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Today Kamala Harris Claims Extremist So-Called Leaders Want

to punish women. Tennessee lawmakers move towards Banning gender transition surgery for children and leftists continue to redefine fetal heartbeat. We’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Sarah Gonzalez happy Friday we are finally there and I’m just gonna say we got quite a show for you. I’ve got Eric July Police UK contributor and of course owner and founder of Ripaverse Comics.

Weve Also Got His First Time On The

program GavinNK] of course Vice media co-founder and censored.TV founder It’s great to have you on Gavin Hello are you gonna I’m Phil okay so here’s the thing I’ve got you and I’ve also got Blaze to be contributor Alex Stein Yeah I’m just wondering if this is my last show ever Yeah. Not coming! Batman and Superman that’s a waste that is kind of a waste yeah or in a more modern version that’s like having Zozar and rancorn together. Oh There you go that’s his top two guys. I’m impressed yeah, so I don’t know we’ll see if I ever have a show again.

Well Find Out Um So I Want To

talk about everyone’s favorite Vice-president Kamala Harris, who traveled to Milwaukee to meet with Latino leaders and speak at a Democrat Attorney’s Conference. During a speech she claimed extremist so-called leaders are trying to pass UK laws to make it more difficult to vote watch and immediately of course following Dobbs, extremists so-called leaders that’s what I call them extremist so-called leaders across our nation began to pass and enforce laws to criminalize doctors nurses health care providers. I mean think about those folks why they entered that. of calling and Duty to heal and help and these so-called extremist leaders are passing laws to criminalize these folks, passing laws to punish women all right so that one was about punishing women and guys. I wanna I wanna get your thoughts but um actually you know what let me give you guys a chance to react to that and then I want to play the one about making it more difficult to vote and how Dropbox Bans are somehow UK but but let’s but let me just get you guys is Kamala Harris the worst ever I mean but I mean we’re working definitely when you consider that but Joe Biden at 100 million years old, so I feel like he gets a pass for his well yeah I mean.

Obviously If He Had Half A

brand sale he would she would look far worse than what she. Eats girls but when were you comparing yourself to that guy? I mean you tend to look a little better than what you actually are, but no she’s terrible She’s terrible at her job and to be fair. The press secretary what was the name Yeah okay, What do you call it? Kjp Kjp okay Kjp yeah she’s like Mggs will remember her name Yeah that’s easy for me because that’s what I had to ask because I don’t I always have trouble saying it, but she’s terrible Kamala Harris is a terrible. This is the first time I’ve seen her though in a very long time really yeah I noticed that both people you just said are black are you being racist Yes. These are black ice yeah definitely nowadays when you become you start selling a million dollars worth of comics you become I’ve taken Larry Elders White.

Supremacy Or Whatever That Is But

no She she is terrible and she’s not at all convincing not at all influential, not at all inspiring, but she feels like she’s kind of rambling trying to figure things out as she’s saying these speaks speech excuse me like she’s not actually confident in anything that it is that she she sent. She’s like I have to UK my way through this so that’s what I’m gonna do you see the hamster turning in yeah time like she’s like as she’s speaking you get it like not really Kamala, but you know you’re using your kind of arms and stuff like yeah. I think I think my theory is she really likes that we have nothing to fear but fear itself he’s like I want one like that where you say the thing and then you repeat the thing She does so. She’s always like where are we going? We’re going where we’ve always been going and when we’re going to be going to And then you can see everyone going now that’s not his that’s no fear itself that’s that’s sub-optimal She keeps repeating it though was that thing about the trans surgery or was she throwing abortion in there abortion Oh okay yeah well. I know all of the buzzwords get kind of you know jumbled together whenever they they don’t they’re just parroting so they tend to to Jumble them all together, but that one in particular was about limiting abortions.

Banning Abortion No Longer Has Anything To Do

with women that is restricting birthing people Yes sorry ladies you negotiated your way out of that that’s a great point now it’s me again chest feeding us men. The guys are worried about not being able to get their abortions. Pete beta judge is really worried No and this is the other thing is you know you’re saying who’s smarter Camela or Joe Biden. I would actually argue that Joe Biden is smarter, but what I can’t wait for I can’t wait for Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to get caught with their illegal business dealings in barisma that’s cute that you think that that’s I think they paid 40 billion for that not to have it it’s gonna have they played. I think it’s a 80 billion now, but I do believe they will do the humiliation ritual because they want.

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Kamala Harris To Be President And That Is

going to be like a real-life. Tyler Perry movie Medea Goes to the White House, who wants I don’t want to be president. Yeah listen as a leaning liberal liberalist. Here is a house liberal. We wanted we wanted camo the whole time, but we don’t want the white patriarchy Anymore.

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So We Want Joe Gone Pamela.

We love your work. We love your bosoms we love your your big booty Latina lifestyle. We love it. We love everything we just love the whole photos.

Im Not A Latina Yeah.

It’s very normal, but what is she’s half black and half Indian right Yeah Yeah Yeah sometimes she’s either one of them depending on what the conversation is but her culture is zero black. She reformative years were in Montreal. The black guy wasn’t around so she’s more Indian Canadian than anything. Go eat some samosas, she was listening to Eminem and Snoops Yeah And she created the three strikes law that you know put in all these non–violent drug offenders in jail while she’s complaining about Brittany Greiner being in jail for weed Yet she locked up half of California and so did Biden Biden was big on throwing people in jail too I know a guy did four and a half years for having three bags of Coke four and a half years and it was Biden’s.

It Was When He Was Coming Down Hard

on drugs cheers um so I want to play another component of this speech here because um it has been fascinating to watch the Democrats take a particular. You know we were in the middle of a pandemic. They felt like they needed to add some additional ways that people could vote because of this. And now all of a sudden it’s UK if you don’t allow your voters to you know vote by Dropbox I guess so here’s that wild so-called leaders claim we should turn the issue of reproductive freedom to the voters in the states. These same extremist so-called leaders are passing laws to make it intentionally more difficult for people to vote yeah return it to the states let the voters there decide while laws are being passed to ban drop boxes and restrict early voting laws that are making it illegal to give food and water to people who are standing.

Theyre Still Running On Their Lives Undemocratic Loss.

NK] laws talking about the Georgia law like remember when that whole deal it was obviously nonsense, but it was like something that they couldn’t when you’re in a certain I forgot how much yards it was like 100 yards or. like that? Then you can’t deliver like basically Goods to people because it’s like it’s like the people who are campaigns correct yeah exactly so so they tried to word it as if well. You just want people to be outside and get the product of water right something what that wasn’t the case, but it’s it’s not at all surprising to be honest that they’re still running on their law. So there’s someone dying of thirst.

Theres A Politician With Some Cold Water

there and they’re like can I and then the police go not on my watch no yeah sorry yeah yeah okay then they die okay. So I like so she said they’re intentionally making making it harder to vote and Gavin you said yes yeah. This is my new thing with the left. I I take their allegations and go yes that is true like yes. We are criminalizing health care if Healthcare means aborting babies Yeah you’re gonna get arrested Yeah and I’m Sorry.

You Chose The Calling Of Nurse And

now you’re going to jail sucks and with this yeah we’re trying to make it harder. It’s a big deal. It’s hard to get a tattoo. It’s hard to drive a car. It’s hard to vote Sorry Yeah I mean I I do like I wish it actually was harder and I wish there more work qualifications to to voting.

Im Not Gonna Take It Seriously

Yeah I’m not at all like the person who’s like I think everyone should have you know let’s make it easier for people to vote. No actually I don’t want it to be easier. I don’t want I want it to be one day there’s just voting day there’s no early voting There’s no mail-in there’s no nothing. You don’t take it seriously enough to come and show up on that day and cast your ballot You don’t need to be voting yeah. I mean they say that voter UK is racist, But these are the same people that wanted you to use an UK and a vaccine card to buy a hot dog at UK That’s not racist.

You Know And Somehow Somehow Showing An

UK to vote in an election where you’re supposed to be living in that state wait that’s racist you know what it should be penis prints to vote. You have to put your penis on an ink pad and then put it on the voting card so that that’ll work well. We’ll cut the woman vote down by a good 90 and that’s they should have the right time it might be a good thing. We’ll get those weird post-op ones that.


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