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All Right There Everyone The Importance Of

telling the truth not to be talking about on today’s video as many of you know we had our livestream broadcast last Thursday evening featuring the astonishing vision of Alexander. Solzhenitsyn regarding his prophetic insights into the dehumanizing effects of globalization as well as its cure. His profound prescription for a truly authentic human life and civilization and in so doing. We focus on his 1978 speech that he delivered at Harvard’s commencement entitled A World split apart and we noticed that he began his speech by emphasizing Harvard’s motto which is simply Veritas or the Latin word for truth, and we noted that classically truth reveals reality truth is revelatory of being. It’s actually a word of negation in the Greek.

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The Ancient Greek On Lateen The Theme Means

to disclose but it has attached to an alpha primitive prefixed to it. And alpha primitive negates what it’s prefixed to. So theist is one who believes in God well an atheist. A theist is one who negates such belief and so if lateen means to hide, then Allah thene means to reveal. So we noted that Solzhenitsyn was very interested in acting in the role of a prophet before the audience at Harvard.

Hes A Prophet Revealing Reality A Reality That

knows his audience has largely grown numb to blind to but one of the things that I wanted to do coming out of our livestream, which I’ll link down below for your reference. If you want to go back and check it out. We really had a great great night. It was very rich study lots of great comments, but one of the things that I wanted to do coming out of. That is explore this notion of truth, particularly as it relates to the prevalence of lies and lying and falsehoods and this came up is I’ve been reading through Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life, which I hope to put some kind of commentary together at some point but it’s rule 8 tell the truth or at least Don’t lie.

Its A Very Very Good Chapter.

He actually brings up Solzhenitsyn in it and soldier needs a fascinating insight that lying is ultimately totalitarian are by their nature, totalitarian and hence globalised tyranny in which we find ourselves is held together. Ultimately by lies the kinds of social dynamics. The debilitating social dynamics of globalization are held together by the connective tissue of lives, but also because to I you know I recently was I was fascinated by the whole Justice Millette thing and that that that brought back to. me the whole notion the importance of telling the truth, but even perhaps more importantly living in truth and that’s what I want to explore with you today.

Now Of Course, Researchers Know That Virtually Everyone

lies at some point or other. We all tell either major lies like you know someone tries to pretend he or she isn’t having an affair when they did or we tell little white lies of oh that’s so interesting we could care less about what the other person is saying that kind of stuff we lie to ourselves all the time. We think we’re experts at things that were not we lie to ourselves about what we can eat about our weight, What we can drink. How much we can drink our looks whatever there are various degrees of falsehoods that we’re all guilty of and one way or another but what Jordan. Peterson notices is that we tend to lie because we become possessed by some ill form desire.

We Want Something And It Turns Out That

this it’s it’s something that we probably shouldn’t want but we do nevertheless, and so what we end up doing is we end up crafting our speech and action in such a way that appears likely to bring about that end we so desire so I might want to have a one-night stand behind my wife’s back I don’t, but or I might want to appear confident When I’m not with a job. I might want a job that somebody is better suited for something like I may want to justify my failures. Whatever it is an ill-informed desire gives rise to something called life lives and life lies seek to redefine reality to my own benefit in accordance with my own desires and of. Assumption here is that reality is actually unbearable being faithful to my marriage is boring and unfulfilled or coming to terms of my owning competences submitting to a kind of self-slavery. If I didn’t get that job, then I won’t be worth anything fundamentally life lies see reality is imposing and stifling and unbearable and so we launched a project where we convinced ourselves that all would be fine in the world.

If Only It Conformed To Our Own

desires and ambitions and of course this is for Solzhenitsyn and for Peterson the root cause of totalitarian systems. All totalitarian systems basically function with the assumptions. The world is made right by conforming to the desires and ambitions of a governing technocratic elite whose own limitations of perception of reality to find and delineate the nature of reality for the rest of us, but what’s so interesting yours beaters. Notices is that if you can’t live in truth with others, then inevitably, you can’t be truthful to yourself, and this is the horribly corrosive parasitical nature of lies lies destroy one’s self as well as others and to make matters even worse. Tyrannical systems intentionally push laws and make lying acceptable precisely because our elites know that acting out lies weakens our moral character in a weak moral character as of course, made susceptible and vulnerable to manipulation.

Now Theologically Speaking In Solzhenitsyns Orthodox Tradition

of which I’m a convert one of the most profound treatments on lies and falsehood comes from the seventh century St. John Climacus, who wrote in his divine ascent that lying is actually the destruction of love because of course, lying is the denial of reality and reality. In the Christian tradition is fundamentally love for anything that has being anything that participates in. existence participates in existence that is the fullness of being that is the infinite and eternal love, which of course was most explicitly displayed on the cross where God demonstrates his unfathomable love to us, but here’s what’s so interesting. The cross also demonstrates our falsehood in that when truth comes into our midst as Christ, who is the truth has come we respond by destroying truth by denying by crucifying it.

This Is The Univer So State

of the human person notice that this is one at the same time both the single most dreadful distressing and horrific diagnosis of the human person magining and at the same time the most beautiful, loving endearing and tender expression of reality for only a God of infinite and boundless love would subject himself to such horrific torture and death in order to reveal to us the truth of who he is. And the liars we’ve become? I think this is absolutely essential to get in terms of the profundity of the Christian tradition. The cross is where God and Humanity confront each other in the deepest and starkest of terms. It’s on the cross that humanities reveal for what it’s become when truth comes into the world comprised of lies and power and manipulation. It can only appear as crucified and in that display of our madness our violence.

We See A Love That Knows No

bounds no depths to low. We see a love that conquers the world by being conquered for the power of love is not the power of the world, and thus what is the resurrection. It is the unquestionable display that this love is in fact unconquered ball and inextinguishable infinite it’s abundant. See ternal in its life, which in turns awakens a comparable love within. us and thus restores us back to paradise Now John Climacus does note that there are many circumstances when one may resort to concealing the truth for the good of another, but one can only do that when one is first conquered the desire and dare I say it the innate desire.

The Fallen Desire To Hide The Truth

for the sake of one’s own fallen ambitions only a purified heart knows or discerns what a like an act when and like and actually be good such as when protecting human life from evil Nazis showing up at your door actually protecting the truth by a swarm of lies like during the time of war. Even Justin you know competitive sports when you fake out your opponent forcing him to guess wrong regarding what your next move is going to be. While these may seem relatively self–explanatory just self–justifying they. world where we’ve surrendered ourselves to Satan, who’s called of course the father of lives. We live in a world of Lies, and so we need to make sure that we spiritually discipline ourselves to sensitize ourselves to those lies that destroy love and hence destroy ourselves and indeed the ones we love John Climacus says that only when we’ve completely purged ourselves of the urge to lie, can we actually resort to it interestingly enough when when needed to and how do we purge ourselves of this urge to lie well by committing ourselves to consistently telling the truth.

Since The More We Tell The Truth

the more we purify our hearts and the pure and heart are the ones who see God. So we tell the truth by living in truth living a life oriented towards God and prayer and fasting and indeed feasting for caring for the needs of the poor. This is living in truth living out a life of love. So we can develop the love of telling the truth and so how do we do that well. We first start by deciding to live in truth.

Recognizing That We Dont Have All The

answers my desires for that affair or that job or that reputation needs to be checked against a large or far wise or more for a wisdom. Oral tradition that’s been around for centuries and thus has transcendent truth for me. This involves immersing myself into the church fathers the Patristic. Sand reading what they have to say about anything and everything that I’m interested in and as such, they guide me in my decision making soaking whatever I’m doing in the rich theology and the prayers of the Orthodox Church and then we start with small changes in our own lives as Peterson notes always start with the small simple changes that add up over time. So for example, we can make a commitment that today.

Its My Prayer That Ill Find

one opportunity to speak and act truly when I could have done the opposite. I’m gonna find an opportunity to speak truth to the best of my ability best of my understanding. When I could have spoken a falsehood or I’m going to receive the truth today without any excuse making or getting offended, but can you imagine the snowflakes on college campuses started doing that that’s something. by the way, particularly since I’m sticking my neck out so much publicly Chand everyday.

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You Know You Have Every Right

to turn around and critique me and I have to be willing to receive that critique as truth or at least considerate as such so that’s something I’m always working on as well or instead of trying to steal or manipulate right. I’m gonna find a way of blessing someone today it may be as simple as just giving them a compliment. Obviously one that we’re hopefully sincere about or it may be carrying a burden or a task for someone else.


Alexander Solzhenitsyn spoke at Harvard’s 1978 commencement entitled A World split apart . He began his speech by emphasizing Harvard’s motto which is simply Veritas or the Latin word for truth . He’s a prophet revealing reality a reality that knows his audience has largely grown numb to blind to but one of the things that I wanted to do coming out of our livestream is explore this notion of truth, particularly as it relates to the prevalence of lies and lying and falsehoods and this came up is I’ve been reading through Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life, which I hope to put some kind of commentary together at some point but it’s rule 8 tell the truth or at least Don’t lie. All right there? Everyone the importance of telling the truth not to be talking about on today’s video . If you want you want to go back and check it out.& We really had a great great night.& If you Want to go ahead and check out it was very rich study ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video