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joker with a face for radio and a voice for print All right so today. I want to talk about a little sweet revenge. the age of men starts its comeback now let’s be real real real let’s be really real here about things the bad times are a common they’re not they’re not really here yet we’re starting to see the first instances I forgot to forgot to change my window to look at what I’m looking at there We go the the bad times are are not here yet there are they are a common um and so so and what I mean by that we may have recessions. They’re going to have to raise the interest rates to fight inflation raising the interest rates usually means companies laying off people laid off people means more people unemployed. More unemployed people mean they’re not buying as many things, which causes other companies not to make as much money, which means more layoffs and so on and so forth and if it gets really bad that cycle downward spiral lands somewhere around the the great depression like it did here in the United States, but even during the the great depression even during the worst times dock workers Fishermen the farmers are really what what started the dust bowl in the great depression but um but usually the guys that can do things fix things are willing to work on things make some sacrifices are the ones that win and I kind of know this a little bit firsthand because if you have good worth at work ethics and you work hard, you may have to take a job that’s less than what you’re valued at but if you’re.

Willing To Do It And Youre

willing to scrimp and save and make some sacrifices In the long run you’ll win. When I got out of the military. I washed dishes for back. Then I think minimum wage was like 525 or 550 an hour. I was washing dishes Why I had a car payment.

I Had To Make I Had Insurance.

I had to pay for I had gas and yes. I ended up moving back at the tender age of what was I 22. After my four years in the service. I ended up moving back home for a little while, but I also with my family my parents, but I also worked.

I I Make Made Enough Money To Make

my own car payments and and make my car loans or my car insurance and things like that and then I kept working at that until I. got another position that made I don’t know eight bucks an hour and that was working for a finance company as a customer service rep and I stayed at that company until I was an assistant manager and then I used the assistant manager title to slide over into another job. And I it was a kind of a rough climb. I certainly wouldn’t advise it for everybody. I changed not only jobs but vocations and what I did but the the the point.

Im Making Is That If Youre

open-minded and you’re willing to say you know that’s new to me um it’s not what I want to do, but I’m willing to make some sacrifices. You’ll get ahead and and the all the way up to a six figure six figure network engineering degree with no college and maybe at best a C plus student in high school. I got bored easily and and I never did my homework and stuff so but how are men making its comeback well first let’s start with this Netflix hemorrhaging customers stocks crashing. They’re in trouble and they’ve canceled the Obama special the Netflix special because no one was watching it and and I have a lot from Netflix but the reason why I want to mention this. These are the positions or these are similar to the positions that that are the quote not.

I Dont Mean Anything Theyre Giveaway Positions Writers

animators marketers program directors They’re over stuffed with all these nothing people writing nothing programs. I don’t mean nothing people but I mean their jobs writing programs that people are not watching and they don’t care about and so as the company gets in trouble. They get rid of the chat or the fluff right they get rid. of the chaff and what they’re doing is they’re getting rid of people that are overpaid programs that are not being watched things that are expensive and all these people are getting laid off at Netflix okay and why because they kind of went woke and they said well, we have a message to put out but when it comes down to making money and dollars the message goes aside and they say holy crap we’ve got to make some money. All those people are now out of work.

The People That Were Writing This

bad programming out of work the marketers, etc. I did a search here for news media, newsroom layoffs, furloughs and closures. During the bug now you’d think that when everybody’s kind of locked in and can’t do anything that news would be be being consumed in red. But all these staffers and all these people. writing a lot of the silly stories that I read are getting laid off and they have it by state and there’s a lot a lot that are getting laid off here.

I Mean You Just Go Down Through Here

and all the media is getting laid off and this is over the last year or two but I mean these are all California ones They’re just tons of people we come over to here. CnN all the CnN plus people that they ended up hiring their layoffs. Now they say they’re eyeing layoffs. They’re going to be doing lots of layoffs. Following embarrassing failure of new streaming service.

As A Matter Of Fact, Cnn Period

has not been profitable for the last couple years they’re being held up by I forget who they’re they’re actually owned by you know so many of these are owned by 18 t or. Verizon or or who? But they’re they’re being held up and what happens when that hold up money goes away? They’re getting laid off Meghan Markle’s Netflix show scrapped and I and and because they only I think and that’s after they they did a multi-million dollar deal but everybody that’s involved in that is out and I think their spotify deal is is caving in as Elon Musk’s twitter plans emerge are employees readying a mass exodus Yeah There’s going to be a lot of layoffs. I think and and maybe not all of them. But there’s going to be some layoffs of people and there’s going to be people that say they’re going to quit because of the they don’t like the new direction leadership’s going but if they can’t get a job. They’re going to be stuck there and I’ll get to my main point here in a second but I just want to read through these angry Netflix employees take to twitter after getting laid off and they just want to complain.

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Brutal Month For Netflix.

They say Oh it ends with anger. Netflix recruited me seven months ago only to lay me off and I was Nate laid off. Netflix’s fan site to numb after just four months now I’m left flailing well the reason why I wanted to talk about all this is that this is something I’ve been around for long enough to know I’ve seen us go through a recession in 08 and I was working. I’ve seen I was around.

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It Was In The 70S When I Was

a baby. I didn’t know much back then but I when I talked to my parents about it. I did have references to Jimmy Jimmy Carter‘s era when gas prices were through the roof and there were lines to get filled up on gasoline and the prices were crazy and food was expensive and the administration that came in behind them. Like Reagan, they had to raise interest rates like to 12 or 14 percent to undo the inflation and the monetary policies of Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter previously had the worst record and the worst um what do you want to call it inflation in history until now until biden so these things may still happen.

The Interest Rates May Skyrocket Unemployment May Go

up. Gas prices may continue on and and I’m so I’m not here to say you know let’s not all start cheering that good times are here but why men win when it comes to this and I say men I mean men. That are willing to take some tough knocks willing the men that are willing to say you know what I do not want to do this. I’m not happy doing this but I will because I have to put food on the table. Whether it’s for myself or a family men that are willing to say I will go you know dig a ditch.

Ill Go Work On A Roof.

I’ll go do menial jobs. I’ll take two and I’m not saying roof workers are menial what I mean by menial is unappreciated and laborious. I don’t mean not valuable let me just make that clear because I said menial sometimes and somebody’s like hey. Those are important jobs not that they’re unimportant just that they’re unappreciated and so what’s going to happen is that men and I use that term very specifically men do the hard jobs men do.

The Dirty Jobs Men Do The

hot jobs? Men do the sweaty jobs men do the unappreciated jobs to put food on their table because the the social programs and everything that’s all wonderful and they may go away and I wanted to give you some examples of this so that you know as we come around the corner into the next year two years three years as things probably continue to get worse as maybe free speech goes away because they’re already trying to attack that and maybe as the the government and everybody starts fighting with each other that’s one portion of the world we’re in but if you turn off the computer. There’s still the real world that you need to deal with and his companies and his spending and his interest rates go up and company spending goes down and interest rates go up and and companies taking all this free money goes down and you get zombie corporations starting to fold unemployment’s going to go way up and so I want you guys to know that if you’re in a number one. If you’re not in a college career path good. I I think that situates you perfectly because college loans right now have gone through the roof and college costs are through the roof and even if you want to go to college someday or you finish your degree and you have it don’t be afraid to look at a different career track while you’re still paying your bills while you’re still getting things done you know I often.

Talk About Some Of These Jobs, But I

just I’ve been talking about the labor positions for the last two years and how important it is and why it’s something you shouldn’t ignore and these are jobs that are 95 plus filled by men. So it’s it’s men that are going to keep things running and it’s you if you’re a man willing to look at different options. It’s you that’s going to be able to survive through this.


Bad times are a common they’re not really here yet we’re starting to see the first instances I forgot to forgot to change my window to look at what I’m looking at there We go the the the bad times are are are not here yet there are they are they a common and so so and what I mean by that we may have recessions. The age of men starts its comeback now let’s be real real real here about things . The Bachelor is joker with a face for radio and a voice for print All right so today. I want to talk about a little sweet revenge. The Bachelor will be on the air tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Monday night at 8pm ET and 11pm ET on iReport.com/Entertainment Tonight, Monday at 9pm ET. Back to the page you can find out what you need to talk to us on Twitter.com . Back to Mail Online: Show us your favorite show of the day.com….. Click here to read more and watch the full video