and that is the moment that the spell is then broken and Oh someone’s rushing to intervene. Oh yeah and then you get six other guys who realized all at the same time.

Oh I Can Be A Hero

too as well and they perhaps have a race to be the first to intervene, so they can say that it. was their idea and someone breaks the spell. A large number of people can just stay frozen and this happens in war. It seems an awful lot of people will sit tight until somebody does no no we really have to move and they start moving well. Yeah Yeah We really do have to move and then things actually start happening.

So Sometimes It Can Take Just A Single

individual The Maverick. If you like there’s someone with a bit more gumption and initiative to break the spell and so that’s one reason that your troops when you give an order might be doing nothing as they just sort of frozen. They’re going a cognitive blink. Perhaps another thing that they might be doing this for sale, and that first thing is a bit of a turn so you spotted it covers a multitude of sins.

Its Just Doing All.

sorts of tasks that maybe you’re some use, but they’re not really of prime military use. They’re not what’s necessary right now that’s certainly not what should be your highest priority, and there’s a there’s a story, for instance of an officer who was apparently a bit like.


Ologist sometimes call cognitive blink Don’t You imagine that there you are you’re in your garage and you’ve got a pile of paint tins that’s been building up over the years and maybe you should just get rid of some of them . Later I’m going to be talking about the frustration that the commander might feel when he’s given a perfectly good order, and yet finds that his men just seem to be standing around doing nothing . In this video, which has been sponsored by ExpressvPN thanks to them but more of that later on, we’ll talk about the frustrations of a commander who is frustrated by the lack of a task he has to do nothing well . Later on we’ll discuss the frustration of the commander who has to deal with a task that he must deal with the task of dealing with a job that he needs to do something more than just sit down and look back at his men. Later we’ll be able to find out what we need to do with the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video