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Will Smith Has Resigned From The Academy.

Some people think the whole thing was fake, but what does this latest example of the culture War tell us about power and why do they want us talking about this right Now Hello there you 5. 4 million Awakening wonders here. We are on the precipice of greatness and forming new systems individually and culturally reforming reality and yet we are still mired in conversation about the actions of powerful people in positions of privilege. We did a great video.

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I Think It Was Great Did

you think it was great to tell me in the comments below sorry about that my narcissist about the Will Smith Jada Pinkett Chris Rock debacle and a lot of you liked it. The reason I want to continue talking about is well because you’re obviously still interested in it loads of the comments below because I. Tell you I read the comments people are saying it’s fake the whole thing was fake. I’ve got an opinion on that loads of you say like Oh who cares it’s nonsense. I’ve got an opinion on that and also it’s an interesting example of the culture wars and how they play out now.

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an unexpigated way come see me live there’s a few tickets left for a few dates. There’s a link in the description I’m in places like Blackpool, for example, where I’m going to do an extravaganza even if you’ve already seen me the show’s got a lot better and please sign up to my mailing list. It’s just one click away, so I can stay in continual contact with you, particularly if I need to now this Oscar Will Smith Chris Rock scenario has been interesting because remember. At the very beginning, some people were like well. It’s good that Will Smith did that.

I Obviously Felt A Bit Jarred

by it because I’m a stand-up comedian because I’ve hosted award shows because I felt a bit confused really by the whole thing how it would play out in the culture what particular inflections it would bear and I knew it had to be handled sensitively our perspective if you remember from the last video was that it in a sense is a apocalyptic act. In the literal sense it’s revealing for me. It revealed the senselessness of the facade charade and spectacle of the Oscars now. Since then, people have continued commenting on it. Will Smith has resigned let’s have a little look at the news to see where we are in this story now but importantly when we’re talking about this stuff what are we not.

About And Who Is It That

benefits from a population that are each other’s throats with no thought in their mind, other than how to continue to condemn and criticize one another. This morning the shocking resignation Will Smith stepping away from the academy nearly one week after assaulting Chris Rock at the Oscars Oh wow and lashing out at the comedian for an unscripted joke directed at his wife those of you that think he’s fake like loads of you in the comments below I’ve seen it say Oh no he pulls it there’s no camera angle where you see it I’ve seen people say fires their sponsor the Academy I even saw some people say Oh there’s an alopecia medicine that Pfizer are releasing now my personal view on that even though I’m open to elaborate theories and ideas if there’s evidence my personal opinion on that one. would be Will Smith is the most powerful person in that situation. One of the most powerful people in Hollywood. I don’t think he would be willing to subordinate his vast power and cultural cachet for the promotion of an alopecia medicine personally that’s what I think but I’m open to ongoing discourse.

Ive Been Wrong Many Times Before Remember

keep this conversation going the comments below is what feeds us what fuels us what educates us and often amuses us wow Will Smith just smacked out of me. I loved Rogan’s take Rogan’s take was that Will Smith is in movies so much and lives in such a rarefied position moving from Limo to Studio to living the behind Gates lifestyle which I’m not condemning. Certainly it’s a lifestyle that I’ve been part of will be it briefly and has lost touch with the fact that that’s sort of not what people do you should have a look at Roger’s take on it was a very interesting one but what interests me is how nothing that happens in our culture now is Exempted from this set of oppositionalist critiques where you can automatically understand which perspective a person will take based on their previous alliances. How did we get in this position? How did we arrive at a point where people would support something based on a kind of tribal Allegiance rather than an objective sense of right and wrong. This is from Gary Gerstell’s book the rise and fall of the neoliberal order, the neoliberal order that triumphed in America in the 1990s prized Free trade and the free movement of capital information and.

People Its Celebrated Deregulation As An Economic

good that resulted when governments could no longer interfere with the operation of markets. It hailed globalization as a Win-win position that would enrich the West while also bringing an unprecedented level of prosperity to the rest of the world. A remarkable consensus on these creedal principles came to dominate American politics during the Heyday of the Neoliberal order. Binding Together Republicans and Democrats and marginalizing dissenting voices to the point where they barely mattered now. This initially might not seem connected to this very particular somewhat salacious and gossipy matter, but stick with us because it shows how the cultural conditions that we currently occupy were created and it’s fascinating somewhat paradoxically.

This Broad Agreement On Matters Of Political

economy nurtured two strikingly different moral perspectives, each of them consonant with the commitment to Market principles that underlay the neoliberal order. The First perspective was Neo Victorian, celebrating self–reliance, strong families and disciplined attitudes towards work, sexuality and consumption. We all recognize that we recognize the media spaces that come from that perspective I’ve not seen it described as neo-victorian before a set of morals, an idea of puritanism connected to traditionalism rather than the kind of puritanism that’s connected to progressivism. Since neoliberalism frowned upon government regulation of private Behavior. Some other institution had to provide it neo-victorianism found that institution in the traditional family heterosexual governed by male Patriarchs with women subordinate in charge of homemaking and child rearing seems like an interesting Theory so far and again.

Its Sort Of Recognizable.

We can see where this discourse plays out these traditional types and these rather traditional arguments which just by the way say you know for me. I don’t have a Strong view about whether or not that’s the right way to live certainly if that’s the way that you’re happy to live. I’m happy for you. I’m happy for people that live in happy families such families Guided by faith in God would inculcate moral virtue in its members and prepare the Next Generation for the rigors of free market life.

I Suppose Thats An Area Where I Have

questions when the function of education and the familial child rearing system becomes about preparation for a pre–existing ideology that’s where I start to have questions because I query the morality and the efficacy of the pre–existing Market systems not that I am a communist in any traditional sense of the world because I don’t agree with state power or centralized power in any form. The other moral perspective encouraged by the neoliberal order was Cosmopolitan a world apart from neo-victorianism. an opportunity to Fashion a self-or identity that was free of tradition inheritance and prescribed social roles in the United States. This moral perspective Drew energy from Liberation movements originating in the new Left Black power, feminism, multiculturalism and gay pride among them. My personal perspective is expect the rights of anybody to form communities and societies based on their own values.

Let Me Know In The Comments

how you feel I think if you want to have a traditional family, you should be left alone and allowed to do it, and if you want to progressively design a new culture with multiple parents and non-traditional new ideas, you should be left alone to do that as well. Cosmopolitanism was egalitarian and pluralistic. It rejected the notion that the patriarchal heterosexual family should be celebrated as the norm. It embraced Embraced globalization and the free movement of people and the transnational links that the neoliberal order had made possible. It valorized the good that would come from diverse peoples meeting each other sharing their cultures and developing new and often hybridized ways of living.

Im Very Proud That In My Live

shows we have people from all over the world all over the country. All over the social Spectrum people identify in very different ways traditional people Progressive people in my opinion. My strong feeling is everyone is welcome that most people just want to be left alone to be who they are to live their own lives in their own family. How however, they Define family in their own social groups. However, they Define them in their own communities.

This Is I Think The Key

to finding a solution to the problem being outlined here the existence of two. such different moral perspectives was both a strength and weakness for the neoliberal order. The strength lay in the order’s ability to accommodate within a common program of political economy. Very different constituencies with radically Divergent perspectives on moral life. The weakness lay in the fact that the cultural battles between these two constituencies might threaten to erode to the hegemony of neoliberal economic principles.

The Cosmopolitans Attacked Neo-Victorians For Discriminating Against Gay

people, feminists and immigrants and for stigmatizing the black poor for their so-called culture of poverty. The neo-victorians attacked the cosmopolitans for tolerating virtually any lifestyle for excusing what they deem to be deplorable. Behavior as an exercise in the Toleration of difference and for showing a high regard for foreign cultures than for America’s own the decade of the neo-liberal orders Triumph. The 1990s was also one In which cosmopolitans and neo-victorians fought each other in a series of battles that became known as the Culture Wars. It’s long been my opinion that these culture wars have within them important information that tolerance and the ability to organize your life and your identity is important and people ought to be allowed to do it.

But The Tradition And Traditional Values Are

also important and people should be allowed to live that way if they want to and setting up a phony conflict between groups of people that in point of act needn’t threaten one another’s Lifestyles if they didn’t want to do it through the pulpit of social media through the amplification of the kind of debates that are always emphasized could live harmoniously. I believe therefore that we should live in autonomous independent self–governing communities where people are allowed to live. However, they want to as. Don’t hurt one another and they allow other communities to live how they want to live also what’s so difficult about that let me know in the comments below. Just beneath this cultural polarization however, lay a fundamental agreement on principles of political economy.

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This Intriguing Coexistence Of Cultural Division

and economic Accord manifested itself in the complex relationship between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich. In the media they were depicted and they depicted themselves as opposites sworn to each other’s destruction. Clinton offered himself as the Tribune of the new America.


Will Smith has resigned from the academy . Jada Pinkett and Chris Rock have been embroiled in a culture war . Comedian says it’s an interesting example of the culture wars and how they play out now . He says he felt a bit Jarred by it because he’s a stand-up comedian because I’ve hosted award shows because I’m a bit confused really by the whole thing . If you want to see me speak in an unexpigated way come see me live there’s a few tickets left for a few dates. There’s a link in the description I’m in places like Blackpool, for example, where I’m going to do an extravaganza even if you’ve already seen me the show’s got a lot better and please sign up to my mailing list. It’s just one click away, so I can stay in continual contact with you, particularly if I need to . Please sign up for a chance of seeing me in Blackpool. You can see me…. Click here to read more and watch the full video