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joker with a face for radio and a voice for print today. I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you basically why I think millions of women have perhaps ruined their lives and several men by screaming into the void. The void of the internet now um a lot of times. I’ll do stories where the New York post or something will say Oh so and so gets backlash or gets anger from twitter followers and you look and there’s like two people that made comments both of which have six followers and one comment on their post and maybe one like and they’re using this as the basis of how to control the narrative not only again against men but girl power and all things political and I want to stay away from the political part, but I want to talk about. Why women are going down the wrong path in life and they think they’re they’re doing it to rounds of cheers and applause Despite men saying we don’t want you to be like this, We don’t want to date women like this.

They Continue To Go Down These Wrong Paths

and they think they’re doing it to thunderous applause, but in reality they’re doing it to nobody a bunch of bots and this is one of the reasons why number one I am on Twitter, but I use it to scroll and look for news stories. I I I do comment to real people such as politicians Elon Musk things like that every once in a while. I’ll reply to things like that but I never get into Twitter wars. I never argue with with some of the people that post things and if you look at some of the posts the other day a political figure made a post and underneath there I found several that is thank you very much You are brave man you are brave man. I don’t know I don’t know how many people you you would say you are brave man to and with with recent things of of Elon purchasing twitter it’s coming out that bots are a problem, but they’re also a problem on instagram.

Theyre A Problem On Tick Tock And Theyre

changing the course of how people think and what’s really interesting is the bots will fool weak-willed people to change who they are and what they think to try to amass more followers or more attention or more good vibes and they’re changing who they are for nothing really. a computer algorithm and the strong-willed people that are kind of set on a course and know where they’re going in life well. They’re just like is the world going crazy around me so from Techcrunch, Elon Ceo and Twitter CeO and Elon Musk clash over battling metrics Twitter is full of bots. This much we know but how full and what kind of bots with estimates ranging from Twitter zone under five percent to independent researchers suggesting 20 percent or more. It’s clearly a tricky number to nail down as the company’s CeO Agrowall explained in a thread today, prospective buyer Elon Musk responded with a poo emoji now I’m not going to read down the whole story because that’s not the story but what the story is is that people are I looked at I looked up something by Jordan Peterson the other day and it.

He Had Tweeted 250 Times In The

last 24 hours Now I like Jordan Peterson, I have nothing against him whether you do or do not listen to him. He’s an intelligent man. These people are burning hours and hours and hours and if you look at some of these influencers, they’ve got hundreds of thousands of tweets and what they’re yelling at may be nothing but bots and it’s a complete waste of time. They didn’t audit and this this tells you that it may be well over five and even twenty percent they didn’t audit reveals shocking percentage of biden‘s Twitter followers are fake and this is just from May 18th, which is today with billionaire Elon Musk’s deal. We already said that the company’s tool discovered 49.

3 Of President Bidens 22.

2 million twitter followers are fake, meaning 49. 3 percent unbelievable it’s either because they’re spam their bots. their propaganda and how they did these metrics? I don’t know I think they listed it on another site again that’s not the point of this video, but the whole point or where they’re no longer active on twitter. The whole point of this though is to show you that again whether it’s twitter whether it’s some of these others and I’ve got instagram and tick tock to pull up there’s so many fake followers out there that are just you know applauding and and cheering on everything that is woke left kind of crazy.

A Progressive Um Girl Power Down With Bad

man and I think what’s happening is because of these bots coming in and doing this it is actually altering the course of politics of Hollywood of other well women are doing the same thing. Women are posting pictures up of bikinis and oh you go girl. Slay stunning and brave as are bigger women As are maybe women that are supporting kind of unpopular causes As are women that are talking about you know sleeping with her 100th man and other women are cheering them on Now there’s plenty of real women that cheer them on, but when you’re also backed up by thousands of bots. You think the crowd cheering you on is much larger than it actually is and women are literally trashing their lives over this I’m sure some guys are too but guys. Don’t nearly get the attention that women do instagram may have 95 million bot accounts.

The Information Reports I Dont Know

how many users are on there the data of Instagram users that are bot accounts has written risen to 9.5 this year from seven point time 7. 9 percent 2015. now. This was written in 2018 so how much.

Has Changed In The Last Four Years I

would guarantee well. I wouldn’t guarantee but I would bet that if if it’s incremental or or what is the word I’m looking for parabolic or exponential that is probably around 20 to 25 percent of followers are now bots and these women and again these women anybody that disagrees with them is a hater and toxic and a bad person that doesn’t like my lifestyle and everybody that that does agree with me is supportive and loving well. What if most of the people agreeing with your crazy ass takes are bots and this may be a lot of the bots are from overseas. This may be one of the ways that the disinformation campaign if you want to talk about true disinformation is trying to to cause strife in society in families in politics and everything else Tick-tock as it. at risk due to bot accounts that are causing manipulation and algorithms Now This is again from I think a year or two ago, Although I don’t see a date on it um but we they say it’s a large number of accounts have been circulating fake information and promoting political topics like Bravo Lima Mike Social media forums like Instagram have eliminated and deleted many fake accounts that were using ghost information ghost data recently and that’s a company I guess recently conducted a study to see if Tick Tock’s efficiency to control the ghosts or fake accounts.

According To The Result, Tick Tock Accounts

were easily accept accessible to bots that will for sure spread false information. Tick Tock has been suspected of a higher risk of bots. Bots can be used for political information now here’s what’s interesting about this we know Tick Tock is very hot. And these women are are seeking validation and going crazy on social media to Tick Tock. Tick Tock is is from China China Freely uses bot they sell bots as a matter of fact.

When I Just Did Tick-Tock Bot Um

problem or I forgot if you use problem or a percentage. It came up with how to here’s come here to buy bots come here to buy bots same thing for twitter same thing for instagram same thing for Facebook and so what’s happening. I think today and I don’t know if I showed that that but this is from digital information world for that last one. I just read I kind of forgot to flip it back over. I think what’s happening is that women are are validating themselves and making bad decisions and making bad dating decisions and making bad relationship decisions and in part saying they.

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Get Away With Wanting A Six-Foot Guy

and muscle bound because they’re getting all this validation and their hypergamy kicks in and them thinking they’re a higher value woman Because of all the validation they’re getting on social media and the validation. They’re getting is from computers and robots and fake accounts which has always made me no. I I think less stats I I had here on Youtube is I’ve got about 12 or 13 000 female followers now yes they could be guys that have fake accounts too. I get that but there’s at least a percentage of women that watch me and many of them say yeah I agree like where where are the good men? Why do we have just wimpy effeminate you know um metrosexual men where are the good strong men and many women are like yeah I agree with you. I don’t.

Agree With Whats A Lot Of

the decisions women are making it hurts them, but why are they the minority? I think it’s because the majority are either bots or the majority are weak.-willed of of validation seeking women that are listening to the accolades and the love and the attention from the bots and that over the course of years is slowly shifting the way that they perceive themselves, causing them to be more extreme about what they show in a bikinis. The bikinis get smaller and their views get a little bit crazier because the crazier the views the more bot likes they get thus making them think they’re they’re doing something right and so they continue down this path and that that may have happened in politics as well either a lot of weak willed people are saying well. I I guess I’m the crazy one I’ll. Do what everybody else is or the strong-willed people or the weak-willed are also saying well.

I Want To Get Re-Elected.

I’m going to do what the mass amount of people are saying I should do even if the mass amount of people might be bots or the strong-willed people. The smart people and I’ve heard many of you say the the the people with I don’t know ideals and conviction are saying I don’t understand the world anymore. I want to get away from it like myself.

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machine gun turrets you know of of just I want to pull out of society. But when I go out into the real world and I bump into real people. Yeah. There’s some wackadoos that you’re going to meet definitely.

But When You Look Out.

There is it 30 40 45 of people that are. pink hair and blue hair and and screaming about pronouns and everything else no as a matter of fact in my life, I’ve never met somebody that asked me to change the profile the the pronoun that I called them ever ever.


Joker: Why women are going down the wrong path in life and they think they’re doing it to rounds of cheers and applause . Despite men saying we don’t want you to be like this, We don’t want to date women like this. They continue to go down these wrong paths . Joker says bots are a problem, but they’re also a problem on instagram and Tick tock and they’re changing the course of how people think and what’s really happening . He says women are using this as the basis of how to control the narrative not only again against men but girl power and all things political and I want to stay away from the political part, but he wants to talk about the political aspect of the internet now a lot of times. He says he never gets into Twitter wars. He doesn’t argue with with with some of the people that post things that post Things like that but I never get into Twitter Wars. I do comment to real people such as politicians…. Click here to read more and watch the full video