Wicked Globalists Are Causing Starvation and Poverty Under the Guise of Environmentalism


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This Winter, Tens Of Millions Of British Citizens,

including children will be tipped or dumped into energy poverty severe enough to risk permanent damage to their health. Cold damp houses provide the perfect breeding ground for mold that not only causes respiratory distress, but renders houses essentially unlivable. Once established one left-leaning newspaper ran the story outlining the danger but without a word about why this crisis has emerged because the woke moralizers of the environmental movement helped create it compassion callow self–aggrandizing incompetent politicians. There are celebrity lackeys. Machiavellian journalists have insisted ever more loudly over the last five decades that no cost was and is too great for others to bear in the pursuit of blind service to the planet.

It Is Irresistibly Tempting At The Moment For

those on that bandwagon to single out and demonize Vladimir Putin for Europe’s energy woes, but his current machinations were. The green ideologues anyone with eyes could see a decade ago that the idiot insists that Europe make itself reliant on Russia for its energy security made the current situation inevitable. Remember when President Donald Trump Populist Menace Numero Uno was marked and derided by the intellectual and political Elite in Europe and North America for trumpeting precisely that warning well now the chickens have truly come home to roost, but very little has yet been learned. In consequence virtue signaling utopians committed to globalization claim we are destroying the planet with cheap energy, but are they truly and deeply committed to the environmental sustainability so loudly and insistently demanded, or they merely hell bent in the prototypically Marxist manner in taking revenge on capitalism. It appears to be the latter why otherwise would the mavens of the environmental movement oppose nuclear power despite its optimal carbon footprint? Why would they demonize the exceptionally clean natural gas whose fracking enabled production has allowed the UK to dramatically cut the very carbon output that is so hypothetically undesirable utility bills have soared in the UK.

The Home Of The Industrial Revolution That Lifted

the world out of poverty. Now up to half of small businesses in Britain face the risk of bankruptcy and closure. The government has had to announce a ruinously expensive energy price guarantee to mitigate the worst effects of This Disaster. The rush to Renewables. The mentality among the eco-extremists is as follows if we have to Doom the poor to destroy the system that made the rich so be it you just can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs here.

Some Facts To Remember Well We So

madly and ineffectively rush to Renewables. The International Energy agency recently indicated that two decades of intense support for such undertakings has hiked the proportion of energy provided by such means from 13 to 14 percent to an utterly underwhelming 15. 7 percent. If all governments deliver on their current climate policies, the world will derive no more than 28 percent of its energy that way by 2050. and a hundred percent by 2207, not 20-30 or 2035, but 200 years later? Does anyone on the liberal left accept such projections or are they a mere fabrication of the conspiratorial right-wing conservative imagination? How about the Biden Administration Biden’s experts no doubt motivated to be as optimistic as possible project that a mere 27 percent of the energy produced by 2050 will be carbon dioxide free and that full UK Eradication cannot possibly occur until 2242 42 an even more dismal guesstimation.

If You Regard Such Realities As Dismal, Then

that put forth by the International Energy agency but the tyrannical and emergency Justified panicked Crunch is not just happening in the UK In Spain officials now dictate that commercial properties must not be heated above 17 degrees Celsius or cool below 27 degrees Celsius upon pain of law in Switzerland. Similar punishments are being considered as part. A proposed four-step plan for dealing with a gas shortage which quote cannot be ruled out this winter given the geopolitical situation. The citizens of Germany likewise are now in phase two of a three-stage emergency plan following a reduction in gas flows from Russia Its main supplier. The plan involves bringing coal-fired plants onto the market.

According To German, Minister Robert Habeck, Despite

them being quote simply poisoned for the climate and the potential of gas rationing for industrial companies so that supplies to homes and schools EtC are not disrupted. The extended plan involves curtailing the Christmas lighting that constitutes part of the celebration in the midst of the winter darkness. In many locations where they generally shine nothing either beautiful or pleasing is acceptable in the least to the grinches and the Grinch was in fact green when confronted by the crisis. They created remember When the aristocracy catches cold The Peasants die of pneumonia. If such Extreme Measures have become necessary in the richest countries, what in God’s name is going to happen in the poorer ones.

When The Shortages Strike The Poor

will inevitably and necessarily turn to less green resources. Many even in Germany are already stockpiling firewood and coal for the winter, leading to acute shortages. How is incentivizing people to cut down and burn trees and use coal in their fireplaces going to help reduce the dreaded atmospheric carbon load. The actual poor versus the hypothetical poor. Perhaps we’ll be able to comfort ourselves here in the west with the thought that the food we take for granted will still be available at our tables but wait the crops that nourish our populations cannot be grown without fertilizer loathed by Green Folk and more specifically without ammonia and what pray.

Tell Is Ammonia Derived From Could

it be Natural Gas, and how many people are dependent for their daily bread on the industrial generation and consequent white availability of ammonia Only three or four billion. What happens to the continuous production plants responsible for making ammonia. If the natural gas supplies are halted even momentarily they destroyed themselves as they were not designed for such an unlikely event and they cannot be restarted. The World Bank itself has recently indicated that 222 million people are already experiencing the threat of starvation described Oh so nicely as food insecurity. The Communists managed to kill a hundred million in the last century with their utopian delusions We’ve barely begun to implement the Save the Planet Nightmare and We’ve already placed twice that number at risk.

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We Are Told An Emergency Confronts Us The

climate crisis? The solution the masses will have to tighten their belts to forestall an even worse future catastrophe. The elite academics, think tanks and corporate consultants and the politicians who subsidize their intellectual pretensions will not be particularly affected by such tightening privileged as they are but the actual poor to such an elite they must be sacrificed now to save tomorrow’s hypothetical poor and 222 million people is no doubt an underestimate as the food insecurity gets more severe. More countries will place restrictions on food exports that will harm the international supply lines. We all depend on then when the consequences of that manifest themselves increasingly desperate politicians will begin to nationalize and centralize food distribution as the French and Germans have already done on the energy front and cut their Farmers off at the knees who will in turn stop growing food not out of spite, but because of dire economic impossibility. Then we will have engendered the kind of feedback loop that can really spiral out of control.

It Will Be Poor People Who Die First

at least but as we all have all been taught by the malevolent eco-moralizers. The planet has too many people on it anyway think about this well you shiver all too soon in your cold damp and increasingly expensive and now substandard lodgings you and your family may well. have been deemed an Expendable excess food for thought This is simply not acceptable if you dare to claim the moral High Ground well serving the cause of starvation, then by my Reckoning you’ve placed yourself firmly in the enemy camp and you richly deserve whatever is coming your way in the psychological and educational Arenas too we demoralize young people feeding them a constant diet of concretized Apocalypse, focusing particularly on tempering or even obliviating the laudable ambition of boys, hectoring them into believing that their virtue is nothing but the force that oppresses the innocent and despoils the virginal planet and if that doesn’t work and it does, then there’s always the castration awaiting the gender dysphoric and you oppose such initiatives at substantial personal risk, but we can reassure ourselves with the fact that a beneficient government is going to set up warm spots in public libraries. and museums this winter so that freezing starving old people can huddle together to keep warm well.

Their Grandchildren Cough Up Their Lungs In

their frigid damp and moldy Flats in such circumstances in the face of such mandatory privations and manipulations. It’s obvious that the last thing are tyrannical idiot panicked virtue signaling government should be doing is directing their demented attention toward regulating what people serve at their tables, but because meat has also been deemed yet something else that is destroying the planet. The woke narcissists of compassion are already insisting that people eat less of it, plants and bugs for you and your children peasants and the sooner you get accustomed to it or else the better let’s turn our attention to the claim that animal husbandry and the meat it produces cheaply enough for everyone to afford is unsustainable for a moment because we haven’t. Yet dispensed with enough moralizing and authoritarian stupidity? Remember what happened the last time? The government agencies applied their tender Mercy to determining what the people they serve should consume.

We Were Offered The Much Vaunted

food pyramid telling us to eat 6 to 11 servings of grains and carbohydrates a day with protein and fat at the Pinnacle something to be indulged in with comparative Rarity if indeed necessary at all that all turned out to be wrong and not just a little wrong, but so wrong that it might as well have been not just wrong, but a veritable anti-truth something as wrong as it could possibly get the food Pyramid was brought into being not least by theNK] Department of Agriculture that is by marketers, not scientists or nutritionists with no shortage whatsoever of Lobby efforts by those whose products ended up being promoted the dietary. Recommendation to prioritize carbohydrates produced a veritable epidemic of obesity a diabetes resulting in what has been deemed by reliable researchers as one of the worst Public Health disasters of all time doing almost the entire Western population to a lifetime of catastrophic chronic health problems, 42 percent of Americans are obese. Another almost equally large percentage are overweight at least a third are in the early or later stages of diabetes, which is an exceptionally serious disease 1. 7 trillion dollars is spent annually on chronic illness in the UK and the rise in such illness and cost is directly associated with the beginning of the God forsaken top-down dietary guidelines that set us all on a carbohydrate heavy dietary pathway.

There Have Been In Addition, Dozens Of

studies debunking the claim that red meat causes disease. The purer study P-u-r-e published in the journal Landsat in 2017 analyzing 140. countries revealed that quote higher carbohydrate intake, not meat and fat note was associated with an increased risk of total mortality and that quote higher saturated fat intake was associated with lower risk of stroke lower.


This winter, tens of millions of British citizens, including children will be tipped or dumped into energy poverty severe enough to risk permanent damage to their health . Cold damp houses provide the perfect breeding ground for mold that not only causes respiratory distress, but renders houses essentially unlivable . The green ideologues anyone with eyes could see a decade ago that the idiot insists that Europe make itself reliant on Russia for its energy security made the current situation inevitable, writes Julian Zelizer . Zelizer: “It is irresistibly tempting at the moment for those on that bandwagon to single out and demonize Vladimir Putin for Europe’s energy woes, but his current machinations were. His current Machiavellian tendencies were. Anyone with eyes can see anyone with . eyes could . see that . the idiot insisting that Europe . make itself rely on . Russia for their energy security makes the current Situation inevitable.” Zelizer writes . The author says. The author also asks why otherwise would the mavens of the environmental movement oppose nuclear power ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video