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Today A Historic Winter Storm Freezes Texas

wind turbines and the media fawns all over Joe Biden You’re not going to want to miss it and it starts right now welcome to the news and white matters. I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by my friends Jakub Billian’s, host of the Yakub Buoyance show also Elijah Schaefer host of slightly offensive here on Blaze Tv as you can see both of them are bundled up Elijah a little a little more so I just don’t like layers, but I would you have the fur I got that I got the first. I got the fur oh let’s go peta, but I like I’m feeling because I can do that jacket. I looked like that. This morning when I was pulling my kids on a boogie board sledding yes yeah.

It Has Been Quite The 48

hours here in Texas obviously we. were not here Yesterday because there were rolling power outages the roads were insane Elijah you know a little bit too well about those power outages. You said 48 hours. I was like for some of us. It’s been 72 or more hours because my heater failed under the climate very quickly a few days ago, So it slowly went down and we live in a concrete apartment.

So It Is I Think Last Time.

I checked the thermostat at the house. I think it’s like nine degrees in the house right now inside yeah I don’t it’s the water froze Oh Yeah our soap froze like our soaps are frozen Our waters in the house are frozen like it’s everything’s just frozen the pipes. Don’t work it’s like it’s it’s a dead zone. Yeah and my hamster survived.

Hes Alive Still Im Really Like That Is

amazing that is. Quite amazing um but I mean seriously are you you’re not going to stay there No you can’t stay there no no No Yaakov. Ayako asked offered to let us at his house, but we also we got together with the neighbors and like there was an old lady that we were like boiling water for her and stuff and she looked like she was almost going to die. She was she didn’t have any light anything. She was just stuck in her house.

So We Cooked Her Some Soup And We

brought her some candles and stuff, but i mean people are really hurting. I’m glad that you I’m glad that you brought that up because you know we you see the the typical northerners making fun of southerners right a lot of people on social media are like oh is it snowing in Texas. I haven’t noticed all. of you tweeting about it and it’s like we’re not tweeting about the snow It’s actually a very very dire situation here millions are without power as I said at the top of the show . There are freezing conditions that have obviously made the road dangerous, but not only that now.

I Hope That You Guys Can

give me a good answer for this um. Unfortunately, I think that perhaps there’s not one it’s a challenge. This has this storm has knocked out half of Texas’s installed wind power generation. So the wind turbines actually froze so they are not working and I guess my question is and by the way if you didn’t know this wind power is like Texas’s quickest growing energy infrastructure source, but I’m like so we knew this was coming we we had time to to make sure that proper you know procedures. were put into place and still from Governor Abbott.

We Hear Um That The Facilities Froze Over

and it’s like so what good is a wind turbine facility or any facility for that matter that is supposed to supply power to people in extreme temperatures. If you’re just going to let the facility freaking freeze over yeah look this is you Don’t have a good answer for me. This is late t-boon t-boo and pickens and you know they’ve done a lot of work in this but so will the nation go if we embrace this crazy green new deal situations because these these machines. I don’t know if you’ve ever driven up to one of them. But these things are monstrous and there’s a lot of metal and there’s really no way actually without making them even more exorbitantly expensive to insulate them from freezing they’re going to freeze.

They Freeze Down Here Then You Can Imagine

anywhere else So yes we knew um which is why I’m a fossil fuel guy. You know I’m just that’s where I’m at the earth gives us amazing things and we need to explore it and be responsible, but no there’s no good answer for why we didn’t prepare Sarah but also these things you can’t back the power up. They can give you power when they’re running right, but there’s no battery technology to say Hey we’re going to build up a reserve bank of power from the wind turbines with excess power. You use it or you lose it or it freezes and you know your animals suffer so I mean there’s no good answer. Yeah well.

I Think Too We Have To

look at the fact that you know this is like I caught La la land energy because. It’s this idea of like we’re just gonna you know have God give a deep breath and everyone’s gonna have power and it’s like well. You know maybe fossil fuels are going to run out at a certain point. Maybe they don’t want to dig for new ones, but to me. This seems like sort of counterproductive because we have at least 50 to 75 years of good fossil fuel use for our generators for our our cities, but also if you look at right now.

Every Gas Station Is Full To

the brim people are filling up tanks running generators. Everyone’s using fossil fuel to compensate for what we are not getting from the wind turbines on top of that like in my apartment complex it looks like we’re at a driving movie theater. Everybody is just in their cars just idling for six seven hours at a time. Just sitting in them trying to stay warm and talk about going backwards and you know I don’t know the icebergs are going to melt or whatever because you know I I don’t even believe them because it’s like all the cars are running in Texas and the ice is still here. You know and they talk about these gases are getting trapped and whatnot fine whatever but I think it’s something deeper.

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I Think This Is An Idea Of Not

even letting people control their own energy not letting us control what works for us. This is about demanding that they take these people in power take over the power grid that they decide what the future looks like that they can control when when we do get power when we don’t and this is like common sense. These do not work in cold climates and they say this. Well this we couldn’t have prepared for this This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment well, but how can you say that while you’re also crying out climate change and you’re saying yeah, But you’re saying that they’re gonna have more severe climate crisis and more severe climate events. You’re telling us things are going to be unstable in the climate.

While Youre Building Things That Cant Stand

up under unstable climates. It’s a contradictory argument look. This is not going to be popular for all these people, but but these supplemental energy sources solar wind right. They are to be put in what’s called an array system right in an array system you daisy chain together and it fills gaps. It should never be your main power source ever it should be fossil fuel and supplemental again.

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You Cant Store It So When

the sun is shining great I got power. I can’t bank it when the wind is blowing. I got power. These things are crazy expensive to to design and build and build the power grids bad on Texas forever, relying a massive amount of energy and just renewable energy and say listen. If that thing goes down we’re kind of screwed we have fossil fuel the earth produces fossil fuel.

Shes Going To Continue To Produce Fossil

fuel and this just the whole global warming. Your argument is so good when they say look um climate change is severe, but we’re going to entrust a turbine which is as old as time just go to the Netherlands a windmill. I mean it’s forever we’re going to entrust millions of people’s power completely to that grid is senseless, especially in the state of Texas, where we have some strong crude and a lot of a lot of fossil fuel. to generate power so anyway Yeah So Rick Perry, former Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry was talking about all of this green energy and how it’s clearly going to get people killed Here is Rick Perry on Fox news with Tucker Carlson having a diverse base load of energy is incredibly important. We started taking coal plants off.

We Started Taking Nuclear Plants Off And If

this country is going to continue to grow is it going to continue to have pace that it’s going to have to be competitive in the world. We’ve got to have an energy supply that is diverse a base load that you know when you call on it it’s going to be there think about if if if we were in the Aoc world fast forward 10 years and and everything is solar everything is when and you have this type of. event this type of I mean it’s nine degrees in round top Texas we’re the same latitude as Houston nine degrees and if you don’t have power you’re gonna you’re gonna die. I mean there are countless lives that could be lost with this type of reckless adhering to a philosophy that quite frankly is not scientific.

He Brings Up A Great Point About Aoc

because this seems to be kind of a preview into the green new deal Elijah yep and it’s the snodemic. This is the same mishandling just like they said well you know we’re going to get rid of a virus by shutting down the country and it didn’t really do anything at all except hurt or hurt us long term. I mean when you look outside and I think this is where people again mocking Texas and saying Oh you guys are freaking out no. Our economy is closed.

I Mean Youre Talking About I Mean

Chick-fil-a’s closed and even this even like blew my mind right whataburger’s closed. I mean yes everywhere there’s yeah we’re out of food and I was just at costco Yeah the guy said I said where’s the food he goes. We they had to reroute the trucks the grocery stores might start running out of food in the next 24 to 36 hours, and we don’t know if we’re gonna be able to get shipments. He just said so like and then and then the roads are blocked because of the semi so you can’t get out of the area.

I Mean Its Like Its Saying Well

this isn’t big if you’re in Michigan because they’re prepared for this but somewhere like Texas is not but why they’re not is you know whatever but this whole power fiasco is. Especially when I’m seeing on the railroad by the way while we’re out of power. I’m seeing a train go by with maybe 60 cars full of coal you know maybe I imagine it’s coming.


A historic winter storm freezes Texas wind turbines and the media fawns all over Joe Biden . You’re not going to want to miss it and it starts right now welcome to the news and white matters . Join by friends Jakub Billian’s, host of the Yakub Buoyance show also Elijah Schaefer host of slightly offensive here on Blaze Tv.& It has been quite the 48 hours here in Texas obviously we. were not here yesterday because there were rolling power outages the roads were insane . Our soap froze like our soaps are frozen. Our waters in the house are frozen like it’s everything’s just frozen the pipes.& Yeah and my hamster survived.& He’s alive still I’m really like that is amazing that is.& Quite amazing um but I mean seriously are you you’re not Going to stay there No you can’t stay there. No Yaakov.& But I’m really like it’s like it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video