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Gang What If I Told You That

the single greatest education in the world without any exaggeration is available to you right now to you and to your children right this very second, what if I told you that that education is also the single greatest antidote to the woken sanity that pervades our nation and what if I told you that that single greatest antidote to woke insanity is precisely the kind of education that all of our founding fathers received and gave to their children well that is what we’re going to discover today with my dear friend and guest David Goodwin David is a founding board member and was Headmaster. The Ambrose School in Boise Idaho, which I’ve had the honor of visiting and speaking at, and he is currently president of the Association of Classical Christian Schools. He’s the editor of the Classical Difference magazine He. Has a new book out that you’ve got to get entitled battle for the American mine uprooting A Century of Miseducation. He co-authored it with Fox News’s Pete Hegseth.

Hes Been On Fox News.

He’s a talk with Newt Gingrich on it just came out in January. It’s absolutely taking the education World by storm so we’re going to talk about that the central role of education and culture and Society. We’re going to talk about what went wrong with our educational system and how classical Christian education offers us a faithful way back so David. It’s been far too long.

I Enjoyed Our Conversation Before We

started the recording if you guys Don’t know David and I have spent many many hours in the WIi and the wee hours of the night with Scotch Cigars and glorious conversation and my friend. It’s been too long it’s great to see. again Indeed, it has I don’t know if you’re regular listeners know just how significant a role you play in the classical Christian world. Oh man thank you for that that’s that’s wonderful yeah well. I really really as you know I’m passionate about classical education.

I Was In It For 18 Years

um a lot of people know my sort of my story of how I gone to the Channel full time but my heart is never ever left class of Education. My kids are still involved in it and and I am passionate about getting everybody watching this involved with this they’re gonna be some links underneath um. The video here that you can click on to find a local Classical School to to Avail yourself of David’s work um and congrats on that book by the way the battle for the American mind that’s really it’s made. Its way up the charts as it were why Don’t you just give us a quick you know little crazies of what motivated you to write the book and and what it’s about well you know Steve in many ways I think you along with a handful of others that you you know we all have been hanging around with for many years. told this story in various ways and at various conferences over over a long time, and what I realized was that nobody had really recorded it in a in a way that the average person could just pick it up read it and have an epiphany about the way education has changed and what opportunity there is in classical Christian education, so that was my original intent as I wrote the book originally , but because I was trying to reach outside our circles.

And You Know This I Know

you’ve published books in a lot of different many different of the classical press. You know like Classical Academic Press and what have you? But I was trying to get out into the broader audience and it’s not easy to do that people. You know education was a sleeper Topic in 2019 when I was fishing this book around and the Prospect of an unknown author wasn’t um all that attractive to many of the Publishers so this the great story of this book was that the Lord’s Timing and um Pete hegseth coming along and saying Look. This is such an important story. If they won’t publish you they’ll publish us and so he he wrote a little more than four of the chapters and did a really good job with them brought something to the book that um I could never.

Have Brought Sort Of A Really Easy To

connect with tone and um It’s very it’s an easy read but it is packed with stuff. You probably never heard it is and it’s really neat I’ve been checking out a lot of the interviews. You guys have been doing together really enjoyed the one with Newt Gingrich that was that on his podcast that was that was really substantive and quite wonderful and what’s interesting to me and you know you got We’ve talked about this in so many ways being in the world of classical education and and training teachers interestingly enough, which was something I I’ve loved doing I’ve always been fascinated by when I asked the question what is education I’ve always been fascinated by the blank looks I would get on everyone’s faces it’s almost like what was it Augustine said something about time if. You never think about it? You know what it is you know what time is and so But then somebody asks you what is time itself All of a sudden. You have no idea right Yeah right.

He Was Like Thats What I

was like not just with students. I did it with with my students all the time but I I would do it with teachers when we were in the you know teacher training situation. What is education? What is it that you are actually doing and you get these kind of blank stares can you draw that out for us This this Latin term UK what what is actually education well? I will have to yield to you on the Latin I’m not my key contribution to this project was that I sat and listened to you and you know a dozen other guys like you and I took the stuff and put it in language that people could understand pretty easily, but um you know one of the things I tell the story in the book I think that the first time I heard Andrew Kern’s definition of classical education which is you know the cultivate or the cultivation of wisdom and virtue by means of the seven Christians ever in Liberal Arts it um it sounds you know that is what education is yeah it’s just very hard to use. You know unpack all those words, what is virtue, What is wisdom? What is the Seven Liberal Arts and then you get the seven of those and. take them apart and it it’s like a um a Swiss watch a very small thing that when you take it apart gets really complicated fast yeah yeah and that the whole notion of virtue and wisdom.

I Mean Weve Even Forgotten What Those

terms are which which we’re going to get into as we we go through Yeah one of the things what the reason why I like that that the Latin term is um UK meaning to to lead out to to be to be drawn somewhere and and especially in the case of all these you know the libs of tick tock videos that we’re seeing here what kids are learning in the classroom. Today you know the key question to that is to where are your children being led who is leading them and where are they going again it’s this pie to go gay concept. They’re being they’re being led They’re being drawn somewhere and question is where are they where are they going and this to me is I guess you know this is what blew my mind when I first discovered classical education. It was 20 years ago, how the Ancients took so seriously the inextricable link between education and culture education, Society and and again. I think now we’re all seeing that we’re seeing that with the woke Insanity that’s pervading our classrooms.

I Think Thats At Least The

the one if I could call it sort of bizarre you know or grotesque Advantage. I think of that where where parents for the first time are overtly realizing that classroom and culture are intimately related. but we’re late to the party in this when the ancient mind, particularly the ancient Greeks recognize that connection they had a they had a wonderful. term for it? You know I’ve spent hours discussing it and it’s a term called paidea for our for our listeners Who’ve never heard that before it’s the same root word for pediatrician. It actually means child, but you’ve done a lot of work in this give us a basic overview of this classical notion of paideia and and how it and how it related just to this broader notion of of culture well.

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I Think You Know A Few Minutes

ago. you talked a little bit about the idea of time and and the fact that we can’t necessarily Define it, but we use it all the time and I think what’s happened with Paideia is that um. Prior to the Greeks naming it and intentionally trying to cultivate a paidea in children that was liberating or freeing um the world was a pretty dark place you. know the there was one form of government and that was pretty much Emperors and dictators that did everything for the sake of some Pagan God and enslaved basically 90 of the population and so This was life until the Greeks said wait a minute, Why do people keep following this stuff and they realized it was paideia they were raised up as children. In a context where the Emperor of Persia or the King of Persia was worshiped and some kind of demigod and therefore that’s all they knew that’s all they could really think about and so when the Greeks said what would happen if we if we created a democracy and we allowed people to govern themselves without such a Emperor dictator .

The First Thing Wed Have To Do Is

independent have independent Minds. You could think freely and be able to um engage ideas. Instead of just falling for whatever idea is told to them by some Authority somewhere and so they invented paideia as the West has become you know Came TO Know It And as a consequence after post you know after the Greeks and particularly after the Romans. The whole West was permeated with the Western Christian Paidea, which is what we talk about in the book A Lot the Western Christian Paidea and that changed the world and it changed the world so much that our world today is not even any way of describing it.

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Even Even 200 Years Ago Was

it’s so different than the world. At the time that the Greeks invented this thing and it was all because of this Western Christian Pi Day and we took it for granted like I said it’s like time you don’t think about it nobody really thought about it. And when you take something for granted long enough whether it’s your health? Whether it’s your children? Whether it’s your wife? If you take them for granted for too long you you pretty soon forget and stop um stop trying to cultivate that which is so precious.


David Goodwin is a founding board member and was Headmaster of the Ambrose School in Boise Idaho . He is currently president of the Association of Classical Christian Schools . He co-authored A Century of Miseducation with Fox News’s Pete Hegseth. He’s a talk with Newt Gingrich on it just came out in January . We’re going to talk about what went wrong with our educational system and how classical Christian education offers us a faithful way back so David. Gang. Gang what if I told you that education is also the single greatest antidote to the woken sanity that pervades our nation? Gang of Gang: “It’s been too long it’s great to see. It has I don’t know if you’re regular listeners know just how significant a role you play in the classical Christian world. Indeed Indeed, it has … Indeed, It has been far too long” Gang. David Goodwin has a new book out that you’ve got to get to get entitled battle for the American…. Click here to read more and watch the full video