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Gentlemen Welcome To Better Bachelor My Name

is joker with a face for radio and a voice for print. I say gentlemen but actually ladies too we’ve got some sane ladies wanting to hear what we men are thinking on the channel so thank you for showing up. I appreciate that um you know a wise man once said everything woke turns to and boy Does it let me tell you um you know these new lifestyles these new dating lifestyles. These new all men are bad kind of tropes are getting pretty thin and guys are wising up very quickly um this woman. It’s actually her and the guy that she married in the bottom left that you see here um and of course then she dyed her hair purple and she wanted to open her relationship because you know this the tingles had expired and she needed something.

New To Spice It Up And

she did it relatively soon after they married the interesting part is he ended up falling in love with somebody else and he actually had a side piece. He didn’t tell her about it’s an interesting story. We’ll jump into it here in just a second first I I am now kind of officially and this is not a brag about me so much as a as a laugh as they laugh about CnN CnN plus decided to do an online. I don’t know special news launch and they’ve only got 150 000 subscribers. I have about what three times that I think now these are paying subscribers.

Theyre Paying I Dont Know Five Bucks

a month or whatever it is. So they’re definitely making more money than I am, but their new program that they tried to launch is failing now. They get many many more views on their regular CnN than I do, but it’s a step. It’s a step to tell you. Hey a lot of people are starting to tune out of mainstream media and look into alternative media and this very quickly.

Jon Stewart On His Latest Apple

Tv show. He was averaging about 180 000 homes within the first week. I get that on many of my single videos and he’s now down to 40 000 us homes Within seven days. I get more than that on every video and again this isn’t. It’s it’s not so much a humble brag.

Its The Point That I Was A Fan

of Jon Stewart. I I used to watch John Stewart a lot and he started chasing after the woke agenda blaming you know mostly white men for a lot of society’s problems and that was the end. of him and and so it does signal that there’s a turn in the tide. There’s a turn in the tide that more people are listening to independent creators. They’re getting away from the kind of the woke-ism that’s been touted out there and so it does give me a little bit of hope and with this story that I’m going to be reading here again a little bit of hope that maybe not everybody’s lost their complete minds So we have here from the sun.

This Is Her When She Was Younger

and she’s cute and then she aged a little bit and got the purple hair and wanted to go a little bit crazy. She says I feel betrayed I suggested an open marriage to my husband to spice up our bedroom life. Now it doesn’t spice up your life together. It spices up her life with other. that’s really so she she should say I suggested an open marriage, so I could spice up my my bedroom life with other people.

I But She Says He Then Fell For

his lover and I was heartbroken.NK] Oh wait you’re serious so they say is Channel 4’s new show open house the great sex experiment shocks viewers wife. Samantha Pres Presti 39 reveals what happens when she suggested sleeping with other people now what’s telling here is she wanted to be married because she knew her opportunity at 39 years old, was not nearly as good as it used to be so. She wanted to secure her bag, but then after she secured it. She she also wanted to keep going with the other stuff again.

When You Want Everything When You Expect

everything when you feel that you’re owed everything in many cases, you end up with. with nothing and that’s pretty much what she says after nine months of marriage. I could not help feeling there was something missing from my relationship after nine months now again, you know you can say what you want to say about this stuff. But I just did a video on on the science of this that the hookup culture doesn’t give women anything positive out of it that’s what a new study shows that after interviewing women they they feel like they got used or they were dumped or there’s nothing positive that comes out of it, but men get a lot of out of it, but when you when you do that cycle year after year after year, you get used to it. You get the you get used to the adrenaline rush of new people in new places and new things and it’s all new and exciting.

Everybodys Living In The Moment She Lasted

nine months before she needed to go back for that tingle. She says let me get down past all the pictures here my husband Louis had moved from Greece to London to live with me so here this is why I tell you guys you chase your dreams. Don’t chase women don’t get off your course of your path of your life to go do what she wants because here’s a guy that moved to be with her and instantly that she changes it all up. She says and this is when the cracks started to show up until then. We had enjoyed a long-distance relationship for four years, but now we were arguing about everything from money to our work and our sex life dwindled What do you bet during that four years of long-distance relationship.

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She And Probably He Both Had Other Partners,

so it wasn’t really a relationship, or whatever it was was in a healthy relationship. They they were having outside fun so as soon as he gets here. She says I feel suffocated and missed the excitement. You get from new love, the butterflies and the tingles. She said restless and bored.

I Brought Up The Idea Of

an open relationship, so she brought it up. She said naively. I believe free love could reignite our relationship no never does. Lewis was terrified that if I started sleeping with another man, I would prefer him, but he reluctantly agreed that was the first mistake that. Guy made guys if if you care emotionally care for somebody if you love them if you’re married to them.

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If Youre In A Long-Term Relationship, And

they say hey I’m thinking we should open things up what they’re saying is I’d like to stay with you because you’re safe you’re comfortable maybe I do feel close to you. Maybe you’re a bit of a provider, but I also want the excitement of another man once they’ve done that it’s over and his mistake was reluctantly agreeing if a woman ever brings this up to you. Even if it’s just kind of a g whiz like what would you say if I brought up opening up our relationship you better you better start questioning things very very hard and same thing for women. If a guy said the same thing it means the eyes are wandering you’re not enough it’s. going to be over? She said I reasoned that having an open marriage would be better than cheating on one another yeah or how about this how about maybe just breaking up.

Maybe Realize That Youve Got The You Know

you’ve got the desire for many multiple partners and just break up with a person because it is better than cheating that’s just keeping it a secret and this guy ended up kind of cheating in an odd way. The way she puts it but it’s all the same they’re saying you’re not enough you’re you’re you’re not enough for me you’re not good enough for me. I’m gonna bail. She said it was a few months later when I I went on my first date with a former flame as I slipped into my little black dress. I could see the panic spread on his face planting kisses on.

Him, I Told Him Not To Worry

and that I loved him and always would be his now. I don’t know about you, but she says I’ll always be yours until I finish the date tonight and another guy has my ankles tucked behind my ears and is rearranging my insides. You’re not his when another guy’s doing that to you. I don’t know what makes women think this because you married him because you say this to him that he’s supposed to think you’re still his. I mean that’s literally like going out and getting a cheeseburger.

Somebody Puts It On Your Plate In

front of you and then somebody across the table reaches over some dude across the table reaches over picks up your cheeseburger licks all over it rubs his junk on it puts it back on your plate and go. Don’t worry dude it’s still yours. No man wants that and I’m telling you again some people you all have your own. You all have your own proclivities as to what turns you on and okay again. You do you but I’ll tell you this you certainly don’t own that cheeseburger it is not yours.

Its Going To Be A Matter

of time until somebody comes in and scoops it up and runs off with it. She continues on around this time about a year into our marriage so they had been doing this for three months. Lewis moved back to Greece to work as a sports instructor for the summer. We agreed I would visit regularly. Our open marriage rules were simple always be honest with one another.

So When I Slept With My Ex.

I called him straight away. I bet that made him feel good. Do you know why he probably left to. go work in Greece to get away from her and to say well Yeah We’re married, but if it’s going to be open.

Im Going To Do My Own Thing.

I’m just going to do it and I’m not going to tell her about it. I imagine. I imagined him on the beach chatting up girls in bikinis, but he said he wasn’t interested in cheating and didn’t want other women now of course he was lying so our open relationship was in reality. One-sided Lewis hated thinking of me with other men, but even though he was crazy with jealousy.

He Didnt Ask For A Divorce.

He just became more miserable and couldn’t get over the fact I’d slept with another man well of course of course and and his mistake again was he said you know I do care for her. I do want to be with her. I guess I’ll say yes, but but it sounds like right then he was done.

He May Have Still Cared For Her.

He stayed may have still had feelings, but emotionally he tapped out at that point, um he probably looked at her his used goods. I, she says, I confessed I still had feelings for my ex and that we’d grown close ding ding ding, what do we have for Johnny Of course she.


Joker is a radio personality with a face for radio and a voice for print . He is now officially a CnN Joker . He has three times as many as three times more subscribers to his channel than he is . Jon Stewart on his latest Apple Tv show. He was averaging about 180 000 homes within the first week. Within seven days, he’s now down to 40 000 us homes within seven days. Within 7 days. I get that on many of my single videos and I get more than that on every video. I am now kind of officially and this is not a brag about me so much as a as a laugh as they laugh about me, but it’s a step to tell you. A lot of people are starting to tune out of mainstream media and look into alternative media and this very quickly. Jon Stewart. He’s now . He’s down to about 30,000 us homes. Within Seven days. He’s now down ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video